Good Standing


Good standing in the Graduate School involves two components: good academic standing in the student’s department or program, and good administrative standing inthe Graduate School.

Good Academic Standing in a Degree Program

To be considered in good academic standing, students must make satisfactory academic progress as determined by their department. Satisfactory progress for M.A. and Ph.D. candidates includes but is not limited to:

  1. Acquiring an advisor
  2. Maintaining consistent contact with the departmental DGS and sponsor  
  3. Meeting time-to-degree requirements for the M.A. and the M.Phil. degrees
  4. Fulfilling the dissertation prospectus requirement (in the cases in which it applies)
  5. Completing an annual dissertation progress report upon attaining the M.Phil degree
  6. Completing degree requirements and maintaining superior quality of work
  7. Maintaining a cumulative grade point average (GPA)* of at least 3.0
  8. Holding no more than one mark of Incomplete at any given time
  9. Fulfilling GSAS pedagogical requirements and responsibilities
  10. Meeting other criteria specified by the department 

Departments or programs should communicate the express criteria for good academic standing to their students; candidates should be familiar with them.

* The cumulative GPA is derived from all courses in which a student has registered and received a grade, except in cases in which the student re-took a course after receiving an F. In such cases, the F received for the original iteration does not count toward the GPA.

Good Administrative Standing in the Graduate School

Additionally, students are expected to remain in compliance with all applicable administrative policies and procedures of the University such as those of the Columbia Libraries, University Housing, Provost's office, etc.

Consequences for failing to make academic progress or adhere to applicable administrative policies and procedures may include academic or administrative warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal.