MA Students

Master's Theses: Spring 2019

Student writing thesis.

Please find below the titles of MA theses submitted in the Spring 2019 term.

African American and African Diaspora Studies

Andrea Mirzakhanian. #BlackLivesMatter: The Resurgence of the Black Radical.

Keyaria Rhodes. Black Futures in the Digital Age: Thinking With and Through Pictured Protest.

American Studies

Shabham Banerjee-McFarland. Branding the Intersectional Celebrity: The Branding of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Roxane Gay as Celebrity Activists in Mixed Media Publishing.

Neelan Bantu. The Case for Non-Whiteness: A Study of Racial Identity Formation in Redefining the American Identity.

Timothy Barnicle. Grand Old Party: How Conservative Media Used Deregulation & White Resentment to Create the Party of Trump.

Benjamin Koh. The Broken Oriental: An Intersectional Theory of Asian American Disability.

Jose Martinez. The All-Volunteer Force and the Warrior Caste.

Anna Opryszko. The Pioneer Complex: Progression and Transgression in Modernist Women Writers.

Emily Taing. The Continuum of Captivity: Judicial Genealogy of Cambodian Refugees in the United States.

Art History and Archaeology

Alexandra Adams. How She Played: The Art of Nellie Mae Rowe.

Ada Berktay. “Carthago delenda est”: A Sixteenth Century Parade Shield in the Light of Habsburg-Ottoman Rivalries in the Mediterranean.

Yixu Chen. Hu Boxiang (1896–1989) and Chinese Pictorialist Art Photography of the 1920s–30s in Shanghai.

Meghan Collins. (Dis)Order: Howardena Pindell’s Hybrid Paintings of the Seventies.

Ashleigh Deosaran. Griots of the Galaxy: Science/Fiction, Technology, and Futurity in the Work of Juan Downey, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, and Simón Vega.

Ivana Dizdar. He Loves Me Not: Tanja Ostojić and Daniela Oritz, From EU Immigration to Anti-Celebration.

Virginia Girard. Sounds of Sin: The Cathedral of St. John in ’s-Hertogenbosch and the Origins of Bosch’s Grotesque.

Alessandra Gomez. Into Darkness: exploring me and finding you: Trajal Harrell, Dean Moss, Eiko Otake and DonChristian.

Sally Eaves Hughes. The Making of Memory: Mary Sibande and Her Majesty, Queen Sophie.

Pujan Karambeigi. Subjects and their Pedagogies: On Astrid Klein, Katharina Sieverding and Ulrike Rosenbach.

Margaret Kross. Ancestral Halls: The Cold of Anxiety is Very Real.

Wanshi Ma. Art and Family in the Works of Two Contemporary Artists and a Filmmaker.

Amanda Morrow. “Always Too Early to Quit”: The Life and Career of Photographer Samuel H. Gottscho.

Sehyun Oh. Chopping Up History: KURATA Seiji’s Flash Up.

Allyson Richardson. The Landscapes of Hercules Segers: Imagination & Experiment.

Jeeyoung Anes Sung. In the Shadow of Forward Motion: Death and the Compulsions of the Photographic Image in the Photography of David Wojnarowicz, 1987–1991.

Cydney Wilhemina Williams. Violence, Ornamentation, and the Female Body: Armor and the Woman ‘Type’ in Paintings in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Mo Zhang. Visual and Poetic Imagination in The Four Seasons, a Ming Dynasty Handscroll in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

East Asia: Regional Studies

Samuel Chiou. The Search for Redress: Wartime Forced Labor Compensation and the Politics of Law in East Asia.

Ming Xuan Chua. Disputed Islands and the Waves of Nationalism: Understanding how Nationalism and Political Legitimacy Affects China’s Strategy in Dealing with its Island Disputes.  

Lynn Loy Lin Xuan. China’s Ball Game: A Discourse Analysis of Chinese Media Reports on Table Tennis.

