Dissertations: December 10, 2018


Applied Mathematics
Tao, Yunzhe. Nonlocal Neumann volume-constrained problems and asymptotically compatible numerical approximations. Sponsor: Qiang Du.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Groopman, Emily. Investigating the utility of exome sequencing for kidney disease. Sponsor: Ali Gharavi.

Ji, Brian. Quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics of human gut microbiota and metabolic limitations of cancer cell growth. Sponsor: Dennis Vitkup.

Johns, Nathan. Gene regulatory compatibility in bacteria: Consequences for evolution and synthetic biology. Sponsor: Harris Wang.

Yang, Jamie. Yeast survival under acute exposure to lethal stress. Sponsor: Saeed Tavazoie.

Chemical Engineering
Abdallah, Walaa. Engineering approaches to control activity and selectivity of enzymes for multi-step catalysis. Sponsor: Scott Banta.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Bartilson, Daniel. Model updating in structural dynamics: Advanced parametrization, optimal regularization, and symmetry considerations. Sponsor: Andrew Smyth.

Computer Science
Kowalczyk, Lucas. Attribute-based encryption for Boolean formulas. Sponsor: Allison Bishop.

Sinha, Kanad. Repurposing software defenses with specialized hardware. Sponsor: Steven Bellovin.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Das, Subhabrata. Multiscale modeling and microfluidic study of particle-laden emulsions and foams. Sponsor: Ponisseril Somasundaran.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Howe, Michael. Improving estimates of seismic source parameters using surface-wave observations: Applications to earthquakes and underground nuclear explosions. Sponsor: Goran Ekstrom.

Electrical Engineering
Gidony, David. Embedded systems for photonic cognitive sensing. Sponsor: Keren Bergman.

Shekar, Siddharth. Design of custom CMOS amplifiers for nanoscale bio-interfaces. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.

French and Romance Philology
Azab, Adham. Cum dicit auctoritas: Quotational practice in two bilingual treatises on love by Gérard of Liège. Sponsor: Eliza Zingesser.

Marcus, David. In Socialism's twilight: Michael Walzer and the politics of the Long New Left. Sponsor: Casey Blake.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Abourahme, Nasser. Beneath the concrete: Camp, colony, Palestine. Sponsor: Joseph Massad.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Wang, Yiliu. Order from disorder: Imposing structure on odor representations during learning. Sponsors: Laurence Abbott and Richard Axel.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Moevus, Corentin. Single-molecule study of the effect of nucleosomes on DNA-based processes. Sponsor: Eric Greene.

Political Science
Strauss-Kahn, Camille. Outside in targeting aid within communities. Sponsor: Macartan Humphreys.

TC / Anthropology and Education
Dvorak, Alexander. Becoming an international student: What do adolescent immigrants do with a high school designed for them? Sponsor: Herve Varenne.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Connolly, Philippa. Smiling and snarling: Context sensitivity in emotional expression as a predictor of adjustment to spousal loss. Sponsor: George Bonanno.

Drapkin, Jennifer. Integrating yoga and self-psychology: An open-trial pilot study. Sponsor: Lisa J. Miller.

Love, Melanie. Sex, dishonesty, and psychotherapy. Sponsor: Barry Farber.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Salgado Hernández, Vania. Can a test measure teaching quality? Validity of Mexico's teacher entry examination after the 2013 education reform. Sponsor: Regina Cortina.

TC / Mathematics Education
Barba, Kimberly. Mindset over matter: How parent mathematical mindset relates to student mathematical experience. Sponsor: Nicholas Wasserman.

Kim, Hyunjung. Acculturation and development of Korean American parents and their perspectives on mathematics education. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

Levin, Beatriz. Gender gap in mathematics achievement in Brazil: Teachers' implicit gender bias. Sponsor: Nicholas Wasserman.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation
Liu, Xiang. Three contributions to latent variable modeling. Sponsor: Lawrence DeCarlo.


Applied Mathematics
Stein, Oded. Partial differential equations for geometric data processing.

Art History and Archaeology
Zinner, Valerie. Sumiyoshi Gukei and early modern Yamato-e.

Biomedical Engineering
Altoé, Mirella. Chemotherapy-induced changes in breast tissue metabolism for tumor monitoring and breast cancer risk assessment using diffuse optica tomography.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gruenburg, Laura. Variability in Indonesian throughflow heat transport and its effect on the Indian Ocean.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Petach, Anika. Nitrogen cycling in temperate hardwood forests: Individual scale theory, stand scale observations, and landscape scale abundance.

Siller, Stefanie. Epigenetic mediation of early developmental stress on the HPA axis.

English and Comparative Literature
Cádiz Bedini, Daniella. Crossing the Republic: Writing and translation across the Americas 1840-1930.

Engebretson, Jessica. Sovereign fictions: Self-determination and the literature of the Nigeria-Biafra War.

Gordon, Walter. "Oh awful power": Energy and modernity in African American literature.

Horn, Adam. Presumption and despair: The Cistercian tradition in medieval English literature.

Jamieson, David. Imagining disgust in the 18th Century.

Kelley, Elleza. At the edge.

Park, Yea Jung. Fictions of discernment in late medieval England.

Tripathi, Ameya. 1930s, English and Spanish War (20th Century British).

Windhauser, Kevin. Circulating knowledges: Literature and the idea of the library in Renaissance England.

Rutigliano, Olivia. The performing detective: Investigation, audience, and acting in Victorian entertainment.