Dissertations: July 10, 2019

Student writing papers.


Applied Physics
Mandal, Jyotirmoy. Spectrally selective designs for optical and thermal regulation. Sponsor: Yuan Yang.

Herman, Leslie. Building narratives of the Irish 'Colonial Period' in American architectural history. Sponsor: Reinhold Martin.

Emerick, Andrew. Stellar feedback and chemical evolution in dwarf galaxies. Sponsor: Greg Bryan.

Biological Sciences
Gutierrez-Vargas, Cristina. Single-particle cryo-electron microscopy studies of ribosomes with fragmented 28S rRNA. Sponsor: Joachim Frank.

Mostafavi, Hakhamanesh. Quantitative trait variation and adaptation in contemporary humans. Sponsor: Molly Przeworski.

Sun, Ruoxi. Using modern statistical/machine learning techniques to understand super resolution microscope and particle tracking. Sponsor: Liam Paninski.

Venkatasubramanian, Lalanti. Motor neurons and the path to synaptic specificity. Sponsor: Richard Mann.

Biomedical Engineering
Campi, Andrea. Mechanosensitive Ca2+ signaling of ex vivo osteocytes in aging and treatment. Sponsor: X. Edward Guo.

Feng, Xinyang. Large-scale neuroimaging in Alzheimer's disease and normal aging. Sponsors: Andrew Laine and Scott Small.

Vecchioni, Simon. Biological nanowires: Integration of the silver (I) base pair into DNA with nanotechnological and synthetic biological applications. Sponsor: Henry Hess.

Biomedical Informatics
Yahi, Alexandre. Simulating drug responses in laboratory test time series with deep generative modeling. Sponsor: Nicholas Tatonetti.

Hu, Xinyu. Personalized policy learning with longitudinal health data. Sponsors: Ying-Kuen Cheung and Min Qian.

Wrobel, Julia. Funtional data analytics for wearable device and neuroscience data. Sponsor: Arthur Jeff Goldsmith.

Wu, Peng. Machine learning methods for personalized medicine using electronic health records. Sponsor: Yuanjia Wang.

Xie, Shanghong. Statistical methods for constructing heterogeneous biomarker networks. Sponsor: Yuanjia Wang.

He, Pu. Essays on demand estimation and financial engineering. Sponsors: Paul Glasserman  and Fanyin Zheng.

Zheng, Minchen. Essays on institutional investors in corporate bond markets. Sponsor: Wei Jiang.

Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Holsey, Michael. Density-dependent mu opioid receptor function revealed by single-molecule microscopy. Sponsor: Jonathan Javitch.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Brandt, Margot. Characterizing human regulatory genetic variation using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. Sponsor: Tuuli Lappalainen.

Tan, Yong Zi. Solving challenging structures using single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy. Sponsors: Bridget Carragher and Filippo Mancia.

Williams, Linda. Mitofusin 2 maintains mouse hematopoietic stem cell quiescence by attenuating type I interferon signaling. Sponsor: Hans-Willem Snoeck.

Chemical Engineering
Pandey, Shashank. Contact charge electrophoresis: Cooperative dynamics of particle dispersions. Sponsor: Kyle Bishop.

Tackett, Brian. Development of transition metal carbides and nitrides as electrocatalysts for energy storage and CO2 conversion. Sponsor: Jingguang Chen.

Chemical Physics
Shee, James. Towards an accurate description of strongly correlated chemical systems with phaseless auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo-methodological advances and applications. Sponsors: Richard Friesner and David Reichman.

Bailey, Elizabeth. The mechanism of NusG-mediated transcription-translation coupling and the role of RacR in transcription regulation in Escherichia coli. Sponsor: Ruben Gonzalez.

Bailey, Nevette. Ribosomal dynamics during protein elongation. Sponsor: Ruben Gonzalez.

Ball, Melissa. Conjugated macrocycles in organic electronics. Sponsor: Colin Nuckolls.

