Adding and Dropping Courses


Students must register for the courses they wish to attend, and they may not attend courses for which they are not registered.

Students should consult the GSAS Academic Calendar for exact dates of the change of program period and other deadlines. (For the summer term only, consult the School of Continuing Education.) For more information about the registration process, visit the Registrar's website.

During the Change of Program Period

Students may add and/or drop courses through SSOL, without penalty, during the change of program period (i.e., the first two weeks of classes for the fall and spring semesters). Students are not charged tuition for courses dropped during this time, and dropped courses do not appear on the student's transcript.

After the Change of Program Period

After the change of program period, students may continue to drop courses through SSOL until the final deadline to drop a course (consult the Academic Calendar). Courses may be added during this time only with the instructor's approval. Courses dropped during this time are charged at full tuition but do not appear on a student's transcript.

Not attending classes or sending a notification to the instructor does not constitute dropping a course. Students who stop attending a course without formally dropping it by the deadline should be assigned a letter grade based on the same criteria as students who complete the course.

For more complicated registration processes such as cross-registration between schools after the change of program period, students should use the paper Registration Adjustment Form (PDF).