Dissertations: November 16, 2020


Biomedical Engineering
Chen, David. Regenerative engineering of the temporomandibular joint in a porcine model. Sponsor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Chen, Siying. Integration of functional genomic data in genetic analysis. Sponsor: Yufeng Shen.

English and Comparative Literature
Saretto, Gianmarco. Consuming the word: Figures of vernacular translation in late medieval devotional literature. Sponsor: Eleanor Johnson.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Lee, Melissa. Glia in development and disorder. Sponsor: Carol Mason.

Political Science
Mueser, Benjamin. Negotiating territorial sovereignty: Pufendorf to Vattel. Sponsor: Nadia Urbinati.

TC / Politics and Education
Cornman, Stephen. Do equity and adequacy court decisions and policies make a difference for at-risk students? Longitudinal evidence from New Jersey. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.



Art History and Archaeology
Jiang, Chen. Repainting the past: Kikuchi Yōsai's (1788-1878) visualization of history.

Biomedical Engineering
Duffy, Michael. The osteocyte primary cilium regulates cytoskeletal and tissue adaptation as a calcium-dependent cAMP signaling nexus.

Computer Science
Xiao, Chang. Enabling common interactions through hidden channels

English and Comparative Literature
DaCosta, Gabrielle. A Trinitarian theory of "Love' in Augustine's Civitate Dei.

Dzyak, Katrina. On the origin of origins: Natural history, indigenous geographies, and new world narrative.

Florin-Sefton, Mia. A body on the verge of collapse: Life, sex & degeneration 1900-2020.

Gainey, Evyan. The glass of fashion: The popularization of disability on the English Renaissance stage.

Joyner, Alec. Going to pieces: The laughter of the other in US novels of the 1930s.

Mechanical Engineering
Ismail, Ayman. Higher order repetitive control for external signals with uncertain periods.

Zhang, Tianyi. Examination of bandwidth enhancement and circulant filter frequency cutoff robustification in iterative learning control.

Hedgecock, Sarah. Back to the future: Nostalgia and transformation in evangelical girlhood.