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Organize Your Computer
Clean up your files and build a sustainable, efficient organization system to take control of your digital work.
You Are Probably Better Than You Think
How to confront your crisis of confidence and overcome the "impostor syndrome."
Learning from My Teaching Mistakes
An essay on the importance of developing strong teaching skills.
The First Steps to a Non-faculty Job Search
Two career advisers provide tips for finding success outside of academia.
The Multiple-Offer Blues
When it rains, it pours; how to navigate an abondance of good news.
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Dissertations Defended

Cvijovic, Petar. Life in ruin temples: Deserted synagogues of Southeastern Poland. Advisor: Nan A. Rothschild.

APAM: Applied Mathematics
Lee-Thorp, James. Topologically protected edge states in continuous systems. Advisor: Michael I. Weinstein.

Art History and Archaeology
Feltens, Frank. Medium and performance in the art of Ogata Korin, 1658-1716. Advisor: Matthew McKelway.

Biomedical Informatics
Zhang, Shaodian. Computational tools for large-scale study of online health communities. Advisor: Noémie Elhadad.

Liu, Ying. Statistics learning methods for personalized medical decision making. Advisor: Yuanjia Wang.

Gupta, Arpit. Three essays on household finance. Advisor: Tomasz Piskorski.

Cell Biology
Lazar, Caitlin. Cdk1 regulation of Nde1 mitotic function. Advisor: Richard Vallee.

Chemical Physics
Raja, Archana. Optical spectroscopy of excitons at the interfaces of nanostructures. Advisor: Tony F. Heinz.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Kontoroupi, Thaleia. ProbabiIistic system identification and prognosis of nonlinear dynamic systems with applications in structural control and health monitoring. Advisor: Andrew W. Smyth.

Computer Science
Srinivasan, Suman. Improving content delivery and service discovery in networks. Advisor: Henning Schulzrinne.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Brotto, Ariane. Greenhouse gas production pathways and emissions from engineered microbial communities. Advisor: Kartik Chandran.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Gaubatz, Thomas. Townsman literatures: Narrating urban identity in early modern Japan. Advisors: Haruo Shirane and Tomi Suzuki.

Ash, Elliott. Essays in political economy and public finance. Advisor: W. Bentley MacLeod.

Kolbin, Sergey. Essays in macroeconomics. Advisor: Michael Woodford.

Luo, Shaowen. Three essays in macroeconomics. Advisor: Ricardo Reis.

Electrical Engineering
Givon, Lev. Enabling open reverse engineering of the fruit fly brain. Advisor: Aurel A. Lazar.

Horowicz-Mehler, Nathalie. Risk for lung of liver metastasis in women. Advisor: Judith S. Jacobson.

Germanic Languages
Vedenyapin, Yuri. In the privacy of one's own homelessness: The search for identity in twentieth-century Yiddish travelogues. Advisor: Jeremy Dauber.

Barragan, Yesenia. To the mine I will not go: Freedom and emancipation on the Colombian Pacific, 1821-1852. Advisors: Pablo Piccato and Caterina Pizzigoni.

Longpré, Nicole. Anti-Immigrationism and conservatism in Britain, 1955-1981. Advisor: Susan Pedersen.

Schwall, Elizabeth. Dancing with the revolution: Cuban dance, state, and nation, 1930-1990. Advisor: Pablo Piccato.

Hittinger, Francis. Dante as critic of medieval political economy in 'Convivio' and 'Monarchia'. Advisor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Goldberg, Sarah. Entertaining culture: The rise of mass culture and consumer society in Argentina. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Heyman, Andrea. Dualization and deformation of the Bar-Natan-Russell skein module. Advisor: Mikhail Khovanov.

Krishna, Rahul. Relative trace formula for $SO_2 \times SO_3$ and the Waldspurger formula. Advisor: Wei Zhang.

Wang, Chongli. An alternative proof of genericity for the unitary group in three variables. Advisor: Wei Zhang.

Zhao, Jingyu. Periodic symplectic cohomologies and obstructions to Lagrangian immersions. Advisor: Mohammed Abouzaid.

Mechanical Engineering
Fernandez, Michael. The biomechanics of pregnancy: Simulating cervical dilation, evaluating preterm delivery interventions, and measuring in vivo mechanical properties. Advisor: Kristin M. Myers.

Xiao, Junfeng. The stability at the solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces. Advisors: Qiao Lin and Xi Chen.

Music (D.M.A.)
Hall, Alexander. Sound, noise and objecthood: The politics of representation in avant-garde music. Advisor: George E. Lewis.

Wolos, Jeremy. That seems right: Reasoning, inference, and the feeling of correctness. Advisor: John Morrison.

