GSAS Alumni Association


The goals of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association are: to establish, maintain, and nurture the community of GSAS alumni; to foster and encourage ongoing engagement of alumni with the academic and institutional initiatives of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; to support the interests and needs of current graduate students in GSAS; and to assist the Dean of the Graduate School in enhancing the prestige and effectiveness of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. 

Students become members of the GSAS Alumni Association automatically upon receipt of a postgraduate degree from Columbia University.  As members of the association, alumni are entitled to all the privileges offered by the life-long membership in this intellectual and social community.  The association only asks that alumni maintain an interest in the present and future of the Graduate School, and that they consider sustaining the academic, professional, and social opportunities provided by GSAS and its Alumni Association to its current and future student populations.

The Board of Directors of the GSAS Alumni Association

The Board of Directors consists of a group of elected alumni that provides leadership to support the programs and activities of GSAS. By volunteering their experience, time, and talents, board members maintain and strengthen the ties of all alumni to the Graduate School and to the university. The board develops an understanding of the school's goals, projects, and key issues and shares its experience and counsel with the Dean of GSAS in an advisory capacity. The work of the board is undertaken by a series of committees created for that purpose. Click here for a list of current members of the Board of Directors of the GSAS Alumni Association.

For more information on GSAS Alumni Resources, contact us at or (212) 851-2177.