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109Low | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Columbia University
This is the final issue of 109Low for the 2014-15 academic year. New issues will resume at the beginning of the fall semester.
Of Professional Interest
Connected Academics
The Modern Language Association has launched a major project to strengthen career preparation for Ph.D. students in languages and literature.
Motherhood and Higher Education
Among women in the United States, postgraduate education and motherhood are increasingly going hand-in-hand.
Motherhood and Higher Education
So What Are You Going to Do with That?
Authors of a non-academic career guide discuss the job outlook for Ph.D.s since the book's initial publication fourteen years ago.
It Takes a University to Build a Library
An essay calls on librarians to seek more involvement from their campuses in developing the future of the academic library.
Columbia's Digital Centers Internship Program
Studying Up
Anthropologists face several difficulties when studying the wealthy.
Studying Up
Mission to Mercury
The New York Times illustrates the Messenger spacecraft's journey to the innermost planet, a mission led by Columbia's Sean C. Solomon.
Mission to Mercury
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
APAM: Applied Physics
Byrne, Patrick. Investigation of MHD mode structure in shaped HBT-EP plasmas.
Kim, Chanul. Computing the properties of VO2 within DFT+cluster-DMFT.
Kornbluth, Mordechai. Physics of doped Jahn-Teller oxides.
Li, Haixing. Molecular silicon in single molecule junctions.
APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Liu, Jiaxing. Investigation of the formation of beta-W thin films.
Wong, Vernon. Nucleation and growth of melting and solidification in Si films.
Art History and Archaeology
Teti, Matthew. Terrorism and torture in American performance, film, and video art, 1970-1990.
Young, Gillian. Joan Jonas and the emergence of "performance art" in the 1970s.
Biomedical Informatics
Zhang, Shaodian. Computational tools for the study of online health communities.
Crapis, Davide. Revenue management in the information economy.
Kilcioglu, Cinar. Essays on cloud pricing and causal inference.
Shao, Shuxin. Continuous information, asymmetric investor inattention and momentum.
Chemical Engineering
Vo, Thi. A generalized model for crystal morphology prediction and inverse design of DNA-mediated nanoparticle self-assembly.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Arriaga e Cunha, Miguel. Stability of damage and shear band localization.
Classical Studies
Bonasio, Giulia. Happiness in the Eudemian ethics: The best, most beautiful, and most pleasant thing of all.
Computer Science
Li, Yinxiao. Recognition and manipulation of deformable objects using predictive thin-shell modeling.
Paparas, Dimitrios. The computation of market equilibria.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mesko, Gary. Magmatism at the Southern end of the east African rift system: Origin and role during early stage rifting.
Wu, Yingzhe. Applications of seawater Nd isotopes in the Pacific and South Atlantic.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Schwartz, Naomi. Earth, wind, and fire: Interactions between land use and natural disturbance in a dynamic Amazonian landscape.
Thompson, Nicole. Fitness benefits of social connections over the life cycle of blue monkeys.
English and Comparative Literature
Ross, Elliot. Fictions of Mau Mau: 1952-present.
French and Romance Philology
Balkoski, Katherine. Constraint and consent: French narratives of combat and conscription from WWI to the Algerian war.
Maurer, Anais. The other Francophonie: Alienation and identity politics in the literature of the French overseas territories.
Buljina, Harun. Modern European history.
Herschthal, Eric. The science of antislavery: The role of science in the early abolitionist movement, 1770-1830.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Espinoza-Staines, Adrián. Estado y revolución: Limites y suturas del nacionalismo posrevolucionario en México.
Ibáñez Aristondo, Miguel. Relocating nature: Travels, exchanges, and scientific culture in the early modern Iberian worlds, 1550-1650.
Kozikoski-Valereto, Deneb. Modernity at the Amazonian frontiers: Techniques of writing, travel, and exploration (1871-1935).
Velazquez, Mariana. Travelers, traders, and traitors: Mapping and writing piracy in England, Spain, and the Caribbean (1580-1620).
Political Science
Ahmed, Ashraf. Concieving party democracy: Theory and history.
Blankenship, Brian. Comforting clients: When do great powers reassure their allies?
Dolan, Lindsay. Acting like a state? The effect of foreign aid on political opinions.
Goodman, Robert. Recovering eloquence.
Kantrowitz, Matthew. Inequality and class voting in American politics.
