Dissertations: June 28, 2021


Assali, Hadeel. Prophecies of Palestine: Geology and intimate knowledge of the Subterranean. Sponsor: Mahmood Mamdani.

Sabiston, Leslie. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and the fear of indigenous (dis)order: A new medico-legal alliance for capturing and managing indigenous life in Canada. Sponsor: Audra Simpson.

Art History and Archaeology
Fiske, Courtney. "Rethinking" postminimalism: Gordon Matta-Clark's creative energetics, 1968-72. Sponsor: Branden Joseph.

van Oppen, Brian. Radiant bodies: Living with Etruscan bronze candelabra. Sponsor: Francesco de Angelis.

Jansen, Tiffany. Measuring the properties of short-period exoplanets from phase curves. Sponsor: David Kipping.

Biological Sciences
Chirathivat, Napon. Zc3h13: A master regulator of epigenetic modifications during early development. Sponsor: Michael Shen.

Benavidez, Justin. Regulation of HLH-2/E2A during C. elegans gonadogenesis. Sponsor: Iva Greenwald.

Biomedical Engineering
Zhao, Hanzhi. The impact of cortical perturbations on neurovascular dynamics. Sponsor: Elizabeth Hillman.

Patel, Kripa. Developing SCAPE microscopy for real-time, volumetric imaging at the point-of-care. Sponsor: Elizabeth Hillman.

Golman, Mikhail. Toughening mechanisms for the attachment of architectured materials: The mechanics of the tendon enthesis. Sponsors: X. Edward Guo and Stavros Thomopoulos.

Duffy, Michael. The osteocyte primary cilium is a mechanoresponsive organelle that regulates cytoskeletal adaptation and coordinates mechanotransduction with adenylyl cyclases. Sponsor: X. Edward Guo.

Chen, Yuan. Statistical and machine learning methods for precision medicine. Sponsor: Yuanjia Wang.

Jun, Youjung. The effects of virtual reality (VR) on consumers' reality. Sponsor: Gita Johar.

Lu, Jiaqi. Managing stochastic uncertainty in dynamic marketplaces. Sponsors: Awi Federgruen and Yashodhan Kanoria.

Dovman, Polina. Essays in passive investing and asset pricing. Sponsor: Tano Santos.

Qian, Pengyu. Online decision making in networked marketplaces. Sponsor: Yashodhan Kanoria.

Hwang, Jiwon. Entrepreneurship and incarceration. Sponsor: Damon Phillips.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Halpin-Healy, Tyler. The discovery, structure determination, & tool development of Tn6677. Sponsor: Samuel Sternberg.

Viragova, Sara. Phenotypic dissection and therapeutic manipulation of cell differentiation programs in the salivary gland epithelium and human Adenoid Cystic Carcinomas. Sponsor: Piero Dalerba. 

Chowdhury, Sreyan. Engineered bacteria for cancer immunotherapy. Sponsor: Tal Danino.

Ha, Elizabeth. Adipocyte-specific Tribbles-1 regulates plasma adiponectin and lipoprotein metabolism in mice. Sponsor: Robert Bauer. 

Boyle, Lia. A precision medicine approach to understanding KIF1A associated neurological disorder. Sponsor: Wendy K. Chung. 

Jones, Sunny. Multi-omic precision oncology pipeline to identify master regulator vulnerabilities in gastroesophageal tumors. Sponsor: Andrea Califano.

Rapp, Micah. Visualizing cell surface interactions using cryogenic electron microscopy. Sponsor: Lawrence Shapiro.

Chemical Engineering
Kapelner, Rachel. Effect of protein charge and charge distribution on protein-based complex coacervates. Sponsor: Allie Obermeyer.

Chemical Physics
Carbone, Matthew. Dynamical processes in the condensed phase: Methods and models. Sponsor: David Reichman.

Coskun, Dilek. Computational methods for the calculation of electrochemical properties and pKa predictions. Sponsor: Richard Friesner.

Kloss, Benedikt. Numerically exact quantum dynamics of low-dimensional lattice systems. Sponsor: David Reichman.

Conrad-Burton, Felisa. Singlet fission: A twisted tale. Sponsor: Xiaoyang Zhu.

Lange, Malte. Wave function-based electronic structure theory for solids. Sponsor: Timothy Berkelbach.

