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Higher Ed: Soup to Nuts
A guide to academic career development from Vitae, a service of the Chronicle of Higher Education
6 Tools to Make Archival Research More Efficient
6 Tools to Make Archival Research More Efficient
Resources to increase the productivity of your research trips
Being Foreign on the U.S. Academic Market
Advice for international students on conducting an academic job search
The Battle Between Perfectionism and Productivity
The habits that have previously made you successful may work against you in graduate school.
Life is Quantum
Life is Quantum
Finding quantum effects in biology
What Book Changed Your Mind?
What Book Changed Your Mind?
Twelve scholars discuss nonfiction books that have "not merely inspired or influenced their thinking, but profoundly altered the way they regard themselves, their work, the world."
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Biomedical Engineering
Muraskin, Jordan. Using neuroimaging to investigate the role of expertise in rapid perceptual decision making.
Computer Science
Kim, Kyung Hwa. Towards trouble-free networks for end users.
Prabhakaran Gourinivas, Vinodkumar. Social power in interactions (SPIN).
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Busecke, Julius. The shallow overturning circulation in a turbulent ocean.
Doherty, Cathleen. Melt depletion and geochemcial evolution of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle in the West Antarctic Rift System.
Napitu, Asmi. Intraseasonal SST variability across Indonesian seas.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Prager, Case. The importance of multiple dimensions of diversity in predicting the impact of climate-induced changes in arctic plant communities on carbon cycling.
English and Comparative Literature
Gervasio, Nicole. Effaced forms: Violence, representation, and political disappearance in postcolonial literature.
Iglesias, Christina. Modernist unselfing.
Richardson, Erica. The contestation between sociology and the literary in the age of the New Negro.
VanWagoner, Benjamin. Articulating maritime risk in English theatre, 1601-1642.
Co, Manuel. The relationship between neighborhood food environment, health behaviors, and health outcomes in a predominantly Hispanic low-income urban community in New York City.
Semeraro, Patricia. Maternal childhood maltreatment, maternal obesity, and infant birth weight: Associations with maternal stress, social support, and mental health.
Ramesh, Jay. Abodes of Śiva: Representing sacred space in early modern South India.

Dissertations Defended
Ahsan, Sonia. States of honour. Advisor: Brinkley M. Messick.
Biological Sciences
Chen, Bo. Cryo-EM and time-resolved cryo-EM studies on translation. Advisor: Joachim Frank.
Computer Science
Pappas, Vasileios. Defending against return-oriented programming. Advisor: Angelos Keromytis.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Hartman, Alison. The Nd-composition of Atlantic Ocean water masses: Implications for the past and present. Advisor: Steven L. Goldstein.
Huo, Ran. Panel data model with interactive fixed effects, a Bayesian approach. Advisor: Jushan Bai.
English and Comparative Literature
McGuire, Brigit. Flesh made word: Women's speech in Medieval English virgin martyr legends. Advisor: Patricia A. Dailey.
Baquero, Maria. Is it a Hispanic paradox? Examining the effect of individual and neighborhood factors on birth outcomes. Advisor: Luisa N. Borrell.
Barnes, David. Depression and distress in blacks and whites in the U.S.: Testing a hypothesis to explain a double paradox. Advisor: Sharon Schwartz.
French and Romance Philology
Oancea, Ana. The fate of invention in late 19th century French literature. Advisor: Elisabeth Ladenson.
Genetics and Development
Sallee, Maria. Function and regulation of the transcription factor HLH-2/E2A during gonadogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans. Advisor: Iva Greenwald.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Rodríguez Ulloa, Olga. Pertencias pasajeras. La escena subterránea en Perú durante los años ochenta. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.
Mechanical Engineering
Yang, JaeYoung. Micro and nanoscale aptasensors for detection of peptides and small molecules. Advisor: Qiao Lin.
Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Chang, Hye Rim. The regulators of adipose tissue development and lipolysis. Advisor: Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr.
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