Lazarev, Egor. Laws in conflict: The politics of legal pluralism in Chechnya.
Lonergan, Shawn. Cyber war, state security, and the impediments to cooperation.
Mitts, Tamar. Violence, anger, and political behavior in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
Mull, Nathaniel. Natural law and the idea of the secular state in early modern thought.
Parietti, Guido. On the concept of power.
Rink, Anselm. Comparative politics.
Sacramone-Lutz, Gabriella. Three papers on voter-politician linkages.
Saygili, Aslihan. Secessionism and domestic politics: Understanding the origins of self-determination policy.
Ugolnik, Zachary. The divine mirror: Imagery of reflection in John of Dalyatha (c. 690-780) and eastern Mediterranean mysticism.
Slavic Languages
Gorski, Bradley. Values in the void: Social authority and authorship in post-Soviet Russia, 1991-2011.
Arjomand, Noah. The fixer in the field of international journalism.
Hagen, Ryan. A time of thunder: Anticipating and managing disaster risk in a global city.
Wade, Devon. Do we empathize equally? A closer look at empathic patterns associated with vulnerable youth.
Urban Planning
He, Linying. Microfinance assemblage: The production, maintenance, transformation, and deterioration of microfinance in China.

Dissertations Defended
Mendoza Rockwell, Elsa. Democratic infelicity: Authority, action, and disbelief in Malian politics. Advisor: Claudio Lomnitz.
West, Matthew. Intellectual property and the knowledge economy's global division of labor: Producing Taiwanese green-technology between the United States and China. Advisor: Myron Cohen.
APAM: Applied Mathematics
Guo, Chenxi. Anisotropic inverse problems with internal measurements. Advisor: Guillaume Bal.
APAM: Applied Physics
Capozzi, Brian. Environmental control of charge transport through single molecule junctions. Advisor: Latha Venkataraman.
Roberts, Thomas. Local regulation of interchange turbulence in dipole-confined plasma torus using current injection feedback. Advisor: Michael E. Mauel.
Zhu, Tao. Liang Sicheng's thought reform during the Maoist architectural movements, 1949-1959. Advisor: Mary McLeod.
Art History and Archaeology
Charuhas, Christina. Constructing Bermuda: Utopia, cosmopolitanism, and colonial disobedience in the British Atlantic, 1609-1753. Advisor: Elizabeth W. Hutchinson.
Majeed, Risham. Primitive before primitivism: Medieval and African art in the 19th century. Advisor: Stephen Murray.
Manson, Andrew. Architecture, urbanism, and archaeology in Roma Mussoliniana: The 1934 Palazzo Littorio competition. Advisor: Mary McLeod.
O'Neill, Rory. Gothic on the edge: Light, levitation, and seismic culture in the evolution of medieval church architecture in the eastern Mediterranean. Advisor: Stephen Murray.
Stewart, Zachary. The integrated interior: Parish church architecture in eastern England, c.1350-c.1550. Advisor: Stephen Murray.
Salem, Munier. Using hydrodynamic simulations to understand the structure and composition of the circumgalactic medium of Milky Way-sized galaxies. Advisor: Greg Bryan.
Biological Sciences
D'Arcangelo, Jennifer. Dissecting the multi-faceted functions of the p24 proteins on COPII vesicle formation and ER quality control. Advisor: Elizabeth Miller.
Hu, Daniel. Cdk1-mediated dynein recruitment to nuclear pores drives apical nuclear migration in neural stem cells. Advisor: Richard Vallee.
Wang, Cheng. Regulation of retroviral replication in different cell types. Advisor: Stephen P. Goff.
Biomedical Engineering
Chin, Sau Yin. Novel microfabrication techniques towards next-generation in vitro and in vivo medical devices. Advisor: Samuel K. Sia.
Hue, Christopher. Blood-brain barrier dysfunction and repair following blast-induced traumatic brain injury. Advisor: Barclay Morrison.
Laksanasopin, Tassaneewan. Microfluidic-based point-of-care testing for global health. Advisor: Samuel K. Sia.
Lorsakul, Auranuch. Objective assessment of image quality: Extension of numerical observer models. Advisor: Andrew F. Laine.
Muraskin, Jordan. Using neuroimaging to investigate the role of expertise in rapid perceptual decision making. Advisor: Paul Sajda.
Zhang, Xinzhi. Nanofiber-based scaffold for integrative rotator cuff repair. Advisor: Helen H. Lu.
