Dissertations: March 5, 2018


Art History and Archaeology
Wiesenberger, Robert. Print and screen, Muriel Cooper at MIT. Sponsor: Barry Bergdoll.

Biological Sciences
Alpar, Elif. Spatially restricted regulation of cell competition by the cytokine Spätzle. Sponsor: Laura A. Johnston.

Yang, Ju. Synaptic elasticity. Sponsor: Ozgur Sahin.

Computer Science
Huang, Yi-Peng. Hybrid analog-digital co-processing for scientific computation. Sponsor: Simha Sethumadhavan.

Jiang, Weiwei. Design and performance optimization of asynchronous networks-on-chip. Sponsor: Steven Nowick.

Kang, Yuan. Combining programs to enhance security software. Sponsor: Salvatore Stolfo.

Smith, Breannan. Structure preserving and scalable simulation of colliding systems. Sponsor: Changxi Zheng.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Reeves, Kristopher. Of poetry, patronage, and politics: From Saga to Michizane, Sinitic poetry in the early Heian court. Sponsor: Haruo Shirane.

Electrical Engineering
Li, Jiangyi. VLSI techniques and applications in IoT systems. Sponsor: Mingoo Seok.

Work, Meghan. Breast cancer risk factors and associations with breast cancer tumor characteristics in high risk populations. Sponsor: Mary Beth Terry.

Kideckel, Michael. Fresh from the factory: Breakfast cereal, natural food, and the marketing of reform, 1890-1920. Sponsor: Karl Jacoby.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Ibáñez Aristondo, Miguel. Disclosing the Far East: Travels, exchanges, and scientific cultures in the Iberian world(1565-1667). Sponsor: Alessandra Russo.

Mechanical Engineering
Arefe, Ghidewon. Engineered two dimensional materials for advanced opto-electronics. Sponsor: James Hone.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Neufeld, Jessica. Searching for a biomarker of endosomal dysfunction. Sponsor: Scott Small.

Political Science
Gallo, Andrew. Understanding military doctrinal change during peacetime. Sponsor: Richard Betts.

Visconti, Giancarlo. Political preferences in adverse conditions. Sponsor: Maria Victoria Murillo.

TC / Cognitive Studies in Education
Georgoulas-Sherry, Vasiliki. The impact of resilience and grit on inductive and deductive reasoning after exposure to combat-like environments. Sponsor: Ryan Baker.


Art History and Archaeology
Cinar, Muge. Ways of ancient seeing: Greek temple sculpture and decoration.

Art History and Archaeology
van Oppen, Brian. Cast of bodies: Lighting the gaze upon Etruscan candelabra statuettes.

Biomedical Engineering
Ji, Hayeun. In vitro microphysiological system for modeling vascular disease.

Lao, Yeh-Hsing. Targeted delivery for cancer nanomedicine and gene editing.

Park, Ji. Engineering the microenvironmental cues on enhancing the cell fate determination.

Shaik, Mohammed. Evaluating endothelial function during neurovascular coupling in awake behaving mice using advanced imaging technologies.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Bartilson, Daniel. Relating stochastic and deterministic model updating methods.

Camaj, Mario. Good Book of IT.

Lu, Zheng. Assessment framework for financing public-private partnership infrastructure projects through securitization.

Xu, Lei. Centrifuge modeling of Gabion facing geosynthetic reinforced soil retaining walls.

Rudoni, Elia Ruben. Libere loquor: Poetry and language in Neronian court literature.

Computer Science
Argyos, Georgios. Symbolic model learning: Algorithms and applications.

Psallidas, Fotis. Expressing and optimizing data-intensive interactive applications.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Pavia, Frank. Investigating biogeochemical processes in the South Pacific Ocean using thorium and protactinium isotopes.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
MacBain, Abigail. Foreign persuasion: International monks in eighth century Japan.

Yang, Chung-Wei. Fiction in the Age of New Media: Visuality, print technology, and the production of novels in early-twentieth century China.

