Dissertations: May 3, 2021


Kristjansson, Margaux. Waging care in Anishnabe Aki: The Algonquins of Barriere Lake and sixties scoop diasporas against Canada's economy of indigenous child removal. Sponsors: Elizabeth Povinelli and Audra Simpson.

Applied Mathematics
Evans, Owen. Models of reactive-brittle dynamics in the Earth's lithosphere with applications to hydration and carbonation of mantle peridotite. Sponsor: Marc Spiegelman.

McTier, Moiya. Why are we here?: Constraining the Milky Way's galactic habitable zone. Sponsor: David Kipping.

Biological Sciences
Bao, Kehan. Mechanistic study of a putative demethylase in fission yeast. Sponsor: Songtao Jia.

Han, Jaena. Role of the mu opioid receptor in the effects of the antidepressant tianeptine. Sponsor: René Hen.

McCoy, Kelsey. Structural studies of E. coli FtsZ filaments. Sponsor: Ann McDermott.

Tan, Xiangtian. Reconstruction of high-resolution transcription networks using enhanced CROP-Seq screening. Sponsor: Andrea Califano.

Biomedical Engineering
Hu, Yizhong. Microstructure and biomechanics of the subchondral bone in the development of knee osteoarthritis. Sponsor: X. Edward Guo.

Sachar, Chirag. Utilizing a novel magnetically actuated variable rigidity platform to investigate mechanosensing within T cell activation. Sponsor: Lance C. Kam.

Biomedical Informatics
Kitaygorodsky, Alexander. Post-transcriptional gene expression regulation in developmental disorders. Sponsor: Yufeng Shen.

Bolandnazar, Mohammadreza. Essays on the effects of frictions on financial intermediation. Sponsor: Michael Johannes.

Brown, Zachary. Professional status and language: The role of jargon. Sponsor: Adam Galinsky.

Carlson, Natalie. Three essays on enabling entrepreneurial growth in low-income economies. Sponsor: Bruce Kogut.

Huang, Qian. Do critical audit matter disclosures impact investor behavior?. Sponsor: Shivaram Rajgopal.

Min, Seungki. Modern dynamic programming approaches to sequential decision making. Sponsor: Ciamac Moallemi.

Phan, Minh. Does information form(at) matter? Consumer response to mortgage disclosures. Sponsor: Shivaram Rajgopal.

Shen, Yiwen. Empirical modeling and applications in financial economics and healthcare management. Sponsor: Paul Glasserman.

Tessari, Cristina. Essays in international finance and central bank policy. Sponsor: Harry Mamaysky.

Wang, Muye. Machine learning applications in finance markets. Sponsors: Constantinos Maglaras and Ciamac Moallemi.

Wang, Renxuan. Subjective beliefs and asset prices. Sponsor: Paul Tetlock.

Poole, Ursula. Tempus edax: Time in Ovid's Tomitan poems. Sponsor: Gareth Williams.

Beckerman, Gal. The quiet before: On the unexpected origins of radical ideas. Sponsor: Todd Gitlin.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Pasqualini, Angelica. Circulation pathways, time scales, and water mass composition in the Arctic Ocean: Results from 25 years of tracer observations. Sponsor: Peter Schlosser.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kindler, Benjamin. Writing to the rhythm of labour: The politics of cultural labour in the Chinese Revolution, 1942-1976. Sponsor: Lydia Liu

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Schmiege, Stephanie. Ecophysiological controls of conifer biogeographic distributions. Sponsor: Kevin Griffin.

Gwee, Yi Jie. Essays on the spatial distribution of economic activities. Sponsor: Donald Davis.

Hong, Seungki. Essays on micro-level consumption behavior and open economy macroeconomics. Sponsor: Martin Uribe.

Mark, Nathaniel. Three essays on access and welfare in health care and health insurance markets. Sponsors: Bernard Salanié and Ashley Swanson.

Electrical Engineering
Behrman, Keith. MicroLED and microdevices for next-generation display systems. Sponsor: Ioannis Kymissis.

Borah, Abhinandan. Electrostatic modeling and contact resistance engineering in 2D semiconductor devices. Sponsor: James Teherani.

Han, Guoxiang. High-performance reconfigurable radio-frequency integrated-circuit receiver architectures for concurrent signal reception. Sponsor: Peter Kinget.

Kumar Chung, Pavan. Algorithm hardware co-design of neural networks for always-on devices. Sponsor: Mingoo Seok.

Kuo, Han-Wen. Deconvolution problems for structured sparse signal. Sponsor: John Wright.

Nipane, Ankur. Modeling, fabrication, and characterization of 2D devices for electronic and photonic applications. Sponsor: James Teherani.

