Symposium for the 2015 Summer Research Program
July 23, 2015

The Summer Research Program (SRP) began at Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 1989.  More than 300 promising students from around the United States have taken advantage of this opportunity to conduct original research with distinguished Columbia faculty members. The goal of the program is to train and support students with a demonstrated commitment to diversity in higher education.

During this summer's nine-week program, 17 undergraduate students have been conducting graduate-level research under the supervision of Columbia and Barnard faculty and graduate student mentors from the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

On July 22, 2015, the 27th Annual SRP Research Symposium took place in 569 Lerner Hall. The talented young scholars presented their research to an audience composed of peers, faculty, administrators, graduate students, and family. See photos of the event on the GSAS Facebook page or download the event program (PDF).

SRP Presentations

Gabriela P. Barrios
Faculty Mentor: Karen Benezra
“Varying Narratives: The Agency of Community Narratives as Represented in Cartucho

Clair Beltran
Faculty Mentor: Van Tran
“Fields of Difference: Differences in Usage and Perception of Urban Park Spaces”

Melissa Espinosa
Faculty Mentor: Robert Y. Shapiro
“In Our Land: What Factors Influence Public Opinion on Immigration?”

Isaiah Gibson
Faculty Mentor: Josef Sorett
“Just(us) the Black and the Black Church: A Case Study of Social Justice in Harlem’s St. Luke AME Church”

Jeremy L. Glover
Faculty Mentor: Patricia Dailey
“Blurred Understandings and Interpretations: A Queer Reading of Two Women in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Ahmad Greene-Hayes
Faculty Mentor: Celia Naylor
“Black Women’s and Men’s Legacies and Activism: Legal Discourse and Literary Interventions against Sexual Violence, 1990-Present”

Chibuokem Ikwuazom
Faculty Mentor: Maura Boldrini
“SSRIs Upregulate Expression of 5-HT1A Receptor mRNA in the Dentate Gyrus of Major Depression Disorder Patients”

Aleena Khan
Faculty Mentor: Robert Y. Shapiro
“American Public Opinion of the United States’ Standpoint on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”

Brittanie L. Lewis
Faculty Mentor: Marwa Elshakry
“The Iranian Woman in the Chador: Symbolic Representation of Nationhood in the 1970s”

Syeda Z. Malliha
Faculty Mentor: Robert Y. Shapiro
“What Factors Influence Public Opinion on Natural Disasters?”

Victoria Mogollón Montagne
Faculty Mentor: Aaron Fox
“Preparing for the Show: Ideologies of Children’s Development at Two NYC Community Music Programs”

Cheswayo G. Mphanza
Faculty Mentor: Farah Griffin
“Tha Block is Hot*: Black Aesthetics in A Street in Bronzeville

Andrea Penman-Lomeli
Faculty Mentor: Joseph Slaughter
“Bodies that Work: Citizenship and the Rendering of Chicana/o Identity in Tomás Rivera’s …y no se lo tragó la tierra

Tara S. Ramírez
Faculty Mentor: Alexander Sobolevsky
“Expression Screening of TRP Channels for Structural and Biochemical Studies”

Debanjan Roychoudhury
Faculty Mentor: Van Tran
“All Eyez on Me: Surveillance and Policing in West Harlem’s Neighborhood of Hamilton Heights”

Madelene Santizo
Faculty Mentor: Van Tran
“Eres lo que Comes: Ethnic Restaurants and the (Re)Production of Cultural Identities in Upper Manhattan”

Andres Villegas
Faculty Mentor: Holly Moore
“Role of a Cell Cycle Regulator in Subcortical Parvalbumin Interneurons: Implication for Schizophrenia”

Program Directors

Isabel Geathers, Assistant Dean for Academic Diversity, GSAS
Samantha Shapses, Associate Dean of Students, GSAS

Graduate Student Mentors

Westenley Alcenat, History
Cesar Colon-Motijo, Music
Nijah Cunningham, English & Comparative Literature
Brittany Fox, Sociology
Tiana Reid, English & Comparative Literature
Viviana Rivera-Burgos, Political Science
Ciara Torres, Neurology (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Devon Wade, Sociology

The 2015 Summer Research Program is supported by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Leadership Alliance, the Creating Connections Consortium (C3), and the National Science Foundation.