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Higher Ed: Soup to Nuts
6 Tools to Make Archival Research More Efficient
Being Foreign on the U.S. Academic Market
The Battle Between Perfectionism and Productivity
The Best Teaching Resources on the Web
Curious Stardust
Parenting in Grad School: Success with Passion and Grit
Ph.D. in Progress
Choosing a Dissertation Lab
Five Lessons I Learned Writing Every Day
From Coursework to Candidacy
Young Scholars Try Out Consulting as a Professional Plan B
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A Dozen Sentences



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Of Professional Interest
Connected Academics
The Modern Language Association has launched a multi-year project to strengthen career preparation for Ph.D. students in languages and literature.
Navigating the Academic Conference with Social Anxiety
A Ph.D. student shares five strategies for introverts.
Navigating the Academic Conference with Social Anxiety
Don't Divide Teaching and Research
On mending the fault line between research in the discipline and research in the classroom
The History and Philosophy of Adventure
How the concept of adventure has been dismissed, celebrated, and defined through the ages
The History and Philosophy of Adventure
The Origin-of-Life Conundrum
A team of chemists has derived the ingredients for life starting with two simple molecules and UV light.
The Origin-of-Life Conundrum
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertation Proposals Filed
APAM: Applied Mathematics
Dandapani, Aditi. Birth of bubbles via flows of filtrations and martingale measures.
Art History and Archaeology
Pires, Leah. Finesse: Louise Lawler's sleight of hand.
Marvin, Caroline. Rethinking curiosity: Information value, learning, and motivation.

Dissertations Defended
Aveved, Anschaire. Uncanny autochthons: The Bamileke facing ethnic territorialization in Cameroon. Advisor: Rosalind C. Morris.
Gelber, Elizabeth. Exposing the makings of a social world: Transnational workers, local residents, and oil infrastructure in the Niger delta. Advisor: Brian Larkin.
Art History and Archaeology
Siemon, Julia. Bronzino, politics, and portraiture in 1530s Florence. Advisor: Michael Cole.
Biomedical Informatics
Woo, Jung Hoon. Interrogating drug mechanism of action using network dysregulation analysis. Advisor: Andrea Califano.
Thomas, Stephen. Exploring an interface between synthetic chemistry and chemical biology: The synthesis of complex natural products and novel chemical probes. Advisor: Brent R. Stockwell.
Pesola, Gene. Prospective studies of proteinuria and dyspnea as potential predictors of all-cause and chronic-disease mortality in a rural Bangladesh population. Advisor: Habibul Ahsan.
Fox-Glassman, Katherine. Perception of natural hazards and climate change as dread risk. Advisor: Elke Weber.
Sustainable Development
Orrs, Mark. Visual impairment and sustainable development: Demand for and impacts of surgical cataract extraction in sub-Saharan Africa. Advisor: Cristian Pop-Eleches.
TC - Developmental Psychology
Mitchell, E. Imani. Who's who in kindergarten literacy skill groups: What really matters? Advisor: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn.
TC - Philosophy and Education
James, Carmen. Ethics, education, and the habit-making life. Advisor: David Hansen.
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