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  Of Professional Interest  
  A Plan C for Graduate Studies, from the People with no Plan BGrafton and Grossman, authors of the influential editorial "No More Plan B," argue further for a Plan C in their latest proposal about the future of graduate education.   Greatly Exaggerated: The Theory Journal is Not DeadThe theory journal is not in decline, as Jeffrey Williams averred recently. Intellectual work in the future will simply be increasingly more open, creative, and collaborative.  
  Mentorship   Theory Journals  
  The Best Apps for Annotating and Note-TakingThree New Elements Named The Institute of Physics has approved names for three new elements in the Periodic Table.   Baby  
  The Real Economic Superpower Black market, informal economy, system D, shadow economy. Call it what you will, the global black market is the world's fastest growing economic operation.   Why So Few Babies in Graduate School? There is never a perfect time to have children, but some say starting a family in graduate school is no worse, and perhaps a better time in some respects.  
  If Your Advisor Is Not There for YouTwo counselors offer advice on how to deal with a difficult dissertation advisor.   New Scholarly Books by Field(requires Columbia connection or subscription to CHE)  
O'Rourke, Stephanie. Bodies of knowledge: Fuseli, Girodet, and spectatorship at the turn of the nineteenth century.
Wager, Susan Michele. Boucher's bijoux: Luxury reproductions in the Age of Enlightenment.
Swagler, Matthew Paul. African youth radicalism and the global history of revolt in 1968.
Blancha, David. The moral of luck.
Slavic Languages
Tyerman, Edward J. The search for an anti-imperial poetics: Soviet images of China, 1920-1935.
  DISSERTATIONS DEFENDED (Congratulations!) Applied Mathematics
Diehl, Benjamin William. Working up hills: Dynamics over sloping topography with bottom-enhanced diffusion. Advisors: Adam H. Sobel; Andreas M. Thurnherr.
Art History and Archaeology
Harris, Teresa Marie. The transformation of the city: The Kampffmeyer family and the German Garden City Association. Advisor: Barry Bergdoll.
Gatzogiannis, Evangelos George. Functional imaging through dark state dynamics. Advisor: Wei Min.
Tian, Huan. Governing imperial borders: Insights from the study of the implementation of law in Qing Xinjiang. Advisor: Madeleine Zelin.
Swann, Kristen Renner. Historicizing maternity in Boccaccio's Ninfale fiesolano and Decameron. Advisor: Teodolinda Barolini.
Haringer, Andrew Lawrence. Liszt as prophet: Politics, religion, and artists in 1830s Paris. Advisor: Walter M. Frisch.
Neurobiology and Behavior
Rubin, Daniel Brett. A novel circuit model of normalization and contextual modulation in primary visual cortex. Advisor: Kenneth D. Miller.
Plante, Guillaume. The XENON100 dark matter experiment: Design, construction, calibration, and 2010 search results with improved measurement of the scintillation response of liquid xenon to low-energy nuclear recoils. Advisor: Elena Aprile.
Teachers College: Counseling Psychology
Chambers, Debbie-Ann S. Coping with unemployed poverty: A qualitative study. Advisor: Laura Smith.
Teachers College: Social-Organizational Psychology
Banks, Bernard Bennett. Examining social persuasion's influence on generalized leader efficacy. Advisor: W. Warner Burke.
  Deadlines and Events  
  Last Day to Change Grading Option to Pass/Fail is November 17, 2011 (download form)
Last Day to Submit "R" Credit Form to GSAS is November 17, 2011
The deadline for both actions is Thursday, November 17, 2011. Please deposit your form in 109 Low Library before 5:00 p.m. on that day.
  What Can You Be With a Ph.D.?: Alumni Career Panel (Sciences and Mathematics)
Tuesday, November 15, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Davis Auditorium
Professionals with Ph.D.s in the sciences and mathematics from SEAS and GSAS will share their career decisions and experiences. Learn how they made their transitions, what advice they would offer in preparing for the job search, what their current work involves, and their personal anecdotes about their career journey. Sponsored by the Center for Career Education.
  Teaching Center Workshops: Teaching With Writing: Using Writing to Deepen Student Understanding and Raise Their Writing to a Higher Level. Wednesday, November 16, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Buell Hall, East Gallery.Science Friday: The Craft of Science Writing. Friday, November 18, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Schermerhorn 200C.Ending the Semester on the Right Note. Wednesday, November 30, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Buell Hall, East Gallery. Lunch will be provided at all workshops. For more information please contact Steven Mintz. Sponsored by GSAS.  
Weekly Writing Group for International Graduate Students. Fridays, 310 Philosophy Hall, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Do you want to develop an effective writing process, engage your readers, and understand your discipline’s discourse community? Join a weekly writing community of your peers — international students earning graduate degrees at Columbia — who share your goal to produce excellent research papers, journal articles, theses, and dissertations. This workshop is a chance to get feedback on drafts, talk to others about how they write, and ask questions about anything related to writing. Come discuss your writing process, the transition to a new academic world from other cultures and the conventions of your discipline’s discourse community. Bring your own projects; no extra work involved. Please contact Sue Mendelsohn, director of the Writing Center, for more information. Sign up here.   Writing
Register with ISOS Before You Travel. The recent political turmoil and natural catastrophes all over the globe underscore the need for graduate students to ensure their preparedness to deal with emergencies during travels abroad. Students who expect to travel outside the U.S. for degree-related study or research must register with International SOS, an agency that provides help and support in case of emergencies of all kinds. Registering with ISOS can save time, trouble, and distress in unexpected situations. Graduate students who travel outside the United States with funds disbursed by GSAS are required to register with ISOS. All others are strongly encouraged to do so as well. To register with ISOS, please go here. Click here for more information about ISOS.   ISOS
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