Frandsen, Benjamin. Quantum phase transitions and local magnetism in Mott insulators: A local probe investigation using muons, neutrons, and photons. Advisor: Yasutomo Uemura.

McGlynn, Gregory. Advances in lattice quantum chromodynamics. Advisor: Robert D. Mawhinney.

Political Science
Coppock, Alexander. Persuasion, susceptibility, and persistence. Advisor: Donald P. Green.

Avlar, Billur. Dissecting motivation: Translational approaches and clinical implications. Advisor: E. Tory Higgins.

Jalalzai, Sajida. Translating Islamic authority: Chaplaincy and Muslim leadership education in North American Protestant seminaries. Advisor: Courtney Bender.

Social Work
Jiwatram-Negrón, Tina. Invisible intersections of gender-based violence among high-risk, vulnerable women in the U.S. and Kazakhstan. Advisor: Nabila El-Bassel.

Pal, Ipshita. Work, family and social policy in the Unites States - Implications for women's wages and well-being. Advisor: Jane Waldfogel.

Schneider, William. Relationship transitions, fatherhood, and the prevention of child maltreatment. Advisor: Jane Waldfogel.

Franco Saldana, Diego. Advances in model selection techniques with applications to statistical network analysis and recommender systems. Advisor: Yang Feng.

Meng, Lu. Spectral filtering for spatio-temporal dynamics and multivariate forecasts. Advisor: Tian Zheng.

Sustainable Development
Baum, Aaron. Essays in health and development economics. Advisor: Emily Breza.

TC / Applied Behavioral Analysis
Baowaidan, Lamis. The effects of an observational intervention on peer awareness and audience appropriate behaviors in preschool children with disabilities. Advisor: Jessica Dudek.

Byers, Erika. An analysis of the relation between peer observing responses and obervational learning. Advisor: Jessica Dudek.

Philp, Amanda. A comparison of typically developing and developmentally delayed three- and four- year olds on imitation and emulation in two testing conditions: Immediate and delayed. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.

Weber, Jennifer. The effects of mastery of editing peers' written math algorithms on producing effective problem solving algorithms. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Tate, Chinara. Examining the effect of a high quality, moderate fat dietary intervention on cognitive function in early adolescence. Advisor: Isobel R. Contento.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Barton, Yakov. Developmental depression: A latent class examination. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.

Zoogman, Sarah. Yoga and anxiety: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.

TC / Cognitive Studies in Education
Zapanta San Pedro, Maria. Middle school learning, academic emotions and engagement as precursors to college-going outcomes. Advisor: Ryan Shaun Joazeiro de Baker.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Streete, Denzil. Examining the impact of free higher education in Trinidad and Tobago. Advisor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Chambers, Carissa. Religiosity and modern prejudice: Points of convergence and points of departure. Advisor: Laura Smith.

Esposito, Jessica. Understanding unpredicted chronic illness and its links to posttraumatic stress and growth: The case of multiple sclerosis. Advisor: Melanie Brewster.

TC / English Education
Fabricant, Rebecca. Writers, readers, learners, and living works in progress: English teachers’ conceptions of their roles in the classroom. Advisor: Ruth Vinz.

Jebb, Joel. USMAPS English: Unnecessary detour or pathway to success? Advisor: Sheridan Blau.

Mentor, Marcelle. Black men speak: Narratives of corps members in the NYC Teach for America Program. Advisor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

Niccolini, Alyssa. Uneasy subjects: Censorship, affect, schooling. Advisor: Janet L. Miller.

TC / Kinesiology
Kuo, Hsing-Ching. The relationship between mirror movements and corticospinal tract connectivity in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy. Advisor: Andrew Michael Gordon.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Fantuzzo, John. Learning the meet the 'demands of the day': Towards a Weberian philosophy of education. Advisor: Megan Laverty.

TC / School Psychology
Orozco, Steven. Aggressive students and high school dropout: An event history analysis. Advisor: Marla R. Brassard.

Zuckerman, Karlian. An investigation of note taking and review on test performance. Advisor: Stephen T. Peverly.

TC / Science Education
Hamen Farrar, Cynthia. Teachers' instructional goals for science practice: Identifying knowledge gaps using cultural-historical activity theory. Advisor: Ann E. Rivet.

Cermatori, Joseph. Traditions of the Baroque: Modernist stagings of a concept between theory and performance. Advisor: Julie Peters.

Dissertation Proposals Filed

French and Romance Philology
Provitola, Anna. Sexuality, universalism, and national identity: Lesbian and queer discourses on sexual democracy in France from the 1970s to the present.

Atkinson, Iain. On giving a voice to suffering as the condition of truth.

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