Dissertations: April 15, 2019


Applied Mathematics
Zhai, Haowei. Designing of solid electrolytes for rechargeable solid-state batteries. Sponsor: Yuan Yang.

Applied Physics
Taylor, Jeffrey. Sputtered thin film diffusion barriers for ohmic contact to silicon by platinum electrodes. Sponsor: Simon Billinge.

Art History and Archaeology
Vigotti, Lorenzo. The origin of the Renaissance palace: Private architecture during the Florentine oligarchy, 1378-1432. Sponsor: Francesco Benelli.

Weintraub, Alex. Authoring art in nineteenth-century France, 1793-1902. Sponsor: Jonathan Crary.

Biological Sciences
Chen, Yaqiong. Identification of polyadenylated enhancer RNAs and investigation of RBBP6 isoform3 regulation mechanism. Sponsor: James Manley.

Biological Sciences
Fomin, Vitalay. C9orf72 protein functions and its implication in ALS. Sponsor: James Manley and Carol Prives.

Carter, Ashli. Feeling good yet getting it wrong: Homogeneity boosts group members' positive experience at the cost of accuracy, thoroughness, and procedural fairness. Sponsor: Katherine Phillips.

Castelo, Noah. Blurring the line between human and machine: Marketing artificial intelligence. Sponsor: Bernd Schmitt.

Kanze, Dana. Three essays exploring motivational influences in entrepreneurship. Sponsor: Damon Phillips.

Kiguel, Andrea. Essays on asset pricing in emerging markets. Sponsor: Geert Bekaert.

Lee, Alice. Storytelling in social exchange: The impact of narratives and the role of identity in negotiations and markets. Sponsors: Daniel Ames and Adam Galinsky.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Fu, Ziao. Time-resolved Cryo-EM studies on translation. Sponsor: Joachim Frank.

Chemical Engineering
Davis, Jonathan. Membraneless electrolyzers for solar fuels production. Sponsor: Daniel Esposito.

Gomez, Elaine. Tandem reactions of carbon dioxide reduction and hydrocarbon transformation. Sponsor: Jingguang Chen.

Baykurt, Burcu. The city as data machine: Local governance in the age of big data. Sponsor: Michael Schudson.

Dutta, Preetam. Machine learning based user modeling for enterprise security and privacy risk mitigation. Sponsor: Salvatore Stolfo.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Baideme, Matthew. Optimization of glycerol-driven engineered biological nitrogen removal processes to selectively achieve targeted reduction products. Sponsor: Kartik Chandran.

Zhou, Chengchuan. Enhanced extraction of alkaline metals and rare Earth elements from unconventional resources during carbon sequestration. Sponsor: Ah-Hyung Alissa Park.

Cotton, Christopher. Essays on macroeconomics. Sponsor: Michael Woodford.

Hu, Jiayin. Essays on banking and financial intermediation. Sponsor: Patrick Bolton.

Pham, Anh. Essays in international finance and banking. Sponsors: Richard Clarida and Jennifer La'O.

Singh, Anurag. Essays in international macroeconomics. Sponsor: Martin Uribe.

Zhang, Qing. Essays on the political economy of China. Sponsors: W. Bentley MacLeod and Suresh Naidu.

Zhong, Weijie. Essays on information acquisition. Sponsors: Yeon-Koo Che and Navin Kartik.

Electrical Engineering
Gultekin, San. Dynamic machine learning. Sponsor: John Paisley.

Lin, Nathan. Fiber-optic probe and bulk-optics spectral domain optical coherence tomography systems for in vivo cochlear mechanics measurements. Sponsors: Christine Hendon and Elizabeth Olson.

Lye, Theresa. Characterization and modeling of the human left atrium using optical coherence tomography. Sponsor: Christine Hendon.

Singh-Moon, Rajinder. Design and development of optical reflectance spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography catheters for myocardial tissue characterization. Sponsor: Christine Hendon.

Environmental Health Sciences
Heaney, Alexandra. Predicting under-5 diarrhea outbreaks in Botswana: Understanding the relationships between environmental variability and diarrhea transmission. Sponsor: Jeffrey Shaman.

