Dissertations: February 9, 2017


Mojaddedi, Fatima. Ground wars: Thoughts for the times on represention and economy in Afghanistan. Advisor: Rosalind C. Morris.

Stone, Naomi. Human technologies in the Iraq War. Advisors: Nadia Abu El-Haj and Brinkley M. Messick.

APAM: Applied Mathematics
Dandapani, Aditi. Strict local martingales and initial expansion of filtrations. Advisor: Philip Protter.

Shaevitz, Daniel. Extreme weather: Subtropical floods and tropical cyclones. Advisor: Adam H. Sobel.

Hughes, Paul. MHD effects of a ferritic wall on tokamak plasmas. Advisor: Gerald A. Navratil.

Isaacs, Eric. Electronic structure and phase stability of strongly correlated electron materials. Advisor: Chris A. Marianetti.

Peng, Qian. Improved magnetic feedback system on the fast rotating kink mode. Advisor: Michael E. Mauel.

Wang, Sheng. Artificial graphene in nano-patterned GaAs quantum wells and graphene growth by molecular beam epitaxy. Advisor: Aron Pinczuk.

Zhang, Datong. Hybridization of van der Waals materials and close-packed nanoparticle monolayers. Advisor: Irving P. Herman.

APAM: Materials Science and Engineering
Liu, Jiaxing. Deposition and characterization of magnetron sputtered beta-tungsten thin films. Advisor: Katayun Barmak.

Art History and Archaeology
Andrei, Talia. Mapping sacred spaces: Representations of pleasure and worship in Sankei mandara. Advisor: Matthew McKelway.

Butler, Eliza. Frank Millet, public art, and cultural evolution. Advisor: Elizabeth W. Hutchinson.

Colard, Sandrine. Photography in the colonial Congo, 1885-1960. Advisor: Zoë Strother.

Sanchez, Michael. The Rhine system: Konrad Fischer, the logistics of artists, and the human infrastructure of art, 1967-1974. Advisor: Branden W. Joseph.

Corlies, Lauren. Observationally constrained metal signatures of galaxy evolution. Advisor: David Schiminovich.

D’Orazio, Daniel. Predicting electromagnetic signatures of gravitational wave sources. Advisors: Zoltan Haiman and Janna Levin.

Kanarek, Graham. The Wolf-Rayet population of the Milky Way. Advisor: Michael Shara.

Liu, Jia. Cosmology with weak lensing in the nonlinear regime. Advisor: Zoltan Haiman.

Price-Whelan, Adrian. The evolution and statistical power of stellar streams. Advisor: Kathryn V. Johnston.

Biological Sciences
Deng, Yuting. Novel negative regulation of LIN-12/Notch in Caenorhabditis elegans. Advisor: Iva Greenwald.

Duzdevich, Daniel. Watching the replisome: Single-molecule studies of Eukaryotic replication. Advisor: Eric C. Greene.

Mandriota, Nicola. Nanoscale cellular stiffness patterns are governed by intracellular forces. Advisor: Ozgur Sahin.

Shin, William. Systems biology approaches to the study of neurological disorders and somatic cell programming. Advisor: Andrea Califano.

Sun, Ming. Cyro-electron microscopy studies of dynamical features of ribosomes during the translation process. Advisor: Joachim Frank.

Zhou, Jie. Indentification of plus-end motors involved in adenovirus transport during early infection. Advisor: Richard Vallee.

Biomedical Engineering
Bernhard, Jonathan. Engineering hypertrophic chondrocyte-based grafts for enhanced bone generation. Advisor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Brown, Genevieve. The initiation, sustainment, and consequences of cytosolic calcium signals in osteocytes. Advisor: X. Edward Guo.

Costet, Alexandre. Electromechanical wave imaging for the in vivo characterization of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. Advisor: Elisa E. Konofagou.

David, Guillaume. Time-domain compressive beamforming for medical ultrasound imaging. Advisor: Andrew F. Laine.

Lee, Nancy. Design and optimization of an integrative periodontal ligament scaffold. Advisor: Helen H. Lu.

Ng, Johnathan. Cartilage maturation in vitro and in vivo. Advisor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Tejavibulya, Nalin. Development of a skin patch for continuous glucose monitoring. Advisor: Samuel K. Sia.

Yu, Yue. The contribution of the anisotropic and heterogeneous trabecular tissue modulus to apparent level mechanical properties. Advisor: X. Edward Guo.

Biomedical Informatics
Brown, William. Ontology-based semantic harmonization of HIV-associated common data elements (CDE) and integration of diverse HIV research datasets. Advisor: Suzanne Bakken.

Hruby, Gregory. Toward a generalized model of biomedical query mediation to improve electronic health record retrieval. Advisor: Chunhua Weng.

Prey, Jennifer. Patient engagement to improve medication safety in the hospital. Advisor: David K. Vawdrey.

Aghamolla, Cyrus. Essay on analyst herding. Advisor: Jonathan Glover.

Anicich, Eric. A theoretical and empirical investigation of middle-rank behavior in social hierarchies. Advisor: Adam Galinsky.

Ayala, Andres. Essays on empirical asset pricing. Advisor: Andrew Ang.

Banerjee, Mitali. In the eye of the beholder: Artists’ creative success and social structure across different audiences. Advisors: Paul Ingram and Damon Phillips.

Crapis, Davide. Pricing models in the presence of informational and social externalities. Advisor: Costis Maglaras and Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi.

