Dissertations: February 4, 2019


Applied Mathematics
Sinha, Anirban. Temporal variability in ocean mesoscale and submesoscale turbulence. Sponsor: Ryan Abernathey.

Art History and Archaeology
Shah, Siddhartha. Ornamenting the Raj: Opulence and spectacle in British India, 1851-1903. Sponsor: Vidya Dehejia.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
O'Brien, Paul. Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy studies of piRNA-pathway proteins. Sponsor: Arthur Palmer.

Biological Sciences
Jo, Jeanyoung. Metabolic strategies to cope with overcrowding in a pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm. Sponsor: Lars Dietrich.

Tahirova, Narmin. Applying medicinal chemistry to olfaction. Sponsor: Stuart Firestein.

Biomedical Engineering
Amar, Levy. Analyzing, quantifying and optimizing crossflow microfiltration of fine suspensions. Sponsor: Edward Leonard.

Armstrong, Megan. Single molecule imaging to characterize interfacial protein interactions. Sponsor: Henry Hess.

Estell, Eben. Modulation of synovium mechanobiology and tribology in the osteoarthritic environment. Sponsor: Clark Hung.

Yang, Jie. Unsupervised and weakly-supervised learning of localized texture patterns of lung diseases on computed tomography. Sponsor: Andrew Laine.

Biomedical Informatics
Nakikj, Drashko. Investigating and supporting sensemaking within online health communities. Sponsor: Olena Mamykina.

Dew, Ryan. Essays on machine learning methods for data-driven marketing decisions. Sponsor: Asim Ansari.

Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Smerdon, John. Axon initial segment plasticity in mouse models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Sponsor: Hynek Wichterle.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Chen, Sway. Novel genetic engineering tools for functional studies of the gut microbiome. Sponsor: Harris Wang.

Dieck, Chelsea. Mechanisms and therapeutic targeting of NT5C2 mutations in relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Sponsor: Adolfo A. Ferrando.

Eckels, Edward. Magnetic Tweezers for probing single protein physiology. Sponsor: Julio Fernandez.

Garcia, Enrique. ER stress and lipid droplet-dependent proteostasis in response to lipid stress in yeast and a novel congenital muscular dystrophy. Sponsor: Liza Pon.

Singer, Ruth. The role of long noncoding RNAs in pancreas development and function. Sponsor: Lori Sussel.

Tenen, Claudia. Function and tissue focus of daf-18/PTEN in maintaining blast cell multipotency and quiescence in Caenorhabditis elegans dauer larvae. Sponsor: Iva Greenwald.

Thomas, David. Liver X receptor cis-repression and cholesterol efflux restrain innate immunity and coronary artery disease. Sponsor: Alan Tall.

Yang, Jamie. Yeast survival under acute exposure to lethal stress. Sponsor: Saeed Tavazoie.

Zhong, Xinjue. Exploring two-dimensional superatomic semiconductors. Sponsor: Xiaoyang Zhu.

Kaczor, Sarah. The Ovidian soundscape: The poetics of noise in the Metamorphoses. Sponsor: Gareth Williams.

Glaisyer, Thomas. A witches' brew of instability: Data, platforms, and networks--understanding America's digital public square. Sponsor: Richard John.

Computer Science
Cooper, Erica. Text-to-speech synthesis using found data for low-resource languages. Sponsor: Julia Hirschberg.

Levitan, Sarah. Automatic deception detection from spoken dialogue: Classification and individual differences. Sponsor: Julia Hirschberg.

Lottarini, Andrea. Design space exploration of accelerators for warehouse scale computing. Sponsor: Martha Kim.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Borunda, Alejandra. Tracing dust in the Southern Hemisphere over the last glacial cycle. Sponsor: Gisela Winckler.

Gao, Yuchao. The impact of organic aerosol volatility on particle microphysics and global climate. Sponsors: Susanne Bauer and Konstantinos Tsigaridis.

Mozumder, M. Rajib Hassan. Impacts of pumping on the distribution of arsenic in Bangladesh groundwater. Sponsor: Lex van Geen.

