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Seven Smart Ways to Use Evernote for Research
Career Resources for the Academic and Non-Academic Job Search
Why Go to Grad School?
Five Professional Skills Graduate Students Should Learn
Tracking the Elusive Ph.D.
Diversity Perspectives: A Collection of Opinion Articles
Four Quick Tips for Better Writing in Any Discipline
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Of Professional Interest
Attending to Attendance
Unpacking the ideas behind those three words on the syllabus: "Attendance is required"
Alt-Ac or Bust
Alt-Ac or Bust
A Ph.D. graduate offers ten tips for those considering careers outside academia.
Create SMART Writing Plans
Establish a plan that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
Which Scientific Ideas Must Die
Which Scientific Ideas Must Die?
Two physicists discuss theories that have overstayed their welcome.
From Grad School to The Atlantic
From Grad School to The Atlantic
How a young historian transitioned from Internet commentator to senior editor
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
APAM: Applied Mathematics
Lee-Thorp, James. Topologically-protected edge states.
Rhee, Chae-Young. Designing natural advantages: Popular environmental knowledge and visions of development along California's coast, 1880-1930.
Art History and Archaeology
Cook, Lindsay. Paris match? The production,  reception, and limits of citation within the building netweork of the Notre-Dame of Paris chapter.
Biomedical Engineering
Wang, Ji. Plate-rod microarchitectural modeling for accurate and bone strength assessment.
Computer Science
Biran, Or. Natural language generation of justifications for machine learning predictions.
Jiang, Weiwei. High-performance and reliable networks-on-chip using asynchronous and synchronous approaches.
Liu, Hung-Yi. Computer-aided design-space exploration for system-on-chip design.
English and Comparative Literature
Bo, Lamyu. Cultural diplomacy in the literary transpacific.
Mechanical Engineering
Ajayi, Obafunso. Exciting dynamics in two-dimensional nanomaterials.
Tinsley, Elizabeth. Descent of the willow-swamp deity, ascent of the lily-field deity: Debate, possession, and knowledge at pre-modern Kōyasan.
Social Work
Johnson, Karen. A syndemic model of homelessness risks among women accessing medical services in an emergency department in New York City.

Dissertations Defended
APAM: Applied Physics
Li, Zhisheng. Surface chemistry studies of transition metal oxides: Titanium oxide and iron oxide. Advisor: Richard M. Osgood, Jr.
Art History and Archaeology
Larrivé-Bass, Sandrine. Embodied materials: The emergence of figural imagery in prehistoric China. Advisor: Robert E. Harrist, Jr.
Biological Sciences
Kaplan, Anna. Identification and biophysical characterization of small molecules modulating proteins in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Advisor: Brent R. Stockwell.
Biomedical Informatics
Melamed, Rachel. Mining patterns in genomic and clinical cancer data to characterize novel driver genes. Advisor: Raul Rabadan.
Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Chang, Donald. The regulation and function of RGK proteins on voltage-gated calcium channel physiology. Advisor: Henry M. Colecraft.
Dell, Emma. Single molecule conductance of oligothiophene derivatives. Advisors: Colin P. Nuckolls and Latha Venkataraman.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Jang, Sung-Hwan. Characterization and modeling of ferromagnetic particulate nanocomposites for strain and fracture sensing. Advisor: Huiming Yin.
Computer Science
Szczodrak, Marcin. Multitasking on wireless sensor networks. Advisor: Luca Carloni.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Han, Shuoshuo. Accretion and subduction of oceanic lithosphere: 2D and 3D seismic studies of off-axis magma lenses at East Pacific Rise 9°37-40'N  area and downgoing Juan de Fuca plate at Cascadia subduction zone. Advisor: Suzanne M. Carbotte.
Eichler, Jeremy. The emancipation of memory: Arnold Schoenberg and the creation of A Survivor from Warsaw. Advisor: Volker R. Berghahn.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Dzaman, Jessica. The consumer dictator: Theories and representations of agency in neoliberal Argentina, 2001-2010. Advisor: Carlos J. Alonso.
Onishi, Yoshiaki. Between imagination and realization: Composers and metaphysical spaces. Advisor: George E. Lewis.
Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Dapito, Dianne. Contributions of activated hepatic stallate cells to hepatocarcinogenesis. Advisor: Robert Schwabe.
Social Work
Akilova, Mashura. Microfinance, child work, and education. Advisor: Irwin Garfinkel.
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