Kelvin Ng. In Queer Straits: Sexuality, Medicine, and Orientalism in British Malaya, 1875-1947.  

Kan Ni. Discipline and Incite: Ideological and Political Education in Chinese Universities

Natasha Sim Li Hong. The Chinese in Indonesia: Political Pariahs No More?

Alexandra Jane Smith. The Aftermath: Transitional Justice in China’s Hunan Province Following the Cultural Revolution.  

Mung Lok (Lesley) Wong. Hong Kong and China: Express Railway to Integration.

East Asian Languages and Cultures

Qingyang Cai. Reinvention of Masculinity: Narrating Disorder in the Transformation of Western Chamber.

Alex Chin. Izumo Spaces in Japanese Mythology.

Thomas Flippin. “Japan’s Gem Safe”: Coal, Colony, and Conflict in Hokkaido, 1869-1925.

Yon Ji Lee. The Journey of The Handmaiden: Transgression and Transformation.

Guoyi (Melissa) Li. Continuities and Transformations in Edo Kabuki from Bunka-Bunsei to Post-Kaei: Narrative Worlds and Theatrical Devices in Mokuami’s Dramaturgy of Shiranamimono.

Ling Li. Character-Based Theory and Its Feasibility in Teaching Modern Chinese.

Xiaoyi Li. A Taste Manufactured: Chinese MSG Before the Myth of the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, 1923-1968.

Boya Liu. Reimagining Democracy: The Language and Memory of the June Fourth Movement.

Yulei Lu. Error Analysis on Chinese as a Second Language Learners’ Acquisition of Chinese Existential Sentences.

Siyuan Luo. Becoming a Member of the Qin Empire: Life of Xi, A Person from Early Imperial China.

Tianqi Luo. The Marvelous of Tang Chuanqi and the Strange of Pu Songling’s Liaozhai Zhiyi.

Qi Qi. The Gap in Chinese: Non-Canonical Bei-Passives.

Kristin Schreiner. Panpan Girls: Transforming the Postwar Literary World.

Shujuan Tan. Qi: A Key Term in Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua.

Fuyi Wang. From the Capital to Localities: Huang Tao’s Reorientation of Interest at the End of the Tang Dynasty.

Echo Weng. Unraveling the Anxiety about Disability: Body, Medicine, and Technology in Medieval Chinese Buddhism.

Yanwen Xu. Dancing Diplomacy: The Takarazuka Revue’s First US Tour (1939).

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Montana Airey. Long-term habitat specificity and juvenile settlement of invasive lionfish throughout Floridian coastal water.

Alexis Brown. Bat Flies of Brazil: Disentangling the Phylogenetic, Ecological, and Environmental Drivers of Ectoparasite Host Specificity.

Avriel Diaz. The association between household-level Aedes aegypti abundance, socioeconomic factors and prevention methods in El Oro province, Ecuador.

Emily Jager. Linking phosphorus acquisition to nitrogen fixation in forests at different latitudes.

Nicolas Locatelli. Phylogeography and population structure of scleractinian corals (Montipora capitata and Porites compressa) in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.

Sophia Raithel. Species distribution models of Bioko Island's primate community: Assessing conservation priorities within protected areas.

Jay Schoen. Distribution and Connectivity of Jaguars in Paraguay: Temporal modeling of a wide-ranging predator in a rapidly changing landscape.

Alice Wu. Assessing factors affecting the distribution and persistence of feral goldfish (Carassius auratus).

English and Comparative Literature

Patrick Anson. Between the Particular and the General: W.G. Sebald and Juliana Spahr.

Eman Elhadad. Genre and the Human: Alternative Humanisms in the Autobiographies of George Jackson and Leila Khaled.

Henry Gifford. Je, Temps: Contingent Perceptions of Time in Proust and Beckett’s Novels.

Alexandria Graziosi. “She Taught Me:” Exploring an Alternative, Feminist Model of Education in the Literary Works of Leslie Marmon Silko.

