MA Students

Master’s Theses: Fall 2017

Please find below the titles of MA theses submitted in the Fall 2017 term.

Ahmad, Shaiza. Khawajasirah: The Woman Within. Advisors: Brinkley M. Messick and Ellen L. Marakowitz.

Gilliam, Raphael. Heteronormative Colonialism: Intersections of Performativity and Settler Colonialism. Advisors: Rosalind C. Morris and Audra Simpson.

Julian, William Alexander. Not Many Mosques in the Grassland: Nomads, Islam, and Representation. Advisors: Myron Cohen and Rune Steenberg.

New, Adam. Repeated Selective Rescinsion: Signifiers of Agency within the Socio-Political Experience of African Americans in the Century Following Emancipation. Advisor: Ellen L. Marakowitz.

Qie, Yi. Young Feminist Activism in Contemporary China. Advisors: Abu-Lughod and Dorothy Ko.

Shannon, Michael J. Being Homo sapiens sapiens: An Ironic Tragedy. Advisors: Ellen L. Marakowitz and Marilyn J. Ivy.

American Studies
Feitshans, Emalyn Levy. Take My Revolution: Girlfriends, Girl-Friends, and How Japanese Media Changed the American Comic Book Industry. Advisor: Matt Sandler.

Neville, Hannah Scott. Sex Tourism, Masculinity, and Feminist Theory. Advisor: Matt Sandler.

Art History
Chang, Amy. The Mudéjar and the Marian in Ceramic Baptismal Fonts from Toledo: Apotropaic Designs on Spiritual Thresholds, circa. 1370-1400. Advisor: Frédérique Baumgartner.

Watkins, Benjamin. Pale Imitations and Acquired Tastes: Indian Buildings, James Fergusson, and the Literature of World Architecture. Advisor: Vidya Dehejia.

Chhabra, Aishani. Mapping the Recent Advances and the Clinical Design of CAR-T Cell Therapy. Advisor: Arnold Han.

Desai, Nija Nitin. The Tumor Microenvironment and its Role in the Evolution and Progression of Cancer. Advisor: Christian Schindler.

Franco, Laura Ojeda. Bladder Cancer: A Potentially Propelling Map for Precision Medicine. Advisor: Cathy Mendelsohn.

Gao, Yijing. The Reward Pathway Associated with the Nucleus Accumbens Motivates Aggression-Seeking Behaviors. Advisor: Dayu Lin.

Greenberg, Arielle E. Zika Virus Pathogenesis and Determinants. Advisor: Matthew Evans.

Hasan, Ceylan. Beyond Borders: Uncovering Feto-Placental Mosaicism. Advisor: Erin Heinzen.

Irfan, Briera. Evolution of Therapeutic Advances in Parkinson's Disease. Advisor: Asa Abeliovich.

Kung, Chia-yu. Epigenetic Dysfunction & Chromatin Profiling in Cancer. Advisor: Neville Sanjana.

Li, Yifan. In Vivo and In Vitro Methods to Analyze RNA-Binding Proteins. Advisor: Lawrence Chasin.

Liu, Haoran. Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Advisor: Daniel Kalderon.

Meng, Yan. Applications of Single Cell Sequencing to Identify Cell Types and States. Advisor: Raul Rabadan.

Nikolaki, Veroniki. The Role of the Cannabinoid System and Dopamine Receptor D2 Gene on the Development of Schizoprenia. Advisor: Stavros Lomvardas.

Oste, Eric M. A Regulatory Perspective on the Changing Landscape of the Nutritional Health Industry. Advisor: Ron Guido.

Rabayeva, Karina. The Microbial Army Within and Around Us. Advisor: Brent Williams.

Salim, Madihah Syeda. Lung Cancer: Overcoming Drug Resistance and New Treatment Approaches. Advisor: Ron Guido.

Yeh, Yow-Tyng. Common Research Models in Neurobiology and the Promising Future of Neural Organoids. Advisor: Raju Tomer.

Zhang, Qilin. The Challenge and Future of Immunotherapy. Advisor: Lawrence Chasin.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Cho, Monica. Searching and Redefining Self in Yi Chŏng-ho's Wŏllam Novels. Advisor: Theodore Hughes.

Dongchung, Tenzin Yewong. Through the autobiography of monastery architect Chö Püntsok: A study on the influence of Ganden Podrang government in Tsang (1917-1959). Advisor: Gray Tuttle.

Kang, Dohee. The Negotiation of Buddhism in Cho Chi-hun's Poetics and Social Engagement. Advisor: Theodore Hughes.

Kou, Yuli. Contribution of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs in Japan to China in the Period from 1970 to 1999. Advisor: Paul Kreitman.

Zhu, Tongtong. Labrang Monastery during the Reign of the Ma Clique in Amdo (1915-1949). Advisor: Gray Tuttle.