Zhang, Yudong. Design of power-efficient optical transceivers and design of high-linearity wireless wideband receivers. Sponsor: Peter Kinget.

Roady, Peter. The national security state that wasn’t: Liberals, conservatives, and the fight to define the government’s responsibilities in the 1930s and 1940s. Sponsor: Matthew Jones.

Schwartz, Joshua. The life of pictures: Charles Dana Gibson, John Sloan, and the making of modern Americans 1883-1925. Sponsor: Elizabeth Blackmar.

Materials Science and Engineering
Şeren, Mehmet Hazar. A rigorous analysis of diffraction stress formalism. Sponsor: Ismail Noyan.

Lin, Yier. Large deviations of the KPZ equation, Markov duality and SPDE limits of the vertex models. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Mechanical Engineering
Shim, Jay. A multiphasic-fluid-structure interaction formulation based on mixture theory and its finite element implementation in FEBio. Sponsor: Gerard Ateshian.

Jiang, Qingfan. Toward a global enlightenment: Music, missionaries, and the construction of a universal history in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century China and Europe. Sponsor: Elaine Sisman.

Music (DMA)
Dougherty, William. Reimagining resistance: Éliane Radigue's collaborative composition. Sponsor: Georg Haas.

Rot, John. Waking up into the moment: Temporal awareness in music composition. Sponsor: Georg Haas.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Marshall, Najja. Corticospinal control of motor units. Sponsor: Mark Churchland.

Hannan, Natalie. The socratic paradoxes and Plato's epistemology. Sponsor: Katja Vogt.

Landry, Michael. The actions of non-equilibrium systems and related matters. Sponsor: Alberto Nicolis.

Political Science
Clark, Richard. Better together? How international organizations combat complexity through cooperation. Sponsor: Allison Carnegie.

Invernizzi, Giovanna. Inside political parties: Factions, party organization and electoral competition. Sponsor: Michael Ting.

Naft, Michael. Extending the rejection sensitivity model to the stigma of criminal status: Trauma and interpersonal functioning in the age of mass criminalization. Sponsor: Valerie Purdie-Greenaway.

Zhou, Ding. Advances in statistical machine learning methods for neural data science. Sponsor: Liam Paninski.

Sustainable Development
Aguilar Gómez, Sandra. Essays in health, development and the environment. Sponsor: Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Baquié, Sandra. Human—environment interactions: Microbes, forests, and climate. Sponsor: Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Gantois, Joséphine. All things plants: An ecosystem view of sustainable development. Sponsor: Jeffrey Shrader.

TC / Applied Anthropology
Wortham, Andrew. Playing gay: Tongzhi organizing fun and HIV/AIDS politics in Southwest China. Sponsor: Herve Varenne.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Hwang-Nesbit, Francis. Effects of a curriculum-based intervention on the increments of stimulus control for bidirectional naming and student learning. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

Peysin, Joseph. Descriptive and experimental analyses of in-person and remote instruction. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

Sun, Yifei. Stimulus control for making math verbal. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

Wong, Kristina. Experimental and descriptive analyses of mastery criteria. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

Chang, Young Hwa. Effects of speech cues on acoustics and intelligibility of Korean-speaking children with Dysarthria. Sponsor: Erika Levy.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Gholmie, Yara. Disordered eating attitudes and behaviors in individuals with celiac disease and the association with quality of life. Sponsor: Randi Wolf

TC / Clinical Psychology
Portnoff, Larissa. The structure of mental health in Haiti: A latent class analysis of common mental disorders, several mental disorders, neurological conditions, clinical symptoms, and functional impairment. Sponsor: Helen Verdeli

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Lesperance, Rosiane. Skill development, meaningful content, and broad practice as contributors to developing a deep understanding of science. Sponsor: Deanna Kuhn.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Mendez, Narolyn. Afro-Latinx Caribbean women's body image: A mixed-methodology inquiry on gender, race and culture. Sponsor: Marie Miville

Muchow, Carrie. An integrated framework of health beliefs and health behaviors: The impact of sociocultural factors in the case of Type II diabetes. Sponsor: George Gushue.

TC / Economics and Education
Luo, Yifeng. Essays on inputs of higher education. Sponsor: Alexander Eble.

TC / Educational Policy
Mishra, Soumya. Promise vs practice: Formulating and implementing higher education reforms in India. Sponsor: Kevin Dougherty.

TC / English Education
Fraver, Brad. Contributions toward a theory of listening in literature and literary pedagogy. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

TC / Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
Chen, Yanru. Self-regulation and academic learning in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder: Individual differences and links to executive function, effortful control, reward sensitivity, school engagement, and adaptive behavior. Sponsor: Laudan Jahromi.

