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Personal Finance in Graduate School
When Productivity Becomes Hyperactivity
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Compiling a Teaching Portfolio: An Introduction
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109Low Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Columbia University
This is the first issue of 109Low for the 2014-2015 academic year. 109Low is sent on a twice-monthly basis and includes items of academic and professional interest.
Of Professional Interest
Revisiting the Three R’s
A fifth-year Ph.D. student looks back with advice for early-career graduate students.
Changing the Ph.D.: a Tilt Toward Teaching
Changing the Ph.D.: a Tilt Toward Teaching
One scholar calls for a renewed emphasis on teaching in Ph.D. education.
Managing Your Advisor
Tips for working with your advisor to develop a productive mentor-advisee relationship
A Dozen Sentences
Twelve pieces of information that should appear in every academic cover letter
Your Brain on Metaphors
Your Brain on Metaphors
New neuroscience findings highlight the importance of metaphor in language and consciousness.
Has the Atlantic Ocean Stalled Global Warming?
Has the Atlantic Ocean Stalled Global Warming?
One group of researchers proposes a possible explanation for the "apparent hiatus" in global warming.
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Art History and Archaeology
Coman, Sonia. Japanese and Japoniste ceramics in France: New art values, 1855-1889.
Tolstoy, Irina. Camillo Trvisan's Palace and Villa Culture on the Island of Murano.
Wiesenberger, Robert. Visible Language: Muriel Cooper at MIT.
Biomedical Engineering
Boushell, Margaret. Scaffold design and optimization for integrative cartilage repair.
Cigan, Alexander. Towards Clinical Relevance for Functional Tissue Engineering of Large Cartilage Constructs.
Downs, Matthew. Neurological effects and drug delivery efficacy of focused ultrasound induced BBB opening in NHP.
Mikhno, Arthur. Non-Invasive PET Imaging through AIF Modeling.
Nims, Robert. Optimizing Engineered Tissues: Modeling Development and Growth.
Okrasinski, Stanley. Single heartbeat, ultrasound-based strain imaging with 3D myocardial elastography.
Zhang, Xinzhi. Nanofiber-based scaffold for integrative rotator cuff repair.
Zhou, Bin. Bone Quality Assessment Using Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography HR-pQCT.
Biomedical Informatics
Carlo Unda, Maria. Use of Informatics to Identify problems and then Design, Develop and Evaluate Solutions to Support Health Workers in their Management of Malaria in the Millennium Village Project, Bonsaaso, Ghana.
Biomedical Informatics
Woo, Jung Hoon. A Systems Biology Approach to Interrogate Drug Mechanism of Action and its Application to Drug Repositioning Research.
Huang, Jun. Essays on the performance and the financing of nascent entrepreneurship.
Schleicher, Martin. Social Networks and Recommender Systems.
Shi, Fangzhou. Business Group and Startup Firms.
Chemical Engineering
Garcia, Kristen. Artifical metabolons: Design of self-assembled biocomples for bio/nano-device integration.
Mostafavi, Hakhamanesh. Mechanisms of membrane fusion during neurotransmitter release.
Ozbakir, Harun. Electrochemical biosensor for vitamin D levels in blood.
Stonor, Maxim. Novel alkaline thermal treatment of biomass for H2 production with integrated carbon capture.
Vi, Thu. Kinetics study of polymer interfacial reaction via copper-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (CUAAC) mechanism.
Zhang, Zhizun. A system-theoretic framework for modeling and managing risk in sociotechnical systems.
Classical Studies
McVane, Samuel. Paradox in Seneca's prose work.
Catenaccio, Claire. Monody in Late Euripides.
Computer Science
Berg, Thomas. High-level part-based features for fine-grained visual categorization.
Jee, Kangkook. Towards building an effective and efficient secure system infrastructure.
Vovsha, Ilia. Algorithms for learning using privileged information.
Xie, Boyi. From language to the real world: Discovering the structured semantics in text for entity-driven text analysis.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rose, Cassaundra. Late cenozoic aridification and the rise of C4 plants in northern Africa.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Chung, Jae Won. Politics and Aesthetics of Everyday Life in Korea.