Lee, Sumin. Rh (III)-catalyzed alkene difunctionalization for the synthesis of various nitrogen-containing compounds. Sponsor: Tomislav Rovis. 

Fu, Tianren. Applications of machine learning to single-molecular junction studies. Sponsors: Colin Nuckolls and Latha Venkataraman.

Computer Science
Elvezio, Carmine. XR development with the relay and responder pattern. Sponsor: Steven Feiner.

Xiao, Chang. Bridging the gaps between people, mobile devices, and the physical world. Sponsor: Changxi Zheng.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Derek. Structure and property correlations of surface-active agents in the control of colloidal behavior in home/personal care and biochemical systems. Sponsor: Ponisseril Somasundaran.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Tweed, Lucy. Coupling the thermodynamics, kinetics and geodynamics of multiphase reactive transport in Earth’s interior. Sponsor: Marc Spiegelman.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Estep, Chloe. Envisioning classicism: Poetry, media, and the making of (pre-) modern China. Sponsor: Lydia Liu.

Pang, Carolyn. Memorializing the gods: A study of the ritual practices of Izanagi-ryū. Sponsor: Michael Como.

Kung, Ling-Wei. The great convergence: Information circulation, international trade, and knowledge transmission between early modern China, inner Asia, and Eurasia. Sponsor: Gray Tuttle.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Fuong, Holly. Social animals detecting danger: How social relations influence antipredator behavior in a noisy forest. Sponsor: Marina Cords.

Ravindran, Dilip. Essays in information and behavioral economics. Sponsor: Navin Kartik.

Pessina, Lorenzo. Essays in public economics. Sponsors: Michael Best and Wojciech Kopczuk.

Electrical Engineering
Park, Soo Young. Near-infrared optical spectroscopic system for characterizing cardiac substrates. Sponsor: Christine Hendon.

Luo, Yi. End-to-end speech separation with neural networks. Sponsors: Nima Mesgarani and John Paisley.

English and Comparative Literature
Ray, Montana. Performance as translation in the Americas: Ana Mendieta's feminist ethnographies, 1973-81. Sponsor: Brent Edwards.

Gear, Nolan. Spectatrices: Women's writing in the age of moviegoing, 1925-1945. Sponsor: Matthew Hart.

Lundy, Timothy. Archepollycyes: Fiction and political institution around Philip Sidney. Sponsor: Julie Crawford.

Myers, Bernadette. Urban ecology and the early modern English stage. Sponsors: Jean Howard and Lauren Robertson.

Kelley, Elleza. Sites of inscription: Writing in and against post-plantation geographies. Sponsors: Brent Edwards and Farah Griffin.

Environmental Health Sciences
Gibson, Elizabeth. Statistical and machine learning methods for pattern identification in environmental mixtures. Sponsor: Julie Herbstman, Marianthi-Anna Kioumourtzoglou.

McKetta, Sarah. Structural sexism in the United States and patterns of women's alcohol use in recent decades. Sponsor: Katherine Keyes.

French and Romance Philology
Rogg, Aline. Creole gatherings: Race, collecting, and canon-building in New Orleans (1830-1930). Sponsor: Madeleine Dobie.

Genetics and Development
Loker, Ryan. Diversification of cell types by transcription factors. Sponsor: Richard Mann.

Germanic Languages
Kalal, Peter. As written: Literary configurations of musical ineffability in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Sponsor: Oliver Simons.

Parks, Evan. Missed encounters: Paul Celan at the edge of philosophy. Sponsors: Clemence Boulouque and Oliver Simons. 

Franke, Alwin. In the beginning was the sign: Literary modernism and mathematical modernity in Carl Einstein and Robert Musil. Sponsor: Oliver Simons.

Schweiger, Sophie. Acting bodies. The role of gestures in German drama, film, and performance. Sponsor: Oliver Simons.

Watzka, Michael. Writing scenes and telling time: Post-war German journal literature, between diary and the news(papers). Sponsor: Oliver Simons.

Glasserman, Aaron. Hui nation: Islam and Muslim politics in modern China. Sponsor: Madeleine Zelin.

Subramanian, Divya. Global townscape: The rediscovery of urban life in the late twentieth century. Sponsor: Susan Pedersen.

