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Personal Finance in Graduate School
When Productivity Becomes Hyperactivity
Making It Stick
Compiling a Teaching Portfolio: An Introduction
The Lost Art of Doing One Thing at a Time
Finding a Cure for Imposter Syndrome
Academic Language, Codified
The Hidden Key to Productivity: Getting Smart About Energy
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5 Pointers for a Better Poster
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109Low Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Columbia University
This is the final issue of 109Low for 2013-2014. New issues will resume at the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year.
Of Professional Interest
Life Lessons From Research Abroad
Tips to make your research trip a success
What to Expect From Your Career-Services Advisors

What to Expect From Your Career-Services Advisors
Understanding how to approach your interactions with career-services officers can help you to get more out of the experience.

The 5th Way to Level the Playing Field in Science
How faculty search committees can promote greater representation of women in the sciences
Push Back (A Little)
On going against your advisor's recommendations
Animal Magnetism
Animal Magnetism
Why are humans drawn to watch other animals?
Phineas Gage, Neuroscience's Most Famous Patient
Phineas Gage, Neuroscience's Most Famous Patient
Examining the myths surrounding the textbook example of damage to the frontal lobe and its effect on behavior
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Art History and Archaeology
Boyd, Rachel. Luxury commissions and market wares: specialization and style in the Della Robbia workshop, c. 1430-1550.
Pesenti, Roberto. Self-fashioning through a multi-polar mediation: Venetian art at the time of Andrea Dandolo.
Vazquez, Julia. "Coleccionismo" reconsidered: Titian, Velazquez, and the Royal Collection of Philip IV.
Hildebrand, Claudius. A cognitive compass for a social world: The effects of implicit theories on networking engagement.
Chemical Engineering
Bulutoglu, Beyza. Mimicking nature: Understanding and engineering of artificial metabolons in the TCA cycle.
Erturk, Ece. Methods for genome-wide DNA methylation profiling based on DNA methyltransferase-aided site-specific conversion of cytosine in CpG sites.
Knehr, Kevin William. Mechanisms of formation and structural evolution of salt films on metal electrodes in secondary batteries.
Computer Science
Guo, Weiwei. Short text similarity and its applications.
English and Comparative Literature
Franklin-Hudson, Ariel. Staking claims: Participatory literary culture in early modern England.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Codebo, Agnese. La cuestión villera: El espacio de la modernidad en la marginación y la estetización de la pobreza urbana en la ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Pérez, Cristina Camille. The Puerto Rican national minority, 1931-51.
Mechanical Engineering
Howard, Bianca. Evaluating GHG emissions reductions from distributed combined heat and power systems.
Hsieh, Pin-Chun. Photon transport enhanced by transverse localization in superlattices.
Sarac, Abdulhamit. Net Burgers density vector fields in crystal plasticity: Characteristic length scales and constitutive validation.
Waite, Michael. Development of analytical tools and urban energy infrastructure strategies to an integrated wind power, distributed generation, and building heating system approach to deep greenhouse gas emissions reductions.
Wang, Yuanyuan. Investigation of gold coating thickness on wear in multilayered electrical contacts.
DeGraf, Galen. Performing "polymeter": Action, attention, and modes of perception.
Fogg, Tom. The rise of Recherche Musicale: Experiments in Paris, 1942-1965.
Hansberry, Benjamin. Types of concepts and modes of discourse: Ways of thinking and talking in music theory and analysis.
Hilewicz, Orit. Listening to ekphrastic musical compositions.
Sterbenz, Maeve. Moving with music: Approaches to the analysis of movement-image interactions.
Hayward, Max. The value in inquiry.
Wolos, Jeremy. Agreeing and disagreeing with oneself: Dual processes, competition, and epistemic feelings.
Political Science
Kirkland, Patricia. Fiscal crises (or not) in U.S. cities: Examining the political roots of local fiscal outcomes.
Lindsey, Summer E. Sexual violence and war.
Liu, Hanzhang. Individual upward mobility and authoritarian stability: Merit-based bureaucratic recruitment in China.
Luby, Ryan. Preferences, policies, and the politics of economic adjustment.
McClelland, Benjamin. Ethnicity, competition, and policy: Ethnic minorities and political parties in post-communist Europe.
O'Hara, Michael. Combatant command: Bureaucratic politics of military deployments in peace and crisis.
Schwartz, Stephanie. Homeland security: Migration and post-conflict reconstruction.
Yu, Liya. Towards defining the neuropolitical standards of a public official's ideal brain.
