Dissertations: April 5, 2021


Applied Mathematics
Lee, Hwi. Some applications of nonlocal models to smoothed particle hydrodynamics-like methods. Sponsor: Qiang Du.

Oehrlein, Jessica. Sudden stratospheric warmings and their impact on northern hemisphere winter climate. Sponsor: Lorenzo Polvani.

Biological Sciences
Carazo Arias, Elena. Effects of antidepressants on the ventral dentate gyrus. Sponsor: Rene Hen.

Biomedical Engineering
Fallah, Elika. Experimental study of nonlinearity and amplification in the mammalian cochlea. Sponsors: Barclay Morrison and Elizabeth Olson.

Mota, Lira. Essays in financial economics. Sponsor: Kent Daniel.

Computer Science
Akinola, Iretiayo. Robotic manipulation via reachability, tactile and spatial awareness. Sponsor: Peter Allen.

Joseph, Tyler. Methods for modeling the dynamics of microbial communities. Sponsor: Itshack Pe'er.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ngo-Vu, Nhat-Phuong. A woman finds her voice: The private poetry collection of lady Ise, authorship, and the conventions of classical Japanese poetry. Sponsor: Haruo Shirane.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Huddell, Alexandra. Reactive nitrogen losses from agricultural frontiers. Sponsor: Duncan Menge.

Esteban Casanelles, Teresa. Essays in political economy and experimental economics. Sponsor: Andrea Prat.

Gonçalves Dias da Silva, Duarte. Uncertainty and complexity: Essays on statistical decision theory and behavioral economics. Sponsor: Yeon-Koo Che.

Azarbadegan, Zeinab. Contested sovereignty between the Ottomans, the Qajars, and the British in Ottoman Iraq (1831-1905). Sponsor: Rashid Khalidi.

Lawson, Owain. Power failures: Engineers and the Litani River, 1918-1978. Sponsor: Marwa Elshakry.

McFarlane, Wallace. Slavery, pollution, and politics on Texas' Trinity River. Sponsor: Barbara Fields.

Dolfen, Clara. Relative Gromov-Witten invariants - A computation. Sponsor: Chiu-Chu Liu.

Falconet, Hugo. A renormalization approach to the Liouville quantum gravity metric. Sponsor: Julien Dubédat.

Kononov, Iakov. Elliptic stable envelopes and 3d mirror symmetry. Sponsor: Andrei Okounkov.

Liu, Huaxin. Some relationships between enumerative theories of curves. Sponsor: Andrei Okounkov.

Mundy, Samuel. Eisenstein series for G and the symmetric cube Block--Kato conjecture. Sponsor: Eric Urban.

Naff, Keaton. Singularities of higher codimension mean curvature flow. Sponsor: Simon Brendle.

Picciotto, Renata. Stable maps with fields. Sponsor: Chiu-Chu Liu.

Rychnovsky, Mark. Some exactly solvable models and their asymptotics. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Tong, Cheng Yu. Kahler Ricci flow, positive curvature in Hermitian geometry and non-compact Calabi-Yau metrics. Sponsor: Duong Phong.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Collier, Crystal. Applying high pressure focused ultrasound to develop a mouse model of symptomatic and asymptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage (FUS-ICH). Sponsor: Carol Troy.

Dawood, Maneeza. A social network framework of civic engagement among Muslim adolescents. Sponsor: Geraldine Downey.

Social Work
Eliason, Erica. The effects of health insurance eligibility policies on maternal care access and childbirth outcomes. Sponsor: Heidi Allen.

Elbers, Benjamin. Understanding segregation change: Methods and applications. Sponsor: Thomas DiPrete.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Olarte, Deborah. Feeding the minds of children: Teachers' role in school lunch. Sponsor: Pamela Koch.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Marcus, Marina. The experience of mental health clinicians working with undocumented immigrants from Latin America in California: Post 2016 election landscape. Sponsor: Helen Verdeli.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Coleman, Chad. Exploring a generalizable machine learned solution for early prediction of student at-risk factors. Sponsor: Ryan Baker.

TC / History and Education
Cyna, Esther. Shortchanged: Racism, school finance and educational inequality in North Carolina, 1964-1997. Sponsor: Ansley Erickson.

TC / Science Education
Horgan, Jacqueline. "I'm ready for scientifical duty" Young museum program alumnus' orientations towards science. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.


Art History and Archaeology
Glama, Barthélemy. How colonial archaeology transformed the Louvre: Antiquities, empire, and the encyclopedic museum in France (1830-1870).

Mayer, Mateusz. Image making in times of conflict: German emperors, merchants and painters in early modern Venice.

Sánchez Gonzáles, Julián. Lucerna extincta: Notes on an interspiritual history of art.

Takaes de Oliveira, Ianick. Renaissance heaven: The Empyrean in the art of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italian peninsula.

Yu, Lizi. Indirect knowledge spillover through supply chain common and industrial uncertainty: A Bayesian approach.

Zhang, Howard. Accounting for variety in housing price indices.

Akdogan, Basak. Examination of the role of striatal D1 and D2 medium spiny projection neurons in action timing.

FitzGerald, Emily. Empty hands: Becoming embodied in a virtual world.

Mehta, Gaurika. Race, caste, and possession: Indo-Caribbean politics of religion and demography.