Zhou, Bin. Bone quality assessment using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT). Advisor: X. Edward Guo.
Bhat, Nikhil. Tractable approximation algorithms for high dimensional sequential optimization problems. Advisor: Ciamac C. Moallemi.
Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Lau, Colleen. Molecular control of dendritic cell development, differentiation, and function. Advisor: Boris Reizis.
Chemical Physics
Murrett, Colleen. Antibody loop modeling methods and applications. Advisor: Richard A. Friesner.
Hu, Yue. Catalyst design for the ionic hydrogenationof C=N bonds. Advisor: Jack R. Norton.
Wu, Xiaoxi. Time-resolved spectroscopy study on carrier and exciton interactions in organolead halide perovskites. Advisor: Xiaoyang Zhu.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Lopeman, Madeleine. A novel approach to extreme storm surge hazard estimation: Clustered separated peaks-over-threshold simulation method. Advisor: George Deodatis.
Yang, Lingqi. Particle dynamics simulation of microstructure evolution towards functional graded material manufacturing. Advisor: Huiming Yin.
Hanses, Mathias. The life of comedy after the death of Plautus: The Palliata in Roman life and letters. Advisor: Katharina Volk.
Computer Science
Weisz, Jonathan. Assistive robotic grasping. Advisor: Peter K. Allen.
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Duyar, Melis. A study of catalytic carbon dioxide methanation leading to the development of dual function materials for carbon capture and utilization. Advisor: Robert Farrauto.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Pei, Rui. New paravian fossils from the Mesozoic of East Asia and the troodontid evolution. Advisor: Mark A. Norell.
Templeton, John. Structural evolution of Hornelen basin (Devonian, Norway) from detrital thermochronometry. Advisor: Mark H. Anders.
Tsukui, Kaori. Chronology and faunal evolution of the middle Eocene Bridgerian North American land mammal "age": Achieving high precision geochronology. Advisor: John J. Flynn.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Boyanton, Stephen. The treatise on cold damage and the formation of literati medicine: Social, epidemiological, and medical change in China, 1000-1400. Advisor: Robert Paul Hymes.
Chung, Dajeong. Foreign things, no longer foreign: American surplus foods in postwar South Korea. Advisor: Charles K. Armstrong.
Detwyler, Anatoly. The aesthetics of information in modern Chinese literature, 1920-1945. Advisor: Lydia Liu.
Lin, Shing-Ting. The female hand: The making of professional medicine for women in China, 1840s-1930s. Advisor: Eugenia Y. Lean.
Stepien, Rafal. Being and believing in Buddhism and Islam. Advisor: Chun-fang Yu.
Stilerman, Ariel. Learning with Waka poetry: Transmission and production of social knowledge and cultural memory in premodern Japan. Advisor: Haruo Shirane.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Bachelot, Bénédicte. The role of mycorrhizal fungi and natural enemy communities on seedling dynamics in a secondary tropical rainforest. Advisor: Maria Uriarte.
Kershaw, Francine. The influence of ecological process on the evolutionary pattern of a highly migratory baleen whale. Advisor: Howard C. Rosenbaum.
Valencia, Vivian. Ecological and social dimensions of tree diversity in coffee agroforestry systems. Advisor: Shahid Naeem.
Baek, Seungjun. Essays on macroeconomics and financial markets. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.
Boone, Christopher. Essays in agriculture and the U.S. economy. Advisor: Suresh Naidu.
Dogra, Keshav. Essays in macroeconomics. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.
Elias Moreno, Ferran. Essays on public economics. Advisors: Wojciech Kopczuk and W. Bentley MacLeod.
Gonzalez, Naihobe. Essays on the economics of education. Advisor: W. Bentley MacLeod.
Hottman, Colin. Essays on imperfect competition. Advisor: David E. Weinstein.
Liu, Yu. Essays in macro-finance and international finance. Advisor: Richard H. Clarida.
Meckel, Katherine. Three essays on social insurance. Advisor: Wojciech Kopczuk.
Mueller-Smith, Michael. Essays in the economics of crime and discrimination. Advisors: Cristian Pop-Eleches and Miguel S. Urquiola.
Ottonello, Pablo. Essays on macroeconomics and finance. Advisor: Martín Uribe.
Rhee, Keeyoung. Essays on financial crisis and bailout. Advisor: Yeon-Koo Che.
Sow, Soule. Three essays in development economics. Advisor: Suresh Naidu.
