Dissertations: March 22, 2021


Biological Sciences
Agarwal, Ipsita. Disentangling mutation and selection in patterns of genetic variation in humans. Sponsor: Molly Przeworski.

Alloy, Alexandre. Identifying novel and leukemic subtypes by systems biology and machine learning. Sponsor: Andrea Califano.

Padilla, Nicolas. Essays on the use of probabilistic machine learning for estimating customer preferences with limited information. Sponsor: Oded Netzer.

Sliman, Malek Ben. Essays on network analysis with applications to seeding and art valuation. Sponsors: Kamel Jedidi and Rajeev Kohli.

Russell, Jake. Controlling the performance of modular materials. Sponsor: Xavier Roy.

Watkins, Elizabeth. The polysemia of recognition: Facial recognition in algorithmic management. Sponsor: David Stark.

Computer Science
Li, Shih-Wei. Building secure and verifiable commodity hypervisors. Sponsors: Steven Bellovin and Jason Nieh.

Monroe, William. The trials of Pope Formosus. Sponsor: Robert Somerville.

Ng Tam, Yung Hua. A transpacific Caribbean: Chinese migration, U.S. imperialism, and the making of modern Colombia. Sponsor: Mae Ngai.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Madley, Rachel. Human T-cell negative selection in health and disease. Sponsor: Megan Sykes.

Music (DMA)
Yulsman, Samuel. Hypergestures and social aesthetics in Aaron Cassidy's The Wreck of Former Boundaries. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Operations Research
Li, Fengpei. Stochastic methods in optimization and machine learning. Sponsor: Henry Lam.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Sprinzen, Lisa. Histone modifications in isocitrate dehydrogenase-1 R132H mutated glioma and oligodendrocyte progenitor cells. Sponsor: Peter Canoll.

Wang, Xiaobin. The role of CtIP in lymphocyte development and lymphomagenesis. Sponsor: Shan Zha.

Sisco, Matthew. The effects of personal experiences on climate risk mitigation behaviors. Sponsor: Niall Bolger.

Social Work
Wang, Yi. Disparities in child development by parental education. Sponsor: Jane Waldfogel.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Alsaidi, Sarah. Arming targets, allies, and bystanders in the face of microaggressions: A qualitative examination of microintervention response strategies and their efficacy. Sponsor: Laura Smith.

Calle, Cassandra. Not legally belonging at home: Sense of belonging among Latinx, DACA recipient university students. Sponsor: Marie Miville.

Glaeser, Elizabeth. The group made me a better parent: The impact of multifamily group services on the parents of transgender and gender expansive children. Sponsor: Melanie Brewster.

TC / History and Education
Rodriguez, Alexa. The paradox of education and empire: U.S. occupation of the Dominican Republic, 1916-1924. Sponsor: Cally Waite.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Gipson, Asha. The dual effects of stereotype threat and power on negotiation behavior and affect. Sponsor: Peter Coleman.


Art History and Archaeology
Onabanjo, Oluremi. Agudas as Afro-Brazilians: Imaging an Atlantic community between São Salvador and Lagos.

Zivkovic, Alex. Ambient empire: Ecologies, colonies, and dreamworlds in Paris, 1860-1940.

Biomedical Engineering
Perkins, Sean. Leveraging the geometry of neural activity in motor cortex to build better decode algorithms.

Computer Science
Bayat, Niloofar. Network economics and policies.

Hassan, Mohamed. Hardware-software co-design for practical memory safety.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
O'Mara, Nicholas. Monsoons, wildfires, and savannas: Drivers of climate and ecosystem change in Northwest Africa during the past one million years.

Burya, Anastasia. Flattening of the Phillips Curve: Significance of small firms.

Gwee, Yi Jie. Essays on the spatial distribution of economic activities.

Teoh, Hong Ken. Essays in macroeconomics and finance.

Wong, Yu Fu. Essays in economic theory.

Germanic Languages
Rhodes, Hazel. Tracing transgender feeling in sexual modernity: Gender and queer affinities between early 20th-century literature & science.

Antonini, Claudia. The poet Machiavelli: Rethinking politics, love, and laughter.