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Less Room for Arts and Humanities
While doctoral enrollment may continue to rise, the numbers in the arts and humanities are declining.
Do You Need a Ph.D. to Teach?
A critical assessment of graduate education asks whether the current model of hiring based on doctoral credentials is sustainable.
Motherhood and Higher Education
The Emerging Black Digital Intelligentsia
In The New Republic, Michael Eric Dyson profiles a generational wave of black academics using online technology to engage public conversation.
Social Peer Review
The social network, Academia.edu, gets an upgraded tool for peer-reviewing papers in progress.
Graduate Study Abroad
Why pursuing a degree in a foreign market may be more challenging than staying at home.
Success on the Job Market
The authors of The Academic Job Search Handbook pose the question: "Why do YOU think you got the job?"
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Dissertation Proposals Filed

APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Terban, Maxwell. Total scattering pair distribution function analysis of local structural ordering in disordering molecular organic systems.

Biomedical Engineering
Brown, Genevieve. The initiation, sustainment, and consequence of cytosolic calcium signals in osteocytes.

Lee, Nancy. Fiber-based interface scaffold for periodontal regeneration.

Provenzano, Frank. Development of semi-automated steady state exogenous contrast cerebral blood volume mapping.

Ronaldson, Kacey. Engineering adult-like human mycocardium for predictive models of cardotoxicity and disease.

Biomedical Informatics
Prey, Jennifer. Patient engagement to improve medication safety in the hospital.

Cho, Jaee. Cultural ownership and permission: The identity politics of accommodating to other cultures and integrating ideas across cultures.

Hu, Wenqi. Studies on dynamic ICU admissions and other operational interventions.

Oppen, Simone. Comparative perspectives on the near Eastern use of Greek sanctuaries in aniquity.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Bausch, Alexandra. Assessing the causes for the rise in abundance and seasonal productivity of the mixotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans in the Arabian Sea ecosystem.

Pomposi, Catherine. Exploring SST-forced monsoon evolution and variability in West Africa on seasonal to decadal timescales.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Pang, Carolyn. Beyond the islands: The magical practices of the Izanagi-ryu.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Crick, Jennifer. Ecoclines, rivers, or refugia? Testing alternative hypotheses of speciation in brown lemurs living on an ecological gradient in northwestern Madagascar.

Mason, William. Affective cognition and technological embodiment in the electroacoustic music of French spectralism.

Ramos-Park, Silvia Raquel. Sociotechnical analysis guides an informatics-based strategy for HIE consent for PLWH through integration of user-centric design at an HIV clinic.

Stonebraker, Samantha. The information behavior of HIV positive adults in the Dominican Republic.

Political Science
Visconti, Giancarlo. Voting in adverse conditions: The effects of negative shocks on the ideological and non-ideological components of the vote.

Slavic Languages
Jensen, Robyn. Double exposure: Photography and autobiography in Russian empire culture.

Sociomedical Sciences
Vasquez, Emily. Unsettling translation: Genomic Science and the pursuit of public health in Mexico.

Dissertations Defended

APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Li, Yi. New physical terms to spin dynamics in metallic ferromagnets identified through ferromagnetic resonance. Advisor: William E. Bailey.

Art History and Archaeology
Kaligotla, Subhashini. Shiva's waterfront temples: Reimagining the sacred architecture of India's Deccan region. Advisor: Vidya Dehejia.

Andrews, Jeffrey. Double white dwarfs as probes of single and binary star evolution. Advisor: Marcel Agüeros.

Biomedical Engineering
Lam, Amy. Assembly in dynamic nanoscale systems. Advisor: Henry Hess.

Provenzano, Frank. Development of semi-automated steady state exogenous contrast cerebral blood volume mapping. Advisor: Andrew F. Laine.

Huang, Jun. On the performance and financing of nascent entrepreneurship. Advisor: Bruce Kogut.

Xie, Chen. Asset pricing implications of the volatility term structure. Advisor: Paul Glasserman.

Zheng, Hua. Microstructure of dynamic markets applied to electronic limit order books and dynamic matching markets. Advisors: Costis Maglaras and Ciamac C. Moallemi.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Lewis, Rebecca. Malarial infections in the context of invasive non-typhoidal salmonella. Advisor: David A. Fidock.

Chemical Engineering
Porosoff, Marc. Carbon dioxide reduction using supported catalysts and metal-modified carbides. Advisor: Jingguang Chen.

Harton, Marie. Engineering yeast three-hybrid technologies for directed evolution. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.

Ye, Qinda. Strategies, tactics, and tools to achieve chemical syntheses of cis-clerodane terpenoids. Advisor: Scott A. Snyder.

Computer Science
Barrio González, Pablo. Ranking for scalable information extraction. Advisors: Luis Gravano and Kathleen R. McKeown.

Jung, Young Hoon. Design and optimization of mobile cloud computing systems with networked virtual platforms. Advisor: Luca Carloni.