Oliver, Ruth. Spatiotemporal dynamics of songbird breeding in arctic-boreal North America. Sponsor: Natalie Boelman.

English and Comparative Literature
Barasch, Benjamin. The ontological imagination: Living form in American literature. Sponsors: Branka Arsi and Ross Posnock.

Genetics and Development
Galindo, Samantha. Axon-axon and axon-target interactions underlying somatosensory circuit assembly in Drosophila. Sponsor: Wesley Grueber.

Ketcham, Alexandra. ROS-mediated and independent paths to thymineless death in Escherichia coli. Sponsor: Saeed Tavazoie.

Industrial Engineering
Ma, Ni. Efficient simulation and performance stabilization for time-varying single-server queues. Sponsor: Ward Whitt.

Mechanical Engineering
Czapla, Braden. Near-field radiative heat transfer in linear chains of multilayered spheres. Sponsor: Arvind Narayanaswamy.

Yuan, Shengxi. Methods and pathways for electricity sector transitions. Sponsor: Vijay Modi.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Miron, Michelle. Mechanisms of T cell compartmentalization in human tissues. Sponsor: Donna Farber.

Mason, William. Feeling machines: Immersion, expression, and technological embodiment in electroacoustic music of the French Spectral School. Sponsor: Ellie Hisama.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Chalif, Joshua. Ventral spinocerebellar tract neurons are essential for mammalian locomotion. Sponsor: George Mentis.

Fageiry, Samaher. Mapping cortical connections with spinal circuits. Sponsors: Thomas Jessell and Darcy Kelley.

Horta, Adan. Cell type-specific interchromosomal interactions as a mechanism for transcriptional diversity. Sponsor: Stavros Lomvardas.

Howard, Clare. Serotonergic modulation of walking behavior in Drosophila melanogaster. Sponsor: Richard Mann.

So, Lam Tsz Nina. Behavioral significance and neural processing of communication vocalizations. Sponsor: Sarah Woolley.

Handschuh, Caroline. Peer and parental relationships and their association with adolscent sexual behaviors. Sponsor: Arlene Smaldone.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Shikhel, Steven. Energy regulation by the skeleton: Exploring the role of bone-delivered Lipocalin 2. Sponsor: Stavroula Kousteni.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Du, Jing. Genome-wide screening approaches identify novel Notch signaling targets as regulators of angiogenesis. Sponsor: Jan Kitajewski.

Gasiunas, Nemira. Patterns of perception. Sponsor: Lydia Goehr.

Kaeslin, Isabel. Emotion, cognition, and the virtue of flexibility. Sponsor: Katja Vogt.

Edelberg, Drew. Systems of transition metal dichalcogenides: Controlling applied strain and defect density with direct impact on material properties. Sponsor: Abhay Pasupathy.

He, Zhuoran. Computational studies and algorithmic research of strongly correlated materials. Sponsor: Andrew Millis.

TC / Anthropology and Education
Dvorak, Alexander. Becoming an international student: What do adolescent immigrants do with a high school designed for them? Sponsor: Herve Varenne.

Lassila Smith, Astrid. Community college failing forced migrant students. Sponsor: Herve Varenne.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Rossi, Adam. Demographic and psychiatric correlates of suicide attempt in a nationally representative sample. Sponsor: Barry Farber.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Hawn, Michael. Exploratory analysis of teacher online data use and attitudes. Sponsor: Ryan Baker.

Liu, Yang. Gesture for thinking on diagrams. Sponsor: Barbara Tversky.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Ahmed, Abdul. The rise of #Fallism: #RhodesMustFall and the movement to decolonize the university. Sponsor: Susan Garnett Russell.

Liu, Ji. The economics of teacher occupational choice in China. Sponsor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Torres-Mackie, Naomi. Growing up in a single-mother household: Managing stigma and cultivating capacities. Sponsor: Marie Miville.

TC / Educational Leadership
Graves, Kenneth. Disrupting the digital norm in the new digital divide: Toward a conceptual and empirical framework of technology leadership for social justice through multilevel latent class analysis. Sponsor: Alex J. Bowers.

