Dissertations: April 2, 2018


Miljanic, Ana. Socialist Yugoslavia in the strict sense of the term: Every-daily inscriptions and the economies of secret-ing, 1950-1974. Sponsor: Rosalind Morris.

Biomedical Engineering
Spasic, Milos. Targeting primary cilia-mediated mechanotransduction to promote whole bone formation. Sponsor: Christopher Jacobs.

Sachdeva, Kunal. Three essays on financial economics. Sponsor: Wei Jiang.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Steinfield, Justin. Molecular tinder: The role of eukaryotic recombinase loops L1 and L2 in the homology search. Sponsor: Eric Greene.

Chemical Engineering
Hsieh, Min-Kang. Design and synthesis of 3'-O-modified cleavable nucleotide reversible terminators for DNA sequencing by synthesis. Sponsor: Jingyue Ju.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Bausch, Alexandra. Interactive effects of ocean acidification and other environmental drivers on planktonic microorganisms in marine ecosystems. Sponsor: Andrew Juhl.

Ando, Sakai. Essays on misallocation and firm regulations. Sponsors: Jennifer La'O and José Scheinkman.

Forneron, Jean-Jacques. Essays on simulation-based estimation. Sponsor: Serena Ng.

Jiao, Yang. Essays in international macroeconomics and international trade. Sponsors: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Shang-Jin Wei.

Electrical Engineering
Gangasani, Gautam. Architectures and circuits leveraging injection-locked oscillators for ultra-low voltage clock synthesis and reference-less receivers for dense chip-to-chip communications. Sponsor: Peter Kinget.

English and Comparative Literature
Hildebrand, Rebecca. Ambient worlds: Description and the concept of environment in the nineteenth-century British novel. Sponsor: Sharon Marcus.

Danziger Halperin, Anna. Education or welfare? American and British child care policy, 1965-2004. Sponsors: Alice Kessler-Harris and Susan Pedersen.

Gulotta, Daniel. Equidimensional adic eigenvarieties for groups with discrete series. Sponsor: Eric Urban.

Van Dobben De Bruyn, Remy. Dominating varieties by liftable ones. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Colón-Montijo, César. Specters of Maelo: An ethnographic portrait of Ismael 'Maelo' Rivera. Sponsors: Ana Maria Ochoa and Christopher Washburne.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Liu, Chang. The function of PPARgamma in the urothelium. Sponsor: Cathy Mendelsohn.

Conley, Mark. Motivational influences on the American gun rights debate. Sponsors: Valerie Purdie-Vaughns and Tory Higgins.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Crosbie, Caroline. A functional writing package and middle school students' math algorithms. Sponsor: Douglas Greer.

Kleinert, Kelly. A comparison of conditioned reinforcement for observing visual familiar and non-familiar stimuli and the effects of a repeated probe procedure. Sponsor: Douglas Greer.

Maurilus, Emmy. The effect of the enhancement or establishment of reinforcement value for math on rate of learning for pre-kindergarten students. Sponsor: Douglas Greer.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Buque, Mariel. Development and initial validation of the multicultural gender roles scale - Black women (MGRS - BW). Sponsor: Marie Miville.

TC / Mathematics Education
McGuffey, William. Insights from college algebra students' reinvention of limit at infinity. Sponsor: Nicholas Wasserman.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation
Sachdeva, Ruchi. A hypothesis testing procedure designed for Q-matrix validation of diagnostic classification models. Sponsor: Young-Sun Lee.

TC / Politics and Education
Sallman, Jennifer. Should I stay or should I go? Teacher retention in the era of accountability. Sponsor: Aaron Pallas.

TC / Sociology and Education
Duran, Jacquelyn. Second generation Dominican high school students in a diverse suburb. Sponsor: Aaron Pallas.

Urban Planning
Cassola, Marie-Adele. Planning for equitable neighborhood change: A mixed-methods analysis of 80 cities. Sponsor: Lance Freeman.

Hagen, Jonas. Calming New York: An examination of neighborhood slow zones. Sponsor: Lance Freeman.


Art History and Archaeology
Agarwala, Seher. Wondrous frontiers: Topographical and historical painting in Persian and Mughal manuscripts.

Cataldo, Emogene. Living stones: An ecology of Gothic vegetal sculpture, c. 1200-1330.

Gillman, Matthew. Medieval glass and the aesthetics of simulation.

Migwans, Crystal. Selvage and salvage: Natural fiber weaving in the Great Lakes, 1860-1960.

Yang, Yu. At the crossroads of modernism and colonialism: Architecture and urban space in Manchuria, 1905 - 1945.

Biomedical Engineering
Nayak, Samiksha. Development and evaluation of point-of-care diagnostic technologies for providers and consumers.

Saxena, Mayur. Mechanism of focal adhesions.

Chun, Jinseok. Social comparison in performance appraisal.

Li, Nan. Does greater shareholder voting rights reduce the expropriation? Evidence from related party transactions.

Lu, Guannan. Global leader or cultural outsider? The divergent effects of international experiences on leadership effectiveness vs. leadership selection.

Papoutsi, Zoi. Essays in empirical corporate finance and banking.

Claros, Yujhan. Hellenistic ideologies of divine monarchy, heterosexism, and poetic liberalism in the /Argonautika/ of Apollonus and the /Metamorphoses/ of Ovid.

Computer Science
Li, Dingzeyu. Acoustic simulation and fabrication: From virtual to reality.

Sivakorn, Suphannee. Understanding flaws in the deployment and implementation of web encryption.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jong, Bor-Ting. Seasonality of regional ENSO teleconnections and impacts on climate predictability in North America.

English and Comparative Literature
Cunard, Candace. Novel feelings: Emotion, duration, and the form of the eighteenth-century British novel.

Kung, Chien Wen. Coercion, culture, and Chineseness: Nationalist China and overseas Chinese anticommunism in the Philippines, 1945-1970s.

Kuzuoglu, Ulug. Codes of modernity: Chinese script during the global information revolution.

Mechanical Engineering
Chen, Siyuan. Time series causal network.

Yuan, Shengxi. Electricity sector transitions: Selected methods to alleviate associated challenges and implications on residential sector in cities.

Conley, Mark. Motivational influences on the American gun rights debate.

Mani, Kartik. Using visual illusions to examine actions' impact on perception.

Schneider, Claudia. Motivating prosocial behavior: The potential of positive feelings about the self.

McKinney, Warren. Incorporating diaspora - Blurring distinctions of race and nationality through heritage tourism in Ghana.