Ganany, Noga. Otherworldly Journeys: Religion and Travel in Late Ming "Fantastic Novels".
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Bachelot, Benedicte. The role of mycorrhizal fungi, and natural enemy communities on seedling dynamics in a secondary tropical rainforest.
Germanic Languages
Alexander, Sophie. From Genus to Geschlecht: An Archeology of Gender and Language from the 18th Century to the Present.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Codebo, Agnese. La cuestion villera: el espacio de la modernidad en la marginacion y la estetizacion de la pobreza urbana en la ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Hughes, Nicole. Inventing a theatre of the Americas: Dramatic creation and historical imagination, 1500-1640.
Muniz, Wendy. The Unofficial Archive: Public Memory in the Dominican Republic, 1877-1927.
Mechanical Engineering
Ghazi Esfahani, Nastaran. Investigation of plastic strain recovery and creep in thin film nanocrystalline metal.
Marko, Matthew. The tribological effects of lubricating oil containing nanometer-scale diamond particles.
Yang, JaeYoung. Micro and nanoscale aptasensors for detection of peptides and small molecules.
Levitsky, Anne. The Singer from the Song: Singers, Singing, and the Voice in the High Middle Ages.
Higgins, Tracy. Patient engagement.
Morales, Jorge. The role of attention for introspection.
Political Science
Rubin, Michael. Civilian politics and accountability in civil wars.
Urban Planning
Joseph, Sophonie. International Diffusion of Planning Ideas & Practices: The Effect on Haitians' Participation Experiences in Planning.

Dissertations Defended
Carter, Christina. Haunted legacies: Healing and sorcery in a Visayan community. Advisor: Michael Taussig.
Schwab, Manuel. Speculative humanism; Political economies of aid and disputed notions of crisis. Advisor: Mahmood Mamdani.
APAM: Applied Math
Dwyer, John. Projected changes in the annual cycle of surface temperature and precipitation due to greenhouse gas increases. Advisors: Michela Biasutti and Adam H. Sobel.
Martin, William. Advancements for three-dimensional remote sensing of the atmosphere. Advisor: Guillaume Bal and Brian Cairns.
APAM: Applied Physics
Batra, Arunabh. Charge transport at metal-molecule interfaces: An x-ray spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy study. Advisor: Latha Venkataraman.
Riar, Inderbir. Expo 67, or the architecture of late-modernity. Advisor: Reinhold Martin.
Art History and Archaeology
Cohen, Joshua. Masks and the modern: African/European encounters in 20th Century art. Advisor: Zoë Strother.
Corrales, Lia. High energy studies of astrophysical dust. Advisor: Frederik B. Paerels.
Hamden, Erika. FIREBall, CHaS, and the diffuse universe. Advisor: David Schiminovich.
Li, Yuan. Modeling AGN feedback in cool-core galaxy clusters. Advisor: Greg Bryan.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Wolcott, Holly. Structural and biophysics studies clustered photocadherins. Advisor: Lawrence Shapiro.
Biological Sciences
Ho, Danny. Structure characterization of the 70S-BipA complex using single particle cryoelectron microscopy. Advisor: Joachim Frank.
Biomedical Engineering
De Leo, Sarah. Human T cellresponse to substrate rigidity for design of improved expansion platform. Advisor: Lance C. Kam.
Godier-Furnemont, Amandine. Engineering high fideling cardiac tissue by biophysical signaling: in vitro models and in vivo repair. Advisor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.
Hariharan, Venkatesh. The effect of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy causing proteins on the mechanical and signaling properties of cardial myocytes. Advisor: Hayden Huang.
Kang, Woohyeun. Reducing the societal costs of traumatic brain injury: Astrocyte-based therapeutics and functional injury tolerance of the living brain. Advisor: Barclay Morrison.
Lee, Jong Hwan. A small animal optical tomographic imaging system with non-contact, omni-directional, angular-resolved fluorescence measurement capabilities. Advisor: Andreas H. Hielscher.
