Dissertations: August 12, 2019



Applied Mathematics
Bieli, Melanie. The extratropical transition of tropical cyclones: Present-day. Sponsors: Suzana De Camargo and Adam Sobel.

Wolcott-Green, Jemma. Chemistry and radiative feedback of early galaxies: Seeding the first supermassive black holes. Sponsor: Zoltan Haiman.

Biological Sciences
Aghayeva, Ulkar. Transcriptional regulation of tissue remodeling in C. elegans dauer larvae. Sponsor: Oliver Hobert.

Biomedical Engineering
Parker, David. Interaction of the slice acquisition timing and motion artifacts in fMRI. Sponsor: Qolamreza Razlighi.

Wang, Yi. The sensitivity of the cochlear amplifier to changes in operating conditions. Sponsor: Elizabeth Olson.

Liu, Zhe. Matching spatially diversified suppliers with random demands. Sponsor: Constantinos Maglaras.

Moulton, Elizabeth. The disclosure of sensitive information. Sponsor: Malia Mason.

Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Kim, Jonathan. Structural investigation of plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter in the context of anti-malarial drug resistance. Sponsor: Filippo Mancia.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Georgieva, Daniela. Brcal and 53BP1 affect reprogramming by altering DNA repair pathway choice. Sponsor: Dietrich Egli.

McCurdy, Ethan. Promotion of axon growth and fasciculation through an atonally derived protein. Sponsor: Ulrich Hengst.

Chemical Physics
Joshi, Prakriti. Contributions of lattice anharmonicities to optoelectronic properties of lead halide perovskites. Sponsor: Xiaoyang Zhu.

Lee, Kihong. Optical spectroscopy of two-dimensional superatomic semiconductors and magnetic materials. Sponsors: Xavier Roy and Xiaoyang Zhu.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Wang, Kun. From multiscale modeling to metamodeling of geomechanics problems. Sponsor: WaiChing Sun.

Computer Science
Fei, Yun. Multi-scale models for interactions between liquid and thin structures. Sponsor: Changxi Zheng.

Lecuyer, Mathias. Security, privacy, and transparency guarantees for machine learning systems. Sponsor: Roxana Geambasu.

Ulinski, Morgan. Leveraging text-to-scene generation for language elicitation and documentation. Sponsor: Julia Hirschberg.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Landes, Franziska. Engaging communities to reduce toxic exposures with a field kit for mapping soil lead in Peru and New York. Sponsor: Lex van Geen.

Dorn, Agnieszka. Essays on macro-labor. Sponsor: Andres Drenik.

Electrical Engineering
da Silva Cerqueira, Joao Pedro. Ultra-low leakage, energy efficient digital integrated circuit design. Sponsor: Mingoo Seok.

Haque, Tanbir. A flexible RFIC architecture for high-sensitivity reception and compressed-sampling wideband detection. Sponsors: Peter Kinget and John Wright..

English and Comparative Literature
Fabrizio, Alexis. In between places: Fictions of British decolonization. Sponsor: Matthew Hart.

Mechanical Engineering
Ardelean, Jenny. Optical characterization of charge transfer excitons in transition metal dichalcogenide heterosctructures. Sponsor: James Hone.

Khan, Moiz. Functional posture rehabilitation using a cable-driven robot. Sponsor: Sunil Agrawal.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Nauman, Grace. Humanized mouse models for xenotolerance and autoimmunity. Sponsor: Megan Sykes.

Beauchemin, Melissa. Supporting clinician decision making in cancer care delivery. Sponsor: Rebecca Schnall.

Voigt, Natalie. Physical activity among adults living with HIV/AIDS: Interventions, predictors, and measurement. Sponsor: Lusine Poghosyan.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
So, Jeewon. Fusobacterium nucleatum-induced placental inflammation and potential therapy. Sponsor: Yiping Han.

Stivison, Elizabeth. Interstitial telomere sequences disrupt break-induced replication. Sponsor: Lorraine Symington.

Operations Research
Sakr, Nourhan. Driving social impact through combinatorial optimization and data science. Sponsor: Clifford Stein.

Li, Xinyu. Electrodynamics inside and outside magnetars. Sponsor: Andrei Beloborodov.

Political Science
Jackson, Katharine. Corporate autonomy: Law, constitutional democracy, and big business. Sponsor: Jean Cohen.

Thorley, Dane. Essays on courts, randomization, and experiments. Sponsor: Jeffrey Lax.

Social Work
Bhattacharya, Anindita. Women's narratives of illness and institutionalization: A feminist inquiry. Sponsor: Ellen Lukens.

Camacho, David. Loneliness and pain in community-dwelling older adults: A national perspective on ethnic differences. Sponsor: Ellen Lukens.

Fink, Pierre. The rise of the money market: The U.S. State, New York City banks and the commodification of money, 1945-1980. Sponsor: Joshua Whitford.

Hoffman, Mark. Cultural consumption and political thought after the American Revolution. Sponsor: Peter Bearman.

Sociomedical Sciences
Kola, Ijeoma. "I can't breathe": The rise of asthma in Black urban America. Sponsor: Merlin Chowkwanyun.

Perez-Brumer, Amaya. HIV biomedical prevention science and the business of gender and sexual diversity. Sponsor: Richard Parker.

Loaiza Ganem, Gabriel. Advances in deep generative modeling with applications to image generation and neuroscience. Sponsor: John Cunningham.


Chemical Engineering
Alkhodairi, Husam. Compatibilization of immiscible polymer blends using polymer-grafted nanoparticles.

Altorbaq, Abdullah. Enhancement of barrier properties of semi-crystalline polymer using grafted nanoparticles.

Beatty, Marissa. Developing design rules by altering the structure and composition of membrane coated electrocatalysts.

Chen, Sophia. Thickness effects on C02 permeability and bulk/surface morphologies of Polystyrene-grafted-silica in a Polystyrene matrix for gas barriers.

Denny, Steven. Electrochemical stability and activity of bare and PGM-modified tungsten, niobium, and molybdenum nitrides.

Dhatt-Gauthier, Kiran. Automating Bayesian inference and design for acoustic levitation and propulsion.

Feric, Tony. Novel nanoscale hybrid materials for combined C02 capture and conversion.

Gusley, Ryan. Interconnects beyond copper.

Huynh, Han. Heterogeneous chemistry of calcium carbonate and stratospheric ozone.

Kovar, Thomas. Structure and unstructures motion in multiphase granular flow system.

Krauskopf, Alejandro. Effect of zone annealing on anisotropic nanoparticle reordering in polymer nanocomposites.

Rampal, Nikhil. Computational insights into ion pairing, solvation and dynamics in concentrated aqueous solutions.

Sivaram, Abhishek. Feature space of deep neural networks for system identification and fault diagnosis.

Su, Rui. Pathways and dynamics of exocytotic release.

Yeong, Vivian. Engineering synthetic oganelles in E. coli through complex coacervation.

Zervoudis, Nicholas. The effects of protein charge patterning on complex coacervation and enzyme activity.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Sacks, Jared. Engaging South Africa's far-left: Ideology and practice from a subaltern perspective.

Abraham, Cilgy. Predictors and outcomes of nurse practitioner burnout in primary care practices.

Pho, Anthony. Human papillomavirus vaccination in transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.

Song, Jiyoun. Analyzing risk factors for healthcare-associated infections using multidimensional methodological approaches.

Zheng, Katherine. Developmental assets in adolescents with chronic illness and co-morbid depression.

Golan, Erez. Joy Vey: Emotions and affects in classical Rabbinic literature.