Stolper, Harold. Essays in access to education. Advisor: Miguel S. Urquiola.
Van Parys, Jessica. Essays on healthcare delivery and physician practice style. Advisor: Douglas Almond.
Electrical Engineering
Chakrabarti, Anandaroop. Architecture and integrated circuits for efficient, high power mmWave "digital transmitters." Advisor: Harish Krishnaswamy.
Chen, Cathy. Photonic interconnection networks for applications in heterogeneous utility computing systems. Advisor: Keren Bergman.
Roseman, Jared. Hybrid biological-solid state systems: Powering an integrated circuit with ATP. Advisor: Kenneth L. Shepard.
Yu, Xinnan. Scalable machine learning for visual data. Advisor: Shih-Fu Chang.
English and Comparative Literature
Shortslef, Emily. Weeping, wailing, sighing, railing: Shakespeare and the drama of complaint. Advisor: Jean E. Howard.
Streeter, Ashley. "Fools in retayle": Personae and print in the long 1590s. Advisor: Alan Stewart.
Environmental Health Sciences
Peters, Brandilyn. Chronic arsenic exposure: Mitigation with nutritional interventions and effects on inflammation and renal function. Advisor: Mary V. Gamble.
Hermosilla, Sabrina. Measuring psychopathology: Exploring construct validity evidence for PTSD: A 2010 Haitian earthquake example. Advisor: Sandro Galea.
Teasdale, Chloe. Pregnancy and acquisition of sexually transmitted infections: Risk behaviors and incidence. Advisor: Elaine Abrams.
French and Romance Philology
Lerescu, Jacqueline. French poetry and readership, 1850-1880. Advisor: Vincent Debaene.
Magin, Johanna. Bodies of wisdom: Philosophy as medicine in Montaigne and Pascal. Advisor: Pierre Force.
Genetics and Development
DeStefano, Gina. Genetic mechanisms controlling human hair growth. Advisor: Angela Christiano.
Germanic Languages
Salvo, Arthur. Transformations of the beautiful: Beauty and instability in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century German literature. Advisor: Dorothea von Mücke.
Zivkovic, Yvonne. Between geopolitics and geopoetics: "Mitteleuropa" as a transnational memory discourse in Austrian and Yugoslav postwar literature. Advisor: Andreas Huyssen.
Biagetti, Samuel. The unfinished temple: The Rhode Island Freemason and its meaning of masonry in the eighteenth century. Advisor: Christopher L. Brown.
Kahn, Suzanne. Divorce and the politics of the American social welfare regime, 1969-2001. Advisor: Alice Kessler-Harris.
Kim, Hayang. Sick at heart: Mental illness and social change in modern Japan. Advisor: Carol Gluck.
Orejel, Keith. Factories in the fallows: Rural industrialization and the rise of a post-agricultural economy, 1945-1980. Advisors: Elizabeth Blackmar and Ira Katznelson.
Straussberger, John. The "particular situation" in the Futa Jallon: Ethnicity, region, and nation in twentieth-century Guinea. Advisor: Gregory Mann.
IEOR: Industrial Engineering
Simion, Andrei. On some new convex models in machine translation. Advisors: Michael Collins and Clifford S. Stein.
Li, Juan. Stochastic networks: Modeling, simulation design, and risk control. Advisor: Jose H. Blanchet.
Li, Xin. Optimal multiple stopping approach to mean reversion trading. Advisor: Tim Siu-Tang Leung.
Santoli, Marco. Methods for pricing pre-earnings equity options and leveraged ETF options. Advisor: Tim Siu-Tang Leung.
Wallwater, Aya. Perfect simulation and optimal deployment strategies for detection. Advisor: Jose H. Blanchet.
Ballesteros, Humberto. The point that contains the sea: The Divine Comedy's metaphysics of human nature. Advisor: Teodolinda Barolini.
Failla, Scott. Travestimento/Travestitismo: Masquerade and mischief in Boccaccio's world. Advisor: Jo Ann Cavallo.
Engel, Philip. A proof of Looijenga's conjecture via integral-affine geometry. Advisor: Robert Friedman.
Negut, Andrei. Quantum algebras and cyclic quiver varieties. Advisor: Andrei Okounkov.
Rubin, Daniel. Partial differential equations and variational approaches to constant scalar curvature metrics in Kähler geometry. Advisor: Duong H. Phong.