Han, Dong Joon. Earnings manipulation and asset substitution: Real effects of financial reporting scrutiny on debt contraction. Advisor: Tim Baldenius.

Honigsberg, Colleen. The surprising effect of hedge fund disclosure. Advisor: Fabrizio Ferri.

Kilcioglu, Cinar. Essays on cloud pricing and causal inference. Advisor: Costis Maglaras and Jose Zubizaretta.

Lu, Lijian. Competition in service operations: Equilibrium analysis and structural estimation. Advisor: Awi Federgruen.

Cell Biology
Churchill, Michael. Bone marrow: A new way to model a classic organ. Advisor: Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Liu, Chenshu. Cytoskeletal regulations of centromere maintenance and functions in mammalian cell cycle. Advisor: Yinghui Mao.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Marshall, Kara. The functional diversity of mammalian touch receptors. Advisor: Ellen Lumpkin.

Mountoufaris, George. The role of clustered protocadherins in the assembly of olfactory cirucits. Advisor: Thomas Maniatis.

Xie, Yajing. Genetics of ABCA4-associated diseases and retinities pigmentosa. Advisor: Rando Allikmets.

Chemical Engineering
Knehr, Kevin. Identification, characterization, and mitigation of the performance limiting processes in battery electrodes. Advisor: Alan C. West.

Zhao, Dan. Tuning nanoparticle organization and mechanical properties in polymer nanocomposites. Advisor: Sanat K. Kumar.

Chemical Physics
Montoya-Castillo, Andrés. Generalized quantum master equations: Efficient and accurate approaches to quantum dynamics. Advisor: David Reichman.

Beecher, Alexander. Synthesis and characerization of atomically precise clusters. Advisor: Jonathan S. Owen.

Daly, Nathan. Single-molecule studies of nucleic acid dynamics using carbon nanotube-based field-effect transitors. Advisors: Ruben L. Gonzalez, Jr. and Colin P. Nuckolls.

Fleisher, Rachel. Examining the effects of D-amino acids on translation. Advisors: Virginia Cornish and Ruben L. Gonzalez, Jr.

Gassaway, Madalee. Modulation of brain chemistry with small molecule probes: From opioid to growth factor signaling systems. Advisor: Dalibor Sames.

Hoang, Dat. Analytical imaging for single molecules methods in complex materials. Advisor: Laura J. Kaufman.

Neary, Michelle. Molybdenum, tungsten and nickel compounds as catalysts for the dehydrogenation of formic acid. Advisor: Gerard Parkin.

Ng, Yao Zong. Expanding the toolkit for metabolic engineering. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.

Rodenbough, Philip. Crystallite size dependency of the pressure and temperature response in nanoparticles of ceria and other oxides. Advisor: Siu-Wai Chan.

Ruccolo, Serge. Zinc supported by nitrogen-rich ligands: Applications towards catalytic hydrosilylation and modeling zinc enzymes. Advisor: Gerard Parkin.

Seibel, Zara. Carbonyl-olefin metathesis of norbornene and cyclopropenimine-catalyzed asymmetric michael reactions. Advisor: Tristan H. Lambert.

Su, Timothy. Structure-conductivity relationships in group 14-based molecular wires. Advisor: Colin P. Nuckolls.

Tran, Helen. Block copolymers templates for nanostructured materials. Advisor: Luis Campos.

Tung, Clarion. Polymers, proteins, and active colloids. Advisor: Angelo Cacciuto.

Valadez, Travis. Reactions of group 4 diene complexes with isonitriles and carbon monoxide. Advisor: Jack R. Norton.

Ziperstein, Michelle. Regulation of breast cancer cell morphological and invasive characteristics by the extracellular environment. Advisor: Laura J. Kaufman.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Hu, Nan. Advances in multiscale methods with application of uncertainty quantification, optimization, and predictive biomechanics. Advisor: Jacob Fish.

Jang, Jinwoo. Development of data analytics and modeling tools for civil infrastructure condition monitoring applications. Advisor: Andrew W. Smyth.

Liu, Po-Chieh. Experimental and numerical investigations into the fundamental mechanisms controlling particle transport in saturated porous media. Advisor: Patricia J. Culligan.

Ozer, Ekin. Multisensory smartphone applications in vibration-based structural health monitoring. Advisor: Maria Q. Feng.

Sideri, Evgenia. Distributed damage effects on progressive collapse of structures and variability response functions in 2d elasticity stochastic problems. Advisor: George Deodatis.

Spyridaki, Athina. Response variability of statically determinate beam structures following non-linear constitutive laws and analytical identification of progressive collapse modes of steel frames. Advisor: George Deodatis.

Vlachos, Christos. Stochastic characterization and simulation of ground motions for given earthquake scenarios. Advisor: George Deodatis.

Montalbano, Kathryn. Under the eye of providence: Surveiling religious expression in the United States. Advisor: Richard R. John.

Seo, Soomin. Virtual foreign bureaus and the new ecology of international reporting. Advisor: Michael Schudson.

Computer Science
Agarwal, Apoorv. Social network extraction from texts. Advisor: Owen Rambow.

Bell, Jonathan. Making software more reliable by uncovering hidden dependencies. Advisor: Gail E. Kaiser.

Bernstein, Aaron. Dynamic algorithms for shortest paths and matching. Advisor: Clifford S. Stein.