Brisbois, James. Engineering responsive yeast systems using fungal G-protein-coupled receptors. Sponsor: Virginia Cornish.

Herbst, Ehud. Using saccharomyces cerevisiae for the biosynthesis of tetracyclines. Sponsor: Virginia Cornish.

Hull, Trevor. The effect of surface structure on the electronic properties of nanomaterials. Sponsor: Jonathan Owen.

Manz, Alyssa. Probing heterogeneous dynamics one molecule at a time: Temperature, weight, and size dependence of the dynamics of polystyrene near its glass transition temperature. Sponsor: Laura Kaufman.

Pun, Andrew. Exciton fission and fusion. Sponsor: Luis Campos.

Rauch, Michael. Main group metal hydride, alkyl and fluoride complexes: Towards CO2 functionalization with Earth abundant metals. Sponsor: Gerard Parkin.

Rreza, Iva. Quantum dot phosphors for solid state lighting. Sponsor: Jonathan Owen.

Strater, Zack. Stable cyclopropenium-based radical species. Sponsor: Tristan Lambert.

Tekle-Smith, Makeda. Synthetic innovations towards the total synthesis of highly potent linker-equipped analogs of spongistatin 1. Sponsor: James Leighton.

Voevodin, Anastasia. Design of functional materials from molecular building blocks. Sponsor: Xavier Roy.

Zhang, Boyuan. Integrating contorted aromatic molecules into molecular electronics and optoelectronic devices. Sponsor: Colin Nuckolls.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
dos Santos, Ketson Roberto. Stochastic dynamics and wavelets techniques for system response analysis and diagnostics: Diverse applications in structural and biomedical engineering. Sponsor: Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou.

Psaros Andriopoulos, Apostolos. Sparse representations and quadratic approximations in path integral techniques for stochastic response analysis of diverse systems/structures. Sponsor: Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou.

Yum, Sang Guk. Extreme storm surge return period prediction using tidal gauge data and estimation of damage to structures from storm-induced wind speed in South Korea. Sponsor: George Deodatis.

Classical Studies
Jewell, Evan. Youth and power: Roman performances of age and ageing from Plautus to Nero. Sponsor: Francesco de Angelis.

Computer Science
Farra, Noura. Cross-lingual and low-resource sentiment analysis. Sponsor: Kathleen McKeown.

Ouyang, Jessica. Adapting automatic summarization to new sources of information. Sponsor: Kathleen McKeown.

Tang, Yang. Making data storage efficient in the era of cloud computing. Sponsor: Junfeng Yang.

Townsend, Richard. Compiling irregular software to specialized hardware. Sponsor: Stephen Edwards.

Yang, Yudong. Improving the performance in end-networks. Sponsors: Vishal Misra and Daniel Rubenstein.

Yuan, Xinhao. Effective randomized concurrency testing with partial order methods. Sponsor: Junfeng Yang.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Green, Julia. The role of the land surface in the global carbon and water cycles. Sponsor: Pierre Gentine.

Sinclair, Kenneth. Polarimetric retrievals of cloud droplet number concentration: Towards a better understanding of aersol-cloud interactions. Sponsor: Pierre Gentine.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Cunningham, Maxwell. Glacial limitation of tropical mountain height. Sponsor: Michael Kaplan.

de Obeso, Juan Carlos. Tracing alteration of ultramafic rocks in the Samail ophiolite. Sponsor: Peter Kelemen.

Haynes, Laura. The influence of paleo-seawater chemistry on foraminifera trace element proxies and their application to deep-time paleo-reconstructions. Sponsor: Bäerbel Hönisch.

Jong, Bor-Ting. Seasonality and regionality of ENSO teleconnections and impacts on North America. Sponsor: Mingfang Ting.

McKee, Darren. Intraseasonal circulation on the western Antarctic Peninsula shelf with implications for shelf-slope exchange. Sponsor: Douglas Martinson.

Mezuman, Keren. Fire and aerosol modeling for air quality and climate studies. Sponsor: Susanne Bauer.