Allen, David. A popular diplomacy? The Foreign Policy Association, public opinion, and American foreign relations, 1918-1976.

Aumoithe, George. Epidemic preparedness in The Age of Chronic Illnes: Public health and welfare politics in the United States, 1920-1996.

Bhattacharyya, Tania. Bombay, 1839-1832: Empire, space, and belonging in an Indian Ocean port-city.

Ferguson, Susanna. Tracing Tarbiyah women education and childrearing in Egypt and Lebanon 1865-1939.

Gerien-Chen, James. Between empire and nation: Taiwanese settler-migrants and the making of the Japanese empire in South China.

Giordani, Angela. Islamic philosophy and the humanist imagination in twentieth century Egypt.

Gonzalez Le Saux, Marianne. The lawyer's rule: Legal aid, the legal profession, and the rule of law in Chile, 1925-1989.

Kaplan, Abram. The Janus faces of tradition: Newton, Leibniz, and the philological of calculus.

Kideckel, Michael. Fresh from the factory: Breakfast cereal, natural food, and the marketing of reform, 1890-1920.

Kressel, Daniel. The age of technology: The Argentine and the Opus Dei doctrine of development in Latin Americas southern cove 1951-1978.

Kung, Chien Wen. Coercion, culture, and Chineseness: Nationalist China and overseas Chinese anticommunism in the Philippines, 1945-1970.

Kursteiner, Sarina. The hidden architects of the common good: Notarial culture, affect, and paperwork in Northern Italy (ca. 1150 - ca. 1350).

Kuzuoglu, Ulug. Engineering minos: Psychology and minority script reforms in China, 1910-50s.

Marris, Caroline. 'The Silver Sea' and the nation state: The multifaceted geopolitics of the early modern English channel.

Menashe, Tamar. Jews in cross-confessional legal cultures in reformation Germany.

O'Neil, Sean. Technicians of the sign: The practice of semiotics in early modern Europe.

Pesaran, Natasha. The 'Third River': The Iraq-Mediterranean oil pipeline and politics in the Middle East, 1920-1968.

Powers, Allison. Settlement colonialism: Compensatory justice in United States expansion, 1903-1941.

Purcell, James. Parsing truth in Merovingian Gaul: Evidence and the early medieval critic.

Reich, Robin. Copper-alloys and cures: A material history of spices and scientific translation in Norman Sicily.

Resnikoff, Jason. Automatic America: Automation and the meaning of labor in the United States, 1945-75.

Rosenblum, Noah. The tribe of the eagle.

Swett, Brooks. The process of political reconstruction: Policymaking in the United States and Britain in the 1860s and 1870s.

Vuljevic, Suzana. Cosmopolitanism, (cultural) diplomacy and literature: The curious case of union in the post-Ottoman Balkans.

Bell, Eamonn. The computational attitude in music theory.

Glasenapp, Brian. The Beaupré Antiphoner: Liturgy, community, and continuity.

Hannaford, Marc. One line, may view: Muhal Richard Abrams, musical improvisation, and affordances.

Jiang, Qingfan. Toward a global enlightenment: Missionaries, musical knowledge, and the making of encylopedias in eighteenth-century China and France.

O'Rourke, Russell. Musical representation in Italy 1550-1600, Reconsidered.

Saccomano, Mark. Surfaces, objects, and environments: How music affects the perception of space.

Biok, Irene. Hospitalization risk factors of home health care patients with dementia.

Handschuh, Caroline. Peer and parental relationships and their association with adolscent sexual behaviors.

Nielsen, Michael. Essays on convergence to the truth and merging of opinions.

Political Science
Thorley, Dane. Courts, experiments, and randomization: A three-paper dissertation proposal.

Barnes, Rex. Loca infesta: Demonic infestation in Northern Europe, 1400-1600.

McKinney, Warren. Incorporating diaspora - Blurring distinctions of race and nationality through heritage tourism in Ghana.