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The Invisible Labor of Minority Professors
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Lessons from Advising Graduate Students



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Of Professional Interest
Presidents under Siege 
A professor of education considers how college presidents could remain positive about race relations on their own campuses in light of the racially charged incidents taking place regularly throughout the nation.
Grad Student: You Are Your Own Spokesperson
A field guide to effectively representing yourself in the academic arena. From social media to public speaking, act as your own publicist to share your research with others, to showcase your skillset, and develop a personal brand.
Killer Apps for the Academic Job Search
Managing an academic job search is often said to be a full-time job all on its own. Consider using these simple tools to save time and stay organized.
The Pomodoro Technique 
An introduction to the simple time-management system that enables you to work smarter, not harder.
The Unspoken Cost of Getting a Ph.D.
Mental health issues in academia are widespread, but rarely discussed. A recent graduate reflects on the psychological toll of her academic endeavors, and how therapy helped her through her studies.
Work-Life Balance
Simple tips to keep work-life balance in perspective (and remember why it is important).
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed

APAM: Applied Mathematics
Shaevitz, Daniel. Extreme weather: Tropical cyclones and subtropical floods.

Tian, Xiaochuan. Nonlocal calculus and asymptotically compatible schemes.

Computer Science
Bell, Jonathan. Faster, more reliable software builds.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Goldsmith, Yonaton. Processional and millennial scale intensity shifts of the East Asian Summer Monsoon recorded by paleo-lake levels and δDleafwax from Dali Lake, Inner Mongolia, China

Mascioli, Nora. Impacts of anthropogenic aerosols on U.S. climate: Extreme events, stagnation, and the warming hole.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Korolkov, Maxim. Empire making and market making on the Qin Imperial Frontier, 221-207 B.C.

Shen, Yiwen. Sojourns in the Netherworld: Popular narratives of hell in Japanese literature.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Taylor, Benton. Competition and nitrogen fixation: Exploring how environment governs competition between nitrogen-fixing and non-fixing plants in regenerating tropical forests.

English and Comparative Literature
Roberts, Aled. Invisible ignorance: The work of not knowing in the late Medieval English poetry.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Subramaniam, Shiv. Meaning worlds: Kalidasa and the event of reading.

Horner, Paula. Unmute this: Circulation, sociality, and sound in viral media.

Rule, Alix. Psychiatric deinstitutionalization as historical reversal.

Dissertations Defended

Art History and Archaeology
Zarrillo, Taryn. Artistic patrimony and cultural politics in early Seicento Venice. Advisor: Diane Bodart.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Jilishitz, Irina. Chloride intracellular channels 1 and 4 function in distinct branches of the S1P pathway to regulate endothelial. Advisor: Jan Kitajewski.

Classical Studies
Carbone, Lucia Francesca. 'Romanizing' Asia: The impact of Roman imperium on the administrative and monetary systems of the Provincia Asia (133 BC - 96 AD). Advisor: William V. Harris.

Computer Science
El Kholy, Ahmed. Pivot-based statistical machine translation for morphologically rich languages. Advisor: Rebecca Passonneau.

Flagge, Matthew. Understanding the foundations of product scope. Advisor: Eric Verhoogen.

Electrical Engineering
Kalbat, Abdulrahman. Distributed and large-scale optimization. Advisor: Javad Lavaei.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Diniz da Silva, Daniella. A retaguarda da vanguarda. Modernidades contestadas em três tempos: Bilac, Aranha e Lobato. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Mechanical Engineering
Zhang, Xian. Physical properties of nano-materials (CNTs and TMDs). Advisor: James C. Hone.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Gore, Felicity. Neural circuits connecting sensory stimuli to behavioral responses. Advisors: Richard Axel and C. Daniel Salzman.

Rudnick, Noam. Role of autophagy in a mouse model of ALS. Advisor: Thomas Maniatis.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Cheng, Min. Does culture matter? Investigating the effects of adherence to Asian cultural values on preserved difference between Eastern-style vs. Western-style Asian culture. Advisor: George V. Gushue.

Weng, Wan-Chen. Exploring adult attachment, acculturation, and psychological well-being in Chinese/Taiwanese immigrants. Advisor: George V. Gushue.

TC / Mathematics Education
Boussios, Socrates. A pedagogic information system in a web-based statistics classroom. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.

TC / Speech and Language Pathology
Cassel, Stacy. Patient response to swallowing safety cues: A comparison of traditional face-to-face and tele-dysphagia instructional methods. Advisor: John H. Saxman.

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