TC / Mathematics Education
Gelb, Rena. Mathematicians and music: Implications for understanding the role of affect in mathematical thinking. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

Markinson, Mara. The teaching and learning of geometric proof: Roles of the textbook and the teacher. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

McDowell, Yonghong. Undergraduate student misconceptions within calculus concepts. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation
Anderson, Nicholas. A new partial effect size for categorical outcomes: Meta-analyzing logistic regression slopes. Sponsor: Bryan Keller

Diaz Yanez, Karina. Multiple imputation for handling missing data of covariates in meta-regression. Sponsor: Bryan Keller.

Ma, Yue. Assessing student collaborative probability problem solving ability using performance assessment: Development and use of a scoring rubric. Sponsor: James Corter.

Tyson, Elena. Motoric and language systems associated with note-taking: Going beyond handwriting speed. Sponsor: Stephen Peverly.

TC / Science Education
Robinson, Rashida. Girls' experiences with gender-inclusive curriculum: Effects on perception, confidence, and belief in ability to do science. Sponsor: Christopher Emdin.

Vaval, Luronne. Is it as straightforward as it seems? Examining STEM persistence through the career aspiration histories of high school students. Sponsor: Christopher Emdin.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Dillard, Joseph. Examining the influence of gender presentation, sexual orientation, and job type on modern-day hiring discrimination against gay men through descriptive and prescriptive stereotype moderated mediation models. Sponsor: Caryn Block.

Mendelsohn, David. Inclusive leadership: Exploration of individual and situational antecedents. Sponsor: Elissa Perry.

Urban Planning
Haupert, Tyler. Racial and spatial disparities in fintech mortgage lending in the United States. Sponsor: Lance Freeman.

Stahl, Valerie. Housing publics: Contested approaches to public housing redevelopment in NYC. Sponsor: Lance Freeman.


West, Daniel. Kōī Au: Flow and resistance across Hawaiian elemental spheres.

Applied Mathematics
Ryoo, Chanyang. Application of cut cell methods to simulations of surge barriers in 1D/2D.

Biomedical Engineering
Chien, Tiffany. Building genetic circuits to engineer bacteria as living therapeutics.

Narasimhan, Shreya. Behavioral state dependent perceptual decision making.

Biomedical Informatics
Bear Don't Walk, Oliver. Ethical and fair clinical natural language processing for social and behavioral determinants of health.

Dell'Acqua, Fabrizio. Artificial intelligence in organizations: Three experiments on human/machine interaction and human augmentation.

Computer Science
Kwiatkowski, Robert. Deep self-modeling.

Sloan, Rose. Using linguistic features to improve prosody for text-to-speech.

Turcan, Elsbeth. Understanding negative emotional reactions and their triggering events: Interpretable multitask models.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Anderson, Lloyd. Atmospheric C02 and seawater pH reconstructions for the last 66 million years using cross-calibrations of boron isotopes in Cenozoic planktic foraminifera.

Carchedi, Christopher. Environmental and tectonic systems in Africa and South Asia constrained by seismic noise, surface waves, and scattering.

Janoski, Tyler. The short-term evolution of Arctic amplification and its mechanisms in models subjected to instantaneous CO2 quadrupling.

Lambert, Jonathan. Pleistocene nutrient, thermocline, and bottom current dynamics in the South Pacific sector of the Western Pacific Warm Pool.

Davitaya, Martsella. Monetary policy and refinance of fixed-rate mortgages.

Gopal, Bhargav. Essays in applied microeconomics and labor economics.

Gupta, Sakshi. Identity, norms and labor market outcomes for women.

Mascarenhas, Rui. Essays in monetary economics.

Mishra, Shruti. Heterogenous unemployment response to monetary policy shocks.

French and Romance Philology
Devautour, Jeanne. Towards a sociology of the Écrivain Décalé: From great collective traumas to the making of a generational exilic literature.

Lee, Joo Kyung. Strange intimacies, unsettling geographies: Labor, sexuality, and migration in Francophone and world literature.

Plowright, Isobel. Labor, land, and the State: The first international in America, 1864-1876.

Ullman, Reut. The battle for the soul of Russia: The culture of science and the politics of theology in enlightened Russia.

Political Science
Char, Stephanie. Effectiveness of countercriticism coercion.

Mathieu, Alexandra. Status-seeking and olympic hosting.

Peisajovich, Nicole. Democratic leadership: Normative foundations.

Platzman, Paul. Three papers on the role of ideology, learning, and affect in American political behavior.