Dissertations: April 29, 2019


Art History and Archaeology
Choi, Connie. A matter of building bridges: Photography and African American education, 1957-1972. Sponsor: Kellie Jones.

Peebles, Matthew. Act as attribute: The attacking body in ancient Greek art. Sponsor: Ioannis Mylonopoulos.

Biological Sciences
Zhang, Yinglu. Structural studies of the yeast ncRNA transcription termination complex NNS. Sponsor: Liang Tong.

Lee, Annie. Statistical methods for genetic studies with family history of diseases. Sponsor: Yuanjia Wang.

Castro, Francisco. The operations and design of markets with spatial and incentive considerations. Sponsor: Omar Besbes.

Yang, Ruoke. Essays on corporate social responsibility. Sponsors: Patrick Bolton and Charles Calomiris.

Zou, Yuan. Lost in the rising tide: ETF flows and valuation. Sponsor: Stephen Penman.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Kandror, Elena. Transcriptional misregulation in ALS with single cell resolution. Sponsor: Tom Maniatis.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Fitch, Gregory. System dynamics models for the valuation of real options in infrastructure investments. Sponsor: Ibrahim Odeh.

Computer Science
Sun, Timothy. Testing convexity and acyclicity, and new structural results on graph embeddings. Sponsors: Xi Chen and Rocco Servedio.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Bhambhani, Tarun. The effect of particle size and shape on transport through confined channels in three-phase froths. Sponsor: Ponisseril Somasundaran.

Ozturk, Samet. Forecasting wind turbine failures and associated costs. Sponsor: Vasilis Fthenakis.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Bernard, Allison. The playwright and the stage: History, politics, and performance in 17th century China. Sponsor: Wei Shang.

Jo, Yoon Joo. Essays on prices and frictions. Sponsor: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé.

Li, Xuan. Essays in behavioral labor economics. Sponsors: Jonas Hjort and W. Bentley MacLeod.

Qu, Qiuying. Essays on bank lending, industrial policy and firm performance. Sponsor: Eric Verhoogen.

Zha, Danyan. Essays in education and marriage market. Sponsors: Pierre-André Chiappori and Bernard Salanie.

Zorrilla, Oskar. Essays on information, cognition and consumption. Sponsor: Michael Woodford.

Electrical Engineering
Shou, Zheng. Deep learning for action understanding in video. Sponsor: Shih-Fu Chang.

English and Comparative Literature
Lash, Alexander. Doors, noises, and magic hats: The tools of spatial representation on the seventeenth-century stage. Sponsor: Jean Howard.

French and Romance Philology
Provitola, Blase. Sex, race, and the epistemology of desire in contemporary Francophone literature and culture. Sponsor: Madeleine Dobie.

Buljina, Harun. Empire, nation, and the Islamic world: Bosnian Muslim intellectuals between the Habsburg and Ottoman empires, 1901-1921. Sponsor: Mark Mazower.

Newman, Rachel. Transnational ambitions: Student migrants and the making of a national future in twentieth-century Mexico. Sponsor: Pablo Piccato.

Choi, Beomjun. Asymptotic behavior of non-compact geometric flows. Sponsor: Panagiota Daskalopoulos.

Lee, Pak Hin. P-adic L-functions for twisted adjoint L-values on Hida families. Sponsor: Eric Urban.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Gonzalez, Bryan. HNF1A deficiency impairs ?-cell fate, granule maturation and function. Sponsors: Dietrich Egli and Rudolph L. Leibel.

Political Science
Kopas, Jacob. Legitimizing the state or a grievance?: Property rights and political engagement. Sponsor: Timothy Frye.

Zubia, Aaron. The making of liberal mythology: David Hume, epicureanism, and the new political science. Sponsor: Turkuler Isiksel.

Macomber, Andrew. Playing with fire: Healing rituals and demonic disease in medieval Japanese Buddhism. Sponsor: Michael Como.

Sociomedical Sciences
Popkin, Ronna. Variants of significance? The production and management of genetic risk for breast and ovarian cancer in the era of multi-gene panel testing. Sponsor: Carole Vance.

Austern, Morgane. Limit theorems beyond sums of independent observations. Sponsors: Arian Maleki and Peter Orbanz.

Wu, Jing. Bayesian modeling of heterogeneous event times data. Sponsor: Tian Zheng.

Sustainable Development
Wong, Jason Chun Yu. Essays on aviation, infrastructure, and sustainable development. Sponsor: Scott Barrett.

