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Of Professional Interest
Choosing a Dissertation Lab
An overview of items to consider as you make one of the most significant decisions in your graduate career
Choosing a Dissertation Lab

Five Lessons I Learned Writing Every Day
Reflections on applying the principles of National Novel Writing Month to academic writing

From Coursework to Candidacy
What to expect as you move into a new phase in your doctoral studies
Young Scholars Try Out Consulting as a Professional Plan B
A report on a student-led initiative to explore "alt-ac" career options
Salon Culture: Network of Ideas
Salon Culture: Network of Ideas
On the notion of the salon in the age of the Internet
Shakespeare's Genius Is Nonsense
Shakespeare's Genius Is Nonsense
Examining Shakespeare's linguistic tropes through the lens of cognitive science
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Art History and Archaeology
Peebles, Matthew. Act as attribute: The attacking body in archaic and classical Greek art.
Biomedical Informatics
Melamed, Rachel. Novel approaches to identify functional roles of somatic genetic alterations in cancer.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Zampieri, Andrea. Seismic behavior analysis of concrete highway bridges based on field monitoring and shaking table test data.
Computer Science
Cui, Heming. Stabe multi-threading and its applications on software reliability.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Buckelew, Kevin. Heroic march: Authenticity and liberation in middle-period Chinese Buddhism.
Schlachet, Joshua. Nourishing life: Dietary health and social transformation in nineteenth-century Japan.
Staum, Rachel. Women from other worlds in Otogizoshi and their role in Japanese literature.
Mechanical Engineering
Hu, Mufeng. Biophysicial regulation of podocyte function and differentiation.

Dissertations Defended
Art History and Archaeology
Belcher, Ellen. Embodiment of the Halaf: Sixth-millennium figurines from northern Mesopotamia. Advisor: Brian Boyd.
Biological Sciences
Shimada, Kenichi. Global survey of pharmacologically accessible cell death mechanisms identifies metabolic pathways that regulate sensitivity to ferroptosis. Advisor: Brent R. Stockwell.
Biomedical Informatics
Fort, Daniel. Validating electronic clinical data for research. Advisor: Chunhua Weng.
Reinholtz, Nicholas. Determinants of persistence and preference in consumer search. Advisor: Jonathan Levav.
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Greenbaum, Raphael. Experimental study of rocking motion of rigid bodies on deformable medium via monocular videogrammetry. Advisor: Andrew W. Smyth.
Computer Science
Ma, Wei Yun. Hybrid system combination for machine translation: An integration of phrase-level and sentences-level combination approaches. Advisor: Kathleen R. McKeown.
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Chin, Michael. Protein structure-dynamics and function at micelle and particle interfaces. Advisor: Ponisseril Somasundaran.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Agarwala, Meghna. Forest degradation: Evidence from ecology, remote sensing, and political ecology. Advisor: Ruth DeFries.
Kumler, Todd. Three essays on development economics. Advisor: Eric Verhoogen.
Electrical Engineering
Wang, Michael. Energy Efficient, Cross-Layer Enabled, Dynamic Aggregation Networks for Next Generation Internet. Advisor: Keren Bergman.
English and Comparative Literature
Cornes, Saskia. Literature of landscape: The Enclosure Movement in the seventeenth century English imagination. Advisor: Jean E. Howard.
Spooner, Matthew. Slavery, revolution, and changes in Southern society, 1776-1800. Advisor: Eric Foner.
Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Zaman, Maheen. Commemorative interpretations: Memory, narrative, and tradition in South Asian Islam. Advisor: Sudipta Kaviraj.
Gonzalez, Melissa. ‘Cien por ciento nacional!', Panamanian música típica, nationhood, and the quest for territorial sovereignty. Advisor: Christopher Washburne.
Neurobiology and Behavior
Schumacher, Joseph. Effects of developmental vocal learning on neural coding in the songbird auditory cortex. Advisor: Sarah M. N. Woolley.
Carter, Eileen. The examination of infection prevention and crowding in the emergency department. Advisor: Elaine L. Larson.
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Cook, Joshua. Toward a mechanisitic understanding of hepatic insulin action and resistance. Advisor: Domenico Accili.
Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Konaté, Mariam. Structure-based genome scale function prediction and reconstruction of the mycobacterium tuberculosis metabolic network. Advisor: Dennis Vitkup.
Seifried, Michael. Democracy and analogy: The practical reality of deliberative politics. Advisor: Lydia Goehr.
Li, Yilei. Probing light-matter interactions in 2D crystal by optical spectroscopy. Advisor: Tony F. Heinz.
Political Science
Guichard, Justine. The judicial politics of enmity: A case study of the Constitutional Court of Korea's jurisprudence. Advisor: Andrew J. Nathan.
Hikotani, Takako. The paradox of anti-militarism: Civil-military relations in post World War II Japan. Advisor: Gerald L. Curtis.
Huang, Xian. Social protection under authoritarianism: Politics and policy of social health insurance in China. Advisor: Isabela Mares.
TC - Counseling Psychology
Cheng, Pei-Han. Examining a sociocultural model: Racial identity, internalization of the dominant white beauty standards, and body images among Asian American women. Advisor: Robert T. Carter.
Forquer, Erin. The associate between access to marriage rights and the well-being of white lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the United States. Advisor: Robert T. Carter.
TC - School Psychology
Kern, Michael. An investigation of individual differences in the testing effect. Advisor: Stephen T. Peverly.
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