Credentials Verification

Columbia University requires all incoming students to complete a credentials verification process before enrollment. The process includes verification of letters of reference and of all post-secondary transcripts and degrees awarded.

After applicants have formally accepted an offer of admission from GSAS, they must provide written consent to participate in the verification of all academic, professional, and reference information provided during the application process.

Columbia GSAS has contracted with Re Vera Services to assist with the verification of letters of recommendation. Recommenders will be contacted by a Re Vera representative to confirm authorship of submitted letters.

Admitted students must submit final, official transcripts of all academic studies, and proof of award of all degrees earned prior to enrollment in GSAS.

Detailed information about each part of the credentials verification process appears below.

Re Vera Authorization Form

The first step in the credentials verification process requires that each enrolling student provide consent to participate in the verification process. This consent is granted by completing the Authorization and Release Form, which is administered by our contracted vendor, Re Vera Services. A link to this form will appear on the Application Status Page of the application after an applicant accepts the offer of admission.

Recommender Verification Form

The second step in the verification process is the completion of the Recommender Verification Form. On this form, enrolling students will be asked to provide the following information:   

  • Updated contact information for any of their reference providers who have changed organizations or job titles since the submission of the application.
  • Academic or professional email addresses for any reference providers for which the student previously provided personal or non-academic/professional addresses.
Final Official Transcripts

All enrolling students must provide official final transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended, even if a degree was not awarded. Transcripts must include course names and grades for all work completed.

For a transcript to be considered official, it must be sent from the Registrar’s Office directly to the GSAS Office of Admissions via secure electronic delivery or as a completed WES evaluation (if applicable). Any documents to which a student has had access, including any transcripts uploaded as part of the application, are automatically considered unofficial.

Please click here to review detailed instructions for the submission of Final Official Transcripts.