Xie, Boyi. From language to the real world: Discovering the structured semantics in text for entity-driven text analysis. Advisor: Rebecca Passonneau.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Moulik, Pritwiraj. Earth's elastic and density structure from diverse seismological observations. Advisor: Göran Ekström.

Sweet, Shannan. The impact of deciduous shrub dominance on phenology, carbon flux, and arthropod biomass in the Alaskan arctic tundra. Advisor: Natalie T. Boelman.

Garcia Schmidt, Mariana. Essays on macroeconomics. Advisors: Martín Uribe and Michael Woodford.

Electrical Engineering
Madani, Ramtin. Methods for nonlinear optimization problems: Theory and application. Advisor: Javad Lavaei.

Yang, Shyuan. Optimization of printed electronics. Advisor: Ioannis Kymissis.

Ye, Guangnan. Large scale event detection with event-driven concept ontology, multi-model representation and multi-source fusion. Advisor: Shih-Fu Chang.

Zhou, Yiyin. Massively parallel neural circuits in early visual systems: Encoding, decoding and processing of visual stimuli. Advisor: Aurel A. Lazar.

Germanic Languages
Radisoglou, Alexis. Keeping time in place: modernism, political aesthetics, and the transformation of chronotopes in late modernity. Advisor: Andreas Huyssen.

Wheatley, Natasha. Law, time, and sovereignty in central Europe: Imperial constitutions, historical rights, and the afterlives of empire. Advisor: Mark A. Mazower.

IEOR: Operations Research
Chen, Ningyuan. Ranking algorithm on directed random networks. Advisors: Jose H. Blanchet and Mariana Olvera-Cravioto.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Gordon-Burroughs, Jessica. Printing presses, typographers, and the reader as people: State publishing in Cuba, Venezuela, and Chile (1960-present). Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Luiselli, Valeria. Translation spaces: Mexico City in the international modernist circuit. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Mechanical Engineering
Vashista, Vineet. A cable-driven pelvic robot: Human gait adaptation and rehabilitation studies. Advisor: Sunil Agrawal.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Shelley, Nathanael. The concept of ethnicity in early antiquity ethno-symbolic identities in ancient Greek, biblical Hebrew, and middle Babylonian texts. Advisor: Gil Anidjar.

Flood, Lauren. Building and becoming: DIY music technology in New York and Berlin. Advisor: Ana María Ochoa.

Sun, Carolyn. Clinical nursing and midwifery research in southeastern African countries. Advisor: Elaine L. Larson.

Blancha, David. The moral of luck. Advisor: Achille C. Varzi.

Forster, Jeremy. Nietzsche and the pathologies of meaning. Advisor: Frederick Neuhouser.

Liu, Yang. Probabilities: Studies in the foundations of Bayesian decision theory. Advisor: Haim Gaifman.

McIntyre, Katharine. Foucault and social criticism: Power, subject formation, and the need for recognition. Advisor: Taylor Carman.

Political Science
Cronin-Furman, Kathleen. Just enough: The politics of accountability for mass atrocities. Advisor: Tonya L. Putnam.

Hudson, Jennifer. Bureaucratic mentality: The fantasy of depoliticized democracy. Advisor: Nadia Urbinati.

Kaoutzanis, Christodoulos. Understanding the United Nations Security Council's decisions to initiate atrocities investigations. Advisor: Michael W. Doyle.

Marques, Israel. Political institutions and preferences for social policy in the post-communist world. Advisor: Isabela Mares.

Pischedda, Costantino. Wars within wars: Understanding inter-rebel fighting. Advisor: Jack L. Snyder.

Castiglioni, Andrea. Ascesis and devotion: The Mount Yudono cult in early modern Japan. Advisor: Bernard Faure.

Singh, Simran. Tracing the Puratan Janam Sakhi. Advisor: John Stratton Hawley.

Thomases, Drew. Making Pushkar paradise: Religion, tourism, and belonging in a North Indian pilgrimage town. Advisor: John Stratton Hawley.

Venkatkrishnan, Anand. Mīmāmsā, Vedānta, and the Bhakti movement. Advisors: Sheldon Pollock and John Stratton Hawley.

Slavic Languages
Picon, Francisco. Bakhtin and Nabokov: The dialogue that never was. Advisor: Boris Gasparov.

Agne, Michael. An assortment of unsupervised and supervised applications to large data. Advisor: Shaw-Hwa Lo.

Shahn, Zachary. Methods for personalized and evidence based medicine. Advisor: David Madigan.

Sustainable Development
Dumas, Marion. Three essays on political institutions and environmental governance. Advisor: Michael M. Ting.

TC / English Education
Hrepich, Jeana. Failing better: Feminist pedagogies as oppositional intellectual territory in K-12 English literacy practices and NCTE literature. Advisor: Janet L. Miller.

TC / Speech and Language Pathology
Shen, Guannan. Perceptual learning of lexical tone categories: An ERP study. Advisor: Karen Froud.

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