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Dissertations Defended

Guney, Murat. Fatal work "accidents" in the Istanbul Tuzla shipyards and the obsession with economic development in Turkey. Advisor: Elizabeth A. Povinelli.

Minosh, Peter. The incommensurability of modernity: Architecture and the anarchic from enlightenment revolutions to liberal reconstructions. Advisor: Felicity D. Scott.

Art History and Archaeology
Chamberlain, James. George Maciunas and the art of paperwork. Advisor: Branden W. Joseph.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Ray, Forest. Cheapr RNA-Seq. Advisor: Andrea Califano.

Biological Sciences
Okegbe, Chinweike. Connecting cellular redox state and community behavior in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14. Advisor: Lars Dietrich.

Patenode, Caroline. Developing new strategies for engineering novel natural product metabolic pathways. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.

Biomedical Engineering
Effgen, Gwen. Improving outcomes of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury from shockwave exposure or stretch injury. Advisor: Barclay Morrison.

Gunther, Jacqueline. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy monitoring of breast cancer patients with optical tomographic imaging. Advisor: Andreas H. Hielscher.

An, Byeongje. Three essays on asset pricing. Advisor: Andrew Ang.

Chen, Guojun. Corporate investment and cash savings under uncertainty. Advisor: Neng Wang.

Shao, Shuxin. Continuous information, asymmetric investor inattention and momentum. Advisor: Robert J. Hodrick.

Wong, Yu Ting. Wolves at the door: A closer look at hedge fund activism. Advisor: Fabrizio Ferri.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Gabryszewski, Stanislaw. Dissecting the molecular basis of PfCRT-mediated antimalarial drug resistance. Advisor: David A. Fidock.

Sanguineti, Gabriella. Expanding the ribosome chemistry to incorporate beta amino acids. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Kontoroupi, Thaleia. Probabilistic identification and prognosis of nonlinear dynamic systems with applications in structural control and health monitoring. Advisor: Andrew W. Smyth.

McNamara, Charles. Quintilian's theory of certainty and its afterlife in early modern Italy. Advisor: Kathy H. Eden.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Rossi, Natalia. Population genetic structure and reproductive ecology of Crocodylus across local and regional scales. Advisor: Joshua Ginsberg.

Ash, Elliott. Essays in political economy and public finance. Advisor: W. Bentley MacLeod.

Luo, Shaowen. Three essays in macroeconomics. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.

Piveteau, Paul. Essays on global firms. Advisor: David E. Weinstein.

Plous, Evan. Water, economics, and policy in development countries. Advisor: Miguel S. Urquiola.

Villar, Daniel. Essays on sticky prices in high inflation environments. Advisor: Jón Steinsson.

Electrical Engineering
Sun, Ju. When are nonconvex problems not scary? Advisor: John Wright.

English and Comparative Literature
Darnell, Michael. Networks of displacement: Genealogy, nationality, and ambivalence in works by Vladimir Nabokov and Gary Shteyngart. Advisor: Marianne Hirsch.

Gibson, Lindsay. Luminous pasts: Artificial light and the novel, 1770-1930. Advisor: Jenny Davidson.

Horowicz-Mehler, Nathalie. Risk for lung or liver metastasis in women. Advisor: Judith S. Jacobson.

French and Romance Philology
Astourian, Laure. Outside the metropolitan frame: The Nouvelle Vague and the foreign, 1954-1968. Advisor: Vincent Debaene.

Germanic Languages
Vedenyapin, Yuri. In the privacy of one's own homelessness: The search for identity in twentieth-century Yiddish travelogues. Advisor: Jeremy Dauber.

Barragan, Yesenia. To the mine I will not go: Freedom and emancipation on the Colombian Pacific, 1821-1852. Advisors: Pablo Piccato and Caterina Pizzigoni.

Schwall, Elizabeth. Dancing with the revolution: Cuban dance, state, and nation, 1930-1990. Advisor: Pablo Piccato.

Shenk, Timothy. Inventing the American economy. Advisor: Eric Foner.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Goldberg, Sarah. Entertaining culture: The rise of mass culture and consumer society in Argentina, 1898-1946. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Filip, Ioan. A local relative trace formula for spherical varieties. Advisor: Wei Zhang.

Gimre, Karsten.Quasi-local energy and isometric embedding.Advisor: Mu-Tao Wang.