Jacob Grossfeld. Polychromatic Parerga: Blackness, the Frame, and Illegibility.

Emma Hitchcock. The Poetic Real: A Study of the “Frame” of Andrew Marvell’s “Upon Appleton House.”

Gregory Houser. The Demise of Hamlet’s Thought-Provoking Pursuit of Revenge due to His Lack of Imagination, Ultimately, as Renaissance Intellectual and Dramatist.

Benjamin Hulett. Outlandish Receptions: Ecological Thinking in Maria Sibylla Merian’s Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamesium.

Matthew Johnston. Under Annotation: Decentered Subjects and Contemporary Experimental “Hybrid” Autobiographies: John Keene’s Annotations & Ron Silliman’s Under Albany.

Shanelle Kim. White Skin, White Masks: Whiteness as Stage Property in Massinger’s The Renegado and Marlowe’s Tamburlaine, Part I.

Anna Krauthamer. Realer than Real: Empathetic Identification, Sexual Ambiguity, and Bodies of Text in Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person.”

Aya Labanieh. In Defense of the Gimmick: The Egyptian Intellectual's Relationship to Fanaticism, Native Identity, and Humor in Waguih Ghali’s Beer in the Snooker Club.

Conor MacVarish. Looming Youth: Nostalgia, Rebellion, and Queer Reticence in the Public School Novel.

Job Miller. Melville’s Wasteland: Alternative Epistemologies in “The Encantadas.”

Penny Pun. Disability, Prosthetics and Language: The Disabled of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape and Happy Days.

Joseph Romano. Grisdela “Inportable”: Mysticism and the Critique of Petrarch Allegory in the Clerk’s Tale.

Dasha Sadovnikova. ‘This Could Have Been Our / Interposition, As a Summer’s Cloud’: Real and Allegorical Time in Paradise Regained and “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror.”

Nader Salass. Queer “Cords of Kinship”: Recuperating “Mother Strothers” from Ralph Ellison’s Archive.

Yucong Sun. Ark Shanghai: Diasporic Homemaking and Vernacular Photographs.

Faigie Tenembaum. To Fly By Those Nets: Reflections on Nationalism in the Works of James Joyce.

Lilith Todd. Working with Fluids in Mary Collier’s “The Woman’s Labour.”

Alex Valin. Rewriting Responsibility: The Alternative Ethics of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

Talmage Wise. Ghost Light: Gothic Theatricality in the Nineteenth-Century Novel.

European History, Politics, and Society

Mitul Arora. Hungarian Economic Shift towards the Nazi Sphere of Influence during the Interwar Period.

Ryan Conley. Diffusing Global Medical Knowledge in Ukraine: A Study of the Changing Practices and Policies to Treat PTSD Among Soldiers and Veterans Post-2014.

Ahmet Goksun. Muslims and Christians in 18th Century Crete: Enigma of a Society Divided by Self-Interest.

Joseph Puchner. Amid the Stormy Scenes of Civil Commotion: Liberties and Liberalism in Post-Napoleonic Iberia, According to the Third Earl of Carnarvon.

Tristan Sechrest. The Romantic Manager: Alfred Hugenberg in the Weimar Republic, 1919-1924.

[Fall 2018]

Marisa Henderson. Black Politics and the Press: Paris-Dakar and Black Representation in 1930s Senegal.

Angela Kun-Gazda. Conflict and Popular Medicine Reflected in Witchcraft Trials in a Sixteenth-Century Transylvanian Town.

Kevin Lavery. Youth, Internationalism, and Ideological Accommodation in the Age of the Popular Front: The World Youth Congress Movement, 1936-1939.

Robin Stark. The Russian Speaking Nation: Indications of the Political Attitudes of Latvia’s Russian Speaking Ethnic Population.