Yu, Tinghua. Career concerns and policy innovation in multilevel governance system.
Craw, Jeffrey. The role of autonomy and control in understanding the costs of enacted support receipt.
Macomber, Andrew. The potencies of branch and leaf: Plants in medieval Japanese Buddhism and medicine.
McTighe, Laura. Born in flames.
Brandt, Philipp. The emergence of a new profession.

Dissertations Defended
Ferro, Maria. Between the magic of magic and the magic of money: The changing nature of experience in the the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Advisor: Michael Taussig.
Golestaneh, Seema. The social life of Gnosis: Sufism in post-revolutionary Iran. Advisor: Marilyn J. Ivy.
Ha, Guangtian. Religion of the Father: Islam, ethnicity, and the politics of socialism in China. Advisor: Myron Cohen.
APAM: Applied Mathematics
Gu, Yu. Probabilistic approaches to equations with large random potentials: Homogenization and corrector theory. Advisor: Guillaume Bal.
APAM: Applied Physics
Angelini, Sarah. High speed videography on HBT-EP. Advisor: Michael E. Mauel.
Penzo, Erika. Directed biomolecular assembly of functional nanodevices. Advisor: Shalom J. Wind.
Art History and Archaeology
Buonanno, Lorenzo. Stone mediators: Sculpted altarpieces in early Renaissance Venice. Advisor: David Rosand.
Chen, Anne. Art, ideology, and culture exchange with the Persian Court under the Roman Tetrarchs 284-324 CE. Advisor: Francesco de Angelis.
Kim, SeungJung. Concepts of time and temporality in the visual tradition of late archaic and classical Greece. Advisor: Ioannis Mylonopoulos.
Nagao, Debra. Notions of interaction in the visual arts: Epiclassic Cacaxtla and Xochicalco, Mexico (AD 650-900). Advisor: Esther Pasztory.
Schaefer, Sarah. From sacred to spectacular: Gustave Doré's biblical imagery. Advisor: Anne Higonnet.
Yalcin, Serdar. Seale and patronage in ancient Near East during the Late Bronze Age (ca 1550-1100 BC). Advisor: Zainab Bahrani.
Lemonias, Jenna. The role of cold gas in massive galaxy evolution. Advisor: David Schiminovich.
Schroeder, Joshua. Observing and modeling the optical counterparts of short-period binary millisecond pulsars. Advisor: Jules P. Halpern.
Biological Sciences
Tan, Dazhi. Molecular basis for the recognition of regulatory stem-loop structures in eukaryotic mRNAs. Advisor: Liang Tong.
Biomedical Engineering
Idan, Ofer. Modeling nanoscale transport networks. Advisor: Henry Hess.
Jangraw, David. Neural and ocular signals evoked by visual targets in naturalistic environments. Advisor: Paul Sajda.
Judokusumo, Edward. A first look on mechanosensing and triggering in T cells. Advisor: Lance C. Kam.
Chen, Tianle. Statistical modeling and statistical learning for disease classification and prediction. Advisor: Yuanjia Wang.
Auh, Jun Kyung. Essays on corporate credit. Advisor: M. Suresh Sundaresan.
Chen, Bingxu. Three essays asset pricing. Advisor: Andrew Ang.
Cohen, Shira. Cash, volatility, and corporate investment. Advisor: Trevor S. Harris.
Gur, Yonatan. Optimization in changing environments: Theory and applications to online content recommendation services. Advisors: Omar Besbes and Assaf Zeevi.
Landoni, Mattia. Three essays on taxes and asset pricing. Advisor: Charles Jones.
Lu, Zhongjin. Asset returns, risks, and cash flow expectations. Advisor: Robert J. Hodrick.
Oh, Hyung Il. A new accounting approach to evaluate M&A prices and goodwill allocations. Advisor: Stephen H. Penman.
Rozenbaum, Oded. Do firms contribute to the variation in employees' performance in knowledge-intensive industries? The case of equity research. Advisor: Trevor S. Harris.
Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Duvshani, Amit. Structural studies of the ryanodine receptor and its binding protein FKBP. Advisor: Andrew R. Marks.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Carson, Tyler. Evaluating green roof urban stormwater management: Full-scale observations and modeling in New York City. Advisor: Patricia J. Culligan.
Marasco, Daniel. Alternative metrics of green roof hydrologic performance: Evapotranspiration and peak flow. Advisor: Patricia J. Culligan.
Wei, Jianqiang. Durability of cement composing reinforced with natural fiber. Advisor: Christian Meyer.