Ferguson, Susanna. Tracing Tarbiya: Women, education, and childrearing in Lebanon and Egypt, 1860-1939. Sponsor: Rashid Khalidi.

Kressel, Daniel. Techicians of the spirit: Post-fascist technocratic authoritarianism in Spain, Argentina, and Chile, 1945-1988. Sponsor: Pablo Piccato.

Mulder, Nicholas. The economic weapon: Interwar internationalism and the rise of sanctions, 1914-1945. Sponsor: Mark Mazower.

Yee, Ethan. The burden of forgiveness: Franciscans' impact on penitential practices in the thirteenth century. Sponsor: Neslihan Senocak.

Chida, Nassime. Local power in Dante's Inferno. Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Cowan, Alexander. Fourier expansions for Eisenstein series twisted by modular symbols. Sponsor: Dorian Goldfeld.

Giorgi, Elena. Linear stability of Reissner-Nordstrom spacetime: The case of small charge. Sponsor: Mu-Tao Wang.

Ma, Qixiao. Brauer class over the Picard scheme of curves. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Osinenko, Anton. The two-legged K-theoretic equivariant vertex. Sponsor: Andrei Okounkov.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Russo, Abigail. Understanding neural dynamics and geometry of population activity in motor cortices. Sponsor: Mark Churchland.

Operations Research
Sun, Xu. Staffing and scheduling to differentiate service in many-server service systems. Sponsor: Ward Whitt.

Zhang, Xiaopei. Periodic Little's law. Sponsor: Ward Whitt.

Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Mao, De Yu. Chloride intracellular channel (CLIC) proteins function to modulate Rac1 and RhoA downstream of endothelial G-protein coupled receptors signaling. Sponsor: Jan Kitajewski.

Blili Hamelin, Borhane. Topography of the splintered world: Hegel and the disagreements of right. Sponsor: Frederick Neuhouser.

Genty, Victor. The microbooNE search for anomalous electron neutrino appearance using image based data reconstruction. Sponsor: Michael Shaevitz.

Political Science
Cooperman, Alicia. Trading favors: Local politics and development in Brazil. Sponsor: Maria Victoria Murillo.

Rossignac-Milon, Maya. Merged minds: Shared reality in interpersonal relationships. Sponsor: Tory Higgins.

Shu, Jocelyn. Social processes in the experience and regulation of emotions. Sponsor: Kevin Ochsner.

Turetsky, Kate. Stress, identity, and social connection among students: A social network approach to psychological intervention. Sponsor: Valerie Purdie-Vaughns.

Slavic Languages

Jensen, Robyn. Double exposure: Picturing the self in Russian emigre culture. Sponsor: Liza Knapp.

Social Work

Jiang, Nan. The impact of adult children's education on elderly parents' health and old-age support: Evidence from the United States and China. Sponsor: Neeraj Kaushal.

Marotta, Phillip. Assessing the impact of criminal justice system involvement on sexual health and drug HIV risks in three key-affected populations. Sponsor: Nabila El-Bassel.

Um, Hyunjoon. Factors and outcomes associated with patterns of child support arrears. Sponsor: Ronald Mincy.

Sociomedical Sciences
Grilo, Stephanie. Re-thinking race among adolescents in a multiracial generation: An emerging research and public health approach to identity and health. Sponsor: Diana Hernandez.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Gentilini, Lara. Establishment of conditioned reinforcement for reading content and effects on reading achievement for early-elementary students. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Lee, Adele. Using theory of planned behavior to understand the prevalence of formula feeding among Chinese community in New York City - a mixed-methods study. Sponsor: Isobel Contento.

Persaud, Amrita. The theory of planned behavior as a predictor of adherence to bariatric recommendations for diet and physical activity. Sponsor: Isobel Contento.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Awad, Michael. The development and evaluation of the multicultural gender roles scale - male version. Sponsor: Marie Miville.

Sant-Barket, Sinead. Perceiver contributors to facial recognition: How might racial (self) awareness facilitate or inhibit cross-racial identification. Sponsor: George Gushue.