Tiffany Thompson. International Socialist Playgirl of the Year: Bernadette Devlin Between Student Rebellion and Parliamentary Politics in Northern Ireland, 1968-1974.

Harry Whomersley. Going Forth and Multiplying: Empire, Citizenship and the Anglosphere in ‘The Penny Magazine,’ 1832-1845.

Global Thought

Elaf Al-Omair. The Failure of Freedom: Challenges for the Regulation and Governance of Online Speech.

Tiffany Batiste. Evolving Order, Enduring Strategies: Emphasizing Theoretical Principles to Contextualize Future Orders.

Melanie Berger. For a Political Democracy: Reclaiming Normative Orders against Economic Reason.

Soraya Binetti. Transnational Migration and the Mediterranean Space: Representations of the Migrant Figure in Contemporary Italian Society and Culture.

Helena BinnieAffirmative Action Racial Dilemma: Current Perspectives in the United States and Brazil.

Emilie Fidock. The Global Christian Right in the 21st Century: Undermining Gender Equality in the Name of the Family.

Beatriz Goh. ASEAN’s Challenges in the New Era of Great Power Competition.

Elena Golushko. Russia's Quest for Soft Power: Sports Mega Events and Their Relative Success.

Emma Hallqvist. How Popular is Populism? Analyzing the Supply and Demand of Populism in Sweden Between 2002-2018.

Bria Hardin Boyer. Tools of Localized Identity: Who Does Genetic Ancestry Testing Benefit in an Era that Celebrates Global and Territorial Fluidity?

Claudia Herbert Colfer. Reinventing Global Governance in the Present Global Era: An Exploration of the United Nations Security Council and How it Should be Reformed to More Effectively Overcome Security Challenges in the 21st Century.

Amber Heuvelmans. Dressing Up for the Crisis Carnival: Private Engagement in Education in Crisis-Affected Settings.

Rafael Karapetyan. Technological Progress in Armenia: IT Sector Development.

Michelle Lee. Beyond Big Brother: Implications of China’s Social Credit System for Global Governance.

Nyasha Mugavazi. Watching the Watchmen: The Ideological Underpinnings of Border Regimes and the Fallacy of State Rationality.

Joseph Murphy. What Does the Rise of China Mean for the International Human Rights Movement?

Helena Najm. Wherever the Cedars’ Shade Reaches: Examining Representations of Lebanese-American Identity and Diasporic Connections to the Homeland.

Gaius Ong. Debunking the Ice Cold War: Examining the U.S.-Russia Relationship in the Arctic.

Andrew Patel. Shareholder Triumph: Historical Analysis of US and UK Company Law to Explain Modern Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance Practices.

Malaika Robinson. Manufactured Crisis: The U.S.-China Trade War and the Dilemma of Coercive Diplomacy in an Interconnected World.

Abhinav Seetharaman. An Analysis of North Korean Defection Patterns to South Korea in the Kim Jong-Un Era.

 Sara Shah. Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation for Women and Child Refugees: An Integral and Cost-Effective Mental Health Strategy to Aid in the Psychological Rehabilitation of Refugees.

Kunal Shankar. Jobless Growth and the General Lack of Unionising in the Digital Industries.

Ilyaas Sherally. Narratives of Being and Belonging in the Ummah: An Autoethnographic Study of Young Muslims in New York.

Khazar Shirmammadov. The Elephant that Never Leaves the Room: Credit Power and Upcoming Crisis.

Tymofii Sidak. Becoming a Global Leader: The Transforming and Transcending Power of ‘Self.’

Chloe Timsit. Creating Standards in an Emerging Field: The Case of Social Entrepreneurship.

Maria Vargas Llosa. An Analysis of the Collapse of Venezuela and the Failures of Chavismo.

Charlotte Wilhelm. EU Free-Trade and its Implications on Jordan's Economy and Syrian Refugees.