Dance, Caleb. Literary laughter in Augustan poetry. Advisor: Katharina Volk.
Fink, Katherine. Data-driven sourcing: How journalists use digital search tools to decide what's news. Advisor: Michael Schudson.
Computer Science
Andrus, Jeremy. Multi-persona mobile computing. Advisor: Jason Nieh.
Tan, Li-Yang. Analytic methods in Boolean function complexity. Advisor: Rocco A. Servedio.
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Lu, Mengqian. From diagnosis to water management- The role of atmospheric dynamics and climate variability on hydrological extremes. Advisor: Upmanu Lall.
Xu, Jun. Dynamic energy dissipation using nanostructures: Mechanisms and applications. Advisor: Xi Chen.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Paukert, Amelia. Mineral carbonation in mantle peridotite of the Samail Ophiolite, Oman: Implications for permanent geological carbon dioxide capture and storage. Advisor: Juerg M. Matter.
Yi, Hongyu. Evolution of function-related traits in sqamates: Morphometic and cladistic approaches. Advisor: Mark A. Norell.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Schieder, Chelsea. Coeds ruin the nation: The female student in the Japanese new left. Advisor: Gregory M. Pflugfelder.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Jain, Meha. Adaptation to climate variability in social agos-esological systems. Advisor: Shahid Naeem.
Roberts, Su-Jen. Intrasexual competition and reproduction in wild blue monkeys. Advisor: Marina Cords.
Chaurey, Ritam. Essays on foreign behavior in India. Advisor: Eric Verhoogen.
Crouzet, Nicolas. Essays in macroeconomics and corporate finance. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.
Dingel, Jonathan. Essays in spatial economics. Advisor: Donald R. Davis.
Kim, Ju Hyun. Three essays on identification in microeconometrics. Advisor: Bernard Salanié.
Lee, Jeong Hwan. Three essays in corporate finance. Advisor: Patrick Bolton.
Low, Corinne. Essays in gender economics. Advisor: Pierre-André Chiappori.
Monràs, Joan. Essays on immigration and urban economics. Advisors: Donald R. Davis and Eric Verhoogen.
Morin, Miguel. Essays on technology, macroeconomics, and the labor market. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.
Sánchez de la Sierra, Raúl. Essays on the economics of statelessness and state formation. Advisor: Suresh Naidu and Eric Verhoogen.
Son, Hye Lim. Three essays on human capital investment. Advisor: Miguel S. Urquiola.
Wilse-Samson, Laurence. Essays in political economy and crisis. Advisor: Suresh Naidu.
Electrical Engineering
Tokluoglu, Erinc. Non-linear dynamics in ETG mode saturation and beam-plasma instabilities. Advisor: Amiya K. Sen.
Wang, Lei. Characterization of high qulaity graphene devices in graphene-baron nitride systems. Advisor: Kenneth L. Shepard.
English and Comparative Literature
Barlow, Gania. Revisionary retelling: The metapoetics of authorship in Medieval England. Advisor: Susan Crane.
Breyer, Benjamin. In that instance I saw myself: Mystagogy and affective response in the writings of Hadewijch of Antwerp. Advisor: Patricia A. Dailey.
Hayman, Emily. Inimical languages: Conflicts of translation in British modernist literature. Advisor: Sarah Cole.
Brady, Joanne. Emergency department utilization patterns and subsequent prescription drug overdose death: A study of emergency care recipients, New York State, 2006-2010. Advisor: Charles J. DiMaggio.
Eduardo, Eduard. Programmatic and individual-level factors associated with CD4 cell count at HAART intiation and survival among treatment-naïve patients initiating HAART in sub-Saharan African. Advisor: Denis Nash.
Freedman, David. Neurodevelopmental risks for bipolar disorder. Advisor: Alan Brown.
French and Romance Philology
Perisic, Alexandra. Contesting globalization: Ethics, politics, and aesthetics in the atlantic world economy. Advisor: Madeleine Dobie.
Twohig, Erin. The contentious classroom: Education in postcolonial literature from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Advisor: Madeleine Dobie.
Barker, Hannah. Egyptian and Italian merchants in the Black Sea slave trade, 1260-1453. Advisor: Adam J. Kosto.
French-Marcelin, Megan. Community underdevelopment: Block grants and the rise of privatization in New Orleans, 1970-1985. Advisor: Ira Katznelson.
Harper, Tobias. Orders of merit? Hierarchy, distinction, and the British honours system, 1917-2004. Advisor: Susan Pedersen.