Padilla-Rodriguez, Ivón. Undocumented youth: The labor, education, and rights of migrant Latinx children in twentieth-century America. Sponsor: Mae Ngai.

Marris, Caroline. The Silver Sea' and the nation-state: The multifaceted geopolitics of the early modern English channel. Sponsor: Christopher Brown.

Heniford, Kellen. Slavery is slavery: Early American mythmaking and the invention of the free state. Sponsor: Stephanie McCurry.

Lopez, Christina. The Questioni d’Amore reconsidered: Contextualizing Boccaccio’s amatory manual. Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Arrigoni, Carlo. Giovanni Verga and the crisis of truth. Sponsor: Elizabeth Leake.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Allen-Mossman, Anayvelyse. Labor, race & visuality in Argentina's sugar industry 1868-1904. Sponsor: Graciela Montaldo.

Méndez, Alexandra. Curating the Americas: Library practices and early histories of the New World between Spain & Venice. Sponsor: Seth Kimmel, Alessandra Russo.

Mechanical Engineering
Shi, Lei. On the mechanical experiments and microstructure-based time-dependent on linear modeling of the human cervix. Sponsor: Kristin Myers.

Lei, Lei. Understanding and representing the kinetics of gas-phase reaction systems in mixtures. Sponsor: Michael Burke.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Diez, Simon. Guanosine nucleotides link cell wall synthesis to protein translation. Sponsor: Jonathan Dworkin.

Cancel-Bigay, Mario. Sounds that fall through the cracks, and other silences and acts of love: Decoloniality and anticolonialism in Puerto Rican Nueva Canción and Chanson Québécoise. Sponsor: Kevin Fellezs.

Fantinato Geo de Siqueira, Maria. Resonances of land: Silence, noise, and extractivism in the Brazilian Amazon. Sponsor: Ana María Ochoa.

Ivanova, Velia. The musical heritage of incarceration: The curation, dissemination, and management of the Lomax collection prison songs. Sponsor: Ellie Hisama.

Hamilton, Julia. Political songs in polite society: Singing about Africans in the time of the British abolition movement, 1787 to 1807. Sponsor: Elaine Sisman.

Music (DMA)
Kouyoumdjian, Mary. Creating with ghosts: Identity and artistic purpose as Armenian diaspora. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Yildirim, Onur. Phonetics-based techniques in my compositional methodology, and two compositions: ŠÀ {karāz} for large ensemble and eschaton according to bēl-rē’u-šu for percussion trio. Sponsor: Bradford Garton.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Zhuravleva, Viktoriya. Stress-induced downregulation of Rab35 disrupts intracellular trafficking of AD-related proteins. Sponsor: Clarissa Waites.

Zimnik, Andrew. The generation of complex reaching behavior. Sponsor: Mark Churchland.

Heath, Sarah. Circuit mechanisms underlying chromatic encoding in drosophila. Sponsor: Rudy Behnia.

Bittner, Sean. Bridging data, theory, and experiment in computational neuroscience. Sponsor: John Cunningham.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Wiessner, Gregory. Roles of retinoid signaling in urothelial progenitor cells. Sponsor: Cathy Mendelsohn.

Operations Research
Zhang, Xingyu. Discrete optimization problems in mechanism design. Sponsors: Shipra Agrawal and Jay Sethuraman.

Grand-Clement, Julien. Robust, interpretable and scalable sequential decision-making. Sponsors: Carri Chan and Vineet Goyal.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Johnson, Kendra. Non-apoptotic caspase-8 signaling mediates retinal angiogenesis. Sponsor: Carol Troy.

Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Morgenstern, Travis. Development of next-generation voltage-gated calcium channel inhibitors using engineered nanobodies. Sponsor: Henry Colecraft.

Sutton, Kathryn. MicroBooNE's first search for the MiniBooNE anomalous excess under a photon-like hypothesis with high-sensitivity search for neutrino-induced neutral current delta production and radiative decay. Sponsor: Georgia Karagiorgi.

Brill, Aryeh. Advancing blazar science with very-high-energy gamma-ray techniques. Sponsor: Gustaaf Brooijmans.

Wang, Bigeng. Lattice calculation of the mass difference between the long- and short-lived K mesons for physical quark masses. Sponsor: Norman Christ.