Liu, Zheng. Nearly overconvergent forms and p-adic L-functions for symplectic groups. Advisor: Eric Urban.

Wang, Chongli. An alternative proof of genericity for the unitary group in three variables. Advisor: Wei Zhang.

Zhao, Jingyu. Periodic symplectic cohomologies and obstructions to Lagrangian immersions. Advisor: Mohammed Abouzaid.

Mechanical Engineering

Yoshida, Kyoko. Characterizing the structure-function relationships of the mouse cervix in pregnancy: Towards the development of a hormone-mediated material model for cervical remodeling. Advisor: Kristin M. Myers.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Lee, Andrew. Investigating mutability and the plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter in drug resistant malaria parasites. Advisor: David A. Fidock.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Gabitto, Mariano. Dissecting interneuron diversity, one cell type at a time. Advisor: Charles Zuker.

Wolos, Jeremy. That seems right: Reasoning, inference, and the feeling of correctness. Advisor: John Morrison.

Emmett, Kevin. Topology of reticulate evolution. Advisor: Raul Rabadan.

Frandsen, Benjamin. Quantum phase transitions and local magnetism in Mott insulators: A local probe investigation using muons, neutrons, and photons. Advisor: Yasutomo Uemura.

Avlar, Billur. Dissecting motivation: Translational approaches and clinical implications. Advisor: E. Tory Higgins.

Social Work
Jiwatram-Negrón, Tina. Invisible intersections of gender-based violence among high-risk, vulnerable women in the U.S. and Kazakhstan. Advisor: Nabila El-Bassel.

Pal, Ipshita. Work, family and social policy in the Unites States - Implications for women's wages and wellbeing. Advisor: Jane Waldfogel.

Sociomedical Sciences
Antebi-Gruszka, Nadav. Towards a model of stigma-related strengths: The development of character strengths in lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. Advisor: Mark Hatzenbuehler.

Bachynski, Kathleen. No game for boys to play: Debating the safety of youth football, 1945-2015. Advisor: David Rosner.

Chen, Yunxiao. Latent variable modeling and statistical learning. Advisors: Jingchen Liu and Zhiliang Ying.

Li, Xiaoou. Asymptotic theory and applications of random functions. Advisors: Jingchen Liu and Zhiliang Ying.

Meng, Lu. Spectral filtering for spatio-temporal dynamics and multivariate forecasts. Advisor: Tian Zheng.

Sustainable Development
Baum, Aaron. Essays in health and development economics. Advisor: Emily Breza.

Zhang, Xiaojie. Essays on sustainable development and agricultural risk management. Advisor: Geoffrey Heal.

TC / Applied Anthropology
O’Hare, Brian. "Much more than a form": Exploring the caretaker's dilemma at a geriatric residential complex. Advisor: Charles C. Harrington.

TC / Applied Behavioral Analysis
Cao, Yu. The effects of echoic training on the emergence of naming in a second language by monolingual English-speaking preschool children. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.

Lee, Jennifer. The effects of a social condition on the establishment of direct and indirect conditioned reinforcement for writing by second graders. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.

Weber, Jennifer. The effects of mastery of editing peers' written math algorithms on producing effective problem solving algorithms. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Tate, Chinara. Examining the effect of a high quality, moderate fat dietary intervention on cognitive function in early adolescence. Advisor: Isobel R. Contento.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Barton, Yakov. Developmental depression: A latent class examination. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.

Khurgin-Bott, Rachel. Disclosure to spouses - What patients reveal about their individual psychotherapy. Advisor: Barry A. Farber.

Lyman, Emily. Psychotherapy through a lens of courage: A study of experienced psychodynamic therapists. Advisor: Barry A. Farber.

Mastropieri, Biagio. Psychological well-being and its effects on mental health and program outcome among homeless young adults. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.

TC / Cognitive Studies in Education
Papathomas, Lia. Expert modeling in argumentative discourse. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.

Xing, Chenmu. Effects of diagrams on strategy choice in probability problem solving. Advisor: James E. Corter.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Vazquez Cuevas, Marisol. Resilience in marginalized areas of Mexico: Analysis of the 2009 PISA and ENLACE results. Advisor: Regina Cortina.

TC / Developmental Psychology
Hemberger, Laura. Learning how to use evidence in argumentation. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.

Zavala, Julia. How construction of a dialog influences argumentative writing and epistemological understanding. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.

TC / Economics and Education
Feng, Na. Essays on education, political movements and income growth in China. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.