Jackson, Justin. The work of empire: The U.S. army, military labor, and the making of American colonialism in Cuba and the Philippines. Advisor: Eric Foner.
Mahla, Martin. Orthodoxy in the age of nationalism: Agudul Israel and the Mizrahi movement in Germany, Poland, and Palestine 1912-1948. Advisor: Michael Stanislawski.
Osborne, Nicholas. Little capitalists: The social economy of saving in the United States. Advisor: Eric Foner.
Stahl, Dale. The two rivers: Water, development and politics in the Tigris-Euphrates basin, 1920-1975. Advisor: Rashid Khalidi.
Taylor, Simon. The modern condition: The invention of anxiety, 1840-1970. Advisor: Samuel Moyn.
Toshkov, Alex. Rescuing alternative modernity: The Golden Age of the European peasantry. Advisor: Mark A. Mazower.
IEOR: Operations Research
Dong, Jing. Studies in stochastic networks: Efficient Monte Carlo methods, modeling. Advisor: Jose H. Blanchet.
Kim, Song-Hee. Data-driven decisions in service systems. Advisor: Ward Whitt.
Plumettaz, Matthieu. Graph structure and coloring. Advisor: Maria Chudnovsky.
Song, Irene. New quantitative approaches to asset selection and portfolio construction. Advisor: Soulaymane Kachani.
Fabian, Seth. Cecco vs. Dante: Correcting the comedy with applied astrology. Advisor: Teodolinda Barolini.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Álvarez, Juan. La palabra y el fuego. Insulto, política y cultura en la historia de Colombia. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.
Koziol, Karol. Iwahori-Hecke Algebras in the mod-p Local Langlands Program. Advisor: Rachel Ollivier.
Pan, Xuanyu. Rational normal curves on complete intersections. Advisor: Aise Johan de Jong.
Puskás, Anna. Demazure-Lusztig operators and metaplectic Whittaker functions on covers of the general linear group. Advisor: Dorian Goldfeld.
Putyra, Krzysztof. On a generalization of odd Khovanov homology. Advisor: Mikhail Khovanov.
Waldron, Alex. Self-duality and singularities in the Yang-Mills flow. Advisor: Panagiota Daskalopoulos.
Wang, Ye-Kai. A spacetime Alexandrov theorem. Advisor: Mu-Tao Wang.
Xia, Jie. Towards a definition of Shimura curves in positive characteristics. Advisor: Aise Johan de Jong.
Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Seeley, John. Micro RNA regulation of endotoxin tolerance. Advisor: Sankar Ghosh.
Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Elhanan, Elazar. The path leading to the abyss: Hebrew and Yiddish in the poetry of Yaakov Steinberg. Advisor: Dan Miron.
Belkind, Nili. Music in conflict: Palestine, Israel, and the politics of aesthetic production. Advisor: Christopher Washburne.
Eggert, Andrew. Staging the operas of Francesco Cavalli: Dramaturgy in performance, 1651-52. Advisor: Giuseppe Gerbino.
Heidemann, Kate. Hearing women's voices in popular song: Analyzing sound and identity in country. Advisor: Ellie M. Hisama.
Johnson, Aaron. Jazz and radio in the United States: Mediation, genre, and patronage. Advisor: George E. Lewis.
Northrup, Angela. Maternal attitudes, subjective norms and feeding practices of young children. Advisor: Arlene Smaldone.
Lawhead, Jonathan. Foundations of climate science. Advisor: Philip Kitcher.
Lin, Zhongjie. The chiral and U(1)A symmetries of the QCD phase transition using chiral lattice fermions. Advisor: Norman H. Christ.
Yu, Jianglei. K_L-K_S mass difference from lattice QCD. Advisor: Norman H. Christ.
Political Science
Borghard, Erica. Friends with benefits? Power and influence in proxy alliances. Advisor: Jack L. Snyder.
Falgoust, Barbara. The philosophical and theological foundations of François Fénelon's political theory: Free will, love, and disinterested virtue. Advisor: David Chambliss Johnston.
Smith, Michael. Three essays on the political economy of corporate bailouts. Advisor: Yotam Margalit.
Suginohara, Masako. Negotiated openness:  U.S. - Japan financial negotiations and the network of financial officials. Advisor: Gerald L. Curtis.
Chatman, Ljubica. From choosing to responsibility - the impact of the sense of control on memory. Advisor: Betsy Sparrow.
Crew, Christopher. The behavioral and neural effects of rejection sensitivity on attention and subsequent memory. Advisor: Geraldine Downey.