Human Rights Studies 

Sydney D. Amoakoh. Human Rights in Humanitarian Policy: Dissecting the Catalysts and Barriers to Employing a Human Rights-Based Approach in Drafting Menstrual Health into the Sphere 2018 Handbook.

Savannah Badalich. Online Radicalization of White Women to Organized White Supremacy.

Katie Beiter. The Press as a Pawn: An In-Depth Study of the Impact of the 2011 Arab Uprisings on Press Freedom Restrictions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Madiha Zahrah Choksi. Our Vulnerable Privacy: The Effects of Ubiquitous Techno-Surveillance Programs on Sociological Expectations of Privacy.

Lucía Domínguez Cisneros. Unpaid Care Work and Women’s Economic Empowerment From a Rights-Based Approach: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic.

Morgan Cronin-Webb. Rhetoric to Reality: The Participation of Refugees in Gender-Based Violence Programs in Dadaab.

Elisabeth DiNizio. Hate Speech, Dignity, and the Westboro Baptist Church.

Claire Margaret Errington. How Have Recent Human Rights and Legal Innovations Regarding Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Been Interpreted by International Criminal Court Prosecutors?

Lillian Gill. Children Born of the ISIL Conflict in Iraq.

Laura Guerra. The Role of Human Rights in Reducing Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa Approaches of Development NGOs.

Michael Paul Heitz. Special Operations Forces: Guardians of Human Rights and Our Constitutional Legitimacy.

Yoona Hong. North Korean Women and Victimhood: Selling Legitimacy and Shaping Advocacy.

Jingru Huo. Constitutionalizing Access to Health Care and Its Impacts.

Amy Gina Kim. State-by-State Abolition of Juvenile Life without Parole Sentences in the United States since Miller v. Alabama (2012).

Sabrina Kozikis. “Water Is a Human Right” – Exploring the Paradox of Framing Water as a Human Right in a Hostile Political Climate.

Trisha Maharaj. “That’s blood, that’s life”: Menstrual Practices & Women’s Agency Within the Hindu Diaspora of Trinidad.

Siri Kim McFarland. Comparing and Contrasting Korean and Japanese Government Responses to Sex Trafficking.

Tori Miller. Moving Past the Stigma?: The Narrative of Menstruation in WASH and MHM Organizations.

Benjamin Mintzer. Clinical Trans/Aesthetics: The Knowledge Re/production of Transgender Womxn Who Exchange Sex.

Amal Abubakar Mohammed. The Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill: Nigeria’s Track Record of its Commitment to Women’s Rights.

Sandhya Nadadur. Constructing a Transnational Understanding of the New Sanctuary Movement.

Kenny Nguyen. Moving Towards a More Inclusive Reintegration: The Case of Demobilized Afro-Colombian Girl Child Soldiers.

Porter, Dakota Porter. Socially Engaged Art and Human Rights: a Critique of Legalism.

Obai A. Rambo. The San Francisco Housing Crisis (1985–2015): How Policies Have Ignored the Human Right to Housing with Suggestions for a Remedy.

Tanya Sattar. Women’s Empowerment Through the Lens of The Private Sector: Do Corporate Gender Initiatives Promote Human Rights?

Lucia Vidal de la Pena de Berrazueta. Despite Haiti Abolishing Slavery, Why is The Restavek System Still in Place?

International and World History

Colm Britchfield. Loyalists in India in the Age of Revolutions: Imperial Careering and the Governance of Empire.

Xinyi Chen. Unwelcome Friendship: Israel’s Failed Attempts to Establish Diplomatic Relations with China, 1949-1956.

Margaret Dickinson. Open-Minded “Neutrality”: The Impact of the Cold War on the Organizational Structure of the Pugwash Conferences, 1957-1963.

Rachel DiSalvo. Mediating sanctuary: Mayoral impact on sanctuary policy in San Francisco and Los Angeles, 1981-1993.

Alina Entelis. Ruins and Reconstruction at the Nexus of Soviet International and Domestic Policy: Reconstruction in Kyiv and Minsk, 1943-1948.