Raymond, Colin. Regional geographies of extreme heat: New approaches and discoveries for their dry-bulb and wet-bulb flavors. Sponsor: Radley Horton.

Sousa, Daniel. Multiscale imaging of evapotranspiration. Sponsor: Christopher Small.

Tan, Yen Joe. Earthquake and volcanic processes at mid-ocean ridges. Sponsor: Maria Tolstoy.

Gibson, Christopher. Sequential games with positional uncertainty. Sponsor: Qingmin Liu.

Teachout, Matthieu. Essays on firms in developing countries. Sponsor: Jonas Hjort.

Ward, Jeremy. Essays in experimental economics. Sponsor: Alessandra Casella.

Electrical Engineering
Kim, Youngwan. Flexible optical imaging systems for diffuse optical spectroscopy and tomography in medical diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Sponsor: Andreas Hielscher.

Novack, Ari. Silicon photonic platforms and systems for high-speed communications. Sponsors: Keren Bergman and Alexander Gaeta.

Reiskarimian, Negar. Enabling fully-integrated magnetic-free non-reciprocal antenna interfaces by breaking Lorentz reciprocity: From physics to applications. Sponsor: Harish Krishnaswamy.

English and Comparative Literature
Akbari Shahmirzadi, Atefeh. Disorderly political imaginations: Comparative readings of Iranian and Caribbean fiction and poetry, 1960s-1980s. Sponsor: Brent Edwards.

Arkebauer, Sarah. The objectification of poetry: Textiles, maps, documents, and margins in the postwar American avant-garde. Sponsor: Eleanor Johnson.

Bloomfield, Gabriel. The poetry of interpretation: Exegetical lyric after the English Reformation. Sponsor: Molly Murray.

Tsygankova, Valeria. Matters of reform: Slavery, American literature, and the ontology of social change. Sponsors: Austin Graham and Ross Posnock.

Environmental Health Sciences
Bozack, Anne. Chronic arsenic exposure through drinking water: Examining nutritional influences of arsenic toxicity and arsenic-induced epigenetic dysregulation. Sponsor: Mary Gamble.

Carrion, Daniel. Household air pollution in Ghana: Examining infant upper respiratory microbial carriage and socio-ecological determinants of exposure. Sponsor: Darby Jack.

Cheng, Wendy. Trajectories of hyperactivity and inattention symptom scores: An assessment of risk factors and cigarette smoking behaviors in late adolescence and young adulthood. Sponsor: Judith Jacobson.

Goldberg, Mandy. Early life origins of breast development and the implications for breast cancer risk. Sponsor: Mary Beth Terry.

Hayes-Larson, Eleanor. Towards a more policy-relevant epidemiology: Exploring assumptions about generalizing intervention effects. Sponsor: Sharon Schwartz.

French and Romance Philology
Gardner, Rose. The scepter and the cilice: The politics of repentance in sixteenth-century France (1572-1610). Sponsor: Pierre Force.

Genetics and Development
Stupnikov, Maria. Genetic regulation of pulmonary progenitor cell differentiation. Sponsor: Wellington Cardoso.

Yang, Ying. Airway basal cells in development, injury-repair, and homeostasis. Sponsor: Wellington Cardoso.

Cho, Eunsung. The thread of Juche: Vinalon, a figuration between science and society in North Korea, 1930-1970. Sponsors: Jungwon Kim and Eugenia Lean.

Gerien-Chen, James. Between empire and nation: Taiwan Sekimin and the making of Japanese empire in South China, 1895-1937. Sponsor: Carol Gluck.

Resnikoff, Jason. The misanthropic sublime: Automation and the meaning of work in the postwar United States. Sponsor: Casey Blake.

Shinnar, Shulamit. "The Best of Doctors Go to Hell": Rabbinic medical culture in late antiquity (200-600 C.E.). Sponsor: Beth Berkowitz.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Wurst, Daniella. Breaking the frames of the past: Photography and literature in contemporary Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Sponsor: Graciela Montaldo.