Huelser, Barbie. Learning by making errors: Investigating when and why errors help memory, and the metacognitive illusion that errors are harmful for learning. Advisor: Janet Metcalfe.
Jensen, Gregory. Beyond dichotomy: Dynamics of choice in compositional space. Advisor: Peter D. Balsam.
Keith, Diana. A multilevel approach to understanding drug abuse and dependence. Advisor: Carl L. Hart.
Riddle, Travis. Reporting on the temporal properties of subliminal events. Advisor: Betsy Sparrow.
Zaval, Lisa. Decision architecture from intuition to experience: Exploring how temporary states and individual differences influence decision and preferences. Advisor: Elke Weber.
Slavic Languages
Hanukai, Maksim. Pushkin's tragic vision, 1824 -1830. Advisor: Boris Gasparov.
Tarnai, Anita. Cultural experimentation as regulatory mechanism in response to events of war and revolution in Russia (1914-1940). Advisor: Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy.
Tyerman, Edward. The search for an internationalist aesthetics: Soviet images of China, 1920-1935. Advisor: Boris Gasparov.
Social Work
Burnes, David. Candidate risk factors for elder mistreatment incidence and severity. Advisor: Denise Burnette.
De la Cruz Toledo, Elia. Women's employment in Mexico. Advisor: Jane Waldfogel.
Lee, RaeHyuck. School readiness among young children of Asian and Hispanic immigrant mothers. Advisor: Jane Waldfogel.
Shumar, Erik. Associations of homelessness with psychiatric symptom severity and moderating risk factors among patients with psychotic symptoms after first admission. Advisor: James M. Mandiberg.
Lin, Li-Wen. The opaque champions. Advisor: Joshua Whitford.
Rachlin, Seth. From whatever source derived: Wealth, national citizenship, and the ratification of the income tax amendment. Advisor: Allan Silver.
Sociomedical Sciences
Lewis, Sara. Spacious minds, empty selves: Coping and resilience in the Tibetan exile community. Advisor: Kim Hopper.
Suh, Julia. The paradox of post-aborion care: A global health intervention at the intersection of medical, criminal justice, and transnational population politics in Senegal. Advisor: Constance A. Nathanson.
Gore, Kristen. Unbiased penetrance estimates with unknown ascertainment strategies. Advisor: Daniel Rabinowitz.
Zhang, Stephanie. Statistical Inference and Experimental Design for Q-matrixed based Cognitive Diagnosis Models. Advisors: Jingchen Liu and Zhiliang Ying.
Sustainable Development
Kim, Booyuel. Essays on education and health in developing countries. Advisor: Cristian Pop-Eleches.
Tompsett, Anna. Essays on infrastructure and development. Advisor: Eric Verhoogen.
TC - Applied Anthropology
Freeman, Scott. To conserve and neglect: Haiti, soil, and the tyranny of the project. Advisor: Lesley Bartlett.
Lamaozhuoma, Lamaozhuoma. Tibetan communities in transition: An ethnographic study of state-run formal education and social change. Advisor: Lambros Comitas.
TC - Applied Behavioral Analysis
Baker, Katherine. The effects of social listener reinforcement and video modeling on the emergence of social verbal operants in preschoolers diagnosed with autism and language delays. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
Goswami, Ananya. The effects of the listener emersion protocol on rate of learning and increases in naming capability in preschool children with developmental delays. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
Han, Helena. The effects of auditory feedback on the emergence of audience control of stereotypy and the emission of socially appropriate verbal exchanges for students with autism spectrum disorders in general education settings. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
TC - Clinical Psychology
Bellovin-Weiss, Sarah. The impact of emotional distress on cognitive performance in borderline personality disorder. Advisor: Helen Verdeli.
Hazanov, Valery. The effects of shared reality on emotional experience and regulation. Advisor: Barry A. Farber.
Jacobs, Martha. Spirituality and depression in young adult survivors of childhood physical and sexual abuse. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.
TC - Cognitive Studies in Education
Creighan, Samantha. Investigating the effects of the MathemAntics number line activity on children's number sense. Advisor: Herbert P. Ginsburg.
Jamalian, Azadeh. Grouping gestures promote children's effective counting strategies by adding a layer of meaning through action. Advisor: Barbara Tversky.
Kim, Sungbong. Neural correlates of embodiment in action verb meaning: Entrenched versus translated forms. Advisor: Peter Gordon.
TC - Counseling Psychology
Chen, Yu-Kang. Effects of client HIV status and race on therapeutic impressions of counselor trainees. Advisor: Laura Smith.
