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The Experiment Continues
Seeing in New Dimensions
Hedging Your Bets
Even a Moment of Mentoring Can Matter
Connected Academics
Don't Divide Teaching and Research
Navigating the Academic Conference
The History and Philosophy of Adventure
Attending to Attendance
Create SMART Writing Plans
Alt-Ac or Bust
Which Scientific Ideas Must Die?
Attitude, Not Aptitude, May Contribute to the Gender Gap
Seven Smart Ways to Use Evernote for Research
Career Resources for the Academic and Non-Academic Job Search
Why Go to Grad School?
Five Professional Skills Graduate Students Should Learn
Tracking the Elusive Ph.D.
Diversity Perspectives: A Collection of Opinion Articles
Four Quick Tips for Better Writing in Any Discipline



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Of Professional Interest
All-Digital Dissertation
A University of Maryland student submits an interactive website, usability analysis, and programming code for her English dissertation.
Bridging the Gap: Theory and Practice
How academic research and day-to-day practice can become better connected.
Bridging the Gap
A grassroots project for community-building and networked scholarly communication around the theme of alt-ac careers.
A Student's Perspective: Exploring Alt-Ac with GSAS
Essential Functions of Your Syllabus
Ways to help students interact with your syllabus throughout the semester.
Critique of The History Manifesto
The debate surrounding Jo Guldi and David Armitage's open-access book about the role of history and the humanities today.
Critique of The History Manifesto
Holding Algorithms Accountable
When should a human closely supervise an algorithm's results?
Holding Algorithms Accountable
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Art History and Archaeology
Cohen, Lucas. Port of Flanders.
Kobasa, Clare. Madonnas, maps, and monarchs: Printmaking in Sicily, 1587-1714.
Menon, Arathi. Kerala Hipped and Gabled: An atypical sacred style.
Liu, Zhi. Driven by the individual or the group? Lay theories of agency and workplace ethical judgments and choices.
Wiley, Elizabeth. I do as I assume they do, not as I say: The counterpart expectancy account of deception in negotiations.
Computer Science
Chang, Yin-Wen. Lagrangian relaxation for decoding problems in machine translation.
Zarate, Arthur. Islamic social science: The theory and practice of Islamist activism in Egypt, 1945-1981.
Sociomedical Sciences
Antebi, Nadav. Towards a model of stigma-related strengths: The development of character strengths in lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals.

Dissertations Defended
Sanger, Matthew. Life in the Round:  Shell rings of the Georgia Bight. Advisor: Severin M. Fowles.
Art History and Archaeology
Gannaway, Amanda. Visualizing divine authority: An iconography of lordship on the late intermediate period north coast of Peru. Advisor: Esther Pasztory.
Tunstall, Alexandra. Woven paintings, woven writing: Tapestries in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties. Advisor: Robert E. Harrist, Jr.
Biological Sciences
Jurado, Ashley. Structural studies of the fungal 3'-end pre-mRNA processing machinery. Advisor: Liang Tong.
Ermolov, Andrey. Macroeconomic volatility and asset prices. Advisor: Geert Bekaert.
Uribe, Jose. A network filter for social learning: Evidence from equity research. Advisor: Paul Ingram.
Computer Science
Guo, Weiwei. Representation learning for short text similarity and its application. Advisor: Mona Diab.
Thadani, Kapil. Multi-structured inference strategies for text manipulation and alignment. Advisor: Kathleen R. McKeown.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Wang, Sixiang. Contesting empire in early Choson Korea: Knowledge production and the culture of diplomacy. Advisor: Jungwon Kim.
Jurado, Kyle. Essays in macroeconomics and finance. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.
Patel, Nikhil. Essays in open economy macroeconomics. Advisor: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé.
Iadeluca, Laura. On the clinical importance of benign breast disease: Causal intermediary or susceptibility marker. Advisor: Mary Beth Terry.
Anziska, Seth. Camp David's Shadow: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinian Question, 1977-1993. Advisor: Rashid Khalidi.
Georgy, Joshua. Fragmented geographies: The See of Alexandria, its following, and the estrangements of modernity. Advisor: Rashid Khalidi.
Low, Michael. The mechanics of Mecca: The technopolitics of the Hamidian Hijaz and the colonial Hajj. Advisor: Richard W. Bulliet.
Whitford, Andrew. "The quality of the ordinary": Anglo-American diplomacy and the third world, 1975-1980. Advisor: Susan Pedersen.
IEOR: Operations Research
Maceli, Peter. Excluding induced paths: Graph structure and coloring. Advisor: Maria Chudnovsky.
Mooney, Connor. Singular solutions to the Monge-Ampère equation. Advisor: Ovidiu Savin.
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Zhang, Shuobo. TFAP4 is synthetic lethal with MYCN amplification in neuroblastoma. Advisor: Darrell J. Yamashiro.
Slavic Languages
Williams, Timothy. Masks and memory in the poetry of Alexsandr Blok and Nikolai Gumilyov. Advisor: Valentina Izmirlieva.
Social Work
Frontus, Mathylde. The role of clergy in addressing the mental health concerns of African Americans. Advisor: Barbara Levy Simon.
Shaw, Stacey. Religiosity and sexual HIV risk among male migrant workers in Central Asia. Advisor: Nabila El-Bassel.
TC - Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
Kemp, Kalli. Teaching social skills to students with autism spectrum disorders and students with intellectual disabilities. Advisor: Hsu-Min Chiang.
TC - Philosophy and Education
Comstock, Patrick. The retrieval of contemplation: Mindfulness, meditation, and education. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
TC - School Psychology
Cimini, Laura. The effects of positive examiner verbal comments and token reinforcement on the CTONI-2 performance of elementary school children. Advisor: Philip A. Saigh.
TC - Science Education
Dashoush, Nermeen. Establishing a community of practice between an elementary educator and a scientist as a means of professional development. Advisor: Felicia Moore Mensah.
Fox, Jared. Changes in urban youths' attitude towards science and perceptions of a biobos experience. Advisor: Christopher Emdin.
Jammula, Diane. Feminist physics education: Deconstructed physics and students' multiple subjectivities. Advisor: Christopher Emdin.
Miller, Alison. Examining the relationship between physical models and students' science practices. Advisor: Ann E. Rivet.
Monteiro, Anná. Facilitating cultural border crossing in urban secondary science classrooms: A study of in-service teachers. Advisor: Christopher Emdin.
Kara, Ewa. Beyond the music: Contemporary operatic scenography in stagings by Robert Wilson, Achim Freyer, and Karl-Ernst Herrmann. Advisor: Arnold Aronson.
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