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Of Professional Interest
12 Job-Market Mistakes
A quick list of simple missteps to avoid when searching for an academic job.
How to Prune Jargon From Your Popular Writing
Outside of academic circles, it is an accepted truth that academics cannot write well for public consumption. Learn how to make your work more digestible for the general public.
The Water Next Time: Says Public Science Is Broken 
An engineering professor has been investigating high lead levels in the Flint, Michigan, water supply. He argues that the systems built to support scientists do not reward moral courage, and that the university pipeline contains toxins of its own.
Grad Students, Entrepreneurialism, and Career Preparation
A doctoral student argues that graduate students need to apply to their career preparation the same entrepreneurial spirit they apply to their academic research.
New Scholarly Books by Field
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Dissertations Filed

Art History and Archaeology
Espert, Yasmine. Epicenters of transnational media.

Suh, Hwanhee. Collaboration and competition: The dynamics of seventeenth-century Chinese paintings.

Biomedical Engineering
Tejavibulya, Nalin. A skin patch for continuous glucose monitoring.

Computer Science
Bauer, Daniel. Grammar-based semantics parsing into graph representations.

Sun, Xiaorui. On the structure and isomorphism of graphs.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rabinowitz, Hannah. Examining the seismogenic potential of subducting sediments.

Avlar, Billur. Dissecting motivation: Translational approaches and clinical implications.

Crookes, Raymond. Choice architecture: The underlying process and long-term effects.

Dolfi, Elizabeth. Restoring broken selves: Gender and sexuality in the Evangelical anti-trafficking movement.

Social Work
Pal, Ipshita. Work, family and social policy in the Unites States - Implications for women's wages and well-being.

Urban Planning
Bradshaw, Amanda. Regulation as intervention: Electricity and renewable energies in the Brazilian developmental state.

Dissertations Defended

APAM: Applied Mathematics
Harnett, Sean. Optimization methods for power grid reliability. Advisor: Daniel Bienstock.

APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Wang, Jin. Melting in substantially superheated silicon films under pulsed-laser irradiation. Advisor: James S. Im.

Wang, Ying. Melting and solidification of polycrystalline si thin films via cw-laser: Thermodynamic modeling and experimental investigation. Advisor: James S. Im.

Weston, Jennifer. Radio observations as a tool to investigate shocks and asymmetries in accreting white dwarf binaries. Advisor: Jennifer Sokoloski.

Biomedical Engineering
He, Siheng. Advanced analysis algorithms for microscopy images. Advisor: Henry Hess.

Lee, Benjamin. Influence of the cardiomyocyte niche on cell-based heart repair. Advisor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Yao, John. Strategic customer behavior in large-scale service systems. Advisors: Costis Maglaras and Assaf Zeevi.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Pikovskaya, Olga. The role of T-box transcription factors in the development and plasticity of natural killer cell lineages. Advisor: Steve Reiner.

Schoenfeld, David. Characterizing the mechanism of tumor suppression by PBRM1 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Advisor: Ramon E. Parsons.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Hakimdavar, Raha. Quantifying the hydrological impact of re-greening across various spatial scales. Advisor: Patricia J. Culligan.

Yuan, Zifeng. The multiscale damage mechanics in objected-oriented Fortran framework. Advisor: Jacob Fish.

Computer Science
Kambadur, Melanie. Finding and reducing efficiency gaps. Advisor: Martha A. Kim.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Ji, Yinghuang. Developing radioactive carbon isotope tagging for monitoring, verification and accounting in geological carbon storage. Advisor: Klaus S. Lackner.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Yanchilina, Anastasia. Excess freshwater outflow from the Black Sea-Lake during glacial and deglacial periods and delayed entry of marine water in the early Holocene require evolving sills. Advisors: Jerry F. McManus and William B. Ryan.

Electrical Engineering
Aklimi, Eyal. Magnetics and GaN integrated CMOS voltage regulators. Advisor: Kenneth L. Shepard.

Chou, Cheng-Yun. III-V materials grown by molecular beam epitaxy for electronic devices and infrared application. Advisor: Wen Wang.

Wu, Xiaoming. Learning on graphs with partially absorbing random walks: Theory and practice. Advisor: Shih-Fu Chang.

Gill, Richard. Genetic epidemiological characterization of two major obesity candidate genes: The 16p11.2 BP4-BP5 microdeletion and the fat-mass and obesity-associated (FTO) locus. Advisor: Joseph H. Lee.

Mechanical Engineering
Gao, Yuanda. Graphene-boron nitride heterostructure based optoelectronic devices for optical interconnects. Advisor: James C. Hone.

Liu, Shuaimin. High resolution quantification of cellular forces for rigidity sensing. Advisor: James C. Hone.

Political Science
Hemker, Johannes. Empirical essays on the political economy of public finance and social policy. Advisor: Justin H. Phillips.

O'Hara, Michael. The navy as a political instrument: Freedom of navigation operations, 1958-2013. Advisor: Richard K. Betts.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Diminich, Erica. Is this the face of sadness? Facial expression recognition and context. Advisor: George A. Bonanno.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Harris-Van Keuren, Christine. Looking for Matthew: The effects of private tutoring on educational outcomes of fourth-grade public school students in Cambodia. Advisor: Henry M. Levin.

TC / Economics and Education
Shen, Menghan. Three essays on the effects of education policy and families. Advisor: Henry M. Levin.

Yao, Haogen. The determinants of post-compulsory education decision in rural China: With an analysis of a grassroots NGO intervention. Advisor: Mun C. Tsang.

TC / English Education
Bruni Ashley, Adele. With an eye to its movement: Revitalizing literature through remix and performance. Advisor: Ruth Vinz.

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