Biran, Or. Natural language generation of justifications for machine learning predictions. Advisor: Kathleen R. McKeown.

Coyne, Robert. Painting pictures with words — Lexical, semantic, and computational. Advisor: Julia Hirschberg.

Da, Fang. Surface-only simulation of fluids. Advisor: Eitan Grinspun.

Khattak, Faiza. Toward a robust and universal crowd-labeling framework. Advisor: Julia Hirschberg.

Lee, Jang. Spectral methods for natural language processing. Advisor: Michael Collins.

Li, Hongzhi. Multimodal visual pattern mining. Advisor: Shih-Fu Chang.

Paparas, Dimitrios. On the complexity of market equilibria and revenue maximization. Advisor: Mihalis Yannakakis.

Sitaridi, Evangelia. GPU-Acceleration of in-memory data analytics. Advisor: Kenneth A. Ross.

Sun, Xiaorui. On the isomorphism testing of graphs. Advisor: Xi Chen.

Zimmeck, Sebastian. Viewing machine learning from a privacy perspective. Advisor: Steven M. Bellovin.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Nikolakakis, Thomas. A mixed-integer linear optimization unit commitment model for power grids with thermoelectric and renewable energy generators and compressed air energy storage (CAES): Model verification in the Irish grid. Advisor: Vasilis Fthenakis.

Sharobem, Timothy. Mitigation of high temperature corrosion in waste-to-energy plants. Advisor: Nickolas John Themelis.

Spanos, Constantine. Investigating the efficacy of inverse-charging of lead-acid battery electrodes for cycle life and specific energy improvement. Advisor: Alan C. West.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Chen, Jianye. Evolution and biogeography of frogs and salamanders, inferred from fossils, morphology and molecules. Advisor: Mark A. Norell.

Doherty, Cathleen. Multi-stage evolution of the lithosperic mantle in the West Antarctic rift system – a mantle xenolith study. Advisor: Cornelia Class.

Eilon, Zachary. New constraints on extensional environments through analysis of teleseisms. Advisor: Geoffrey A. Abers.

Li, Jiyao. Seismicity and seismic imaging of the Alaska megathrust fault. Advisor: Donna J. Shillington.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kief, I. Jonathan. Anthropological fictions: ‘Humanism’ and its doubles in 1930s-1960s Korea. Advisor: Theodore Hughes.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Cattau, Megan. Feedbacks between fire and land cover: Changing disturbance dynamics in the peat-swamp forest, Indonesia. Advisor: Ruth DeFries.

Mihnovets, Alicia. Conservation genetics and phylogenetic relationships of Monk seals in Genus neomonachus. Advisor: George Amato.

Sanin, Camilo. Biogeographical History of the North American Wood Warblers and the Assembly of the North American Avian Biota. Advisor: Joel L. Cracraft.

Bellon, Matthieu. Essays in international trade. Advisor: Donald R. Davis.

Miscio, Antonio. Essays in urban economics and international trade. Advisor: Donald R. Davis.

Navarro-Palau, Patricia. Essays on education policies. Advisor: Miguel S. Urquiola.

Xia, Xing. Three essays on the economics of higher education. Advisor: W. Bentley MacLeod.

Electrical Engineering
Alexandrou, Konstantinos. Ionizing radiation effects on graphene based devices. Advisor: Ioannis Kymissis.

Chari, Tarun. Graphene transistors and contacts. Advisor: Kenneth L. Shepard.

Chen, Zhuo. Auditory source separation with deep neural network. Advisors: Daniel P. W. Ellis and Nima Mesgarani.

Edrees, Hassan. Monolithically integrated acoustic resonators on CMOS for radio-frequency circuit applications. Advisor: Ioannis Kymissis.

Elmas, Abdulkadir. Topics in signal processing: Applications in genomics and genetics. Advisor: Xiaodong Wang.

Gan, Yu. Image processing tools for tissue characterization using optical coherence tomography. Advisor: Christine Hendon.

Jou, Brendan. Large-scale affective computing for visual multimedia. Advisor: Shih-Fu Chang.

Lee, Sunwoo. Graphene nano-electro-mechanical systems. Advisor: Kenneth L. Shepard.

Liang, Dawen. Understanding music semantics and user behavior with probabilistic latent variable models. Advisor: Daniel P. W. Ellis.

Marašević, Jelena. Resource allocation in wireless networks: Theory and applications. Advisors: Clifford S. Stein and Gil Zussman.

Nam, Hyunwoo. Measuring and improving the quality of experience of adaptive rate video. Advisor: Henning Schulzrinne.

Raffel, Colin. Learning-based methods for comparing sequences, with applications to audio-to-MIDI alignment and matching. Advisor: Daniel P. W. Ellis.

Zhou, Jin. Integrated self-interference cancellation for full-duplex and frequency-division duplexing wireless communications systems. Advisor: Harish Krishnaswamy.

English and Comparative Literature
Gemmill, Kathleen. Novel conversations, 1740-1817. Advisor: Jenny Davidson.

Hainze, Emily. Wayward reading: Women’s crime and incarceration in the US, 1890-1935. Advisor: Saidiya V. Hartman.

Hegele, Arden. Reading autopsy: The medical practice of romantic literature. Advisor: Nicholas Dames.

Kuhn, John. Making pagans: Theatrical practice and comparative religion in early modern England. Advisor: Jean E. Howard.