Mechanical Engineering
Batra, Richa. Particle robotics: A bio-inspired approach to robust and scalable robots composed of simple, loosely coupled components. Sponsor: Hod Lipson.

Chen, Siyuan. Causality inference between time series data and its applications. Sponsor: Hod Lipson.

Westervelt, Andrea. Biomechanical simulations of human pregnancy: Patient-specific finite element modeling. Sponsor: Kristin Myers.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Cvetkovski, Filip. Transcriptional control of tissue-resident memory T cell generation. Sponsor: Donna Farber.

Bell, Eamonn. The computational attitude in music theory. Sponsor: Joseph Dubiel.

Goubert, Beatriz. Nymsuque: Contemporary musica indigenous sounds in the Colombian Andes. Sponsor: Ana María Ochoa.

Hannaford, Marc. One line, many views: Perspectives on music theory, composition, and improvisation through the work of Muhal Richard Abrams. Sponsor: Ellie Hisama.

Navon, Joshua. The making of modern musical expertise: German conservatories and music education, 1843-1933. Sponsor: Walter Frisch.

Music (DMA)
Behzadi, Ashkan. Love, crystal and stone. Sponsor: Alfred Lerdahl.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Platt, Maryann. Cellular mechanisms of neurovascular breakdown and neuronal dysfunction following recurrent group A streptococcus infections in mice. Sponsor: Dritan Agalliu.

Vignovich, Martin. Finding a neural nexus for odor and taste integration. Sponsor: Charles S. Zuker.

Dorritie, Richard. Using health policy levers to improve quality and prevent infections. Sponsor: Patricia Stone.

Tark, Aluem. An evaluation of the physician orders for life-sustaining treatment (POLST) program. Sponsor: Patricia Stone.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Cusimano, Frank. Engineered bacteria for the modulation of intestinal physiology, inflammation, and behavior along the microbiome-gut-brain axis. Sponsor: Harris Wang.

Operations Research
Escobar Santoro, Mauro. Security and statistics on power grids. Sponsor: Daniel Bienstock.

Hamilton, Michael. Pricing analysis and tools for emerging e-commerce technologies. Sponsor: Adam Elmachtoub.

Keshri, Suraj. Essays in basketball analytics. Sponsor: Garud Iyengar.

You, Wei. A robust queueing network analyzer based on indices of dispersion. Sponsor: Ward Whitt.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Qu, Xiaoyi. Microtubule dynamics in tau-dependent synaptotoxicity. Sponsor: Francesca Bartolini.

Arudpragasam, Anuk. Faith and habit: Emersonian themes in the ethics of James and Dewey. Sponsor: Philip Kitcher.

Finley, James. Logic in accounts of the potential and actual infinite. Sponsors: Haim Gaifman and Achille Varzi.

Ojea Quintana, Ignacio. Opinions and preferences as socially distributed attitudes. Sponsor: Philip Kitcher.

Han, Qiang. Electronic and lattice contributions to phase transitions in ruthenate perovskites and related compounds. Sponsor: Andrew Millis.

Petrashyk, Andriy. Advancements in gamma-ray astronomy with applications to the study of cosmic rays. Sponsor: Thomas Humensky.

Political Science
Lindsey, Summer. Women's security after war: Protection and punishment in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Sponsors: Macartan Humphreys and Jack Snyder.

Lin-Greenberg, Erik. Remote controlled restraint: The effect of remote warfighting technology on crisis escalation. Sponsor: Richard Betts.

Slavic Languages
Pinkham, Sophie. Pushkin for president: Russian literary cults in the transition from communism. Sponsor: Irina Reyfman.

Social Work
Bermudez, Laura. The intersection of financial agency, sexual decision-making power, and HIV risk among adolescent girls and young women in Zambia. Sponsor: Susan Witte.

Thom, Bridgette. Three papers on substance use prevention in sexual and gender minority youth. Sponsor: Barbara Simon.

