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Life Lessons From Research Abroad
What to Expect From Your Career-Services Advisors
The 5th Way to Level the Playing Field in Science
Push Back (A Little)
What I Learned From Organizing a Conference
Personal Finance in Graduate School
When Productivity Becomes Hyperactivity
Making It Stick
Compiling a Teaching Portfolio: An Introduction
The Lost Art of Doing One Thing at a Time
Finding a Cure for Imposter Syndrome
Academic Language, Codified
The Hidden Key to Productivity: Getting Smart About Energy
More Than One Possible Future
The Best New Google Docs Tools for Teachers and Students
5 Pointers for a Better Poster
The No-Fail Secret to Writing a Dissertation
Mid-Semester Evaluations
In Search of Lost Time



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Of Professional Interest
The Quick and Relatively Painless Guide to Your Academic Job Search
An overview of the higher-ed job market from Karen Kelsky of The Professor Is In and Vitae
The Habits of Highly Productive Writers

The Habits of Highly Productive Writers
"There are no tricks to make it easier, just habits and practices you can develop to get it done."

STEM Connections Outside Academia
Items to consider when approaching a partnership with industry, NGOs, or government agencies
Lacking Funding, Some Scientists Turn to the Crowd
Is crowd-funding an effective model for scientific research?
The Shrinking World of Ideas
The Shrinking World of Ideas
Have the humanities ceded the central questions of the day to the sciences?
The Tricky Ethics of Intergalactic Colonization
The Tricky Ethics of Intergalactic Colonization
Looking to history for possible repercussions of space exploration
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Biomedical Engineering
Gamarnik, Viktor. Analysis and visualization of left ventricular function using 4D echocardiology and MRI.
Computer Science
Kambadur, Melanie. Navigating efficiency gaps to improve hardware/software interactions.
English and Comparative Literature
Hildebrand, Rebecca. Reading the concept of environment in the Victorian novel.

Dissertations Defended
APAM: Applied Mathematics
Vukicevic, Iva. Bifurcation of localized eigenstates of perturbed periodic Schrodinger operators. Advisor: Michael I. Weinstein.
Ghoche, Ralph. The symbolic, the lithic, and the literal: Simon-Claude Constant-Dufeux and mid-nineteenth-century architectural eclecticism. Advisor: Mary McLeod.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Gordon, Patricia. A competition mechanism for a homeotic neuron identity transformation in Caenorhabditis elegans. Advisor: Oliver Hobert.
Biomedical Engineering
Nguyen, An. Mechanobiology of primary cilia at the tissue, cell, and molecular levels. Advisor: Christopher R. Jacobs.
Kim, Yena. Analytical models in entertainment and media. Advisor: Miklos Sarvary.
Computer Science
Zavou, Angeliki. Information flow auditing in the cloud. Advisor: Angelos Keromytis.
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Muscarella, Robert. Plants think global, act local. Regional perspectives on local processes in forests of Puerto Rico. Advisor: Maria Uriarte.
Neurobiology and Behavior
Lyashchenko, Alexander. Mechanisms of FUS-mediated motor neurons degeneration in ALS. Advisor: Neil Shneider.
Holterhaus, Juliana. The motivational science of our constantly connected world. Advisor: E. Tory Higgins.
TC - Philosophy and Education
Nieuwejaar, Kiersten. Living through learning together: The educational philosophy of Jane Addams. Advisor: Megan Laverty.
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