Dissertations: September 23, 2019


Mohaiemen, Naeem. Storming heaven with memories. Sponsor: David Scott.

Kennedy, Hollyamber. Modernism's politics of land: Settlement colonialism and migrant mobility in the German Empire, from Prussian Poland to German Nambia, 1884-1918. Sponsor: Felicity Scott.

Shvartzberg-Carrió, Manuel. Designing "Post-Industrial Society": Settler colonialism and modern architecture in Palm. Sponsors: Reinhold Martin and Felicity Scott.

Art History and Archaeology
Espert, Yasmine. The cinema of social dreamers: Artists and their imaginations return to the Caribbean. Sponsor: Kellie Jones.

Fowler, Michael. Human sacrifice in Greek antiquity: Between myth, image, and reality. Sponsor: Ioannis Mylonopoulos.

Lima, Álvaro Luís. Art in Mozambique at the end of socialism. Sponsor: Zoe Strother.

Biological Sciences
Feng, Huizhong. Molecular approaches to targeting oncogenic KRAS and Ferroptosis. Sponsor: Brent Stockwell.

Ling, Wodan. Quantile regression for zero-inflated outcomes. Sponsor: Ying Wei.

Zhu, Huichen. Robust statistical approaches dealing with high-dimensional observational data. Sponsors: Gen Li and Ying Wei.

Allouah, Mohammed-Amine. Optimal auctions and pricing with limited information. Sponsor: Omar Besbes.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
McGoldrick, Luke. Structural analyses of the transient receptor potential channels TRPV3 and TRPV6. Sponsor: Alexander Sobolevsky.

Chemical Engineering
Brady, Nicholas. Investigation of lithium ion battery electrodes: Using mathematical models augmented with data science to understand surface layer formation, mass transport, electrochemical kinetics, and chemical phase change. Sponsor: Alan West.

Howarth, Gary. Potassium channel KcsA and its lipids. Sponsor: Ann McDermott.

Zhang, Dongyu. Studies on the effect of anionic lipids on potassium channel KcsA by solid state NMR. Sponsor: Ann McDermott.

Computer Science
Pomonis, Marios. Preventing code reuse attacks on modern operating systems. Sponsor: Roxana Geambasu.

Spahn, Riley. New data protection abstractions for emerging mobile and big data workloads. Sponsor: Roxana Geambasu.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Arellano Trevino, Martha. A study of catalytic metals and alkaline metal oxides leading to the development of a stable bimetallic Ru, Ni Dual Function Material for CO2 capture from flue gas and in-situ catalytic conversion to methane. Sponsor: Robert Farrauto.

Rasmussen, Daniel. The Aleutian arc through and through: Subduction dynamics and the generation, storage, and eruption of hydrous magmas. Sponsor: Terry Plank.

Uchida, Takaya. Seasonality in surface (sub)mesoscale turbulence and its impact on iron transport and primary production. Sponsor: Ryan Abernathey.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Lei, Lei. Narrative power and the new human: Making the revolutionaires in China, 1937-1945. Sponsor: Lydia Liu.

Electrical Engineering
Baraani Dastjerdi, Mahmood. High-performance multi-antenna wireless for 5G and beyond. Sponsor: Harish Krishnaswamy.

Fazelnia, Ghazal. Optimization for probabilistic machine learning. Sponsor: John Paisley.

Ogundijo, Oyetunji. Topics in signal processing: Applications in genomics. Sponsors: John Paisley and Xiaodong Wang.

Zhong, Shan. Signal processing for wireless power and information transfer. Sponsor: Xiaodong Wang.

English and Comparative Literature
Amoretti, Valerio. The psychic work of reading: Form and unconscious affect in the wake of modernism. Sponsors: Stathis Gourgouris and Bruce Robbins.

Birch, Campbell. Legacies of violence in contemporary America. Sponsor: Marianne Hirsch.

Bordelois, Paula. Internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in childhood and early development of cardiovascular and diabetes risk: A life course perspective. Sponsor: Katherine Keyes.

French and Romance Philology
McGuinness, Max. Modernism and mass press from Mallarmé to Proust. Sponsor: Elisabeth Ladenson.