Kim, Ji. The impact of college leaves of absence on labor market outcomes: Evidence from South Korean college students. Advisor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

Li, Jing. The impact of study abroad on student academic achievement, global perspectives, and labor market outcomes: Evidence from U.S. undergraduate students. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.

Minaya, Veronica. Essays on improving STEM academic outcomes and reducing gender and race graduation gaps: The effects of college grades and grading policies. Advisor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

TC / Educational Policy
Reddy, Vikash. From the schoolhouse to the statehouse: The role of Teach For America alumni in education policy. Advisor: Douglas David Ready.

TC / English Education
Johnson, Jennifer. Cultivating literacies of access and liberation: A case study on the use of oral language, hybrid literacies, and culture in the 21st century. Advisor: Ernest Morrell.

Kelly, Lauren. Broken glass everywhere: Deconstructing popular identities through critical hip hop literacy. Advisor: Ernest Morrell.

Mentor, Marcelle. Black male teachers speak: Narratives of corps members in the NYC Teach for America Program. Advisor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

TC / Kinesiology
Kuo, Hsing-Ching. The relationship between mirror movements and corticospinal tract connectivity in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy. Advisor: Andrew Michael Gordon.

TC / Mathematics Education
Huson, Christopher. Mathematical modeling from the teacher's perspective. Advisor: Bruce R. Vogeli.

Milman, Yevgeniy. Interaction between instructional practices, faculty beliefs and developmental mathematics curriculum: A community college case study. Advisor: Alexander P. Karp.

TC / Physical Disabilities
Silvestri, Julia. An analysis of the reading strategies of deaf and hearing adults: Similarities and differences in phonological processing and metacognition. Advisor: Ye Wang.

TC / School Psychology
Orozco, Steven. Aggressive students and high school dropout: An event history analysis. Advisor: Marla R. Brassard.

TC / Science Education
Borges, Sheila. A longitudinal study implementing reality pedagogy in an urban science classroom: Effects, challenges, and recommendations for science teaching and learning. Advisor: Christopher Emdin.

Hamen Farrar, Cynthia. Teachers' instructional goals for science practice: Identifying knowledge gaps using Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). Advisor: Ann E. Rivet.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Mitchinson, Adam. Predictably flexible leadership: The effect of leader behavioral complexity and authenticity on follower perceptions of leader trustworthiness and effectiveness. Advisor: W. Warner Burke.

TC / Speech and Language Pathology
Avery, Philip. Evaluating the effects of mindfulness practices in young children using electrophysiological measures of attention and salivary measures of stress. Advisor: Karen Froud.

Baigorri, Miriam. Early and late Spanish-English bilingual adults' perception of American English vowels. Advisor: Erika S. Levy.

Moya-Galé, Gemma. The effects of intensive speech treatment on intelligibility in Spanish speakers with Parkinson's disease. Advisor: Erika S. Levy.

Dissertation Proposals Filed

APAM: Applied Physics
Pan, Simulation of melting in laser irradiated silicon thin films.

APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Notis, Amy. Elasto-scanning tunneling microscopy - A novel probe for the nematic phase of iron pnictides.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Qian, Ye. Characterization of structural rebuilding and shear migration in fresh cementitious materials.

Computer Science
Canonne, Clément. Many eggs, more baskets: New insights from new models.

French and Romance Philology
Azab, Adham. Quotational practice in two treatises on love by Gerard de Liege.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Dominguez Gutierrez, Giselle. Maintenance of beta cell identity and function.

Lin, Yuxi. Role of lysosomes in nonshivering thermogenesis.

Kaeslin, Isabel. The activity account of normative guidance: Revisiting Aristotle.

Landau, Aaron. Political philosophy and social reality.

Political Science
Carr, Matthew. Politicization of the judiciary: Ideology, nominations and confirmation.

Miles, Renanah. Socialization and influence in security assistance.

Slough, Tara. Essays on the political economy of bureaucracy.

Bailey, Matthew. Examination of the serotonin 2c receptor's involvement in the modulation of goal-directed behavior.

Social Work
Nam, Jaehyun. Income inequality, intergenerational mobility, and the role of government investment in the United States.

Fink, Pierre-Christia. The money elite: How the major commercial banks influenced policy-making through the New York Clearing House, 1945-1980.

Valdez, Nicol. Redefining intergenerational transmission through undocumented status.

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