Environmental Health Sciences
Howe, Caitlin. Nutritional influences on arsenic toxicity in Bangladeshi adults: Interplay between one-carbon metabolism, arsenic, and epigenetics. Advisor: Mary V. Gamble.

Jackson-Browne, Medina. Measuring the effects of mouse allergen and black carbon exposure on children living in New York City with allergic diseases. Advisor: Matthew S. Perzanowski.

Quinn, Ashlinn. Modifiable risk in a changing climate: Linking household-level temperature, humidity, and air pollution to population health. Advisors: Patrick L. Kinney and Jeffrey Shaman.

Sanchez, Tiffany. A life course approach to understanding respiratory diseases and inorganic arsenic exposure in Bangladesh. Advisor: Joseph H. Graziano.

Soares, Barbara. Modulation of dopaminergic system ontogeny by low-level lead exposure: A potential underlying mechanism for the onset of drug sensitization. Advisor: Tomás R. Guilarte.

Befus, Montina. Obesity and comorbid diseases as a host determinants of Staphylococcus aureus colonization. Advisor: Elaine L. Larson.

Marco, Michael. Early impact of HPV vaccination at the population level: HPV genotypic prevalence in US women in pre- and post- vaccine periods, 2003-2010. Advisor: Stephen S. Morse.

Mooney, Stephen. The impact of built and social environment on physical activity among older adults. Advisor: Andrew G. Rundle.

Prins, Seth. Is criminogenic risk assessment a prisoner of the proximate? Challenging the assumptions of an expanding paradigm. Advisor: Sharon Schwartz.

Genetics and Development
Churchill, Angela. Spatiotemporal and mechanistic analysis of Nkx2.2 function in pancreatic endocrine cell specification. Advisor: Lori Sussel.

Coleman, Rory. Making memories: Modes and mechanisms of gene silencing by the polycomb repressive complexes in Drosophila. Advisor: Gary Struhl.

Matsushima, Danielle. Pdk1-signaling is indispensible for the maintenace of HSC quiescence and functions. Advisor: Chozha Rathinam.

Panea, Casandra. Role of intestinal mononuclear phagocytes in Th17 cell induction by SFB. Advisors: Ivaylo Ivanov and Chozha Rathinam.

Paul, Alexander. Neuronal regulation of regional adult neural stem cell subtypes. Advisor: Fiona Doetsch.

Shimazu, Junko. Regulation of Runx2 accumulation and its consequences. Advisor: Gerard Karsenty.

Germanic Languages
Inbal, Dalia. A handful of world: The figure of the hand in Franz Kafka’s writings. Advisors: Mark Anderson and Andreas Huyssen.

Bae, Kyoungjin. Joints of utility, crafts of knowledge: The material culture of the Sino-British furniture trade, 1700-1850. Advisor: Pamela H. Smith.

Barzilay, Tzafrir. Plot, poison, persecution: Well poisoning accusations in medieval Europe. Advisor: Adam J. Kosto.

Daly, Samuel. Forging the Biafran state: Law and crime in the Nigerian civil war, 1967-1976. Advisor: Gregory Mann.

Guzman, Romeo. Transnational citizens: Mexican migrant families and youth, 1920s to 1940s. Advisor: Pablo Piccato.

Jenkins, Daniel. The other intellectuals: Raymond Aron and the United States. Advisor: Samuel Moyn.

John, Maria. Sovereign bodies: Urban indigenous health and the politics of self-determination in Seattle and Sydney. Advisor: Mae Ngai.

Lee, Jessica. To the seventh generation: Italians and the creation of an American political identity, 1921-1948. Advisor: Mae Ngai.

Lyons, Benjamin. John Jay and the Law of Nations in the Diplomacy of the American Revolution. Advisor: Christopher L. Brown.

Morales, Daniel. The making of Mexican America: Transnational networks in the rise of mass migration 1900-1940. Advisor: Mae Ngai.

Murphey, Oliver. A bond that will permanently endure: The Eisenhower administration, the Bolivian revolution and Latin American leftist nationalism. Advisor: Matthew J. Connelly.

Reynolds, Justin. Against the world: The rise and fall of anti-secularism in the ecumenical movement, 1900-1952. Advisor: Samuel Moyn.

Roane, James. Sovereignty in the city: Black infrastructures and the politics of place in twentieth century Philadelphia. Advisor: Samuel K. Roberts.

Schumer, Nathan. The temple and its memory in ancient Judaism. Advisor: Seth Schwartz.

Shin, Kin-Yee Ian. Making ‘Chinese art’: Knowledge and authority in the Transpacific Progressive Era. Advisor: Mae Ngai.

Siddique, Asheesh. Paperwork, governance, and the archive in the British Empire during the age of revolution. Advisor: Christopher L. Brown.

Swagler, Matthew. African youth radicalism during a time of global revolt: Congo-Brazzaville and Senegal, 1957-1973. Advisor: Gregory Mann.

Walker, Peter. The church militant: The American Loyalist clergy and the British counterrevolution. Advisor: Christopher L. Brown.

Wayno, Jeffrey. St. Peter’s trumpet: Institutional communication and the Foundations of Papal Power, 1050-1250. Advisor: Adam J. Kosto.

Webre, Jude. Seeking the true contrary: The poetics and politics of democratic modernism. Advisors: Casey N. Blake and Samuel Moyn.

