Dissertations: April 6, 2020


Singleton, Courtney. A vague dwelling: The contemporary archaeology of the Pelham Bay Park homeless encampment. Sponsor: Zoe Crossland.

Rowen, Jonah. Materials, labor, and apprehension: Building for the threat of fire across the nineteenth-century British Atlantic. Sponsor: Reinhold Martin.

Art History and Archaeology
Boyd, Rachel. Invention, collaboration, and authorship in the Renaissance workshop: The Della Robbia family and Italian glazed terracotta sculpture, ca. 1430-1566. Sponsor: Michael Cole.

Schriber, Abbe. For a politics of obscurity: David Hammons and Black experimentalism, 1974-1989. Sponsor: Kellie Jones.

Stavis, Jacob. The formation of Achaemenid art: Beyond iconography and attribution. Sponsor: Zainab Bahrani.

Biological Sciences
Venkatesh, Divya. The role of the P53 network in regulating ferroptosis. Sponsors: Carol Prives and Brent Stockwell.

Cen, Xiao. A thesis on entrepreneurship, employment, and investment decisions. Sponsor: Wei Jiang.

Guo, Yifeng. Essays in information in financial markets. Sponsor: Laura Veldkamp.

Mei, Danqing. Three essays on M&A and technology. Sponsor: Wei Jiang.

Tomunen, Tuomas. Failure of risk sharing in the market for catastrophe risk. Sponsor: Paul Tetlock.

Wang, Yahui. Essays on financial market and trade globalization. Sponsor: Kent Daniel.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Chen, Andrew. Spatial and genomic analysis of the glioma tumor microenvironment. Sponsor: Raul Rabadan.

Dhindsa, Ryan. Deciphering gene dysregulation in disease through population and functional genomics. Sponsor: David Goldstein.

Crosson, Isaia. Lucan's mutilated voice: The poetics of incompleteness in Roman epic. Sponsor: Gareth Williams.

Donald, Rosalind. Greenlining: Eco-gentrification in Miami from the New Deal to the climate crisis. Sponsor: Richard John.

Noell, David. Broadcasting faith: Regulating radio from the new era to the American century. Sponsor: Richard John.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Parhi, Pradipta. Diagnosing mechanisms for a spatio-temporally varying tropical land rainfall response to transient El Niño warming and development of a prognostic climate risk management framework. Sponsor: Upmanu Lall.

Rim, Guanhe. Coupled kinetic and mechanistic study of carbonation of silicate materials with tailored transport behaviors for C02 utilization. Sponsor: Ngai Yin Yip.

Ainsworth, Robert. Essays in empirical public economics. Sponsor: Miguel Urquiola.

Herreno, Juan. Essays in empirical macroeconomics. Sponsor: Jennifer La'O.

Hyun, Jungsik. Essays in applied macroeconomics. Sponsor: Martin Uribe.

LaPoint, Cameron. Essays on the Japanese economy. Sponsors: Wojciech Kopczuk and David Weinstein.

Lim, Xi Zhi. Essays in decision theory. Sponsor: Mark Dean.

Singh, Divya. Essays in public economics. Sponsor: Wojciech Kopczuk.

Wang, Mengxue. Essays on international capital flows. Sponsor: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé.

Electrical Engineering
Huang, Yishen. Silicon photonic switching: From building block design to intelligent control. Sponsor: Keren Bergman.

Zadka, Moshe. High performance phased array platform for LiDAR applications. Sponsor: Michal Lipson.

Germanic Languages
Kurianowicz, Tomasz. The unknown future: Premonitions between futurology and pathology between 1750 and 1850. Sponsors: Stefan Andriopoulos and Oliver Simons.

Igra, Alma. the substance of human life: The emergence of human nutrition in Britain 1918-1941. Sponsor: Susan Pedersen.

Rutherford, Emily. The politics and culture of gender in British universities, 1860-1935. Sponsor: Susan Pedersen.

Vuljevic, Suzana. The crisis of spirit: Pan-Balkan idealism, transnational cultural-diplomatic networks and intellectual cooperation in Interwar Southeast Europe, 1930-1941. Sponsor: Mark Mazower.

Industrial Engineering
Chen, Lin. Continuous-time and distributionally robust mean-variance models. Sponsor: Xunyu Zhou.

Lian, Carl. On the enumerative geometry of branched covers of curves. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Marinescu, Monica. Moduli of surfaces and applications to curves. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Pirozhkov, Dmitrii. Admissible subcategories of del Pezzo surfaces. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Wu, Xuan. Weak noise limits of directed polymers and Gibbsian line ensembles. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Zhang, Zhongyi. Loop space of Lagrangians in a Liouville manifold and wrapped Fukaya category. Sponsor: Mohammed Abouzaid.

Operations Research
Alsabah, Humoud. Essays in networked markets and financial technology. Sponsor: Agostino Capponi.

Jia, Randy. New algorithms and analysis techniques for reinforcement learning. Sponsor: Shipra Agrawal.

Heeney, Matthew. Agency and the attitudes: Responsibility through reasoning. Sponsor: Carol Rovane.

