Dissertations: February 5, 2018


Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Jiao, Yang. On the equivalence between the additive hypo-elasto-plasticity and multiplicative hyper-elasto-plasticity models and adaptive propagation of discontinuities. Sponsor: Jacob Fish.

Computer Science
Paparrizos, Ioannis. Fast, scalable, and accurate algorithms for time-series analysis. Sponsor: Luis Gravano.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Accardo, Natalie. The role of magmatism and segmentation in continental rifting: Geophysical investigations exploiting diverse seismic datasets from the East African Rift System. Sponsor: James Gaherty.

Hattori, Masako. Across war and peace: Youth, higher education, and national security in the United States, 1917-1945. Sponsor: Anders Stephanson.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Aber, Etan. Myelin remodeling is mediated by oligodendroglial macroautophagy. Sponsor: Ai Yamamoto.

Alhusaini, Malak. Clinical nursing and midwifery research in the eastern Mediterranean region. Sponsor: Elaine Larson.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Crowe, Jennifer. Phosphorylation dependent structural function of DNA-PKcs in DNA repair and hematopoiesis. Sponsor: Shan Zha.

Iwata, Geoffrey. A cryogenic buffer-gas cooled beam of barium monohydride for laser slowing, cooling and trapping. Sponsor: Tanya Zelevinsky.

Rock-Singer, Cara. Narrative thread, white, and blue: Narratives of American Jewish women's reproductive bodies told through milk and water. Sponsor: Courtney Bender.

Murphy, Kristin. The living and the dead: Funeral work in New York City. Sponsor: Peter Bearman.

Sociomedical Sciences
Diaz, José. Contextualizing HIV risk among Latino men who have sex with men: The role of cultural, spatial, and syndemic factors. Sponsor: Eric Schrimshaw.

TC / Cognitive Studies in Education
Jin, Tiantian. Effect of superficial variabilityof examples of learning applied probability. Sponsor: John Black.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Mao, Susan. Exploring participatory action research as vehicle for social justice training. Sponsor: Laura Smith.

TC / Economics and Education
Ran, Xiaotao. Essays on intructor quality in higher education. Sponsor: Thomas Bailey.

TC / Kinesiology
Sidiropoulos, Alexis. The influence of upper extremity intensive motor learning intervention on inter-limb coordination in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy. Sponsor: Andrew Gordon.

TC / Science Education
Ting, Melodie Mirth. Mobile technology in science classrooms: Using iPads to promote collaborative learning. Sponsor: O. Roger Anderson.



APAM: Applied Physics
Bullen, Peter. Periodic poling of thinned lithium niobate and stimulated Raman analysis of whole blood.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Shetty, Nandan. NYC's green infrastructure: Impacts on nutrient cycling and improvements in performance.

Computer Science
Hadfield, Stuart. Quantum algorithms for scientific computing and approximate optimization.

Mechanical Engineering
Shang, Junyi. Modeling and experimentation of bio-microfluidic analysis.

Slavic Languages
Avila, Molly. No small actor: Finding Stanislavsky in his Russian given circumstances.

Denischenko, Irina. The violated word: Baktin in the context of 20th c. language theories in Central and Eastern Europe.

Kapilevich, Inna. Serving the Russian novel: Domestic servants as minor characters in the 19th century Russian novel and their masters.

Lussier, Benjamin. Literary playgrounds: Ludic communities in the context of Russian lit.

Mortensen, Mie. Beyond paper architecture: Ivan Leonidov and his non-architectural context.

Myers, Holly. The Afghan War in Soviet and post-Soviet literature, cinema, song, and art.

Rose, Eliza. Soliciting and representing workers' agency in the arts: "People's Republic of Poland and SFR Yugoslavia" (1965-1981).

McKinney, Warren. Incorporating diaspora - Blurring distinctions of race and nationality through heritage tourism in Ghana.

Obeng, Adam. Through a dark mirror: Answers, questions, and the creation of machine knowledge.