Wang, Zhuhai. A Minkowski-type inequality for hypersurfaces in warped product manifolds. Advisor: Mu-Tao Wang.
Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Yuanyuan. Investigation of material wear in multilayered separable electrical contacts: Modeling and experimentation. Advisor: Elon J. Terrell.
Yongpravat, Charlie. Pre-surgical planning of total shoulder arthroplasty and glenohumeral instability repair using patient-specific computer modeling. Advisor: Gerard A. Ateshian.
Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Ollett, Andrew. Language of the snakes. Advisor: Sheldon Pollock.
Gutkin, David. American opera and the crisis of history. Advisor: George E. Lewis.
Rothe, Alexander. Staging the past: Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle in divided Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. Advisor: Walter M. Frisch.
Conway, Laurie. The role of urinary catheters in development of nosocomial urinary tract-related bacteremia. Advisor: Elaine L. Larson.
Wang, Jinjiao. Mental health disorders of home care elders in the United States: A secondary analysis of the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS). Advisor: Joan Kearney.
Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Grijalva, Ambar. Understanding the function and differentiation of adipose tissue macrophages. Advisor: Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr..
Madra, Moneek. Interactions between the BDNF (Val66Met) variant and stress as a model of susceptibility to anorexia nervosa. Advisor: Lori Zeltser.
Wang, Liheng. Investigations of neuro-molecular physiology of obesity using hypothalamic neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells. Advisor: Rudolph L. Leibel.
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Jordan, Shawn. On the mechanisms of embryonic cell division. Advisor: Julie C. Canman.
Putcha, Preeti. HDAC6 as a therapeutic candidate in the treatment of inflammatory breast cancers. Advisor: Jose Maria Silva.
Goetzke, Luke. Background and stability of XENON100 and the response of liquid xenon to low-energy electronic recoils. Advisor: Elena Aprile.
Lemonik, Yonah. Interactions and disorder in novel condensed matter systems. Advisor: Igor Aleiner.
Maher, Patrick. Tunable SU(4) symmetry in bilayer graphene. Advisor: Philip Kim.
Rosenthal, Ethan. Visualizing nematicity in the pnictides with scanning tunneling spectroscopy. Advisor: Abhay Pasupathy.
Xiao, Xiao. Holography, locality, and symmetries of the universe. Advisor: Erick J. Weinberg.
Zhou, Lei. Search for a new resonance in the boosted di-Higgs to 4 bottom quarks final state at sqrt{s} = 8 TeV using the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. Advisor: Gustaaf H. Brooijmans.
Political Science
Avgousti, Andreas. Politeial and reputation in Plato's thought. Advisor: David Chambliss Johnston.
Blake, Jonathan. Ritual contention in divided societies: Participation in loyalist parades in Northern Ireland. Advisor: Jack L. Snyder.
Broache, Michael. Evaluating the effects of international criminal court prosecutions on atrocities during ongoing armed conflict. Advisor: Virginia Page Fortna.
Cheon, Andrew. On whose terms? Understanding the global expansion of national oil companies. Advisor: Johannes Urpelainen.
Elliott, Kevin. Prioritizing inclusion in the design of democratic institutions. Advisor: David Chambliss Johnston.
Meyer, Brett. Hollowed out and turned about: New labor market cleavages and institutional change in advanced democracies. Advisor: Isabela Mares.
Saffon Sanin, Maria Paula. When theft becomes grievance: Land dispossessions as a cause of redistributive claims in 20th century Latin America. Advisor: Maria Victoria Murillo.
Seyedsayamdost, Elham. A world without poverty: Negotiating the global development agenda. Advisor: Michael W. Doyle.
Webb, Christine. Moving past conflict: How locomotion facilitates reconciliation in humans and chimpanzees. Advisor: E. Tory Higgins.
Blankholm, Joseph. Making the American secular: An ethnographic study of organized nonbelievers and secular activists in the United States. Advisor: Courtney Bender.
Social Work
Duque, Valentina. Essays on early-life conditions, parental investments, and human capital. Advisor: Julien O. Teitler.
Kantor, Leslie. Parent-child communication about sexuality: New findings and insights. Advisor: Julien O. Teitler.
Muchomba, Felix. The gender dynamics in intrahousehold allocation of resources. Advisor: Neeraj Kaushal.
Oh, Hans. Social defeat and psychotic experiences in the U.S.: Findings from the collaborative epidemiological surveys. Advisor: Ellen P. Lukens.