Lee, Kristen. Mechanisms of mechanotransduction mediated by the primary cilium. Advisor: Christopher R. Jacobs.
Sampat, Sonal. Optimization of culture conditions for cartilage tissue engineering using synovium-derived stem cells. Advisor: Clark T. Hung.
Kreimer, Anat. Analysis of trans eSNPs infers regulatory network architecture. Advisor: Itsik Pe’er.
Weiskopf, Nicole. Enabling the reuse of electronic health record data through data quality assessment and transparency. Advisor: Chunhua Weng.
Cai, Xiaochen. Methods for handling measurement error and sources of variation in functioanl data models. Advisor: R. Todd Ogden.
Chang, Hsin-Wen. Empirical likelihood tests for stochastic ordering based on censored and biased data. Advisor: Ian W. McKeague.
Mao, Xuezhou. Sequential designs for individualized dosing in phase I Cancer clinical trials. Advisor: Ying Kuen K. Cheung.
Zhou, Hui. Graph structure inference for high-throughput genomic data. Advisor: Shuang Wang.
Argyle, Bronson. An analysis of mutual funds: Behavior and pricing effects. Advisor: Kent D. Daniel.
Michaeli, Beatrice. Divide and inform: Rationing information to facilitate persuasion. Advisor: Tim Baldenius.
Yang, Liu. Attention and preference measurement. Advisor: Olivier Toubia.
Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Alessi, Dana. Mitochondrial remodeling through the proteasome is critical for mitochondrial quality control in budding yeast. Advisor: Liza A. Pon.
Haydu, Julie-Erika. The role of FBKL4 in developmental homeostasis and in transformation. Advisor: Adolfo A. Ferrando.
Huang, Yuan-Ping. NET zinc finger proteins direct embryonic stem cells towards neuroectoderm. Advisor: Hynek Wichterle.
Chemical Engineering
Dooley, Kevin. Engineering a repeats-in-toxin scaffold for stimulus-responsive biotechnology application. Advisor: Scott A. Banta.
Qiao, Feng. Investigation on copper electrodeposition: Impact of inorganics and lab-scale tool design. Advisor: Alan C. West.
Radhakrishna, Mithun. Effect of surface curvature and chemistry on protein stability, adsorption and aggregation. Advisor: Sanat K. Kumar.
Chemical Physics
Berkelbach, Timothy. Microscopic theories of excitons and their dynamics. Advisor: David Reichman.
Hocky, Glen. Connections between structure and dynamics in model supercooled liquids. Advisor: David Reichman.
Miller, Edward. Advancing loop prediction to ultra-high resolution sampling. Advisor: Richard A. Friesner.
Anderson, Nicholas. The surface chemistry of metal chalcogenide nanocrystals. Advisor: Jonathan S. Owen.
Bandar, Jeffrey. The design of reactions, catalysts and materials with aromatic ions. Advisor: Tristan H. Lambert.
Chakrabarti, Neena. A journey across the periodic table: The synthesis and characterization of main group complexes supported by Nitrogen and Sulfer-rich ligands. Advisor: Gerard Parkin.
Chen, Zhixing. Chemical approaches for advanced optical imaging. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.
Chiriac, Maria. Regioselective installation of dihydrofuran units in the resveratrol family of natural products. Advisor: Scott A. Snyder.
Eagan, James. Strategies for the total synthesis of sesquiterpene oligomeric natural products. Advisor: Scott A. Snyder.
Estes, Deven. Transition metal hydrides that mediate catalytic hydrogen atom transfers. Advisor: Jack R. Norton.
Foley, Corinne. A new approach to the rapid construction of polypropionate stereotriads: Syntheis of the C1-C9 fragment of Fludelone and Polyketide building blocks. Advisor: James L. Leighton.
Guo, Yinsheng. Optical studies of intercalated and strongly doped 2D materials. Advisor: Louis E. Brus.
Kreider-Mueller, Ava. Synthesis, reactivity, and ligand exchange in [Tm^R]M group 12 metal complexes. Advisor: Gerard Parkin.
