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Of Professional Interest
Basic Negotiating Tactics for Graduate Students
Tips for salary negotiations for positions inside or outside academia
A Letter to My Younger Self
A Letter to My Younger Self
A doctoral student approaching the end of her candidacy looks back at strategies and habits that proved helpful.
Traditional Ph.D. Program and Alt-Ac Careers
The skills necessary for success in an alt-ac career are often not taught in graduate school.
Good Question
What to ask at the end of your academic job interview
Real Talk
Real Talk
Against the notion of a Universal Grammar or language instinct
The Fall and Rise of Economic History
The Fall and Rise of Economic History
Tracing the fortunes of a "prodigal-son subfield"
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
APAM: Applied Physics
Isaacs, Eric. Electronic structure and phase stability of strongly correlated oxide and phosphate intercalation materials via density functional theory plus dynamical mean-field theory.
Scarabelli, Diego. Fabrication of quantum electronic and spin systems.
Stoafer, Christopher. Study of kink stability with controlled mode rotation using a biased probe.
Wang, Sheng. Artifical graphene in GaAs quantum wells and graphene growth by MBE.
Art History and Archaeology
Beach, Caitlin. Sculpture, slavery, and commodity in the nineteenth-century Atlantic World.
Cushman, Carrie. Temporary ruins: Miyamoto Ryuju's architectural photography of postmodern Japan.
Biomedical Engineering
Li, Ronny. Pulse wave imaging for in vivo assessment of vascular mechanics and characterizations of arterial pathologies.
Nover, Adam. Fabrication of engineered osteochondral allografts for clinical translation.
Chemical Engineering
Hsieh, Min-Kang. Design and synthesis of novel polymer-tagged nucleotide analogues for single-molecule electronic DNA sequencing by synthesis.
Computer Science
Tsai, Chun-Yu. Cross-cultural video annotation, sumarization, and tracking for human-interest international events.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
West, Abagael. Phylogenetic affinities, morphological evolution, and biochronology of South America's extinct, endemic ungulates.
French and Romance Philology
Yao, Emily. Realism after realism: On the politics of naturalism in global cinema.
Vanhove, Pieter. Faces of the Earth: Translating European Humanism in representations of moden and contemporary China.
Montalvo, Wanda. Leadership and political skill preparedness of doctoral nurses.
Arudpragasam, Anuk. Character, conviction, charisma: Ideals of the self in early American philosophy.
Fine, Jonathan. Plato and the possibility of beauty.
Kubala, Robert. Justifying partiality.
Political Science
Ferrerosa, Carolina. Voice and inequality: A field experiment mapping state legislative responsiveness.
Papcke, Luise. Wilhelm von Humboldt and the making of modern liberalism.
Redding, Camillia. Bureaucratic Rulemaking: Untapped venue for minority interest groups to impact public policy.
Snegovaya, Maria. Individual-level predictors of support for populist parties.
Slavic Languages
Traverse, Emily. The development of Vasily Grossman's ethics: Themes and structures.
Sociomedical Sciences
Martins, Mariana. Acculturation in context: The interplay between psychological and neighborhood factors and diet and alcohol use in Dominican women.
Roberts, Jessica. Towards a sociological understanding of HIV-related conspiracy beliefs and engagement in medical care.

Dissertations Defended
APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Chuang, Philip. The development and characterization of ion encapsulated liposomes for vesicle-mediated biomineralization. Advisor: Helen H. Lu.
Art History and Archaeology
McCarthy, Megan. The empire on display: Exhibitions of Germanic art and design in America, 1890-1914. Advisor: Elizabeth W. Hutchinson.
Tsai, Chun-Yi. Zhong Kui and the supernatural grotesque in paintings of the late South Song and Yuan periods. Advisor: Robert E. Harrist, Jr.
Biological Sciences
Chen, Huan. Deciphering end resection in double-strand break repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Advisor: Lorraine Symington.
Biomedical Engineering
Samiotaki, Gesthimani. Quantitative and dynamic analysis of the focused-ultrasound induced blood-brain barrier opening in vivo for drug delivery. Advisor: Elisa E. Konofagou.
Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Choi, Benjamin. The role of miniature neurotransmission on synaptic terminal development. Advisor: Brian McCabe.
Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Kim, YoungJung. Beta cell etiologies of type 1 diabetes. Advisor: Lori Sussel.
Schnell, Stephanie. Therapeutic targeting of HES1 transcriptional programs in T-ALL. Advisor: Adolfo A. Ferrando.
Tattersall, Ian. Notch signaling mediates endothelial interactions with support cells in the vascular microenvironment. Advisor: Jan Kitajewski.
Vidal, Samuel. A targetable GATA2-IGF2 axis confers aggressiveness in chemotherapy resistant prostate cancer. Advisor: Carlos Cordon-Cardo.
Wang, Tracy. Development of trimethoprim chemical tags for single molecule imaging in live cells. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Balsamo, Luciana. Statistical pattern recognition based structural health monitoring strategies. Advisor: Raimondo Betti.
Mukhopadhyay, Suparno. Structural identification, health monitoring and uncertainty quantification under incomplete information with minimal requirements for identifiability. Advisor: Raimondo Betti.
Computer Science
Cui, Heming. Stable multi-threading and its applications on software reliability. Advisor: Junfeng Yang.
Sanchez Garcia, Felix. Computational integration of genome-wide functional and observational data in cancer. Advisor: Dana Pe’er.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Duthie, Nina. Authority and the Weishu representation of the early Tuoba and the Northern Wei state. Advisor: Robert Paul Hymes.
Montes-Galdón, Carlos. Volatility, structural change and business cycles. Advisor: Martín Uribe.
English and Comparative Literature
Aschkenes, Deborah. In the mind's eye: Association and the style of the nineteenth century novel. Advisor: Nicholas Dames.
Winslow, Aaron. The labor of the avant-garde: Experimental form and the politics of work in post-war American poetry and fiction. Advisor: Michael Golston.
del Palacio Langer, Ana. Agrarian reform, oil expropriation, and the making of national property in postrevolutionary Mexico. Advisor: Claudio Lomnitz.
IEOR: Operations Research
Chen, Yupeng. Essays on inventory management and conjoint analysis. Advisor: Garud N. Iyengar.
Heath, Timothy. On spectral bounds for congruence families of subgroups in SL (3, Z). Advisor: Dorian Goldfeld.
Zong, Zhengyu. Equivariant Gromov-Witten Theory of GKM Orbifolds. Advisor: Chiu-Chu Liu.
Neurobiology and Behavior
Kozberg, Mariel. The development of neurovascular coupling in the postnatal brain. Advisor: Elizabeth M. C. Hillman.
Lee, Justin. Motor pool selectivity of neuromuscular degenation in Type I spinal muscular strophy is conserved between human and mouse. Advisor: Christopher E. Henderson.
Del Pinal, Guillermo. The semantic architecture of the faculty of language: Compositional operations and complex lexical representations. Advisor: Achille C. Varzi.
Chapman, Daniel. EBEX: A balloon-borne telescope for measuring cosmic microwave background polarization. Advisor: Amber D. Miller.
Political Science
Schneider, Mark. Whither the quid pro quo: Essays on party-voter linkages in India. Advisor: Robert Y. Shapiro.
Social Work
Rahman, Rahbel. Predictors of service integration by Estratégia Saúde da Família (ESF; Family Health Strategy) transdisciplinary health teams in Brazil's Sistema Único de Saúde (Unified Health System). Advisor: Rogério M. Pinto.
TC - Mathematics Education
Sudarsanan, Shalini. Keeping up with the times: How are teacher preparation programs preparing elementary teachers to teach mathematics under the new standards of today. Advisor: Erica N. Walker.
TC - School Psychology
Fiorvanti, Christina. Family-school communication notebooks: An effective tool for promoting learning in young children with special needs?. Advisor: Marla R. Brassard.
Shafer, Michelle. Shifting terrain: Landscape, ecology and environmental theater. Advisor: W. B. Worthen.
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