White, Rashidah. Black parents' racial socialization practices and their children's educational outcomes. Sponsor: Laura Smith.

TC / Developmental Psychology
Ahn, Jihyun. The impact of family contexts and sibling relationships on youth behavior outcomes. Sponsor: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn.

TC / Economics and Education
Aguirre Brautigam, Josefa. Essays on economics and education. Sponsor: Peter Bergman.

Lin, Yuxin. Why do some students delay college enrollment? Does it matter?. Sponsor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

Park, Seung Eun. Essays on improving higher education equity and employment. Sponsor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

Rehman, Sidra. Essays on income shocks and human capital. Sponsor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

TC / English Education
Song, Ah-Young. Developing writers, dreamers, and leaders: Mapping counternarratives in an out-of-school multimodal program for youth. Sponsor: Robert Fecho.

TC / History and Education
Goldenberg, Barry. Liberation, learning, and love: The history of Harlem preparatory school, 1967-1974. Sponsor: Ansley Erickson.

Huang, Viola. An alternative to Black educational genocide: Educational initiatives during the Black power movement in Harlem in the late 1960s. Sponsor: Cally Waite.

TC / Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
Dakopolos, Andrew. Aspects of joint attention in autism spectrum disorder: Links to sensory processing, social competence, maternal attention, and contextual fact. Sponsor: Laudan Jahromi.

TC / Kinesiology
Duran, Andrea. Sedentary behavior reduction in cardiac populations: Establishing a foundation for future inquiry. Sponsor: Carol Garber.

SantaBarbara, Nicholas. Acute effects of resistance exercise in men with symptoms of muscle dysmorphia. Sponsor: Joseph Ciccolo.

TC / Mathematics Education
Ban, Sunyoung. The influence of teaching instruction and learning styles on mathematics anxiety in developmental mathematics classroom. Sponsor: Nicholas Wasserman.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation
Ahmadi, Hedyeh. Longitudinal data analysis for education and psychology. Sponsor: Laura Tipton.

Zhou, Xiaoliang. Studies of extensions of HRM-SDT for constructed responses. Sponsor: Lawrence DeCarlo.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Davis, Jessica. On the possibility of philosophy in schools: Jacques Rancière and community of philosophical inquiry. Sponsor: Megan Laverty.

TC / Science Education
Weiser, Gary. Developing NGSS-aligned assessments to measure crosscutting concepts in student reasoning of Earth structures and systems. Sponsor: Christopher Emdin.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Bernstein, Ariel. Race matters in coaching: An examination of coaches' willingness to have difficult conversations with leaders of color. Sponsor: Caryn Block.

Shon, DaHee. Conceptualizing and testing the model of ambidextrous leadership: Evidence from a multi-method research study. Sponsor: Debra Noumair.


Art History and Archaeology
Ratch, Corey. History of Western art, 20th century modern.

DeSimone, Rebecca. Government certified: Tax enforcement affects the private sector.

Lemaire, Alain. The role of linguistic match between users and products.

Classical Studies
Dimitropoulos, Maria. Kindred killer: Intra-familial murders in Greek art.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Coffey, Genevieve. Mapping earthquake temperature rise to understand fault structure and mechanics.

Ridge, Sean. Impacts of ocean circulation on future ocean carbon uptake.

Abbiasov, Timur. Quantifying daily environments of city dwellers using online activity data.

Bouscasse, Paul. Essays in historical macroeconomics.

Hong, Seungki. The importance of household heterogeneity in explaining emerging market business cycles.

Mazewski, Matthew. Essays in applied microeconomics.

Nguyen, Dieu Hoa. School choice, peer effect and academic performance: Evidence from Vietnam.

Saluja, Arpita. Cultural ties and bureaucratic performance.

Thompson, David. Regulation by information provision.

Mcgrath, Christina. Answering the Questioni d'Amore: Boccaccio's first social inquiry.

Mechanical Engineering
Khan, Moiz. Functional posture rehabilitation using a cable-driven robot.

Wang, Bowen. Iterative learning control and adaptive control for systems with unstable discrete-time inverse.