Dissertations: May 13, 2019


Mazariegos, Juan. A war of proper names: Politics of naming, indigenous insurrection, and genocidal violence in Guatemala's Civil War (1981-1983). Sponsor: Rosalind Morris.

Applied Mathematics
England, Mark. Understanding observed and projected climate changes in the Antarctic, and their global impacts. Sponsor: Lorenzo Polvani.

Gaglio, Meredith. In pursuit of a softer path: Countercultural vision, energy politics, and the American appropriate technology movement. Sponsors: Mary McLeod and Felicity Scott.

Long, Fei. Long-term versus short-term contracting in Salesforce compensation. Sponsor: Kinshuk Jerath.

Chemical Engineering
Fei, Wenjie. Magneto-capillary dynamics of particles at curved liquid interfaces. Sponsor: Kyle Bishop.

Computer Science
Almashaqbeh, Ghada. CacheCash: A cryptocurrency-based decentralized content delivery network. Sponsor: Allison Bishop.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Leland, Caroline. Impacts of partial cambial dieback on tree-ring records from ancient conifers. Sponsor: Edward Cook.

Electrical Engineering
McMillan, James. Investigations of nonlinear optical phenomenon and dispersion in integrated photonic devices. Sponsor: Richard Osgood.

English and Comparative Literature
Wiet, Victoria. Eccentric conduct: Theatre and the pleasures of Victorian fiction. Sponsor: Sharon Marcus.

French and Romance Philology
Lazur, Sarah. Modernist poetics between France and Brazil: Influence and cannibalism in the works of Blaise Cendrars and Oswald de Andrade. Sponsor: Emmanuelle Saada.

Genetics and Development
Kirkling, Margaret. Notch signaling facilitates in vitro generation of cross-parenting classical dendritic cells. Sponsor: Boris Reizis.

Bhattacharyya, Tania. Ocean Bombay, 1839-1937: Space, itinerancy and community in an imperial port city. Sponsor: Manan Ahmed.

Murphy, Anna. Corporatizing defense: Management expertise and the transformation of the Cold War U.S. military. Sponsor: Elizabeth Blackmar.

Palanti, Alessia. Stranded, isolated, cloistered, and confined: Women queering space in twenty-first century Italian cinema. Sponsor: Elizabeth Leake.

Tan, Xiaowei. Optimal transport and equilibrium problems in finance. Sponsor: Marcel Nutz.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Justino Lage de Almeida, Mariana. Mitochondrial dynamics in hematopoietic stem cells. Sponsor: Hans-Willem Snoeck.

Harper, Paula. Unmute this: Circulation, sociality, and sound in viral media. Sponsor: Ellie Hisama.

Whyte, Ralph. "A Light in Sound, a Sound-like Power in Light": Light and/as music in the history of the color organ. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Music (DMA)
Bird, David. Mixed-media and metaphor. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Upadhaya, Samik. Characterization of endogenous hematopoietic stem cells in their native state. Sponsor: Boris Reizis.

Heisenberg, Lars. Hegel on social critique: Life, action and the good in the philosophy of right. Sponsor: Frederick Neuhouser.

McNulty, Jacob. Logic in Hegel's Logic. Sponsor: Frederick Neuhouser.

Nielsen, Michael. Essays on learning and induction. Sponsor: Haim Gaifman.

Political Science
Hanson, Kolby. Rebel organizations in crackdown and truce. Sponsor: Virginia Page Fortna.

Saygili, Aslihan. Democratization, ethnic minorities and the politics of self-determination reform. Sponsor: Virginia Page Fortna.

Vergara Gonzalez, Camila. Assembling the Plebeian Republic: Popular institutions against systemic corruption and oligarchic domination. Sponsor: Nadia Urbinati.

Yang, Joonseok. Three essays on the political economy of business mobility: Electoral and policy implications of business location decisions in the United States. Sponsor: Robert Erikson.

Barnes, Rex. Haunting matters: Demonic infestation in northern Europe, 1400-1600. Sponsor: Euan Cameron.

Social Work
Kim, Soyeon. Hope and positive emotions in bereavement among older adults in the United States. Sponsor: Katherine Shear.

Pac, Jessica. Three essays on child maltreatment prevention. Sponsor: Jane Waldfogel.

Ciocca, Christina. Organizational effects on bachelor's degree completion for the new majority. Sponsor: Thomas DiPrete.

Sustainable Development
Dookie, Denyse. Essays on using climate information for disaster and climate risk management. Sponsor: Daniel Osgood.

Foreman, Timothy. Essays on the economics of environmental change. Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker.

TC / Applied Anthropology
Brennan, Sarah. Anxious intersections: Queer Muslim asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Sponsor: Katherine Pratt Ewing.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Lamnina, Marianna. Developing a thirst for knowledge. Sponsor: Catherine Chase.

TC / Mathematics Education
Aqil, Moulay. Morocco: Multilingualism, cultural identity and mathematics education post-French protectorate, a historical perspective. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

Nadmi, Mustapha. A significant step toward the development of modern algebra: Al-Samaw'al Ibn Yahya Al-Maghribi, a twelfth century mathematician. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

Urban Planning
Stiglich, Matteo. City unplanning: The techno-political economy of privately-financed highways in Lima. Sponsor: Elliott Sclar.



Elmakias, Zohar. Minefield, temple: National, theological, and military powers and site-making in Israel.

Grody, Evin. Animal use as craft practice: Reassessing animal procurement and processing in the Zambian Iron Age.

Reumert, Anna. The etiquette of migration: Sudanese migrant genealogies and practices in Beirut.

Applied Mathematics
Oehrlein, Jessica. Stratosphere-Troposhere interaction and impacts on northern hemisphere wintertime climate.