Leone, Lindsay. Single moleclue studies of the dynamic heterogenities in supercooled liguids. Advisor: Laura Kaufman.
Merchant, Paolomi. Development of fluorescent probes for imaging synaptic activity. Advisor: Dalibor Sames.
Ning, Wei. The role of ribosome and tRNA dynamics in the regulation of translation elongation. Advisor: Ruben L. Gonzalez, Jr.
Smith, Myles. Strategies for the concise synthesis of the Akuammiline Alkaloids. Advisor: Scott A. Snyder.
Zuzek, Ashley. Application of transition metal phosphine complexes in the modeling of catalytic processes: Reactivity with hydrosilanes and other industrially relevant substrates. Advisor: Gerard Parkin.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Sun, Hao. Development of hierarchical optimization-based models for multiscale damage detection. Advisor: Raimondo Betti.
Webster, Colin. Technology and/as theory: Material thinking in ancient science and medicine. Advisor: Katharina Volk.
Agur, Colin. Second-order network development: Telephone policy and mobile users in India. Advisor: Richard R. John.
Rudd, Jennifer. The posed and the candid: The meanings of photographic authencity, 1839 - 1945. Advisor: Andie Tucher.
Computer Science
Levitan, Rivka. Entrainment in spoken dialogue systems. Advisor: Julia Hirschberg.
Weller, Adrian. Methods for inference in graphical models. Advisor: Tony Jebara.
Wu, Jingyue. Sound and precise analysis of parallel programs through schedule specialization. Advisor: Junfeng Yang.
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Ferguson, Thomas. Sustainable hydrogen production from biomass with integrated carbon fixation via alkaline thermal treatment. Advisor: Ah-Hyung Alissa Park.
Fricker, Kyle. Magnesium hydroxide sorbents for combing carbon dioxide capture and storage in energy conversion systems. Advisor: Ah-Hyung Alissa Park.
Nakamura, Jennifer. Hydroclimatology of extreme precipitation and floods originating from the North Atlantic Ocean. Advisor: Upmanu Lall.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Zakharova, Natalia. Carbon sequestration in unconventional reservoirs: Geophysical, geochemical and geomechanical considerations. Advisor: David S. Goldberg.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Chen, Kaijun. The rise of technocratic culture in high-qing China: A case study of bondservant (Booi) Tang Ying (1682-1756). Advisor: Wei Shang.
Lawrence, Elizabeth. The Chinese seal in the making: A modern history. Advisor: Eugenia Y. Lean.
Poch, Daniel. Ethical negotiations of human feeling and the production of literature in Japan's long nineteenth century. Advisor: Haruo Shirane and Tomi Suzuki.
Takai, Shiho. Representations of women in joruri puppet plays in the eighteenth century: Prostitutes, stepmothers, and provincial daughters. Advisor: Haruo Shirane.
Van Vleet, Stacey. Medicine, monasteries and empire: Rethinking Tibetan Buddhism in Qing China. Advisor: Gray Tuttle.
An, Li. Three essays in finance. Advisor: Patrick Bolton.
Electrical Engineering
Birand, Berk. Cross-layer resource allocation algorithms in wireless and optical networks. Advisor: Gil Zussman.
Yilmaz, Yasin. Sequential signal processing with applications to distributed systems. Advisor: Xiaodong Wang.
English and Comparative Literature
Bengtsson, Frederick. True and home-born: Domestic tragedy on the early modern stage. Advisor: Jean E. Howard.
Huh, Jang Wook. Imagining a Black Pacific: Dispossession in Afro-Korean literary encounters. Advisor: Brent Hayes Edwards.
Hunt, Irvin. Investing in sterotypes: Comic second-sight in twentieth-century African American literature. Advisor: Brent Hayes Edwards.
Kuiken, Vesna. Active enchantments: Form, nature, politics in American literature. Advisor: Ross Posnock.
Lindskog, Katja. Active distance: British nineteenth-century literature and images of the past. Advisor: Nicholas Dames.
MacDonald, Ian. Alter-Africas: Science fiction in the post-colonial Black African novel. Advisors: Brent Hayes Edwards and Joseph R. Slaughter.