European History, Politics, and Society
Castro, Daniel. A Year of Incessant Controversy: British Policy Formation Towards Franco's Spain in 1943. Advisor: Emily Jones.

Christodoulatos, Jerry. The Peaceful Invasion: The Dictatorship of the Colonels and the Development of Tourism in Greece, 1967-1974. Advisor: Dimitrios Antoniou.

Dornstadter, Andrew. Tests of NATO Allies' Commitment and Performance: Lessons from Poland and Slovakia since the London Summit “Hand of Friendship.” Advisor: Tsveta Petrova.

Fiore, Nicholas. The United Kingdom Independence Party: Crafting a “Winning Formula” or a Typical Party of the European Radical Right? Advisor: Sheri Berman.

Palmer, Jake. The Boundaries of Democracies: A Normative Case for Porous Borders. Advisor: Turkuler Isiksel.

Shine, Kaitlin. L'Uomo della Grande Guerra. Advisor: Volker Berghahn.

Sonkin, Stephanie. Origins of Sweden's Public Diplomacy Shift, 2003-2007. Advisor: Tsveta Petrova.

History and Literature
Briar, Nadine. The Authority of Influence: Edmund Burke and the Political Man of Letters (1759-1797).

Chao, Emily. “Bête de somme”: Reconfiguring Interwar Masculinity in Jean Renoir’s Toni (1935).

Clark, Valorie. A Study in Subtext: Homoeroticism and the Sherlock Holmes Stories.

Crabtree, Chloe-Rose. Crafting the American Home: An Analysis of the Evolution of Domestic Guides and Their Impact on Cultural Education (1830-1900).

Guiricih, Jackson. Intersecting Idolatries: Proust’s Ruskinian Legacy.

Jolley, Thomas. Wilfrid Scawen Blunt and the return to the Salaf as-ṣāliḥ.

Mouradian, Hagop. Ourika by Claire de Duras: A 19th-Century Literary Event.

Mustard, Fiona. Justice, Served Cold: How Monte-Cristo’s Hero Became Gankutsuo’s Villain.

Rindfleisch, Anna. Haunting the Bereaved: The Role of 1930s Theater in Mourning the Lost Soldiers of the Great War.

Turner, Elizabeth. Jour du Seigneur: Implementation and Retention of Religious Programming on Publically Supported Television.

Human Rights Studies
Abramov, Elinoam. "An Autistic Man Lives Here Cops No Excuses… Oh Yes He Is Black Too": Cognitive Disability, Race and Police Brutality in the United States. Advisor: Max Mishler.

Aslam, Fatima. Pushing Boundaries: Islamic Feminism in Iran. Advisor: Joseph Chuman.

Bailoun, Zeinab. Use of Rights Language at the International Criminal Court: A Revealing Closer Look at ICC Transcripts.

Brown, Patrice. The United States Response to Sex Trafficking Survivors. Advisor: Rainer Braun.

Dannenberg, Emily. The Collateral Victims of the Prison Reentry System: A Critical Assessment of How Reentry Policies Contribute to African American Family Homelessness in New York City. Advisor: Samuel Roberts.

Edwin, Renita. Collective Identity and its Impact on Indian Farmer Movements. Advisor: Inga Winkler.

Graham, Amanda. Blockchain as an Instrument for Human Rights Business Practice. Advisor: Lara Nettelfield.

Havens, Holly. The Harms of Orphanage Voluntourism: Misperceptions among Volunteers. Advisor: Neil Boothby.

Howroyd, Hannah. Natural Resource Control and Indigenous Rights in Bolivia's Santa Cruz Department: Post-Neoliberal Rhetoric and Reality. Advisor: Inga Winkler.

Kim, Yoo Jin. Democratizing National Security: Implications of Human Security Framework on Human Rights and Civil Society in the Republic of KoreaAdvisor: Paul Martin.

Klotz, Christine. Food Politics in the US: A Case Study of Civil Society Discourses around the Right to Food. Advisor: Rainer Braun.

Mostafa, Benil. Moving Beyond Access: Integration of Syrian Refugee Students into Turkish Public Schools in the Bursa Province. Advisor: Mary Mendenhall.

Nam, Hyung. Beyond Identity. Advisor: Pailsey Currah.

Nanji, Safiya. Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Peacekeeping Personnel: The Impact of Troop-Contributing Countries’ Societal Norms. Advisor: Lara Nettelfield.

Quek, Shuen. Mobilising Without the Masses and Mainstreaming Women’s Rights: A Case Study of the Local Women's Movement in Malaysia. Advisor: Kristy Kelly.

Richardson, Caitlin. Ending Child Marriage in Malawi: A Gatekeepers Approach to Changing Norms. Advisor: Sheila Dauer.

Stephens, Molly. Rethinking Child Protection in the United States: A Case for Integration of Community Development Principles and Children's Rights. Advisor: Tracey Holland.

