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109Low Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Columbia University
Of Professional Interest
Compiling a Teaching Portfolio: An Introduction
Begin compiling relevant teaching materials and thinking critically about your teaching experience as soon as you can. To discuss building your portfolio, contact the GSAS Teaching Center.
The Lost Art of Doing One Thing at a Time
The Lost Art of Doing One Thing at a Time
On the benefits of monotasking
Finding a Cure for Imposter Syndrome
Strategies to promote increased engagement of women scholars in the public sphere
Academic Language, Codified
Created as a resource for non-English-speaking students, the Academic Word List offers insight into terms commonly used in academic writing.
The Mental Life of Plants and Worms, Among Others
The Mental Life of Plants and Worms, Among Others
What we can learn from reduced forms of consciousness
The de Man Case
The de Man Case
Examining Paul de Man's life and criticism
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Crapster-Pregont, Ellen. Constraining the evolution of the first solar system solids: Evidence from CO chondrites.
Mechanical Engineering
Zheng, Yi. Momentum, entropy, and energy transfer in fluctuational electrodynamics.
Jang, Na Ra. Moderating effects of social support on health outcomes among Latinos with stress.

Dissertations Defended
Art History and Archaeology
Sjovoll, Therese. Queen Christina of Sweden's musaeum: Collecting and display in the Palazzo Riario. Advisor: David Freedberg.
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Perez, Marc. A model for optimizing the integration of solar electricity generation, curtailing, transmission and storage. Advisor: Vasilis Fthenakis.
Electrical Engineering
Beck, Jonathan. Organic photovoltaic device architectures. Advisor: Ioannis Kymissis.
Kuppambatti, Jayanth. Mixed-signal design techniques in scaled CMOS technologies. Advisor: Peter Kinget.
Lazarovici, Allan. Elucidating the sequence and structural specificities of DNA-binding factors. Advisor: Harmen Bussemaker.
Richards, Catherine. The effects of hospital financial distress on immediate breast reconstruction. Advisor: Dawn Hershman.
Stehling-Ariza, Nicole. He who dies with toys… A longitudinal look at materialism and physical health. Advisor: Sharon Schwartz.
IEOR: Operations Research
Chandramouli, Shyam Sundar. Far allocation in economic networks. Advisor: Jay Sethuraman.
Clarkson, Corrin. Three-manifold mutations detected by Heegaard Floer homology. Advisor: Robert Lipshitz.
Hanselman, Jonathan. Bordered Heegaard Floer homology and graph manifolds. Advisor: Robert Lipshitz.
Schmeder, Maximillian. Thirty-three dialectics on a theme: Hegelian philosophy vis-à-vis Beethoven's "Diabelli" Variations, op. 120. Advisor: Joseph Dubiel.
Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Trent, Chad. Fat in hearts: Uptake, storage, and turnover. Advisor: Ira Goldberg.
Political Science
Bech, Emily. Voice and belonging: How open vs. restricted models of national incorporation shape immigrant-minority identification and participation. Advisor: Jack L. Snyder.
Ghitza, Yair. Applying large-scale data and modern methods to classical problems in American politics. Advisor: Andrew Gelman.
Social Work
Batista, Tara. Empowering youth in foster care. Advisor: Barbara Levy Simon.
TC - Applied Behavioral Analysis
Lyons, Laura. The effects of the mastery of auditory matching of component sounds to words on the rate and accuracy of textual and spelling responses. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.
TC - Cognitive Studies in Education
Ramsey, Stephanie. How do we develop multivariable thinkers? An evaluation of a middle school scientific reasoning curriculum. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.
TC - Mathematics Education
Germain-Williams, Terri. Mathematical modeling in algebra textbooks at the onset of the Common Core state standards. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.
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