Vélez-Grau, Carolina. Social connectedness, self-esteem, and suicidal ideation among Hispanic adolescents. Sponsor: Susan Witte.

Coplin, Abigail. Domesticating biotechnological innovation: Science, market and the State in post-socialist China. Sponsor: Gil Eyal.

Sachs, Sarah. The algorithm at work: The reconfiguration of work and expertise in the making of similarity in art data. Sponsors: Gil Eyal and Joshua Whitford.

Valdez, Nicol. The elusive dream: Mexican Americans and the failed promise of America. Sponsor: Shamus Khan.

Sociomedical Sciences
Frazer, Melanie. Structural stigma, policy environment and tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use among sexual minority youth. Sponsor: Mark Hatzenbuehler.

Parker, Caroline. Superfluous life, mechanisms of abeyance, and the cultivation of personhood in Puerto Rican therapeutic communities for addiction. Sponsor: Jennifer Hirsch.

Jones, Timothy. Scalable inference of Bayesian network models. Sponsor: Tian Zheng.

Stebegg, Florian. Linear constraints in optimal transport. Sponsor: Marcel Nutz.

Wang, Shuaiwen. High-dimensional asymptotics: New insights and methods. Sponsor: Arian Maleki.

Yousuf, Kashif. Essays on high dimensional times series analysis. Sponsor: Yang Feng.

Sustainable Development
Benatiya Andaloussi, Mehdi. Clearing the air: Essays on the economics of air pollution. Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Hotchkiss, Rebecca. Parametric analyses of protocols utilized to induce verbal behavioral cusps and capabilities. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Lau, Elsa. Content analysis of spiritual life in contemporary USA, India, and China. Sponsor: Lisa J. Miller.

TC / Educational Leadership
Smith, Phillip. Exploring the leadership of black male principals and heads of schools: A phenomenological study. Sponsor: Sonya Horsford.

TC / English Education
Bruno, Gregory. Policy literacy and academic remediation: Fields of power in developmental English and the community college. Sponsor: Robert Fecho.

Thomas, Dorell. Beyond epistemological drama: The case of a composition class and federal dollars. Sponsor: Janet Miller.


Alamo Bryan, Marina. The bodies and the archive: Bureaucratization of violence and communal exhumation in Mexico.

Jain, Sarandha. Fluvial government and liquid infrastructure: Tracking petroleum in India.

Kalm, Gustav. Governing through property and contract: The administrative power of international investment protection.

Reinhart, Natalie. Agency, testimony, and uncontrollable girls in Jamaica.

Romero Dianderas, Eduardo Javier. Inscribing forests: Engineers, technical information and the epistemic politics of forest bureaucracies in the Peruvian Amazon.

Schirrer, Anna. Reparative reason: Redress and the politics of land claims in Guyana.

Taylor, Howard. Post-colonial Germany? 'Coming to terms' with Namibia in the federal republic.

Art History and Archaeology
Miller, Caitlin. On Renaissance attributes (1440-1560).

Biomedical Engineering
Golman, Mikhail. Tendon-to-bone attachment: Mechanisms of mechanical damage to failure.

Melki, Lea. Electromechanical wave imaging in the clinic: Localization of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias and quantification of cardiac resynchronization therapy response.

Biomedical Informatics
Feller, Daniel. Leveraging computational methods to support management of large panels of chronic disease patients.

Hsieh, Alexander. Detection of post-zygotic mosaicism in blood and implications for congenital heart disease (CHD).

Dashmiz, Shayan. Central bank and financial markets.

Liu, Zaijia. Cognitive, emotional, and visceral responses to norm violations: The differential role of internalization in moral and conventional domains.

Tae Seok, Oh. The psychology of fun.

Tomunen, Tuomas. Essays on asset pricing.

Computer Science
Akinola, Iretiayo. Workspace aware grasping.

Lecuyer, Mathias. Security, privacy, and transparency guarantees for machine learning systems.

