Dissertations: April 21, 2017


APAM: Applied Physics
Kornbluth, Mordechai. Anharmonic phonons in graphene from first principles. Advisor: Chris A. Marianetti.

Art History and Archaeology
Dumouchelle, Kevin. Traditions of modernity in an African city: Continuity and change in the architecture of Kumasi. Advisor: Susan Vogel.

Biological Sciences
Benvin, Nicole. Structural and functional studies of TRPML1 and TRPP2. Advisors: Filippo Mancia and Jian Yang.

Liu, Jia. Modeling text-based search behavior: Linking user online queries with content preferences. Advisor: Olivier Toubia.

Melumad, Shiri. The distinct psychology of smartphone usage. Advisor: Michel Tuan Pham.

Wiley, Elizabeth. I do as I think you do, not as I say: The expectancy account of deception in negotiations. Advisor: Malia F. Mason.

Yuan, Kai. Liquidity risk and modern market microstructure. Advisors: Paul Glasserman and Ciamac C. Moallemi.

Infantine, Joshua. Synthesis of the EF-fragment of spongistatic 1. Advisor: James L. Leighton.

Yozwiak, Carrie. Investigation and development of small molecule screening strategies for drug discovery. Advisor: Brent R. Stockwell.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Annavajhala, Medini. Meta-omics-derived structure, function, and activity of mixed microbial communities driving biological nutrient removal and recovery (BNRR). Advisor: Kartik Chandran.

Kim, Hyewon. Microbial interactions in coupled climate-biogeochemical systems. Advisor: Hugh Ducklow.

Shi, Xiaoyang. Study of a moisture-swing CO2 sorbent. Advisors: Xi Chen and Klaus S. Lackner.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Felt, Matthieu. Rewriting the past: Textual structure and commentarial legerdemain in Japan's first official history. Advisor: David Barnett Lurie.

De Roux, Nicolas. Essays in development economics. Advisor: Eric Verhoogen.

He, Zheli. Essays on international trade, welfare and inequality. Advisor: David E. Weinstein.

Lee, Ajin. Essays in applied microeconomics. Advisor: Douglas Almond.

Magyari, Ildiko. Essays in international economics. Advisor: David E. Weinstein.

Riehl, Edward. Essays in the economics of labor and higher education. Advisors: W. Bentley MacLeod and Miguel S. Urquiola.

Shamdasani, Yogita. Essays in development economics. Advisor: Eric Verhoogen.

Tan, Teck Yong. Essays on contracts and organizations. Advisor: W. Bentley MacLeod.

Zanardo, Enrico. Essays in microeconomics. Advisor: Navin Kartik.

Electrical Engineering
Prasitmeeboon, Pitcha. Robustification and optimization in repetitive control for minimum phase and non-minimum phase systems. Advisor: Richard W. Longman.

English and Comparative Literature
Rocca, Alexander. Buying time: Literary philanthropy and 20th century American literature. Advisor: Rachel E. Adams.

Skloot, Joseph. Printing, Hebrew book culture and Sefer Hasidim. Advisor: Elisheva Carlebach.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Freeland, Anne. Gramsci in Latin America: Reconstitutions of the state. Advisors: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Graciela Montaldo.

Su, Changjian. Stable basis and quantum cohomology of cotangent bundle of flag varieties. Advisor: Andrei Okounkov.

Wong, Chuen Ming Mike. Unoriented skein relations for grid homology and tangle Floer homology. Advisor: Robert Lipshitz.

Mechanical Engineering
Yao, Wang. Collagen fiber orientation and dispersion and mechanical properties in the cervix of non-pregnant and pregnant women. Advisor: Kristin M. Myers.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Marshall, Yannick. The bleaching carceral: Police, native, location (1844-1906). Advisor: Joseph A. Massad.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Florence, Timothy. Memory-specific visual plasticity in the Drosophila central complex. Advisor: Charles Zuker.

Aslan, Ozgur. Probing transition metal dichalcogenides via polorization-resolved and strain-tuned optical spectroscopy. Advisor: Tony F. Heinz.

Kaleko, David. MicroBooNE: The search for the MiniBooNE low energy excess. Advisor: Michael H. Shaevitz.

Petri, Andrea. Non-Gaussian information in cosmology with weak gravitational lensing. Advisors: Lam Hui and Morgan May.

Political Science
Mitts, Tamar. Terrorism, Islamophobia, and radicalization. Advisor: Virginia Page Fortna.

Yu, Liya. Examining dehumanization through the "Political Brain Perspective": Towards a minimal neuropolitical theory for hyperdiverse societies. Advisors: David Chambliss Johnston and Jack L. Snyder.

Sociomedical Sciences
Gore, Radhika. Dilemmas of municipal health care provision in Pune, India. Advisor: Kim Hopper.

Sustainable Development
Frank, Eyal. Economic outcomes and market dynamics of biodiversity losses. Advisor: Wolfram Schlenker.

TC / Anthropology and Education
Bunting-Hudson, Laura. The art of the hustle: A study of rap music from Bogota, Colombia. Advisor: Hervé H. Varenne.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Ang, Yi Han. One-year evaluation of the wellness in the schools program on school lunch consumption of fruits, vegetables, and salad bar items in urban elementary students. Advisor: Randi L. Wolf.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Bhanabhai, Hiershenee. From root to fruit: The development and evaluation of the In Defense of Food curriculum. Advisor: Isobel R. Contento.

Graziose, Matthew. Conceptual evaluation framework for measuring fruit and vegetable consumption at school lunch. Advisor: Randi L. Wolf.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Blanchard, Matthew. Concealment of suicidal ideation in psychotherapy. Advisor: Barry A. Farber.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Belyavina, Raisa. Schools as reform changes: How teachers and administrators in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan impact education reforms. Advisor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi.

TC / English Education
de los Rios, Cathy. Literacies of power: Exploring multilingual and multiliterate practices in a Chicanx/Latinx studies course. Advisor: Ernest Morrell.

TC / Science Education
Boda, Phillip. Disability studies, multiculturalism and urban science education: A mixed-methods phenomenography of graduate student learning. Advisor: O. Roger Anderson.

Wu, Jason. English language learners' native language use in secondary science. Advisor: O. Roger Anderson.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Garcia, Felicidad. Brain responses to contrastive and noncontrastive morphosyntactic structures in African American English and mainstream American English: ERP evidence for the neural indices of dialect. Advisor: Karen Froud.

Stutzman, Naomi. Examining the relationship between personality and performance: Does personality predict performance for female leaders. Advisor: Debra A. Noumair.



APAM: Applied Physics
Fung, E-Dean. Photoinduced transport in single-molecule junctions.

Mandal, Jyotimrmoy. Surfaces and devices with tailored optical properties for radiative thermal management.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Leland, Caroline. Evaluating climatic and ecological signals in tree-ring data from Central Mongolia: A multiparameter approach.

Woker, Madeline. Paying for subjection: A history of fiscal power in the French colonial empire, 1870-1939.

Jiang, Qingfan. Toward a global enlightenment: Missionaries, musical knowledge, and the making of encyclopedias in eighteenth-century China and France.