Dissertations: February 10, 2020


Applied Mathematics
Liu, Chia-Hao. Applied mathematics and computational methods for the structure of nanoparticles and their assemblies. Sponsor: Simon Billinge.

Art History and Archaeology
Bernstein, Margot. Carmontelle's profile pictures and the things that made them modern. Sponsor: Anne Higonnet.

D'Addio, Sophia. Painted organ shutters in Renaissance Italy. Sponsor: Michael Cole.

Art History and Archaeology
Muehlbauer, Mikael. "Bastions of the Cross": Medieval rock-cut cruciform churches of Tigray, Ethiopia. Sponsor: Stephen Murray.

Biological Sciences
Tan, Hwei Ee. The neural basis of sugar and fat cravings. Sponsor: Charles S. Zuker.

Biomedical Engineering
Karakatsani, Maria Eleni. Quantitative analysis of the focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening with applications in neurodegenerative disorders. Sponsor: Elisa Konofagou.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Lin, Qiliang. Design and analysis of smart building envelope materials and systems. Sponsor: Huiming Yin.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Cheng, Yu. Multiscale turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. Sponsor: Pierre Gentine.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Phelps, Samuel. Noelaerhabdaceae coccolithophores as recorders of ancient atmospheric C02. Sponsor: Pratigya Polissar.

Electrical Engineering
Shen, Yiwen. Reconfigurable optically interconnected systems. Sponsor: Keren Bergman.

Zhang, Changjian. Engineering and probing two-dimensional materials and heterostructures. Sponsor: James Hone.

An, Yang. Comparison between motivic periods with Shalika periods. Sponsor: Michael Harris.

Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Da. Inducing superconductivity in two-dimensional materials. Sponsor: Abhay Pasupathy.

Clark, Emily. Iron gongs and singing birds: Paths of migration and acoustic assemblages of alterity in the former Dutch colonial empire. Sponsor: Ana María Ochoa.

Music (DMA)
Dimou, Stylianos. 1. Les instances (2019) 2. Linear verticalitiels. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Péres-Torres, Eduardo. Retromer dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Sponsor: Serge Przedborski.

Lee, Chih-Hsi. Quantum metrology with a molecular lattice clock and state-selected photodissociation of ultracold molecules. Sponsor: Tanya Zelevinsky.

Sternbach, Aaron. Dynamics of quantum materials at the nanoscale. Sponsor: Dmitri Basov.

Political Science
McClelland, Benjamin. Identity and agency: Majority and minority ethnic voting in new democracies. Sponsor: Timothy Frye.

Papcke, Luise. Individuality and social cohesion: Humboldt and Schleiermacher at the origin of modern liberalism. Sponsor: Nadia Urbinati.

Slavic Languages
Rose, Eliza. Plein-air politics: Labor as means, matter and milieu for the arts in the People's Republic of Poland (1965-1981). Sponsor: Valentina Izmirlieva.

TC / Applied Anthropology
Abbas, Chelsea. Conflict, change, and social relations in a Costa Rican border village. Sponsor: Lambros Comitas.

TC / Physical Disabilities
Shi, Lingyun. Efficiency matter: A meta-analysis on vocabulary intervention for young children with and without language delays. Sponsor: Ye Wang.

Urban Planning
Watson, Siobhan. Building on local successes: The energy efficiency conservation block grant program and its lessons for federal climate policy. Sponsor: Elliott Sclar.



Cuadrado, Alex. Dante's churchscape: The history of religious orders in Dante's commedia.

Gerbakher, Ilona. The spatiality of Sufi text & And the textuality of Sufi space in Saljūq Baghdād: A critical inquiry.

Mellon, Greer. "Local control" and educational inequality: Three longitudinal, quantitative studies of school district governance in the United States.