Chen, Jue. Search for dark matter coupled to the Higgs boson at the large hadron collider. Sponsor: Gustaaf Brooijmans.

Forster, Hale. Saving money or saving energy? Decision architecture strategies and processes to encourage energy saving behaviors. Sponsor: Valerie Purdie-Vaughns

Tedeschi, Ellen. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge: Understanding the relationship between curiosity, exploration and reward. Sponsor: Daphna Shohamy.

Slavic Languages
Pheiffer, Brittany. Medieval culture and modern exile: The Middle Ages in the Russian émigré imagination. Sponsor: Valentina Izmirlieva.

Traverse, Emily. Ethics to art: Vasily Grossman's poetics as the realization of his philosophy. Sponsor: Boris Gasparov.

Ghosal, Promit. Time evolution of the KPZ equation. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Sustainable Development
Missirian, Anouch. Space matters: Quantifying ecosystem-mediated externalities. Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Friedman, Leah. Establishment of increased stimulus control for bidirectional naming increased stimulus control for other derived relations in 20- to 40-month-old toddlers. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Alawadhi, Noor. Kuwaiti mothers' food parenting styles, and practices, and food-environments. Sponsor: Isobel Contento.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Jordan, Alexandra. Religious community involvement in adolescence: The profundity of lived religion for teens. Sponsor: Lisa J. Miller.

TC / Developmental Psychology
Kapengut, Dina. Child-directed speech and the developing brain: An investigation of adult verbal warmth and negative affect. Sponsor: Kimberly Noble.

TC / Economics and Education
Mamba, Maurice. Do tuition elimination policies in Sub-Saharan Africa matter? Evidence from the universal secondary education in Uganda. Sponsor: Alexander Eble.

TC / English Education
Smith, Anderson. Empowerment and revelation through literature: A digital book club for post-incarceration. Sponsor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

TC / Mathematics Education
Abdelsattar, Soha. Mathematics education in Qatar from 1995 to 2018. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

Shvartsberg, Yana. Towards the history of mathematics education for young women during 1890-1920. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation
Zhao, Yihan. Studies of rater and item effects in rater models. Sponsor: Lawrence DeCarlo.

TC / Physical Disabilities
Fancisco, Marian. The intersection of teacher education, education policy, and education research: Perceptions from teacher education stakeholders. Sponsor: Ye Wang.

Rosenzweig, Elizabeth. Adverse childhood experiences, parental self-efficacy, and language outcomes for children with hearing loss. Sponsor: Ye Wang.

TC / Physical Disabilities
Smolen, Elaine. Factors influencing language and reading development in young children with hearing loss who use listening and spoken language. Sponsor: Ye Wang.

TC / School Psychology
Grant, Geremy. Stereotype threat and undergraduate writing performance. Sponsor: Dolores Perin.

TC / Science Education
Heydari, Roya. The impact of informal science education on students' science identity and understanding of science inquiry. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.

Stefanile, Adam. A study of secondary school students' participation in a novel course on genomic principles and practices. Sponsor: Christopher Emdin.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies
Coddington, Nicholas. Bridging the gap between theory and practice: The influence of a pre-service teaching residency at a historic site, archive, library, or museum on in-service pedagogical practices. Sponsor: Christine Baron.

Errazuriz Besa, Valentina. "Hijas de la Lucha": Social studies education and gender/political subjectification in the Chilean high school feminist movement. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.

Shatara, Hannadi. The influence of world history teacher positionalities for global education. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.



Applied Physics
Abler, Melissa. Experimental characterization of three-wave coupling in a turbulent dipole-confined plasma.

Art History and Archaeology
Gorant, Charlotte. Reliefs from the Bhārut stūpa: Re-evaluating early Buddhist narrative art (ca. 200 B.C.E. - 100 C.E.).

Jiang, Angel. Plateresque fantasies: Architecture and ornament in Renaissance Spain.

McCann, Natalie. Baroque costume portraits: Fashion in seventeenth-century British portraiture.

Merkin, Sophia. Collecting the Pacific: Oceanic art in 19th-century American museums.

Art History and Archaeology
Woolley, Heather. Miraculous technologies: The supernatural in modern image making, 1800-1900.

Computer Science
Waingarten, Erik. New methods in sublinear computation for high dimensional problems.

Kong, Sang Hoon. Misallocation in a spatial equilibrium.

Ravaioli, Silvio. Information collection and integration in economic decisions.

Sakabe, Shogo. Spatial spillover effects of technological innovation.

Lees, Lynton. Democracy's children: Education, citizenship, and the totalitarian challenge to Britain and its empire, 1933-1950.

Naponiello, Luca. Tentacles and spiderwebs: Italo Calvino and the ecology of the folktale.

Materials Science and Engineering
Carter, Michael. Woven fabrics with designer electromagnetic response.

Soled, Kodiak. Perinatal social support among sexual and gender minority childbearing individuals.

Xiao, Xiao. Space, texts, and communities-religious imaginations of the early developments of Kiyomizudera.