Dissertations: October 29, 2018


Biological Sciences
Amster, Guy. Life history effects on neutral polymorphism and divergence rates, in autosomes and sex chromosomes. Sponsor: Guy Sella.

Simons, Yuval. Population genetics of mutation load and quantitative traits in humans. Sponsor: Guy Sella.

Classical Studies
Bonasio, Giulia. Happiness and superlative value in the Eudemian ethics. Sponsor: Katja Vogt.

Computer Science
Argyos, Georgios. Symbolic model learning: Algorithms and applications. Sponsor: Tal Malkin.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Wu, Yingzhe. Investigating the applications of Neodymium Isotopic compositions and rare Earth elements as water mass tracers in the South Atlantic and North Pacific. Sponsor: Steven Goldstein.

English and Comparative Literature
Ross, Elliot. Reading and repair: fictions of Mau Mau. Sponsor: Brent Edwards.

Genetics and Development
Abarinov, Elena. Mechanisms underlying repression of CCS cell fates by transient expression of transcription factor Nkx2.2. Sponsors: Hynek Wichterle and Lori Sussel.

Industrial Engineering
Fagan, Francois. Advances in Bayesian inference and stable optimization for large-scale machine learning problems. Sponsor: Garud Iyengar.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Youssef, Lyla. Increased erythrophagocytosis induces ferroptosis in macrophages and alters the immune response to subsequent stimuli. Sponsor: Steven Spitalnik.


Kabir, Poorya. Effect of credit supply on product market strategy.

Min, Seungki. Thompson sampling with information relaxation penalties.

Moulton, Elizabeth. Telling others sensitive information.

Wang, Yahui. Trade policy uncertainty and asset prices.

Yang, Ruoke. Three essays on corporate social responsibility and regulation.

Zheng, Minchen. Essays on institutional investors in corporate bond market.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Lin, Qiliang. Thermo-mechanical behavior of functionality graded materials in building applications.

Computer Science
Kowalczyk, Lucas. Compact attribute-based encryption for boolean formulas.