Zúñiga-Nieto, Carlos. Violent passions: Childhood and emotions in the making of modern Mexico, 1870-1910. Advisor: Pablo Piccato.

IEOR: Operations Research
Feigenbaum, Itai. Optimization under strategic behavior. Advisor: Jay Sethuraman.

Ye, Chun. Accessing tradeoffs between model complexity and computational efficiency. Advisor: Jay Sethuraman.

Vaglio Tanet, Maddalena. Babeling: The multilingual poetry of Amelia Rosselli. Advisor: Paolo Valesio.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Baffi, Maria. La vanguardia en los tabloides: episodios de reconfiguración cultural. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Goldberg, Sarah. Entertaining culture: The rise of mass culture and consumer society in Argentina, 1898-1946. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Pérez Jiménez, Cristina. Here to stay: New York Puerto Ricans and the consolidation of Latino New York, 1931-1951. Advisor: Frances Negrón-Muntaner.

Guerreiro, João. The GL (3) Kuznetsov trace formula and applications. Advisor: Dorian Goldfeld.

Mechanical Engineering
Ajayi, Obafunso. Optical studies of 2D heterostructures. Advisor: James C. Hone.

Cai, Haogang. Biomimetic nanoarchitectures for the study of T cell activation with single-molecule control. Advisor: Shalom J. Wind.

Hu, Junqiang. Nanostructured platforms for biological study. Advisor: James C. Hone.

Hu, Mufeng. Biomaterial-based platform for podocyte phenotype study with shape and substrate rigidity control. Advisor: James C. Hone.

Li, Te. Eliminating the instability of inverse problem in LLC by using multiple zero order holds input. Advisor: Richard W. Longman.

Park, Joon-Hyuk. Wearable torso exoskeletons for human load carriage and spine rehabilitation. Advisor: Sunil Agrawal.

Stegall, Paul. Building better exoskeletons: Understanding how design affects robot assisted gait training. Advisor: Sunil Agrawal.

Waite, Michael. Analyses of energy infrastructure serving a dense urban area: Opportunites and challenges for wind power, building systems and distributed generation. Advisor: Vijay Modi.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Puhr, Sarah. Neuro-protective tregs are recruited to and proliferate within the cerebrospinal fluid during CNS viral. Advisor: Kang Liu.

Sally, Benjamin. Failure to process chromatin on apoptotic microparticles in the absence of DNASE1L3 drives the development of SLE. Advisor: Boris Reizis.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Bolourchi, Neda. Contending visions of Iran: The battle for sacred nation-state 1941-1983. Advisors: Gil Anidjar and Hamid Dabashi.

Farahat, Omar. Between God and society: Divine speech and norm-construction in Islamic theology and jurisprudence. Advisor: Wael Hallaq.

Primel, Casey. Calculating futures: Debt, markets, and the science of prices in colonial Egypt, 1882-1914. Advisor: Timothy Mitchell.

Tekin, Kenan. Reforming categories of science and religion in the late Ottoman empire. Advisor: George Saliba.

Chong, Nicholas. Beethoven’s Catholicism: A reconsideration. Advisor: Elaine Sisman.

Saibou, Marceline. Popular music in Lomé, Togo, 1967-2005 – Presence, absence, and disjunctures. Advisor: Aaron A. Fox.

Snyder, Sara. Poetics, performance, and translation in Eastern Cherokee language. Advisor: Aaron A. Fox.

Vágnerová, Lucie. Sirens/Cyborgs: Sound technologies and the musical body. Advisor: Ellie M. Hisama.

Music (D.M.A.)
Clift, Paul. Salience and musical form. Advisor: Alfred W. Lerdahl.

Pratt, Ryan. Composition in relative intonation, sadhana, and k. tracing. Advisor: George E. Lewis.

Young, Nina. Recalling the traces of ancient fires: Memory and composed reinterpretations in Agnosco Veteris for orchestra. Advisor: Alfred W. Lerdahl.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Fox, Leora. Alfy mediates turnover of huntingtin and modifies pathogenesis in mouse models of Huntington’s disease. Advisor: Ai Yamamoto.

Padilla Coreano, Nancy. Direct ventral hippocampal-prefrontal input is required for anxiety-related neural activity and behavior. Advisor: Joshua A. Gordon.

Reardon, Thomas. Mapping cortico-striatal connectivity using engineered deletion-mutant rabies viruses. Advisor: Thomas M. Jessell.

Singla, Shobhit. A cerbellum-like structure in the auditory system adaptively filters. Advisor: Nathaniel Sawtell.

Bjarnadottir, Ragnhildur. Assessment and documentation of sexual orientation and gender identity in home health care. Advisor: Dawn Dowding.

Park, Chin. Adverse outcomes associated with psychotropic medication usage in nursing homes. Advisor: Patricia W. Stone.

Schroeder, Krista. Evaluation of a school nurse-led intervention for children with severe obesity in New York City schools. Advisor: Arlene Smaldone.

Stonbraker, Samantha. Health information behavior of HIV positive adults in the Dominican Republic. Advisor: Elaine L. Larson.

Travers, Jasmine. Infection control and racial/ethnic disparities in influenza and pneumococcal vaccination in nursing homes. Advisor: Patricia W. Stone.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Burnett, Lisa. The role of SNORD116 in Prader-Willi syndrome. Advisor: Rudolph L. Leibel.

