Summer Session


Summer courses that are available to students enrolled in GSAS are offered and administered by the School of Professional Studies (SPS). Because summer sessions are shorter than semesters, the corresponding deadlines are earlier than in the fall and spring. For registration deadlines and deadlines to drop or add a class and to take a class Pass/Fail or for R credit, please consult the summer academic calendar.

For policies regarding course registration and credit limits, see the Current Columbia Students page of the SPS website.

Tuition for Students in PhD Programs

Doctoral students registered in GSAS may not earn Residence Unit credit during the summer. GSAS offers Summer Tuition Credit to incoming and continuing PhD students. Doctoral students in Arts and Sciences programs who have been awarded departmental fellowships for the fall term may receive a tuition fellowship to cover courses taken during the summer session immediately prior. Please note that this fellowship covers only tuition for courses offered through SPS; students are responsible for tuition for courses offered by other schools at Columbia and for all fees that are not covered by a multiyear fellowship. Information on eligibility and the application may be found here.

Tuition for Students in MA Programs

Students who have been admitted to GSAS to pursue an MA degree only, and who (with the approval of their departments) are taking summer courses that satisfy MA degree requirements, will be charged either a quarter or a half Residence Unit depending on the number of courses taken. MA students may not register for a full Residence Unit in the summer. Students who are taking courses in the summer and have already completed two full Residence Units should register for Extended Residence.

MA students taking courses that do not count toward their specific degree requirements (e.g., language study for reading knowledge) pay tuition according to the schedule on the Tuition and Fees page of the SPS website.