Teall, Emily. Realizing the Right to Education for NYC’s Homeless Children: Identifying and Removing Barriers. Advisor: Inga Winkler.

Matias, Barara. Welcoming the Unwelcomed: The Role of Portugal in the European Refugee Crisis. Advisor: Lara Nettelfield.

Umberg, Jennifer. Trauma and the Paradox of Asylum Seekers' Credibility. Advisor: Paul Martin.

Zigel, Achinoam. “No Matter Which Socio-Legal Regime is Put into Place, People Continue to Sell and to Buy Sex Wherever They Can”: A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship Between Prostitution Laws and Discourse. Advisor: Adam Reich.

Jewish Studies
Richards, Allison Hope. The Dimensions of Exile and Possibilities for Redemption: Intertextuality, Imagery and Religious Symbolism in the Introductory Chapters of I.B. Singer’s Slave. Advisor: Agnieszka Legutko.

Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Studies
Loren, Renee Suzette. Disruption of the Differentiated: Development and Social Mobilization among Indigenous and Riverine Women of the Brazilian Amazon. Advisors: Tatiana Schor and Gustavo S. Azenha.

Maselli, Giovanna. A Diagnosis of Post-Conflict Settings in El Salvador and Guatemala, from Peace Building to State Building. Advisors: Richard V. Gowan and Gustavo S. Azenha.

Orlandoni, Florencia. La Otra Literatura: Quechua Narrative Responds to La Ciudad Letrada in Gregorio Condori Mamani’s Testimony, Autobiografia. Advisors: Stuart Rockefeller and Gustavo S. Azenha.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Ray, Jason. The Provenance of the Old English Genesis A Poem. Advisor: David Yerkes.

Museum Anthropology
Arispe, Marisah. Museums: History, contemporary functions and sustainability. Advisor: Brian Boyd.

Blank, Caroline. Art Object Labels: Sustaining tradition behind a postmodern narrative. Advisor: Brian Boyd.

Teixeira, Alice. Heritage in Frames: Digital projects, experimental preservation and contemporary art. Advisor: Brian Boyd.

Sellar, Caitlyn. Domestic Display: Period rooms, preservation, and historic homes in New York City, 1919-1949. Advisor: Brian Boyd.

Snow, Kimberley. Coming to Our Senses: Beyond the visual museum. Advisor: Brian Boyd.

Sosin, Abby. Process and Change in Museum Exhibits. Advisor: Brian Boyd.

Oral History
Asfaha, Dina. Broken Time in Revolution: Old Cry, New Song. Advisor: Amy Starecheski.

Courtland, Emma. Finding Fathers: Navigating Uncertainty in the Oral History Interview. Advisor: Bill McAllister.

Espinosa, Fernanda. Hogar de la Distancia: Memory Transmission Containers. Advisors: Amy Starecheski and Jack Tchen.

Miniter, Robin. Paper: The River Sings Songs and Tells Stories: A Case for the Inclusion of Soundscapes in Oral History Practice; Audio: “Just Go Ahead and Lay Me Down.” Advisors: Amy Starcheski and John Biewen.

Palmer, Steven. Being Gay and Hippie. Advisor: Mary Marshall Clark.

Scala, Geraldo A. Encountering the Sacred in the Everydayness of Existence: Oral History and the Phenomenology of Practice. Advisors: Amy Starecheski, Thomas de Zengotita, and Mary Marshall Clark.

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
Bao, Kangxin. From First Meeting to Marriage: Mate Sorting and Marital Satisfaction in China. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Bilach, Thomas. The Effect of Foot Patrols in New York City, a Difference-in-Differences Approach. Advisor: Gregory Wawro.

Cao, Youyang. Forecasting Event Ticket Pageviews. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Chang, Hanah. The Relationship Between Perceived Quality and Sales Performance in the Automotive Industry. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Chen, Binghan. Mechanism Study of the Impact of Residential Industry on Real Estate and National Economics. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Chen, Rui. Reconsidering Parental Influence on Children’s Educational Attainment Through Advanced Model Selection. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Chen, Yibo. What Determines the Quality of Romantic Relationship? Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Dhody, Rishika. Examining Gender Bias in the Technology Labor Market Using the Attention Discrimination Model. Advisor: Mark Dean.

Dottle, Rachael. Quantifying Urban Street Networks: Methods and applications in US urban contexts. Advisor: Gergely Baics.

Evans, Mallory. The Impact of Local Labor Market Conditions on Prisoner Reentry Program Efficiency. Advisor: Adam Reich.

Gass, Samuel. Bad Maintenance: How Gentrification Influences Landlord Behavior and Housing Quality. Advisor: Thomas Brambor.

Gelter, Martin. The Effects of Defensive Regulatory Competition: A Panel-Data Analysis of Cross-Border Incorporations in Europe. Advisor: Gregory Wawro.

Han, Qifan. Technology Shocks and Hours Worked: An SVAR-IV Approach. Advisor: Jose Luis Montiel Olea.

Heinemann, Zachary. Why Can’t We Be Friends?: A Competitive Analysis of Sociological and Psychological Theories of Friendship Formation. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Hu, Suer. The Spatial Variability of Chlorophyll-a in the Long Island Sound. Advisor: Maria Tzortziou.

Huo, Kai. Modelling Chlorophyll trends in Little Neck Bay, an eutrophic sub-estuary of the Long Island Sound. Advisor: Maria Tzortziou.

Jia, Ze. Forecasting S&P 500 Index Using New York Times Data. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Kim, Donggwan. Order Effects in Choice: Are First and Last Best? Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Kim, Soo Young. Barriers Related to Hypertension Awareness: Modeling ER Visitations. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Mao, Elka. Family Background and Propensity to Self-Employment. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Nazal Paredes, Tomas Brahin. Up to Eleven: Renegotiation of Public Infrastructure Contracts, Political Competitiveness, and the Possibility of Corruption in Peru. Advisor: Paul Lagunes.

Ni, Jiangshan. The impact of job satisfaction and job stress on organization productivity: Where do we go from here? Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Nie, Yuqi. Statistical Descriptions and Exploratory Analysis of Knee Osteoarthritis Using the Osteoarthritis Initiative Data Set. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Qi, Zeyu. The Relationship between Social Capital and Borrowing Behavior in Rural China. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Rong, Yu-Ya. The Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Work Stress: Effects of Supervisor Support and Gender. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Schechter, Trevor. Understanding Employee Retention Through Work Climate: A Case for the Application of Engagement Data. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Su, Xianzheng. Sentiment Analysis and Text Mining on Predicting Stock Price Using News from Wall Street Journal and Google Trend. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Sun, Yu. Foreign Bashing Coverage in China’s State-Controlled Press: The Use of Diversionary Distraction in Media Manipulation. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Sure, Shilpa. Food for Thought: The Influence of Restaurant and Location Characteristics on NYC Restaurant Health Inspection Scores. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Wang, Kehui. Beauty and Happiness. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Wang, Wanting. Intergroup Friendship as A Protective Factor Against Anti-Muslim Prejudice After Terrorism Attack: An Analysis of Twitter Data. Advisor: Linxi Liu.

Wang, Yue. The Announcement Effect and the Long-Term Effect of Special Treatment - Testing the Efficient Markets Hypothesis. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Xia, Fei. The Impact of Internet Finance on the Profitability of Commercial Bank in China - Evidence from Public Commercial Banks. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Xiao, Isabel. Predicting Fake Reviews Using Textual Features. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Yin, Tiantian. What affects carbon dioxide emissions? – Spatial analysis and regression analysis on state-level carbon dioxide emissions. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Zeng, Shuxuan. Examination on the significance of factors which impact the usage of renewable energy. Advisor: Ben Goodrich.

Zhang, Chuyue. Impact of Being Aged to Personal Consumption Behavior in China. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Zhou, Yushu. Hit Song Prediction During a Specific Period. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Zhu, Jiaqi. Access to Opioid Treatment Programs: Medicaid Expansion and Region Differences. Advisor: Qixuan Chen.

Zhu, Qi. How people’s views towards interpersonal relationships affect the propensity to divorce. Advisor: Greg Eirich.

Russia, Eurasia, and East Europe: Regional Studies
Anastasia Tkach. Contention and Public Space in Sarajevo: The Rise and Fall of Vijećnica. Advisor: Elise Giuliano.

Hurwitz, Joshua. Diagnosing Automation: How Professionals Advance, Resist, and Adapt to Technical Change. Advisor: Diane Vaughan.

Mulberry, Josie. Framing Trump for the Worse: How the New York Times Legitimized Trump in the 2016 Primary Election. Advisor: Shamus Khan.

Shi, Euca (Youjia). Dynamics of Gender Inequality: A Systematic Investigation into the Gender Gap in College STEM Education. Advisor: Peter Bearman.

al-Urfali, Reemah. Criminalizing Islam: Islamophobia as an Apparatus of Punishment and Social Alienation. Advisor: Adam Reich.

Zhu, Xuan. Navigating the New Environment through Job Seeking: How Chinese International Students Get Jobs in the United States. Advisor: Yao Lu.

South Asian Studies
Reza, Anika. Bangladesh's Transition to an Illiberal Democracy, with Special Reference to Hartal Politics. Advisors: Phillip Oldenburg and Katherine Pratt Ewing. 

Winters, M. Developing Precarity: The Nexus of Imperial Globality, Non-Existent Hyper-Self-Reflexivity, and Salvage Accumulations. Advisor: Katherine Pratt Ewing.