Dominguez Guitierrez, Giselle. Maintenance of beta cell identity and function. Advisor: Lori Sussel.

Lerea, Jaclyn. Early intervention in a mouse model of childhood obesity. Advisor: Lori Zeltser.

Lin, Yuxi. Role of lysosomes in nonshivering thermogenesis. Advisor: Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Pernice, Wolfgang. Keeping mothers from losing it: Maternal mitochondrial retention and quality control in aging Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Advisor: Liza A. Pon.

Sheehan, Patricia. Molecular mechanisms of synaptic vesicle degradation. Advisor: Clarissa Waites.

Tzoneva, Gannie. The role of cytosolic 5′ -nucleotidase II (NT5C2) in drug resistance and relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Advisor: Adolfo A. Ferrando.

Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Avegno, Elizabeth. A subset of VTA DA neurons demonstrates high sensitivity to acute ethanol and enhanced sensitivity after adolescent drinking. Advisor: Neil L. Harrison.

Kitur, Kipyegon. The roles of necroptosis in the pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus infection. Advisor: Alice S. Prince.

Al-Witri, Fahad. Three essays on causation. Advisor: John D. Collins.

Engel, Nicholas. Normative reality: Reasons fundamentalism, irreducibility, and metaethical coherentism. Advisor: Carol Rovane.

Williams, Porter. Philosophy of science made effective: Realism, reduction, and the renormalization group in quantum field theory. Advisor: David Z. Albert.

Didier-Scapel, Joy. Construction, deployment and data analysis of the E and B experiment: A cosmic microwave background polarimeter. Advisor: Amber D. Miller.

Garcia-Saenz, Sebastian. Massive, massless, and partially massless spin-2 fields. Advisor: Rachel Rosen.

Jin, Luchang. Lattice calculation of hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment. Advisor: Norman H. Christ.

McDonald, Michael. High precision optical spectroscopy and quantum state selected photodissociation of ultracold 88Sr2 molecules in an optical lattice. Advisor: Tanya Zelevinsky.

Zhang, Shuo. Investigating the physics of hard x-ray out bursts from the galactic center supermassive black hole Sagittarius A+. Advisor: Charles J. Hailey.

Zhang, Xiaoxiao. Excitonic structure in atomically-thin transition metal dicalcogenides. Advisor: Tony F. Heinz.

Political Science
Chang, Kuei-min. Material state, spiritual temple? The political economy of religious revival in China. Advisor: Andrew J. Nathan.

Dwyer, Stefanie. Window for peace: Determinants of third-party guarantees in intrastate conflict resolution. Advisor: Virginia Page Fortna.

Gordon, Grant. Violence and intervention. Advisor: Macartan Humphreys.

Kim, Sung Eun. Taking information more seriously: Essays on information and preference in international political economy. Advisor: Shigeo Hirano.

Suryanarayan, Pavithra. From 1919 to 1991: Essays on status inequality, fiscal capacity, and voting behavior in India. Advisor: Maria Victoria Murillo.

Szakonyi, David. Renting elected office: Why business people become politicians in Russia. Advisor: Timothy M. Frye.

Young, Lauren. The psychology of political risk in repressive regimes. Advisor: Christopher Blattman.

Doré, Bruce. Mechanisms of positive and minimizing reappraisal. Advisor: Kevin Ochsner.

Gabard-Durnam, Laurel. Experience-dependent development of amygdala-prefrontal cortex circuitry and function. Advisor: Nim Tottenham.

Zerubavel, Noam. Socially connected brains: Systems that shape our social networks and positions within them. Advisor: Kevin Ochsner.

Slavic Languages
Roese, Jill. A case of canonical limbo: Idealist and materialist interplay in Marietta Shaginian’s hydrocentral. Advisor: Cathy L. Popkin.

Social Work
Wang, Julia. Three papers on impacts of regulatory policies on well-being of “undeserving” populations. Advisor: Neeraj Kaushal.

Accominotti, Fabien. Figures of purity: Consecration, segregated inclusion and culture. Advisor: Peter S. Bearman.

Ajunwa, Ifeoma. Brokering freedom: A organizational case study of a reentry organization. Advisor: Joshua Whitford.

Brandt, Philipp. The emergence of the data science profession. Advisor: Peter S. Bearman.

Gil Ureta, Magdalena. Catastrophe and the state: Lessons from Chile’s seismic history. Advisor: Karen Barkey.

Gopal, Anand. Rents, patronage, and defection: State building and insurgency in Afghanistan. Advisor: Peter S. Bearman.

Li, Junpeng. The making of liberal intellectuals in post-tiananmen China. Advisor: Gil Eyal.

Valle, Melissa. A battle of worths: The politics of space, race, and recognition in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Advisor: Shamus Khan.

Sociomedical Sciences
Martins, Mariana. Acculturation in context: The interplay between psychological and neighborhood factors and diet and alcohol use in Dominican women. Advisor: Ana F. Abraído-Lanza.

Ma, Yuting. Flexible sparse learning of feature subspaces. Advisor: Tian Zheng.

Patra, Rohit. Semiparametric inference with shape constraints. Advisor: Bodhisattva Sen.

Sustainable Development
Egaña del Sol, Pablo. Skills for sustainable development: Essays on how creativity, entrepreneurship and emotions foster human development. Advisor: Miguel S. Urquiola.