Kislev, Elyakim. "Social migration": The changing color of western European immigration to the United States. Advisor: Saskia Sassen.
Shin, Eun Kyong. Historical understanding of Korean resistance moving structures. Advisor: Peter S. Bearman.
Waldman, Ari. Privacy as trust: Sharing personal information in a networked world. Advisor: Gil Eyal.
Sociomedical Sciences
Murray, Laura. Not fooling around: The politics of sex worker activism in Brazil. Advisor: Richard Parker.
Worthington, Nancy. Where there is a doctor: An ethnography of pediatric heart surgery missions in Honduras. Advisor: Lesley A. Sharp.
He, Ran. A graphon-based framework for modeling large networks. Advisor: Tian Zheng.
Zou, Jingjing. Efficient lung transplant allocation strategies. Advisor: Daniel Rabinowitz.
Sustainable Development
Archibong, Belinda. Essays on the impacts of geography and institutions on access to energy and public infrastructure services. Advisor: Vijay Modi.
Barnwal, Prabhat. Three essays in development and environment. Advisor: Cristian Pop-Eleches.
Rising, James. Scales for scales: An open look at the open sea. Advisor: Upmanu Lall.
Teh, Tse-Ling. Governing uncertainty: Financial policies for risk. Advisor: Geoffrey Heal.
Yoon, Semee. Essays on development economics and energy access. Advisor: Douglas Almond.
Zhong, Nan. Essays in transportation policies and their effects in Beijing. Advisor: Geoffrey Heal.
TC - Applied Anthropology
Chang, Yan-Di. Medicine: An education. Advisor: Hervé H. Varenne.
Mann, Monica. Tourists without borders: An anthropological study of voluntourism as a form of humanitarian engagement. Advisor: Lesley A. Sharp.
TC - Applied Behavioral Analysis
Mosca, Kimberly. Incidental language learning of two languages by bilingual Swedish and English speaking children, monolingual English speaking children and monolingual English speaking adults. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
Pellegren, Haley. The effects of mastery in editing peers' writing on the functional writing and self-editing repertoires of third graders. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
TC - Behavioral Nutrition
Burgermaster, Marissa. Food, Health & Choices implementation and context: The case for a comprehensive approach to process evaluation in school-based childhood obesity prevention trials. Advisor: Isobel R. Contento.
Gardner, Katherine. Maximizing the efficacy of New York City school gardens. Advisor: Isobel R. Contento.
TC - Clinical Psychology
Burton, Charles. Measuring ability to enhance and suppress emotional expression: The expressive regulation ability scale. Advisor: George A. Bonanno.
Marotta, Ashley. The relationship between sibling relationship quality and psychological outcomes in emerging adults. Advisor: Elizabeth Midlarsky.
Rowe, David. Social preference among affluent middle school students: Implications for short-term and long-term adjustment. Advisor: Suniya S. Luthar.
TC - Cognitive Studies in Education
Kao, Jenny. Examining a year-long intervention program to teach expository text structure within social studies content to second-grade students. Advisor: Joanna P. Williams.
Yoon, Esther. The effects of digital tools on third graders' understanding of concepts and development of skills in multiplication. Advisor: Herbert P. Ginsburg.
TC - Comparative and International Education
Green, Nancy. The politics of international large-scale assessment: The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Advisor: Oren Pizmony-Levy.
Weeks-Earp, Erin. Pathways into teaching: Daytime and correspondence education in Russia. Advisor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi.
TC - Counseling Psychology
Clayton, Karima. The collateral consequence of the war on drugs: An interpretive phenomenological analysis of the experience of daughters who experienced paternal incarceration as a result of the war on drugs. Advisor: Robert T. Carter.
TC - Economics and Education
Colin Pescina, Jorge Ubaldo. The effect of transit improvements on school choice: The case of public high schools in Mexico City. Advisor: Henry M. Levin.
Sherman, Eri. The causal effect of early surgical intervention on biliary atresia patients' clinical outcome using economic and education models. Advisor: Henry M. Levin.
TC - Educational Leadership
Barbaro, Justin. A desire for a new challenge? Developing and testing a model of headship transitions in international schools. Advisor: Alex Bowers.
Boyce, Jared. Commitment and leadership: What we know from the schools and staffing survey. Advisor: Alex Bowers.