Biomedical Informatics
Grossman, Lisa. The transparent, concurrent, and collaborative medical record: Methods to improve patients' comprehension of health information.

Cen, Xiao. Home equity, liquidity considerations, and entrepreneurship.

Hwang, Jiwon. Labor market discrimination, entrepreneurship, and incarceration.

Mei, Danqing. Technology shift in M&A.

Computer Science
Mahajan, Kunal. Pricing and performance in cloud computing.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Barth, Anna. A volatile approach to studying the dynamics of magma ascent during explosive eruptions.

Curtin, Lorelei. Organic geochemical records of climate change and human activity from North Atlantic islands.

Gustafson, Chloe. Electromagnetic investigations of groundwater systems in submarine and subglacial environments.

Myers, Elise. Particle association and persistence of aquatic bacteria relevant to public health: Experiments, observations, and modeling.

Russell, Joshua. New constraints on the oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere system from high-resolution surface-wave imaging.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Berge-Becker, Zachary. Gentlemen of leisure: Expertise in the arts, and the construction of gentlemanly identities in Middle period China (1000-1600).

Chambers, Harlan. In search of the commune: China's cultural experiments for a new society (1942-1962).

White, Oliver. Transformative travel: The roots and reinventions of Hizakurige, an early 19th century Japanese travel tale.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Anujan, Krishna. The role of community assembly filters in governing the biodiversity-productivity relationship: Tests of theory on real gradients.

Hall, Jazlynn. Impacts of drought and cyclonic storms on vegetation and water provisioning in Puerto Rico.

VanAcker, Meredith. The ecological drivers of urban tick-borne disease.

Bamford, Iain. Essays in urban, international and public economics.

Deibler, Daniel. Topics in labor market contracting.

Esteban Casanelles, Teresa. Essays on political economy.

Goff, Leonard. Essays in applied econometrics and labor economics.

Ravindran, Dilip. Essays on information in the political economy.

Shin, Joo-Hyung. Labor market implications of specialization.

Warnes, Pablo. Essays in spatial economics.

English and Comparative Literature
Olivier, Francois. Walt Whitman, evolution, and empire: A study of the American Bard's influence on Edward Carpenter, Olive Schreiner, and Jan Smuts.

French and Romance Philology
Albes, Elizabeth. Writing the fictional self: Authorial doubles in Diderot, Rousseau, Staël, and Stendhal.

Atassi, Nader. Practicing economy: Capitalism, political economy, and economic thought in the late Ottoman Empire.

Chattopadhyay, Sohini. The unclaimed and the pauper corpse as an urban problem: Calcutta and Bombay City, 1896 - c. 1960.

Coggeshall, Samuel. Consular networks and the creation of national space between empire and revolution, 1898-1934.

Dubler, Roslyn. Sex, social policy, and the welfare State in Britain and West Germany, 1975-1998.

Glade, Rebecca. Political movements and the struggle for the State in Sudan, 1964-1985.

Lerer, David. Modern European economic history.

Zuber, Thomas. Calibrating childhood: Social services, social sciences and households (Burkina Faso, 1950s-1980s).

Sbuttoni, Claudia. The construction of Italianità at the margins of the nation: Venezia Giulia from the Risorgimento to fascism.

Scarborough, Margaret. Thinking being using having: Critique and possession in the modern.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Ameixeiras Cundins, Iria. Popular identities: Folklore under the Iberian dictatorship.

Cadena Botero, Juan. Disputing the real: Hallucination, masses, and culture in Colombia, Mexico, and USA in the late twentieth century.

Carpio Jimenez, Alberto. Trabajar y obrar: Para una crítica del trabajo desde la península ibérica en el siglo XXI.

Cook, Alexandra. The aesthetics of bad faith.

Lavin, Analía. Periferias de la ciencia: Ocultismo en el Uruguay finisecular.

Materials Science and Engineering
Fu, Lyuwen. Thermodynamics of interacting phonons.

Mechanical Engineering
DiMarco, Christopher. Mechanical behavior of polycrystalline graphene.

Meeker, Cassie. Intuitive human machine interfaces for non-anthropomorphic robotic hands.

Srinivasan, Arvind. Radiative properties of polymers and their use as passive radiative coolers.

Zhang, Haohan. A robotic platform to assist and train head-neck movements.

Zimmerman, Brandon. Investigations of mechanically mediated fatigue failure in articular cartilage: Theoretical and computational models.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Moughania, Ali. Subject-formation at Sunni, Shia, and Sufi crossroads.

Hejduk, Natalie. The socratic paradoxes and Plato's epistemology from the Hippias Minor to the Republic.

Rigas, Alexander. The time of "a Life": Three papers on division two of Heidegger's being and time.

Political Science
Casler, Donald. Credible to whom? The political semantics of credibility in U.S. foreign relations.

Clark, Richard. Better together? A theory of IO cooperation.

Groves, Dylan. Exit, voice, and ideology: Three essays on rural politics in developing countries.

Hiroshima, Sean. Making bystanders: A theory of revisionist strategy.

Jun, Dahsol. Extortion via encryption: The logics of coercion in cyberspace.

Parker, Adam. The politics of labor automation.

Thomas, Daniel. Social transformation in unstable contexts: How do social relations form in response to conflict and displacement?

Zucker, Noah. Climate and development.

Tackes, John. New age Sarvodaya - Self-help in contemporary north India.

Jürgenmeyer, Julian. Trials of legitimacy - Bank stress tests as tools of government in the age of globalized finance.

Urban Planning
Haupert, Tyler. The impact of machine learning-assisted risk assessment on racial disparities in mortgage lending in the United States.