TC / Applied Anthropology

Iwashita, Ann. Geothermal potentials in Puna, Hawai’i. Advisor: Paige West.

Karasioglu, Isa. An Iranian hegemonic penetration into secular Azerbaijan: The case of Nardaran. Advisor: Lambros Comitas.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Cobb, Eleanor. The relationship of attachment style to religiosity, spirituality, and mindfulness in secular and religious populations in Israel. Advisor: Barry A. Farber.

Kor, Ariel. Spirituality, character and spiritual development in middle school adolescents in Israel: A longitudinal study of positive development. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.

Lotterman, Jennifer. Factors impacting psychological and health outcomes in mothers and infants following NICU hospitalization of the infant. Advisor: George A. Bonanno.

TC / Cognitive Studies in Education
Kornkasem, Sorachai. Developing visuospatial thinking skills. Advisor: John B. Black.

Swart, Michael. When it is the gesture that counts? Advisor: John B. Black.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Sawyer, Jacob. Grieving without God: Comparing posttraumatic growth, complicated grief, and psychological distress in believers and atheists during bereavement. Advisor: Melanie Brewster.

TC / Developmental Psychology
Modrek, Anahid. Individual differences in learning vs. achievement: What self-regulation really predicts. Advisor: Deanna Kuhn.

TC / Economics and Education
Davidson, Elizabeth. Were children left behind?: Three studies exploring the impact of federal accountability policy on K-12 education. Advisor: Randall Reback.

Ng, Siow Chin. To be first in a village or second in Rome – the impact of educational choices in Singapore. Advisor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

TC / Mathematics Education
Seneres, Alice. Teacher-learner interactions in a hybrid setting compared to a traditional course. Advisors: Erica N. Walker and Bruce R. Vogeli.

TC / Speech and Language Pathology
Malatra, Ioanna. Respiratory muscle fatigue and the effects on swallowing. Advisor: John H. Saxman.

Urban Planning
Goldwyn, Eric. A transit system hiding in plain sight. Advisor: David King.



APAM: Applied Mathematics
Watson, Alexander. The dynamics of wavepackets in crystals by multiscale anaylsis.

APAM: Applied Physics
Choi, Wilkie. Magnetic feed-back control of 2/1 locked modes in tokamaks.

Ong, Peijie. Improving and utilizing single molecule bio-sensor platforms: Low noise substrates for carbon nanotube single-molecule field effect transistors and fast ion channel measurements.

Qi, Hongjian. Computational genetics of developmental disorders.

Wang, Dennis. Optical and transport measurements in 2-d systems.

Diamond Dixit, Laura. The Persian Gulf construction site: Division of labor and migration in the Indian Ocean World.

Wood, Alexander. The growth of the firm: The transformation of the profession, practice, and pedagogy of architecture in the United States, 1870-1930.

Zhang, Amy. Windows at the top, blood on the floor: The architecture of politics and rights in Brazil, 1964-1985.

Art History and Archaeology
Blair, Susannah. Man of the world: Constantin Guys, distance, and modern life.

Croggon, Nicholas. Reconstructing the utopian moment: Experimental video practices in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Fiske, Courtney. Untitled Gordon Matta-Clark project.

Shah, Siddhartha. Ornamenting the Raj: Opulence and power in 19th and 20th century British India.

Biomedical Engineering
Bogdanowicz, Danielle. Targeting the stem cell niche for connective tissue regeneration.

Hoi, Jennifer. A non-contact dynamic diffuse optical tomography system for imaging peripheral arterial disease.

Moore, Emily. Targeting the primary cilium to sensitize osteocytes and osteochondroprogenitors in bone regeneration applications.

Roach, Brendan. Modulation of the in vitro mechanical and chemical environment for the optimization of tissue-engineered articular cartilage.

Change, Sungyong. Cost of experimentation and the discovery of new talents: Evidence from the recorded music industry.

Chun, Jinseok. The effects of evaluation standards on motivation, attitude, and performance.

Li, Xinlei. Relationship lending in syndicated loans: A participant’s perspective.

Li, Ye. Banking and endogenous liquidity cycle.

Long, Fei. Long-term versus short-term contracting in Salesforce compensation.

Rouen, Ethan. A tale of three measures: Decomposing the CEP pay ratio.

Slutzky, Pablo. Doing business in emerging markets: The benefit of being private.

Xu, Ran. Essays on risk appetite and uncertainty.

Chemical Engineering
Abdallah, Walaa. Engineering approaches to control activity and selectivity of thermophillic alcohol dehydrogenase D (AdhD).

Brady, Nicholas. Battery performance simulation of cathode materials: Reactions, transport, and phase change.

Davis, Jonathan. Design and analysis of photoelectrochemical flow cells for solar fuels production.

Gomez, Elaine. Identifying promising bimetallic catalysts for the dry reforming and COoxidative dehydrogenation of propane.

Lininger, Christianna. Theoretical considerations of nanostructured magnetite as an electrode material for li-ion energy storage.

Remolona, Miguel Francisco. HOLMES – Knowledge management for pharmaceutical product engineering.

Tackett, Brian. Investigation of metal-modified carbides as pt-group metal replacements for water electrolysis.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Jiao, Yang. Adaptive delamination analysis in shell structures.

Shetty, Nandan. Performance of NYC green infrastructure and impacts on urban nutricient.

Computer Science
Dall, Christoffer. Virtualization on ARM processors.

