Dissertations: May 4, 2020


Art History and Archaeology
Kang, Changduk. Before the reality effect: Wax representations in eighteenth-century France. Sponsor: Anne Higonnet.

Niedbala, Steven. Techniques of carceral reproduction: Architecture and the prison system in the United States, 1799-1978. Sponsor: Barry Bergdoll.

Biological Sciences
Chan, Jessica. The role of Epsin-mediated Endocytosis in Caenorhabditis elegans Notch ligand function. Sponsor: Iva Greenwald.

Xu, Lu. Volumetric calcium imaging reveals extensive modulation in peripheral olfaction coding. Sponsor: Stuart Firestein.

O'Neill, Therese. If time permits: The politics and aesthetics of the popular creative writing manual. Sponsor: Todd Gitlin.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Peacock, Christopher. Intersecting nations, diverging discourses: The fraught encounter of Chinese and Tibetan literatures in the modern era. Sponsor: Lydia Liu.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Bytnerowicz, Thomas. Exploring the mechanisms that control the success of symbiotic nitrogen fixers across latitude: Temperature, time lags, and founder effects. Sponsor: Duncan Menge.

Yu, Yue. Essays in urban economics. Sponsors: Donald Davis and David Weinstein.

Electrical Engineering
Jiang, Zhewei. Algorithm and hardware co-design for local/edge computing. Sponsor: Mingoo Seok.

Kurt, Mehmet Necip. Data-driven quickest change detection. Sponsor: Xiaodong Wang.

French and Romance Philology
Abele, Celia. Collecting knowledge, writing the world: An enlightenment project. Sponsor: Joanna Stalnaker.

Germanic Languages
Holt, Alexander. Cold War crossings: Border poetics in postwar German and Polish literature. Sponsor: Oliver Simons.

Nofil, Brianna. Detention power: Jails, camps, and the origins of immigrant incarceration. Sponsor: Mae Ngai.

Cooper-Ramsey, Savannah. Dante Tenzonante. Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Kim, Donghan. Topics in stochastic portfolio theory: Pathwise generation of trading strategies, and portfolio theory in open markets. Sponsor: Ioannis Karatzas.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Sariahmed, Nadia. The battles of Algiers: Popular politics of the anticolonial struggle. Sponsor: Mahmood Mamdani.

Forner, Jane. Distant pasts reimagined: Encountering the political present in 21st-century opera. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Brown, Simon. Animal minds in time. Sponsor: Christopher Peacocke.

Sall, Dialika. (Re) Defining Blackness: Race, ethnicity and the children of African immigrants. Sponsors: Shamus Khan and Van Tran.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Verdun, Victoria. Applied behavior analysis in HBSE. Sponsor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Wu, Renqiuwen. The efficacy of a math application mathemAntics on preschoolers' math performance. Sponsor: Herbert Ginsburg.

TC / English Education
Conway, Jessica. Reading and literacy in the Chthulucene. Sponsor: Ruth Vinz.

TC / Philosophy and Education
De Rez Rocha, Tomas. Egalitarian reverence: Towards a cosmopolitan contemplative education. Sponsor: David Hansen.

TC / School Psychology
Dewey, Angela. An evaluation of interspersing the testing effect during lecture on test performance and notes in high schoolers. Sponsor: Stephen Peverly.

TC / Science Education
Biswas, Samir. Exploration of differences in the beliefs and attitudes of biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics teachers on multiculturalism in secondary science classrooms. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology
Elmore, Joshua. Impact of gendered topics in letters of recommendation on perceived importance for making a hiring decision in the geosciences. Sponsor: Caryn Block.


Applied Physics
Karp, Jonathan. Theoretical studies of unconventional superconductivity in materials with strong electronic correlations.

Biomedical Engineering
Huang, Dantong. Engineering patient-specific liver microtissues with prolonged phenotypic maintenance and disease modeling potential.

Computer Science
Arroyo, Miguel. Bespoke cyber-physical system security.

Tran, Dustin. Probabilistic programming for deep learning.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Miller, Una. Investigation of high salinity shelf water in the Terra Nova Bay Polynya, Ross Sea, Antarctica.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kim, Christopher. Integrating the State in early China: Institutional change and the political economy of Qi, 1040-221 BCE.

Acosta, Jose. Topics in macroeconomics and communication.

Avilova, Tatyana. Essays in economics of health and education.

Guillouet, Louise. The welfare effects of new goods and new firms.

Mateen, Haaris. Ambiguity and model misspecification in incomplete contracts.

Saia, Joseph. Evaluating monetary shocks and their effects through corporate stock reactions.

Shahanaghi, Sara. Strategic behavior among news media: Dynamics.

Xu, Xiao. Essays on household finance and asset pricing.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Garzón Mantilla, Juan Carlos. Historical cosmography in Spanish Peru (1550-1650): Entangled chronotectures and connected worldscapes from the New World.

Political Science
Barham, Elena. Local governance organizations and state capacity.

Choi, Yujin. Liberalism from the margins: The authenticity problem of non-western liberal practices.

Dorjee, Tenzin. Buddhism, nationalism, and violence: How religion shapes ethnic conflict in Myanmar, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Panter, Jonathan. Independent steaming: Naval organizational cultures and sea control.

Wood, Colleen. The causes and consequences of internationalizing education in central Asia.

Yao, Linan. Digital authoritarianism: How does China use information technology to respond to citizens and foster legitimacy.