Dissertations: January 27, 2020


Applied Physics
Ong, Peijie. Optimization and characterization of noise for ion channel and carbon nanotube biosensing applications. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.

Derdzinski, Andrea. Black hole binary inspirals in gas disks. Sponsor: Zoltan Haiman.

Biological Sciences
Berghoff, Emily. A homeobox gene specifies the identity of synaptically connected neurons. Sponsor: Oliver Hobert.

Regunath, Kausik. Landscape of the p53 regulated transcriptome and clinical implications. Sponsor: Carol Prives.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Kahiapo, Jerome. ATFS links olfactory receptor induced stress response to proper neuronal function. Sponsor: Stavros Lomvardas.

Thangaraj, Phyllis. Electronic health record-derived phenotyping models to improve genomic research in stroke. Sponsor: Nicholas Tatonetti.

Ye, Ling Feng. Discovery of new cancer therapeutic contexts for Ferroptosis inducers and other small-molecule drugs. Sponsor: Brent Stockwell.

Chemical Engineering
Fankhauser, Alison. Formation and degradation of secondary organic aerosol material. Sponsor: Vivian McNeill.

Hsu, Emily. Sustainable transformation and recovery of unconventional resources in natural and waste systems utilizing C02. Sponsor: Ah-Hyung Alissa Park.

Kwon, Youngah. Understanding and controlling conjugated polymer conformation and photophysics: From single molecules to aggregates. Sponsor: Laura Kaufman.

Saitta, Patrick. DFT-based study of the first proton-coupled electron transfer of the oxygen evolution reaction on large (001) - explosing Anatase Ti02 nanoparticles in a water-splitting environment. Sponsor: Richard Friesner.

Shi, Lixue. Vibrational microscopy for super-multiplexing, vibrational sensing and high-throughput metabolic imaging. Sponsor: Wei Min.

Wang, Jue. The electron hole system in two-dimensional semiconductors and their heterostructures. Sponsor: Xiaoyang Zhu.

Classical Studies
Simmons, Jeremy. Beyond the Periyar: A history of consumption in Indo-Mediterranean trade (100 BCE - 400 CE). Sponsor: John Ma.

Computer Science
AlDuaij, Naser. Multi-mobile computing. Sponsor: Jason Nieh.

Shi, Kevin. Cryptographic approaches to security and optimization in machine learning. Sponsors: Allison Bishop and Daniel Hsu.

Soto Martinez, Victor. Computational approaches to linguistic code-switching. Sponsor: Julia Hirschberg.

Tang, Da. Unsupervised representation learning with correlations. Sponsor: Tony Jebara.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Hoar, Catherine. Microbial structure - and function-based assessment of the performance and metabolic versatility of biological nutrient removal systems. Sponsor: Kartik Chandran.

Pavlakis, Eirene. Resource recovery from organic waste through an anaerobic fermentation platform. Sponsor: Kartik Chandran.

Wang, Lijun. Three essays on debt. Sponsor: Patrick Bolton.

Electrical Engineering
Shi, Chen. Micron-scale monolithically-integrated ultrasonic wireless sensing motes for physiological monitoring. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.

Tan, Cheng. Gate tunable transport in hexagonal boron nitride encapsulated bilayer graphene. Sponsor: James Hone.

Pillai, Aravind. Screening for common mental disorders in primary care in low and middle income countries: A rational approach to address the mental health treatment gap?. Sponsor: Sharon Schwartz.

Radix, Asa. Utilization of health care services and health status of transgender clients at a NYC community health center. Sponsor: Elaine Larson.

French and Romance Philology
Courtois, Kalinka. The "Groupe d' Informaiton sur les Prisons": French intellectuals and activism post May '68. Sponsor: Antoine Compagnon.

Mechanical Engineering
DiMarco, Christopher. Mechanical behavior of polycrystalline graphene. Sponsor: Jeffrey Kysar.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Sisti, Alexander. The neural basis of sugar preference. Sponsor: Charles S. Zuker.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Edwin, Ethan. Homeostasis of adipose tissue macrophages. Sponsor: Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr..

Operations Research
Shadravan, Mohammad. Submodular secretary problems with shortlists under general constraints. Sponsors: Shipra Agrawal and Clifford Stein.

Zhou, Chaoxu. A framework for analyzing stochastic algorithms under dependence. Sponsors: Donald Goldfarb and Garud Iyengar.

Liu, Hanjie. Measurement of F2n/F2p, and the A=3 EMC effect in deep inelastic electron scattering off tritium and helium nuclei. Sponsor: Emlyn Hughes.

Tu, Jiqun. Lattice QCD simulations towards strong and weak coupling limits. Sponsor: Robert Mawhinney.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Snell, Elizabeth. How parent communication and the use of contingencies relate to the responding of children with autism spectrum disorder during a compliance task. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Hachigian, Amy. Persisting preschoolers: Using storybooks to increase persistence on difficult tasks. Sponsor: John Black.

Schiller, Lauren. Recharging rational number understanding. Sponsor: Robert Siegler.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Beveridge, Casey. LGTBQ bible belt allies in their own words: An investigation of cultural context. Sponsor: George Gushue.

TC / Economics and Education
Morales, Melisa. School-entry eligibility effects in developing countries. Sponsor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

TC / Educational Policy
Kim, Elisabeth. School choice and Spanish dual language programs in the NYCDOE. Sponsor: Douglas Ready.

TC / English Education
Elbousty, Jonas. Against Eurocentrism in world literature: The case for modern Arabic fiction. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

Varela, Bernadette. The sounds of writing: Students' perception of their writing histories and their effect on current dispositions toward writing. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

TC / History and Education
Smith, Antonia. Prison education in New York State, 1894-1919. Sponsor: Cally Waite.

TC / Mathematics Education
Zelbo, Sian. Edgar Joseph Edmunds (1851-1887), Mathematics teacher at the center of New Orleans' post civil-war fight over school integration. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

TC / Science Education
Garcia-Felix, Luz. Assessing bilingual Latino students' understanding, acquiring knowledge and their motivation in learning science with a computer-based simulation. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies
Camargo Ramalho, Priscila. Toward a pedagogy of connectedness: The experience of adolescent students in two aesthetically-oriented schools in Brazil. Sponsor: William Gaudelli.

Shekitka, John. Teaching religion as a part of the social studies: Superstructures, school structures, and teacher subjectivities. Sponsor: William Gaudelli.


Biomedical Engineering
Mohan, Uma. Characterizing changes in human neural activity.

Qasim, Salman. Neuronal basis of human spatial cognition and memory.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Bryant, Eric. Capturing size-dependent anisotropy in geomaterials.

Computer Science
Zareian, Alireza. Deep learning of structured representations for semantic comprehension of multimedia content.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gemma, Marina. Asteroid composition and planet-forming environments: Insights from spectral and geochemical characterization of chondritic meteorites.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Luo, Yuqing. The descending words: Cults and culture of spirit writing in China, 960-1279.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Niepoth, Natalie. The genetic basis of exploratory behavior in deer mice.

DeVinney, Joslyn. Natural knowledge and connected histories of science: Mysore, France, and Britain in the eighteenth century.

Xing, Chengji. Pacific crossings: John Dewey, Paul Monroe and the academic architecture of Chinese science and education, 1913-1945.

Mechanical Engineering
Feliz, Yazmin. An open-source portable ultrasound.

Ligrani, Jonathan. Manuscript culture and patrician identity in the Florentine madrigal.

Mangal, Sabrina. Infection prevention, patient engagement.

Holmes, Michael. The common ground and speech practices.

Hominh, Yarran. The problem of unfreedom.