Moy, Olivia. Framed, imprisoned, overheard: The gothic inheritance of Victorian poetry. Advisor: Erik Gray.
Rosebrock, Margie. Wifely counsel and civic leadership in the Canterbury Tales. Advisor: Susan Crane.
Saumaa, Hiie. Meditating modernism: Turning the mind in British literature, 1890-1940. Advisor: Sarah Cole.
Spry, Adam. Our warpaint is writer's ink: Ojibwe literary transnationalism. Advisor: John Blair Gamber.
French and Romance Philology
Sopchik, Rebecca. Deadly speech and revolutionary monsters: Denunciation and the radicalization of discourse during the French revolution. Advisor: Joanna Stalnaker.
Chatani, Sayaka. Nation-empire: Rural youth mobilization in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea 1895-1945. Advisor: Charles K. Armstrong.
Craig, Christopher. The middlemen of modernity: Local elites and agricultural development in Meiji Japan. Advisor: Carol Gluck.
Ghosh, Arunabh. To know the nation: Statistics and state society relations in the early people's Republic of China, 1949-1959. Advisor: Madeleine Zelin.
Hamer, Deborah. Creating an orderly society: The regulation of marriage and sex in the Dutch Atlantic world, 1621-1674. Advisor: Martha C. Howell.
Liu, Andrew. The two tea countries: Competition, labor, and economic thought. Advisor: Adam McKeown.
Tessaris, Chiara. Peace and security: Beyond military power - the League of Nations and the Polish-Lithuanian Dispute. Advisor: Mark A. Mazower.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Duong, Paloma. Amateur citizens: Culture and democracy in contemporary Cuba. Advisor: Carlos J. Alonso.
Mechanical Engineering
Canetta, Carlo. Bi-material microcantileve-based thermal sensing techniques. Advisor: Arvind Narayanaswamy.
Kongsuwan, Panjawat. Laser induced modification and integration of glasses. Advisor: Y. Lawrence Yao.
Kyle, Jonathan. The rheology of nanoparticle additives: An investigation utilizing mesh free methods. Advisor: Elon J. Terrell.
Petrone, Nicholas. Graphene synthesized by chemical vapor deposition for high-perfomance, flexible electronics. Advisor: James C. Hone.
Sarac, Abdulhamit. Net burgers density vector fields in crystal plasticity: Characteristic length scales and constitutive validation. Advisor: Jeffrey W. Kysar.
Zheng, Yi. Near field radiative momentum, entropy, and energy transfer in fluctuational electrodynamics. Advisor: Arvind Narayanaswamy.
Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Williams, Tyler. Sacred sound and sacred book: A history of writing in Hindi. Advisor: Allison Busch.
King, Jonathan. The performance of Bluegrass at a New York City jam session. Advisor: Aaron A. Fox.
Kisiedu, Harald. European echoes: Jazz experimentalism in Germany, 1965-1974. Advisor: George E. Lewis.
Morrison, Matthew. Sound in the construction of race. Advisor: George E. Lewis.
Newland, Martha. Sounding "Black": An ethnography of racialized vocal practices at Fisk University. Advisor: Aaron A. Fox.
Music (D.M.A.)
Bryan, Courtney. A time for everything, for chorus: Analysis of a musical meditation. Advisor: George E. Lewis.
Di Castri, Sophia. Lineage, for large orchestra. Advisor: Alfred W. Lerdahl.
Nail, Ashley. Misshapen shadows, broken symmetries, lustrous glimmering: György Ligeti's Melodien and Gustav Klimt's Mosaics. Advisor: Alfred W. Lerdahl.
Neurobiology and Behavior
Brachman, Rebecca. A single injection of ketamine confers robust, long-term protection against stress-indcued depressive-like behaviors. Advisor: René Hen.
Hill, Alexis. Increasing adult hippocampal neurogenesis provides resilence in a model of chronic stress. Advisor: René Hen.
Kennedy, Ann. Representation and learning in cerebellum-like structures. Advisor: Laurence F. Abbott.