Wieteska, Jedrzej. Strain effects on phase transitions in 2H-NbSe2 and Ca3Ru207. Sponsor: Abhay Pasupathy.

Cianci, Davio. A deep-learning-based muon neutrino CCQE selection for searches beyond the standard model with MicroBooNE. Sponsor: Georgia Karagiorgi.

Rahman, Ebadur. QurÕanic narratives in contemporary commentary traditions in the English language: How do muslims interpret the QurÕan today. Sponsor: Katherine Ewing.

Arnold, Edward. Tsongkhapa’s coordination of Sūtra and tantra: Ascetic performance, narrative, and philosophy in the creation of the Tibetan Buddhist self. Sponsor: Robert Thurman. 

Athias-Robles, Hillel. Occupying space: The public life of Africana religions in New York. Sponsor: Katherine Ewing.

Slavic Languages
Gluck, Michael. I want to be honest': The rhetoric of sincerity in Soviet Russian literature, 1953-1970. Sponsor: Valentina Izmirlieva.

Huang, Tiffany. Race, diversity, and inequality in college admissions through the lens of the independent educational consultant. Sponsors: Maria Abascal and Thomas DiPrete.

Greene, Joss. Gender bound: Prisons, trans lives, and the politics of violence. Sponsor: Tey Meadow, Bruce Western.

Sociomedical Sciences
McMahon, Caitlin. The patient as consumer: In whose interest? The role of health consumer rhetoric in shaping the U.S. health care system, 1969-1991. Sponsor: Merlin Chowkwanyun.

Abu-Odeh, Desiree. Sexual violence and responses to it on American college campuses, 1952-1980. Sponsor: David Rosner.

Bakhshizadeh, Milad. Phase retrieval in the high-dimensional regime. Sponsors: Victor de la Pena and Arian Maleki.

Dudeja, Rishabh. High-dimensional asymptotics for phase retrieval with structured sensing matrices. Sponsor: Arian Maleki. 

Wang, Zhi. Statistical learning for process data. Sponsors: Jingchen Liu and Zhiliang Ying.

Chu, Chi Wing. Semiparametric inference of censored data with time-dependent covariates. Sponsor: Zhiliang Ying.

Sustainable Development
Cui, Zhihan. Behavioral decision making for sustainable development. Sponsor: Geoffrey Heal.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Doan, Linh. Academic dishonesty as social process. Sponsor: Oren Pizmony-Levy.

TC / Educational Policy
Duff, Megan. A detour in school improvement journeys: A mixed methods analysis of school change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sponsor: Priscilla Wohlstetter.

TC / English Education
Maxwell, Joyce. The paradox of /'nige/: ex·cite·able acts, ex·cess·able moments. Sponsor: Janet Miller.

Hawkins, Lora. Big learning in small communities: Exploring with YPAR in international schools. Sponsor: Robert Fecho.

Offenhauer, Alexa. Reading in first-year college composition. Sponsor: Janet Miller.

TC / History and Education
Strome, Eric. Herbert Baxter Adams and the seminary in historical & political science at Johns Hopkins in the emergence of the American university. Sponsor: Cally Waite.

TC / Kinesiology
Goodwin, Ashley. Oxygen uptake kinetics in skeletal muscle using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS): Evaluating healthy responses of muscle deoxygenation. Sponsor: Carol Garber.

TC / School Psychology
Hamo, Amarelle. Health habits in caregivers of young children with ASD: Key factors, facilitators, and barriers. Sponsor: Marla Brassard.

Urban Planning
Baird-Zars, Bernadette. Team rules: How city officials tweak urban futures through 'gray institutions' of daily practice in land use, permitting and enforcement. Sponsor: Elliott Sclar.

Maaoui, Magda. Mixité de façade: How historically disinvested neighborhoods negotiate inclusionary zoning in Paris and New York. Sponsor: Lance Freeman.


Hoffman, Emily. Other people's children: The meanings of child protection in eastern Oklahoma.

Ibraheem, Aamer. Politics (re) incarnated: Syrians' struggle for belonging in the occupied Golan Heights.

James, Alyssa. Continuous, future tense: History, landscape, and identity in the revival of coffee production in Martinique.

Maier, Alexander. Paper-work: Migrant labor, documentation, and legality in postsocialist Moscow.

