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Five Lessons I Learned Writing Every Day
From Coursework to Candidacy
Young Scholars Try Out Consulting as a Professional Plan B
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Get Funded
Beyond the Research-Teaching Divide
Diversity in Science
Revisiting the Three R's
Changing the Ph.D.: a Tilt Toward Teaching
Managing Your Advisor
A Dozen Sentences
Life Lessons From Research Abroad
What to Expect From Your Career-Services Advisors
The 5th Way to Level the Playing Field in Science
Push Back (A Little)
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Personal Finance in Graduate School
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Of Professional Interest
Attitude, Not Aptitude, May Contribute to the Gender Gap
A recent report explores how an emphasis on innate talent versus hard work may affect the gender distribution in academic disciplines
Career Resources for the Academic and Non-Academic Job Search
Career Resources for the Academic and Non-Academic Job Search
A spotlight on career services offices, individual development plans, and academic and professional conferences
Seven Smart Ways to Use Evernote for Research
Ideas for employing Evernote to organize your research
Why Go to Grad School?
A Stanford professor dispels four myths about getting a Ph.D. in the humanities
How to Maintain Your Digital Identity as an Academic
How to Maintain Your Digital Identity as an Academic
On developing a professional online presence
What's the Matter with Dystopia
What's the Matter with Dystopia?
How contemporary dystopias aspire to unsettle the status quo only to reconfirm well-established views of the present
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
Banerjee, Mitali. In the eye of the beholder: Artists' creative success and social structure across different audiences.
Duro Rivas, Miguel. The SEC's disclosure of enforcement actions.
Ermolov, Andrey. Time-varying risk of nominal bonds: How important are macroeconomic shocks?
Guetta, Charles. Supply chain management in the days of Amazon & Co.: Multi-location inventory management with capacity constraints.
Yang, Liu. Attention and preference measurement.
Yao, John. Strategic customer behavior in large-scale service systems.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Chu, Wing Yin. Investigating the influence of subglacial hydrologic conditions on seasonal velocity in Greenland.
French and Romance Philology
Badea, Gabriela. Literary polemics and allegorical places.
Elmer, Hannah. Sites of life: Resuscitating and baptizing dead infants in central Europe, 1400-1600.
Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Shadko, Leigh. Fronteras y excesos: Imaginería de contención y desborde en discursos chilenos urbanísticos a fines del siglo XIX y principios del siglo XX.
Political Science
Khan, Sarah. What women want (and how to get it): A study of political actors' responsiveness to their female constituents.
Webb, Christine. Moving past conflict: How locomotion facilitates reconciliation in humans and chimpanzees.

Dissertations Defended
Stamatopoulou-Robbins, Sophia. Waste and the semi-state effect: The invention of the environment in post-Oslo Palestine. Advisor: Nadia Abu El-Haj.
Levin, Ayala. Exporting Zionism: Architectural modernism in Israel-African technical cooperation, 1958-1973. Advisor: Felicity D. Scott.
Biomedical Engineering
Lou, Bin. The time course of a perceptual decision: Linking neural correlates of pre-stimulus brain state, decision formation, and response evaluation. Advisor: Paul Sajda.
Mikhno, Arthur. Non-invasive and cost-effective quantification of PET data. Advisor: Andrew F. Laine.
Chen, Charlene. The need to feel better. Advisor: Michel Tuan Pham.
Chemical Engineering
Guo, Wenjing. Design and synthesis of pnovel nucleotide analogs and protein conjugates for DNA sequencing. Advisor: Edward F. Leonard.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jin, Ge. Surface-wave analysis and its application to determining crustal and mantle structure beneath regional arrays. Advisor: James Gaherty.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Chizhova, Ksenia. The subject of feelings: Emotion, kinship, fiction, and women's culture in Korea, late 17th to early 20th centuries. Advisor: Dorothy Yin-Yee Ko.
Electrical Engineering
Chinnan, Anil. Simultaneous iterative learning and feedback control design. Advisor: Richard W. Longman.
English and Comparative Literature
Morrison, Alastair. A choice of illusions: Belief, relativism, and modern literature. Advisor: Bruce Robbins.
Raskin, Sarah. False oaths: English lollards and the insincere abjuration of heresy, c. 1400-c. 1530. Advisor: Martha C. Howell.
Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Hayano, Miki. Probing cell death mechanisms with chemical and genetic tools. Advisor: Brent R. Stockwell.
Puckerin, Akil. Inhibition of voltage-dependent calcium channels by small G-proteins: Determinants, mechanisms, and application. Advisor: Henry M. Colecraft.
Ai, Xinyuan. Slave mode expansion for obtaining ab initio interatomic potentials and its applications. Advisor: Andrew J. Millis.
Hu, Diedi. Search for heavy down-type vector-like quarks in the lepton-plus-jets final state in 8 TeV proton-proton collisions using the ATLAS detector at the LHC. Advisor: John Parsons.
Sociomedical Sciences
Szatkowski, Diana. Reform in China's population program: A view from the grassroots. Advisor: Myron Cohen.
TC - Behavioral Nutrition
Aviram, Roni. Neurobiological responses to images of food and psycho-behavioral correlates in obese binge eaters: A functional MRI study. Advisor: Isobel R. Contento.
TC - Economics and Education
Shi, Yan. The determinants of college graduates' migration decision and its impact on starting salaries in China. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.
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