Pfau, David. Learning structure in time series for neuroscience and beyond. Advisor: Liam Paninski.
Raza, Ali. Modeling the structure-function relationship between retinal ganglion cells and visual field sensitivity and the changes due to glaucoma. Advisor: Donald Hood.
Zhang, Wanying. In vivo dissection of long-range inputs to the rat barrel cortex. Advisor: Randy M. Bruno.
Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Conlon, Donna. Inhibition of VLDL assembly by apolipoprotein B antisense oligonucleotides stimulates autophagy of ER, preventing steatosis. Advisor: Henry N. Ginsberg.
Altheimer, Andrew. A search for ttbar resonances in the single lepton final state with the ATLAS experiment. Advisor: Gustaaf H. Brooijmans.
Argüello Ortiz, Carlos. Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of charge density waves in NbSe2 and muon spin rotation studies of Nickel doped BaFe2As2. Advisor: Abhay Pasupathy.
Efetov, Dmitri. Introducing interactions into graphene. Advisor: Philip Kim.
Ficnar, Andrej. Holographic jet quenching. Advisor: Miklos Gyulassy.
Ghahari Kermani, Fereshte. Interaction effects on electric and thermoelectric transport in graphene. Advisor: Philip Kim.
Lee, Hak Joon. Negative modes problems in the vaccum decay process. Advisor: Erick J. Weinberg.
Nynka, Melania. A study of pulsar wind nebulae and non-thrmal filaments with the NuSTAR observatory. Advisor: Charles J. Hailey.
Political Science
Leemann, Lucas. Direct democracy - origins, usage, and consequences. Advisor: Jeffrey R. Lax.
Lins de Albuquerque, Adriana. Violent or nonviolent means to political ends: What accounts for variation in tactics among dissident organizations targeting domestic governments. Advisor: Virginia Page Fortna.
MacInnis, Luke. The unity of political principle. Advisor: Nadia Urbinati.
Roth, Lauren. Governing by fiduciary: How the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 outsourced control over pension policy to private actors. Advisor: Robert C. Lieberman.
Sircar, Neelanjan. The "social" in social science: Implications of social networks theory for political economy and political methodology. Advisor: Macartan Humphreys.
van der Windt, Pieter Cornelis. The political economy of divided communities: Local governance and cooperation in the Congo and Sierra Leone. Advisor: Macartan Humphreys.
White, Steven. For democracy and a caste system? World War II, race, and democratic inclusion in the United States. Advisor: Ira Katznelson.
Yang, Chien-min. Between ethnic and civic: A paradox of national identification in contemporary Taiwan. Advisor: Andrew J. Nathan.
Cornwell, James. The principled pursuit of happiness: The role of virtue in moral psychology. Advisor: E. Tory Higgins.
Craw, Jeffrey. The role of autonomy and control in understanding the costs of enacted support receipt. Advisor: Niall Bolger.
Reinen, Jenna. Brain mechanisms of affect and learning. Advisor: Daphna Shohamy.
Bordeaux, Joel. Patronage, pujas, and plots: Raja Krishnacandra as Bengali cultural hero. Advisor: Rachel McDermott.
Brafman, Yonatan. Critical philosophy of Halakha (Jewish law): The justification of Halakhic norms and authority. Advisor: Wayne Proudfoot.
Slavic Languages
Matzner-Gore, Greta. From the corners of the Russian novel: Minor characters in Gogol, Goncharov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Advisor: Irina Reyfman.
Ozgode, Onur. Governing the economy at the limits of neo-liberalism. Advisor: Gil Eyal.
Thery, Clement. Larry's clique: The real world of the housing market in low-income minority neighborholds of New York City. Advisor: Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh.
Sociomedical Sciences
Armbrister, Adria. The influence of discriminatory beliefs on practice: Racial disparities in the treatment of women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Advisor: Jo Phelan.
Bateman-House, Alison. Compelled to volunteer: American conscientious objectors to World War II as subjects of medical research. Advisor: Ronald Bayer.