Trumbo-Tual, Matthew. Proust and speech. Sponsor: Elisabeth Ladenson.

Allen, David. Every citizen a statesman: Building a democracy for foreign policy in the American century. Sponsor: Matthew Connelly.

Neubauer, Jack. Adopted by the world: China and the rise of global intimacy. Sponsor: Eugenia Lean.

O'Neil, Sean. The art of signs: Symbolic notation and visual thinking in early modern Europe, 1600-1800. Sponsor: Pamela Smith.

Pace, Matteo. Of poets and physicians: Medical and scientific thought from the Sicilian school to Dante, 1230-1300. Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Visco, Julianna. Dante and Baccaccio: A poetics of textiles. Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Colmenares, David. How the Aztecs got a Pantheon: The creation of an ancient religion in New Spain. Sponsor: Alessandra Russo.

Materials Science and Engineering
Wright, Christopher. Towards real time characterization of grain growth from the melt. Sponsor: Simon Billinge.

Mechanical Engineering
Ji, Xiaoqiang. New stable inverses of linear discrete time systems and application to iterative learning control. Sponsor: Richard Longman.

Wang, Bowen. Iterative learning control and adaptive control for systems with unstable discrete-time inverse. Sponsor: Richard Longman.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Marrewa Karwoski, Christine. Imprinted identities: A history of literature and communal selfhood in the Nath Sampraday. Sponsor: Allison Busch.

Subramaniam, Shiv. Poetry's afterthought: Kalidasa and the experience of reading. Sponsor: Sheldon Pollock.

Murray, Meghan. Risk factors for emerging and reemerging infectious diseases in children. Sponsor: Elaine Larson.

Operations Research
Sun, Yunjie. Pricing analytics for reusable resources. Sponsor: Adam Elmachtoub.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Ahmad, Tiara. Investigations of bile acid signaling in intestinal organoids. Sponsor: Rebecca Haeusler.

Ren, Tianhao. Contributions to theory of few and many-body systems in lower dimensions. Sponsor: Igor Aleiner.

Shao, Yinming. Infrared electrodynamics of Dirac materials. Sponsor: Dmitri Basov.

Social Work
Chatfield, Karen. Three papers on the executive functions, reading and math outcomes of head start participants. Sponsor: Jane Waldfogel.

Hagen, Ryan. The constant metropolis: Disaster risk managers and the production of stability in New York City. Sponsor: Peter Bearman.

TC / Educational Leadership
Smith, Phillip. Exploring the leadership of black male principals and heads of schools: A phenomenological study. Sponsor: Sonya Horsford.

TC / Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
SooHoo, Alyssa. Respite and well-being among families with children with autism spectrum disorder. Sponsor: Laudan Jahromi.

Simon, Jessica. Mimetic sensations: Sensation genres, Victorian realism, and the transmission of feeling. Sponsor: Sharon Marcus.


Art History and Archaeology
Tamur, Erhan. Siteworlds: An account of material lives from Tello.

Biomedical Informatics
Mitchell, Elliot. Computational, conversational health coaching for diabetes self-management.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Bensen, Nolan. The edge of the world drawn closer: A case study in globalization under the Pax Mongolica.

Kim, Yong-Ha. Rethinking unification: Ideology, standardization, and local accommodation.

Miyazaki, Maho. Female impersonation, gender, and age in Noh.

Yang, Yingchuan. Revolution on air: Radio technology, socialist culture, and China's global engagement.

Almukhtar, Amnah. Imagined futures: Political and social thought in Iraq, 1906-1930.

Khalifa, Nada. Commissions of enquiry in Egypt and greater Syria, 1914-1921.

Meberg, Justine. The paradox of protection: The US Army and enemy women in the second Seminole War and Mexican War, 1835-1848.

Mechanical Engineering
Finney, Nathan. Symmetry engineering via angular control of layered van der Waals heterostructures.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Rodrigues, Shaunna. Anchoring constitutionalism in Islam: Epistemic minorities and justificatory discourse in India.

Ford, Mike. An agile musicology: Improvisation in corporate management and lean startups.

Urban Planning
Snidal, Michael. Opportunity zones: A baseline evaluation and theoretical investigation.