Kim, Suah. An extension of objectification theory: Examining the roles of racial and cultural factors on self-objectification and depression amon Asian American women. Advisor: Derald Wing Sue.
Redway, Jorja. Black Caribbean immigrants in the United States and their perceptions of racial discrimination: Understanding the impact of racial identity, ethnic identity and racial socialization. Advisor: Marie L. Miville.
TC - Developmental Psychology
Jewett, Elizabeth. Is problem-based learning effective in fostering the development of intellectual skills?. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.
TC - Educational Leadership
Blum, Jessica. Teaching and learning with self: Student perspectives on authenticity in alternative education. Advisor: Eleanor Drago-Severson.
Chu, Elizabeth. High school suspension and educational deprivation. Advisor: Douglas David Ready.
TC - English Education
Gentry, Christine. Speak, memory: Oral storytelling in the high school classroom. Advisor: Ruth Vinz.
Particelli, Brice. The readable city: Storying the self in place and space. Advisor: Ruth Vinz.
TC - Mathematics Education
Dickman, Benjamin. Conceptions of creativity in elementary school mathematical problem posing. Advisor: Herbert P. Ginsburg.
Miele, Anthony. The effects of number theory on high school students' metacognition and mathematics attitudes. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.
Park, Joo-Young. Value creation through mathematical modeling: Students' mathematical dispositions and identities developed in a learning community. Advisor: Erica N. Walker.
Taylor-Buckner, Nicole. The effects of elementary departmentalization on mathematics proficiency. Advisor: Erica N. Walker.
Tian, Xiaoxi. Mathematical modeling in the People's Republic of China: Indicators of participation and performance on COMAP's modeling contexts. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.
TC - Measurement and Evaluation
Chung, Meng-Ta. Estimating the Q-matrix for cognitve diagnosis models in a Bayesian framework. Advisor: Matthew S. Johnson.
TC - Philosophy and Education
Backer, David. The distortion of discussion. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
Brewster, Holly. The teacher as mathematician: Problem solving for today's social context. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
Furman, Cara. Supporting practical wisdom: Reflective teacher narratives in teacher education. Advisor: David Hansen.
Schapira, Michael. Historical perspectives on the crisis of the university. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
Yoda, Kazuaki. Can love (attention) be taught?: A study of Simone Weil's philosophy of education. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
TC - Politics and Education
Bhojwani, Sayu. Poised for power: South Asians in NYC politics. Advisor: Jeffrey Henig.
TC - School Psychology
Aoki, Sayaka. Understanding isolated and non-isolated victims of peer victimization in middle school. Advisor: Marla R. Brassard.
Chin, Erica. Childhood physical abuse and adolescent poor peer relations: A study of mediation by interpersonal factors in two developmental periods. Advisor: Marla R. Brassard.
TC - Science Education
Browne, Christi. Professional learning communities (PLCs) as a means for school-based curriculum change. Advisor: Ann E. Rivet.
Corvo, Arthur. Utilizing the National Research Council's (NRC) conceptual framework for the Next Gerneration Science Standards (NGSS): A self-study in my science, engineering, and mathematics classroom. Advisor: Felicia Moore Mensah.
Hansen, Sarah. Multimodal study of visual problem solving in chemistry with multiple representations. Advisor: Felicia Moore Mensah.
Ronan, Darcy. Science specialists in urban elemantary schools: An ethnography examing science teaching identity, motivation, and hierarchy in a high-stakes testing climate. Advisor: Felicia Moore Mensah.
TC - Sociology and Education
White, Terrenda. Culture, power, and pedagogy in market driven times: An embedded case study of instructional practices across four charter schools in Harlem, New York. Advisor: Amy Stuart Wells.
TC - Speech and Language Pathology
Garcia, Paula. Perception of American English vowels by adult Spanish-English bilingual listeners. Advisor: Karen Froud.
Nizolek, Kara. Risk factors for dysphagia in critically-ill patients with prolonged orotracheal intubation. Advisor: John H. Saxman.
Sanchez, Laura. N170 visual word specialization on implicit and explicit reading tasks in Spanish-speaking adult neoliterates. Advisor: Karen Froud.
TC - Teaching of Social Studies
Mungur, Amy. Cultural representations in/as the global studies curriculum: Seeing and knowing China in the United States, 1960s-present. Advisor: Sandra Schmidt.
Holt, Anne. Reading costume design: The rise of the costume designer, 1850-1920. Advisor: Arnold Aronson.
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