Lim, Jin Tack. The design, implementation, and evaluation of software and architectural support for nested virtualization on modern architectures.

Winn, Olivia. Understanding visual language in a multilingual context.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Peltier, Carly. Precise dating of glaciations in Patagonia.

Tian, Xiaochuan. Magmatism and tectonics at large igneous provinces, rifts and mid-ocean ridges.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Hauk, Michelle. Dwelling with water: How water technology revolutionized the Japanese home, 1800-2000.

Qian, Qichen. The Lhasan Empire (1642-1750).

Shakya, Riga. Inscribing empire: The making of Sino-Tibetan relations (1720-1820).

Wang, Shih-han. Power formation in the lower Yangzi River region during the late Bronze Age (ca. 1700-473 BC).

Pereira, Gustavo Antonio. Essays on fiscal policy and informality.

French and Romance Philology
Raichlen, Katherine. National and local belonging: Representations of twentieth-century Jewish migration to France.

Gao, Hong Deng. Forging connections: Chinese Americans and health activism in New York City, 1943-1985.

Glickman, Susannah. Quantum futurism.

Plasek, Aaron. Genealogies of machine learning, 1948-2015.

Ryan, Thomas. The prose of South Korean counterinsurgency: War, resettlement, and development in Korea and Vietnam, 1952-1973.

Mazzi, Beatrice. Figures of the witness in contemporary Italian literature and cinema.

Mecozzi, Lorenzo. The retrospective novel, or the novel of the self.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Alberdi, Begoña. Industria, consumo y género: La estetización de la cocina en los recetarios del Cono Sur (1890-1940).

Basile, Nicole. Recipes in many hands: Medicine, society, and recetarios in early modern Spain.

Becerra, Felipe. Publicar sin escribir: Proyectos editoriales como práctica aut oral en América Latina (1963-1993).

Calles Izquierdo, Jennifer. Cuerpos disidentes: Arte latinoamericano de los años 90.

Justel Vicente, Pablo. Traslaciones de reliquias en la segunda mitad del siglo XVI: memoria cristiana, monarquía y representaciones festivas.

Materials Science and Engineering
Yang, Long. Joint neutron and x-ray pair distribution function analysis on quantum materials - from software to experiments.

Mechanical Engineering
Blutinger, Jonathan. Robotics, additive manufacturing, food technology.

Kim, Bumho. Synthesis and characterization of high-quality transition metal dichalcogenides.

Wang, Da. Inducing superconductivity in two-dimensional materials.

Momii, Toru. Rethinking transpacific boundaries: Analyzing intercultural performance in contemporary Japanese music.

Firestein, Morgan. The role of the human placenta in regulating fetal hormone exposure and implications for child neurobehavior.

Forster, Hale. Saving money or saving energy? Decision architecture, boundary conditions, and mechanisms of energy saving decisions.

Lee, Won. Behavioral, neurobiological and physiological plasticity of mice living in social hierarchies.

Sisco, Matthew. Examining the effects of weather experiences on climate change mitigation behavior.

Tedeschi, Ellen. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge: Understanding the relationship between curiosity, exploration and reward.

Mehdi, Zehra. The other Indians: Gendered Muslim subjects in the wake of Hindu-nationalism.

Tackes, John. Care products and India's religious market.

Slavic Languages
Haxhi, Tomi. Present perfect: Ideal (non) human forms in Soviet and post-Soviet speculative fiction.

Hooyman, Ben. Grotesque modernism in Russian literature of the 1900s-1930s.

Tereshchenko, Serhii. New words for the new world: The role of science fiction in the rise of scientific society (in the period of 1953 - 1974).

Frazier, Terrell. Innovation at the intersection: Specifying the dynamics of tactical innovation within heterogeneous activist networks.

Urban Planning
Dublin, Jenna. Neighborhood change and the adaptive reuse of historic district policy.

Maaoui, Magda. Bending the law? Discretion and exclusion in inclusionary zoning. A comparison of the New York and grand Paris cases