TC - Educational Policy
Jodl, Jacqueline. Differential effects of family context on noncognitive ability and school performance during adolescence. Advisor: Douglas David Ready.
TC - English Education
Belle, Crystal. Not your average brotha: Examining the educational lives, literacies, and masculinities of Black males. Advisor: Ernest Morrell.
Budd, Jonathan. "Doing" close reading: Investigating text complexity and text difficulty in the secondary English language arts context. Advisor: Ruth Vinz.
Lyiscott, Jamila. How broken English made me whole: Exploring race, new literacies, and social justice within a youth participatory action research framework. Advisor: Ernest Morrell.
Pope, Alexander. Opportunities for civil engagement: A study in three social studies classrooms. Advisor: Sandra Schmidt.
TC - History and Education
Soumakis, Fevronia. A sacred Paideia: The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, immigration, and education in New York, 1959-1979. Advisor: Cally Lyn Waite.
TC - Kinesiology
Ferre, Claudio. Efficacy of home-based intensive bimanual training for children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy. Advisor: Andrew Michael Gordon.
TC - Mathematics Education
Familton, Johannes. Quaternions: A history of complex noncommunicative groups in theoretical physics. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.
Fletcher, Nicole. Development and evaluation of a computer program to teach symmetry to young children. Advisor: Herbert P. Ginsburg.
Guzman, Anahu. Mathematics identities of non-STEM major female students. Advisor: Erica N. Walker.
Reich, Heidi. Classification of spoken discourse in teaching the construction of mathematical proof. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.
Sanchez Gonzalez, Rita. Refining professional development for supporting elementary teachers' standard mathematical knowledge for teaching: A case-study approach. Advisor: Erica N. Walker.
Sanfratello, Andrew. Teachers' perspectives on professional development in mathematical modeling. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.
TC - Philosophy and Education
Cavallari Filho, Roberto. With Ithaca on my mind: In search of the senses for teaching. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
MacLeod, Ruairidh. John Dewey's concept of temporality. Advisor: David Hansen.
TC - Politics and Education
Klopott, Shayna. Funding for change? Private foundations' targeting of precollegiate education policy grantmaking at varying levels of government, 1987-2005. Advisor: Jeffrey Henig.
TC - School Psychology
Donnelly, Lauren. Parent-child interaction in children with autism spectrum disorder who vary in symptom severity and level of functioning. Advisor: Marla R. Brassard.
Hackler, Dusty. A comparative analysis of the Junior Eysenick Personality Inventory in traumatized urban youth. Advisor: Philip A. Saigh.
TC - Science Education
Mezei, Jessica. Science teachers' perceptions of the relationship between game play and inquiry learning. Advisor: Ann E. Rivet.
Wijesooriya, Hemantha. Science teachers' conceptual understanding of a critical rational stance in science and a proposed learning module to enhance their professional knowledge. Advisor: O. Roger Anderson.
TC - Social-Organizational Psychology
Fudman, Rachel. To thine owe self be true?  The influence of gender stereotypes on perceptions of authentic leaders. Advisor: W. Warner Burke.
Gerard, Nathan. Alienation at work: Creativity and commerce in late capitalism. Advisor: Debra A. Noumair.
Rai, Nishita. Falling out of love with American utopia: An insight into return migration intentions of highly skilled Asian Indian immigrants. Advisor: W. Warner Burke.
Roloff, Kathryn. The perceived authenticity of fairness at work. Advisor: W. Warner Burke.
Smith, Bradford. How does learning-agile business leadership differ? Exploring a revised model of the construct of learning agility in relation to executive performance. Advisor: W. Warner Burke.
TC - Sociology and Education
Boulay, Matthew. Parental attitudes, expectations, and practices during the school year and summer. Advisor: Aaron M. Pallas.
Delaney, Esther. The professoriate in an era of assessment and accountability. Advisor: Aaron M. Pallas.
TC - Teaching of Social Studies
Lan, Ching-fu. Democratic education in the era of new media. Advisor: William Gaudelli.
Urban Planning
Kornfeld, Dory. Vegetables for Brownsville: Environmental justice and biopower in New York City's food access programs. Advisor: Robert A. Beauregard.
Olivo Magaña, Ingrid. Reconstructing early modern disaster management in Puerto Rico: Development and planning examined through the lens of Hurricanes San Ciriaco (1899), San Felipe (1928) and Santa Clara (1956). Advisor: Jorge Otero-Pailos.
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