Biomedical Engineering
Aurup, Christian. A system for monitoring focused ultrasound-mediated neuromodulation with functional ultrasound imaging in the central nervous system.

Karageorgos, Grigorios Mario. High frame rate imaging of arterial wall and blood flow dynamics for atherosclerosis diagnosis and monitoring.

Lee, Andy. Modulating the cartilage and synovium response to pathological mediators following injury.

Varghese, Nevin. Pharmacological interventions to reduce electrophysiological deficits following blast traumatic brain injury.

Gan, Yuanling. Dynamic optimization for markets and networks.

Ianni, Emma. When language fails: Tragedy and Thucydides.

 Pérez Díaz, Cristina. Classical reception and the making of meaning.

Computer Science
Alhindi, Tariq. Pragmatics infused models for argumentation and misinformation detection.

Lin, Chengyu. Enabling efficient secure computation: Blockchain, PIR and beyond.

Liu, Jen-Shuo. Using gaze to analyze and improve performance in VR and AR manual tasks.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Creel, Roger. Reconstructing and understanding the sea level response to past warming.

Giles, Sarah. Evaluation of the timing, origin, and potential global connections of mid-Ediacaran phenomena in South Australia and eastern California.

Moseley, Lauren. Assessing the drivers of oxygen variability, circulation, and export in the subpolar North Atlantic using an optimized ocean model.

Witte, Carson. Investigating near-surface ocean heating and mixing processes in the presence of surface material.

Wong, Suki. Air-sea carbon fluxes: Seasonal variability in an estuary, and long-term trends in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

Yu, Congyu. Paleo-informatics.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Bertozzi, Nicolle. As the swallow builds its nest: Artisan knowledge and materiality in premodern Japan.

Huang, Tianyuan. Enigmatic bodies: Gender, power, and medical knowledge in Japan, 1600-2000.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Earl, Alexis. How socially dynamic individuals with conflicting interests maintain stable cooperative societies.

Ahsan, Omar. The impact of COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and workers.

Coombs, Kyle. Essays in applied microeconomics & public economics.

Larsen-Hallock, Eugene. Information frictions and financial markets.

English and Comparative Literature
Belafi, Veronica. Resource poetics & the American avant-garde (1910-1970).

Hubbard, Shannon. Cultural neoimperialism in service of market expansion: The role of American educational institutions in the production of 1960s and 1970s African literature.

French and Romance Philology
Mohammed, Nadrah. Feminist transfers: Emotional discourses of activism and the other.

Germanic Languages
Egger, Isabelle. Deficient human being. Aesthetics of imperfection in Karl Philipp Mortiz, Johann Gottfried Herder, and Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.

Hoffman, Christopher. The poetics of contemplation in 20th century German literature and thought.

Wagner, Nathaniel. Chronotypes of contemporary German literature, film, and music.

Buckley, James. Political knowledge and scholarly time in early modern France.

Faulkner, Amanda. Insiders and outsiders: Individuals and community in the Dutch world, 1609-1715.

Nadel, James. Jewish speculation: Russian Jews and financial investment in late imperial Russia, 1870-1917.

Spooner, Amelia. Formally Free: Regulating labor after slavery in the French empire, 1848-1914.

Borgarello, Anna. Bifocal narratives. The self and the other in contemporary literature.

Modabber, Angelica. The aesthetics of salvation and statebuilding in Guarino Guarini's works.

Materials Science and Engineering
Hui, Zeyu. Continuum model simulations for understanding the transport processes in LIB/LMB electrodes.

Jin, Tianwei. Batteries for light-weighting vehicles: Towards structural batteries.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Ugurlu, Ali. Crisis and critique: Ottoman-Turkish social thought in the age of capital.

Idnay, Betina Ross. Improving eligibility prescreening for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias clinical trials with natural language processing.

Political Science
Larkin, Colleen. The dynamics of narrative contestation in grand strategy.

Riaz, Zara. Linked cooperation: Resource management and community mobilization.

Pinelli, Federica. Epistemic and relational effects of shared relevance and shared creation.

Slavic Languages
Kelley, Claudia. Mediums and mediators of the unknown, dead, and forgotten: An examination of mystery and social dynamics in Polish and Russian romanticism.

Lawton, Max. Forms of phenomenology in 20th-century prose: A typology.