Boone, Melissa. Internalized homophobia, psychological distress, and resilience as correlates of substance use during sexual encounters in young adult Black men who have sex with men. Advisor: Patrick Wilson.
West, Brooke. The real risks of fishing: HIV risk environements and the intersection of networks, masculinity, and drug use among fishermen in Malaysia. Advisor: Nabila El-Bassel.
Bilina Falafala, Roseline. Mathematical modeling of insider trading. Advisor: Philip Protter.
Yang, Xuan. Limit theory for spatial processes, bootstrap quantile variance estimators, and efficiency measures for Markov chain Monte Carlo. Advisor: Jingchen Liu.
TC - Anthropology and Education
Sawamoto, Akiko. Vietnam's rural-to-urban migrant families: Educational and social inequalities in a transitional society. Advisor: Lambros Comitas.
Schiffer, Jeffrey. Feathers, beads and false dichotomies: Indigenizing urban aboriginal child welfare in Canada. Advisor: Hervé H. Varenne.
Velasquez, Karen. Communication and education at work: Latino immigrants making sense and dominating language in Koreatown, New York City. Advisor: Hervé H. Varenne.
Webb, Torica. Beocming and being aware and engaged: An exploration of the development of political awareness and participation among Mäori and Päkehä secondary school students in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Advisor: Charles C. Harrington.
TC - Applied Anthropology
Bal, Mustafa. Anatomy of a revolution: The 2011 Egyptian uprising. Advisor: Lambros Comitas.
Celiksu, Sinan. The making of the Padanian nation: Corruption, hegemony, globalization, and legitimacy. Advisor: Lambros Comitas.
Van Tiem, Jennifer. Many secrets are told around horses: An ethnographic study of equine assisted psychotherapy. Advisor: Hervé H. Varenne.
TC - Applied Behavioral Analysis
Fas, Tsambika. The effects of mastery of writing mathematical algorithms on the emergence of complex problem solving. Advisor: Jessica Dudek.
Hill, Joanne. The effects of a treatment package to teach silent reading: Comparisons with fluent readers. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
TC - Clinical Psychology
Baranowski, Kimberly. The experiences of mental health practitioners working with undocumented immigrants from Mexico along the U.S./Mexico border. Advisor: Laura Smith.
Behn Berliner, Alex. Patient change trajectories over a year of psychoanalytic therapy and psychoanalysis. Advisor: Barry A. Farber.
TC - Comparative and International Education
Suaphan, Parita. Why do I choose a vocational high school?: The study of elicited expectation and educational decision. Advisor: Henry M. Levin.
TC - Counseling Psychology
Williams, Chantea. African Americans and racial misaggressions: Coping, psychological well-being, and physical health. Advisor: Derald Wing Sue.
TC - Developmental Psychology
Khait, Valerie. Making use of the dual functions of evidence in adolescents' argumentation. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.
Reese, Emily. Prenatal maternal mental health and its association with memory and language development in young children. Advisor: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn.
TC - Economics and Education
García Moreno, Vicente. Essays on learning outcomes and education in Mexico. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.
Guo, Fei. The impact of term-time working on college outcomes in China. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.
Vousoura, Eleni. Psychological distress among mothers of young children in rural Uganda and its association with child health and nutritional status. Advisor: Helen Verdeli.
Yu, Li. The impact of college quality on early labor market outcomes in China. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.
TC - Philosophy and Education
Obelleiro, Gonzalo. Cosmopolitan education and the creation of value. Advisor: David Hansen.
TC - School Psychology
Oefinger, Lisa. The lecture note-taking skills of adolescents with and without a learning disability. Advisor: Stephen T. Peverly.
TC - Science Education
Mahfood, Denise. Uncovering Black/African American and Latina/o students' motivation to learn science: Affordances to science identity development. Advisor: Felicia Moore Mensah.
TC - Sociology and Education
Lofton, Richard. Plessy's tracks: Tracing the roots, routes, and tracks. Advisor: Carolyn J. Riehl.
Urban Planning
Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Oyebanke. Industrialization pathways to human development: Industrial cluster institutions and poverty in Nigeria. Advisor: Smita Srinivas.
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