TC / Mathematics Education
Galarza, Patrick. The effects of mathematical game play on the cognitive and affective development of pre-secondary students. Sponsor: Nicholas Wasserman.

TC / Politics and Education
Smikle, Basil. Regimes, race, and reform: The politics of charter school growth and sustainability in Harlem. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.

TC / School Psychology
Durham, Katherine. Domains of intellectual functioning and posttraumatic stress symptoms among traumatized youth. Sponsor: Philip Saigh.

TC / Speech and Language Pathology
Rajappa, Akila. Psychometric evaluation of magnitude estimation scales to evaluate urge-to-cough sensation in healthy young adults. Sponsor: Michelle Troche.

Urban Planning
Fischer, Lauren. The transport planning process: A political and institutional analysis. Sponsor: David King.

Li, Yunjing. Chinese low-carbon cities: A state discursive project in Shenzhen. Sponsor: Elliott Sclar.



Applied Physics
Brooks, John. Mode suppression in HBT-EP with a directional bias probe array and active feedback control.

Ginsberg, Jared. High harmonic generation from metasurfaces and nanomaterials.

Art History and Archaeology
Clemens, Olivia. Arts of the lands of Islam.

Ekserdjian, Alexander. Shared visual space: The sculptural representation of the bodies of mortals and gods in the sanctuaries of Hellenistic central Italy.

Kuruvilla, Tara. Disjecta membra: The fragmentation of the India Museum and the colonial construction of knowledge over the long nineteenth century.

Superfine, Mary. Radical touch: Performative sculpture and assemblage in the 1970s.

Biomedical Engineering
Feng, Xinyang. Large-scale neuroimaging in Alzheimer's disease and normal aging.

Kim, Sharon. Interrogating spatiotemporal patterns of resting state neuronal activity in awake mice and resulting implications for resting state fMRI interpretation.

Sundaresh, Sowmya. Biomechanics of brain tissue and pathbiology of blast induced traumatic brain injury.

Choi, Woohyun. Essays on advertising.

Padilla, Nicolas. Estimating customer preferences with limited information.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Wang, Siyan. Evaluation of green infrastructure for field measurements, modeling, and enhancements.

Classical Studies
Ish Shalom, Tal Ardon. State formation and ethnic identity in the late-seleucid levant (164-63 BCE).

Heintges, Elizabeth. Between myth and memory: Sicily in Roman literature (1st c. BCE - 1st c. CE).

James, Jesse. Greek international law: Networks, socialization, and compliance.

Computer Science
Fei, Yun. Multi-scale models to simulate interactions between liquid and thin structures.

Kedzie, Christopher. Salience estimation and faithful generation: Modeling methods for text summarization and generation.

Razaghi, Hooshmand. Statistical machine learning methods for extracting large multineuronal activity and inference of neural population dynamics.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Tejada Lara, Julia. Isotopic, ecological, and phylogenetic approaches to understanding Cenozoic South American mammalian communities through time.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Moody, Peter. Mobilizing music and the making of North Korea.

Sakai, Komei. Forging the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas: The study of religious iconography of Japanese arms and armor.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Kou-Giesbrecht, Sian. How do nitrogen-fixing trees influence the extent to which global forests mitigate or exacerbate climate change?

Shah, Shailee. Direct benefits driving grouping behavior in a cooperatively breeding species.

English and Comparative Literature
Banful, Akua. The hostile tropics: Towards a postcolonial discourse of climate.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

Najib, Aseel. The Sharia, the executive and land taxation in the early Abbasaid Period.

Murray, Meghan. Risk factors for emerging and reemerging infectious diseases in vulnerable populations.

Parsons Beauchemin, Melissa. Cancer care delivery and clinical informatics.

Booth, Richard. Philosophy of mind, logic, early modern philosophy.

Political Science

Sutherland, Joseph. What can text data teach us about representation? Methods for the study of institutions and public opinion.

Liu, Yanchen. Investigating the margins: Bernard of Pama's Glossa Ordinaria on religious marginality in the high middle ages.

Elbers, Benjamin. The reproduction of racial segregation in U.S. schools.