Hadfield, Stuart. Quantum scientific computing with applications to physics and chemistry.

Miau, Daniel. Personalized navigational instruments for 2d and 3d user interfaces.

Paparrizos, Ioannis. Exploiting patterns for efficient and accurate data-series analysis.

Polychroniou, Orestis. Optimizing analytical query execution across all layers of modern hardware.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Costa, Kassandra. Hydrothermal history and paleoceanorgraphy of the Juan de Fuca Ridge through glacial-integlacial cycles.

Haynes, Laura. Reconstructing past ocean carbon system pertubations using the B/Ca proxy in form.

McKee, Darren. Shelf-slope exchange and mixing along the western Antarctic Peninsula.

Mezuman, Keren. Aerosols in the climate system and the role of fire modeling.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Howard, Tracy. The Buddhist mapping of Tibet: Writing, illustrating, and living place from the 17th to the 20th century.

Peacock, Christopher. Rewriting the nation: Modern Tibetan literature and film in the People’s Republic of China, 1980-2005.

Rogers, Joshua. Sources of spirit: Nationalism, aesthetics, and religion in modern Japanese literature.

Thompson, John. The mass and the majesty: Technology, politics, and the bombing of Chongqing.

Yi, Yuan. Malfunctioning machinery: The global making of textile factories in early twentieth-century China.

Yuan, Ye. The Cosmopolitan formation of “vernacular Chinese”: Ciculation and creation of Chinese venacular narrative in early modern East Asia.

Electrical Engineering
Han-wen, Kuo. Sparse recovery via random line projection.

English and Comparative Literature
Birch, Campbell. Afterlives of violence: On legacies of harm and repair in contemporary America.

Desai, Sneha. Decolonizing the magazine: Third World Internationalist periodicals.

French and Romance Philology
Gardner, Rose. The scepter and the cilice: The politics of repentance in sixteenth-century France (1572-1610).

Bautista Gonzalez, Manuel. One city, many monies: Domestic and foreign currencies in New Orleans, interregional and international trade of the Antebellum South, 1822-1862.

Levine, Zachary. The illuminating case: The case study method in the fin-de-siècle French brain and mind sciences.

Neubauer, Jack. Adopted by the world: China and the rise of global intimacy.

Serby, Benjamin. The politics of gay liberation: Ideology, community and personal life, 1969-1975.

Slezkine, Peter. The unfree world: The Cold War and the reinvention of the West.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Wurst, Daniella. Memory paradigms in contemporary Latin America: Tensions in history(ies), visibility and space memory.

Mechanical Engineering
Cai, Haogang. Biomimetic nanoarchitectures for the study of T cell activation with single-molecule control.

Li, Te. Eliminating the internal instability in iterative learning control for non-minimum phase systems.

Motmaen Dadgar, Abdollah. Synthesis, quantum transport and strain engineering of two dimensional materials.

Zhu, Jianzhong. Input constrained repetitive control law design.

Castillo, Heidi. Safe sexual communication between women and their stable partners in the Dominican Republic.

Grey-Aliyu, Sainfer. Risk factors and outcomes of bloodstream infection.

Heitkemper, Elizabeth. Assessing the potential of a diabetes self-management technology intervention for underserved adults.

Norful, Allison. Nurse practictioner-physician co-management of primary care patient panels: Inpact, perspective, and measurement toward a new delivery care model.

Osakwe, Zainab. UTI-related hospitalization among elderly home healthcare patients.

Osborne, Jennel. Cultural factors that are associated with quality of life of Latino youth with sickle cell disease.

Heisenberg, Lars. Actualizing the good. The foundations of Hegel’s mature ethical theory.

Koffer, Brittany. A sentimental approach to Rousseau: The general will in the face of the passions.

Political Science
Bhandari, Abhit. Political determinants of economic exchange.

Lin-Greenberg, Erik. Games of drones: The effect of unmanned weapons on conflict initiation and escalation.

Gerraty, Raphael. The roles of large-scale functional brain networks in learning.

Dalton, Krista. Rabbis and money: On transactional giving in Palestinian Rabbinic literature.

Vendova, Dessislava. The great life story of the body of Buddha: Re-examination and re-assessment of the images and narratives of the life of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Social Work
Hunt, Timothy. Mediation analysis of the efficacy of a training and technical assistance implementation strategy on intention to implement a couple-based HIV/STI prevention intervention.

Moore, Kiara. A mixed methods study of minority identities and mental health service use in young adults.

Vang, Suzanne. Health-related quality of life in older adults diagnosed with cancer.

Renault, Beatrice. Schizophrenia diagnosis: A trading zone between psychiatry and the jurisprudence a comparative study in France and the USA.

Sall, Dialika. Ethnoracial identity-work and children of African immigrants.

Sociomedical Sciences
Erickson, David. An ethnography of bureaucratic practice in a New York State federally qualified community health center.

Mellman, William. Beyond the gender binary in sexual scripts: Dating and relationships among transgender individuals.

Parker, Caroline. Therapies of value:  Economies of care for addiction in Puerto Rico.

Wurtz, Heather. Inhabiting injurious worlds: Traumatic injury and migration in the Mexico Borderlands.

Urban Planning
Hagen, Jonas. Calming New York: Analyzing neighborhood slow zones.

Nishi, Maiko. Multi-level governance of agricultural landscapes: Impact of value perspectives farmland tenancy arrangements in Japan.