Teaching and Research Appointments


Within the limits of availability and the competence of individual students, all multi-year fellows are required to participate in the teaching and research programs of their departments as a form of scholarly apprenticeship in at least three years of their fellowships. Compensation for such service will be supplemented to a level no less than that awarded for the first year of the fellowship. Other fellowships may include a teaching/research appointment as available in each department.

Funded doctoral students in Arts and Sciences programs who are appointed as student officers may not spend more than 20 hours per week in the discharge of the responsibilities associated with their fellowship and those associated with any other activity within or outside Columbia for which they are compensated. Students on a first-year or dissertation fellowship (which have no service responsibilities) may spend up to 10 hours per week on such non-fellowship activities. Furthermore, federal regulations prevent international students on F-1 visas from working more than 20 hours per week under all circumstances during the school term. University and academic holidays must be observed; reasonable requests for time off made with sufficient notice should be generally granted.