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109Low Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Columbia University
Of Professional Interest
Welcome to Graduate School
A graduate adviser offers six key lessons to help master's and doctoral students thrive in their first year.
Welcome to Graduate School

Get Funded
An overview of the fellowship application process, and the first installment in the Grant-Writing Week series at GradHacker

Beyond the Research-Teaching Divide
A personal narrative on applying to teach at small liberal arts colleges
Diversity in Science
A collaboration between Nature and Scientific American examining the importance of diversity for scientific research
The Calculus of Contagion
The Calculus of Contagion
On the importance of mathematical models in epidemiology
Deep into Green
Deep into Green
An exploration of how colors are imbued with meaning
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Art History and Archaeology
Kang, Changduk. Illuminated Enlightenment: Book illustrations and knowledge in early-eighteenth-century France.
Biomedical Informatics
Lyashenko, Eugenia. Relative or absolute? How cells perceive EGF signals.
Katic, Ivana. Antecedents and consequences of the revolving door between the U.S. independent regulatory commissions and regulated firms, 1887-2000.
Computer Science
Sukan, Mengu. User interface techniques for transitioning among viewpoints in augmented reality.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Takahashi, Maressa. The nutritional ecology of wild adult female blue monkeys in the Kakamega Forest, Kenya.
Weeks, Brian. Community assembly and contemporary ecology: Reconstructing the history of mixed-species foraging flocks in the Solomon Archipelago.
Freeman, Mary. Letter writing and politics in the campaign against slavery, 1830-1870.
Hein, Alana. Prophets of a new world.
Marcus, David. Fugitive democracy: The search for the political in American political thought and criticism.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Blanco Mourelle, Noel. Material memory: Texts, practices, and debates about the arts of memory in the early modern world (1428-1615).
Mechanical Engineering
Fernandez, Michael. The biomechanics of pregnancy: Simulating cervical dilation, evaluating preterm delivery interventions, and measuring in vivo mechanical properties.
Yao, Wang. Modeling human cervical tissues' tensile and compressive behavior with ellipsoid fiber distribution.
Yoshida, Kyoko. Cervical growth and remodeling in the mouse: Effect of hormones on growth and collagen crosslinks on tissue mechanical properties.

Dissertations Defended
Lee, Joel. Recognition and its shadows: Dalits and the politics of religion in India. Advisor: E. Valentine Daniel.
Biomedical Engineering
Häme, Yrjo. Adaptive quantification and subtyping of pulmonary emphysema from CT images. Advisor: Andrew F. Laine.
Lamprecht, Michael. Combination therapies for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and stroke. Advisor: Barclay Morrison.
Mauro, Christine. Learning logic rules using an iterative algorithm, with an application to developing criteria sets for the diagostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Advisor: Yuanjia Wang.
Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Umanskaya, Alisa. Physiological and pathophysical regulation of the ryanodine receptor in skeletal muscle function. Advisor: Andrew R. Marks.
Amiri, Hasti. Ion conduction mehanism in carbon nanotubes. Advisor: Colin P. Nuckolls.
English and Comparative Literature
Küveler, Jan. Beyond the Bildungsroman: Youth, modernism, and the deferral of maturity. Advisor: Nicholas Dames.
MacNamara, Lawrence. Birth control and the good life in America, 1900-1940. Advisor: Matthew J. Connelly.
IEOR: Operations Research
Chen, Chen. Theory of systemic risk. Advisor: Ciamac C. Moallemi.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Cleary, Heather. The translator's visibility: Scenes of translation in contemporary Latin American fiction. Advisor: Carlos J. Alonso.
Mechanical Engineering
Ghazi Esfahani, Nastaran. Investigation of plastic strain recovery and creep in thin film nanocrystalline metal. Advisor: Jeffrey W. Kysar.
Vicario, Francesco. OKID as a general approach to linear and bilinear system identification. Advisor: Richard W. Longman.
Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Pefanis, Evangelos. Noncoding RNA transcription targets aid to divergently transcribed Loci in B cells. Advisor: Uttiya Basu.
Garland, Shannon. Music, affect, value, and labor: Late capitalism and the (mis)productions of indie music in the South American Southern Cone. Advisor: Ana María Ochoa.
Neurobiology and Behavior
Calabrese, Ana. Single cell and population coding principles in the songbird auditory cortex. Advisor: Sarah M. N. Woolley.
Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Carpenter, Zachary. Structure function analysis of drug resistance driver mutations in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Advisor: Raul Rabadan.
Okamoto, Junichi. Theoretical study on charge density waves in transition metal materials. Advisor: Andrew J. Millis.
Park, Se Young. Electronic and optical properties of titanite-based oxide heterostructures. Advisor: Andrew J. Millis.
Political Science
Khan, Tabinda. Institutions not intentions: Rethinking Islamist participation in Muslim democracies. Advisor: Andrew J. Nathan.
Schupmann, Benjamin. Leviathan run aground: Carl Schmitt's state theory and militant democracy. Advisor: Jean L. Cohen.
Davidow, Juliet. Adolescent development: Learning, memory, decision-making, and individual differences. Advisor: Daphna Shohamy.
Sociomedical Sciences
Bothwell, Laura. A social history of the randomized controlled trial: Origins to 1980. Advisor: James Colgrove.
Stefancic, Ana. If I stay by myself, I feel safer: Dilemmas of social connectedness among persons with psychiatric disabilities in housing first. Advisor: Kim Hopper.
Fan, Ruixue. On identifying rare variants for complex human traits. Advisor: Shaw-Hwa Lo.
Sustainable Development
Jina, Amir. Economic development in extreme environments. Advisor: Douglas Almond.
TC - Clinical Psychology
Katcher, Elizabeth. Perceived parenting and depression in adolescents: The unique contributions of attention and engagement. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.
Wegner, Ryan. Homonegative microaggressions and their impact on specific dimensions of identity development and self-esteem in LGE individuals. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.
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