Dear Alumnus/a of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,

You will find in these pages information of interest to all GSAS alumni, a community of more than 39,000 individuals bound together by their shared graduate experience at Columbia above and beyond departmental, divisional, and school differences.  Columbia's Graduate School is one of the oldest in the country, and your degree makes you an integral part of this institution's storied history, shining present, and wondrous future.

We are convinced that an involved alumni community is essential for the well-being of the school, its faculty, and current graduate students.  Consequently, we have redoubled efforts recently to communicate with the GSAS alumni community, bringing news about alumni, faculty, and current students.  To further this end, in collaboration between the Graduate School and the GSAS Alumni Association, we began publishing Superscript, an online magazine for GSAS alumni.  Superscript contains feature stories, alumni profiles, lists of publications by alumni and faculty, and titles of dissertations by discipline recently deposited at GSAS, among other items.  We hope that you will enjoy it and that you will send us any ideas and reactions that you may have upon reading it.

Furthermore, if you would like to tap into the intellectual and existential pulse of graduate life at Columbia, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with 109Low, the online newsletter for GSAS students, named after the address of the GSAS Office of the Dean in Low Library.  109Low is published semimonthly during the academic year and is distributed to all graduate students and faculty members in the university.

Most important, let us know what you are doing, what you are working on, and how your graduate experience at Columbia has shaped your life.  Sustaining a sense of community among graduate alumni requires that all of us contribute to this elusive yet vital goal.


Jillisa Brittan, President
GSAS Alumni Association
Board of Directors
M.A. ’86, English and Comparative Literature
Carlos J. Alonso, Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Vice President for Graduate Education
Morris A. and Alma Schapiro Professor in the Humanities