TC / Applied Anthropology
Brennan, Sarah. Anxious intersections: Queer Muslim asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Sponsor: Katherine Pratt Ewing.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Bly, Brittany. The result of enhancing the value of careful reading on reading achievement in fourth graders. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

Chen, Angela. Echoic training and the acquisition of bidirectional naming in elementary students. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

Mellon, Leanna. Remediating difficulties in learning to read and spell by teaching kindergarten students to listen to composite words and vocally segment the component phonemes. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

Silsilah, Sara. What makes teachers effective: Investigating the relationship between CABAS® teacher ranks and teacher effectiveness. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

Yoon, SangEun. Comparison of bidirectional verbal operants between people, bidirectional self-talk, and bidirectional naming. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Whyte, Kathryn. Exploring maternal diet quality using the NOVA guidelines & its relationships. Sponsor: Isobel Contento.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Lynch, David. In-session predictors of self-harm behavior in dialectical behavior therapy. Sponsor: Barry Farber.

McClintock, Clayton. Intrinsic spirituality and acute stress response: A review and preliminary data suggesting neurobiological links between spirituality and resilience to stress. Sponsor: Lisa J. Miller.

Renna, Megan. Perseveration and health: An experimental manipulation of worry and relaxation on autonomic, endocrine, and immunological processes. Sponsor: Douglas Mennin.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Cheng, Rong. Effects of teaching text structure in science text reading: A study among Chinese middle school students. Sponsor: Dolores Perin.

Colón-Acosta, Nirmaliz. Learning to code: Effects of programming modality in a game-based learning environment. Sponsor: John Black.

Kai, Shiming. Student affect patterns accompanying self-regulated learning behavior in physics playground. Sponsor: Ryan Baker.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Martel, Mirka. Understanding intercultural bilingual education for education equity among indigenous students in Ecuador and Peru. Sponsor: Regina Cortina.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Hinman, Kimberly. Code of empowerment or oppression? Factors contributing to women's perception of sexism in the workplace: An exploratory study. Sponsor: George Gushue.

Polihronakis, Charles. The sexual health of bisexual men: Examining the roles of bisexual minority stress and substance use. Sponsor: Brandon Velez.

Rooney, Joanna. Development of the multicultural gender role scale for Asian American women. Sponsor: Marie Miville.

TC / English Education
Choi, Minkyung. Getting to the matter of matter: A grounded theory study on how students navigate texts in an introductory chemistry course at a community college in New York City. Sponsor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

Golland, Rachel. Strong readers' beginnings: Identifying the agencies and individuals who influence reading lives. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

Keane, Kelly. First-year composition and dual enrollment. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

McLaughlin Cahill, Jennifer. Queering secondary English: Practitioner research examining culturally responsive pedagogy and YA queer book clubs. Sponsor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

Semaya, Beth. Opening and constraints: The professional learning experiences of four beginning teachers. Sponsor: Ruth Vinz.

Wozniak, Sandra. The role of performance and aesthetic practices in encouraging student engagement, motivation, and investment in writing in the college composition classroom. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

TC / Mathematics Education
Johnson, O'Rita. The impact of parent involvement on high-achieving females' mathematics performance and decision to major in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Sponsor: Erica Walker.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Tanchuk, Nicolas. Is inquiry learning unjust: An ethical defense of Deweyan instructional design. Sponsor: David Hansen.

TC / School Psychology
Tarantino II, Joseph. Effects of cell phones on student lecture note taking and test taking performance. Sponsor: Stephen Peverly.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Pfaff, Danielle. Emotion and warmth modulation in women leaders: A qualitative exploratory study. Sponsor: Caryn Block.

TC / Sociology and Education
Fox, Ashley. The more things change, the more they stay the same: Response to racial demographic change and maintenance of White privilege and power in a suburban school district. Sponsor: Amy Wells.

Nagarajan, Pavithra. Man made: The (Re)construction of black male identity in single-sex schooling. Sponsor: Carolyn Riehl.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies
Villarreal, Christina. Who we are & how we do: Portraits of pedagogical process & possibility when teaching & learning about race & racism in social studies classrooms. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.

Urban Planning
Nishi, Maiko. Multi-level governance of agricultural land in Japan: Farmers? perspectives and responses to farmland banking. Sponsor: Robert Beauregard.


Biomedical Engineering
Tsitkov, Stanislav. Emergent properties of active nanoscale systems.

Computer Science
Tang, Da. Unsupervised representation learning with pairwise correlations.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Blatter, Daniel. Constraining fluids in the crust and mantle with Bayesian inversion of electromagnetic induction data.

Mechanical Engineering
Czerwin, Benjamin. Dynamic modeling of the renal system.

Haas-Heger, Maximilian. Grasp stability analysis with passive reactions.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
AlSheikh Theeb, Thaer. Capitalizing colonization: The production of effects in Jordan.

Yaure, Philip. To reforge the Nation: Emancipatory politics and Antebellum black abolitionism.

Slavic Languages
Ilicic, Milica. Joy in dark places: Ethics of joyful affect.

Au, Larry. The global emergence of a techno-scientific field - precision medicine in China and the United States.

Mariuma, Yarden. Cultural and structural brokerage in the Balkanes.

Portocarrero, Sandra. Examining diversity inclusion management.