Patrick Flaherty. Unpopular Front Against the Moscow Trials: the Dewey Commission and the Coalescence of American Anti-Stalinism.

Victoria Gilligan. The Fascistization of Academic Exchange: Nichii Kyokai in Italo-Japanese relations 1936-1945.

Jordan Henry. “Se connaître”: The Quai d’Orsay, the Anciens Combattants, and French Cultural Diplomacy in Germany, 1930-1939.

Anthony Howell. Invisible Strings in a Forgotten War: How America’s Influence in the Russo-Japanese War Shaped the First Half of the 20th Century.

Zoë Hu. Afro-Asianism, Radical Literature, and Interpersonal Solidarity in Lotus Magazine, 1958-1984.

Samuel Jaffe. The Bangladesh Information Centre and the East Pakistan Crisis, 1971-72.

Ruoyu Ji. A Destined Failure: The Surprise Attack Conference, 1958.

Wanjiku Karanja. The Perfect Mecantile Journal: Political Economy Viewed Through A Media History of the Gazette for Zanzibar and East Africa, 1892-1899.

Conor Lane. Reimagining Brazil’s Place Within the Age of Revolutions: Imperial Patriotism, O Correio Braziliense and the Centrality of the Ibero-Atlantic World.

Alyxandra Marine. Interpreting "Those Friggin' Missiles:" The Jupiter Problem, the May 27th Coup, and the Role of Volatility Perception in Deploying the NATO Nuclear Arsenal in Turkey.

Erin Mysogland. “A Time for Resistance”: Activist Responses to the Policing of Mexicana/o Youth, 1975-1985.

Katherine Nickols. In the Shadow of the Vatican: Clarence Gamble and the DeMarchis’ Contraceptive Quest in Rome, 1955-1966.

Kevin Schilling. His First Act: Grover Cleveland, International Political Economy, and the Nicaragua Canal, 1885 to 1895.

Andrew Shi. Evolving Tastes: An examination of the American media’s partisan usage of the Vietnam analogy during the Iraq War and what this says about the media’s role in foreign policymaking 2003-2009.

Alex Smith. Framing Empire: American Propaganda and Coexistence in North Africa, 1940-1945.

Emilia Taranto. Outrage! Ida B. Wells, Lynching Rhetoric, and the Construction of White Supremacy, 1890-1900.

Edwina Wong. Evaluating the role of Hong Kong's colonial autonomy in the Sino-British Joint Negotiations: 1979-1984.

Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Studies

Randall Blades. The Limitations of Leahy Vetting as An Instrument For Promoting Human Rights In Latin America

Haiping Chen. Globalization of Education and Power Struggle: The Teachers Policy in Peña Nieto’s Education Reform

Jeremy Currin. Cutting the Grass: The Adaptation of Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations in the Age of Marijuana Liberalization in the United States

Charles Espinosa. Fantasies of a Bureaucrat: Technology, Heroes and the Natural in Revolutionary Cuba

Marianna Garcia. Bridging the Gap: Venezuelan Perspectives on the Crisis

Aden Gilmour. Examining Efficiency Enhancing Corruption and Small Businesses in Brazil

Kamila Manzueta. Chinese and Russian Influence in Latin America: How Sharp Power Has Changed the Rules of the Game

Leo Sung Hee Yuh. Promoting an Entrepreneurial Innovation: Findings and Recommendations from Chile’s Entrepreneurial Innovation

Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies

Andrew Austin. The Mountain: Class, Cultural Hegemony, and Independent Film in Egypt.

Bandar Alsaeed. A Native Act:  Re-framing Popular Dissent in Eastern Africa.

Niyati Shenoy. A Violent Woman in Early Colonial India.

Sherif Farrag.  Zionist Land Policy, Apartheid, the South Africa Comparison. [February conferral]

Sourav Chatterjee. The Itineraries of a Medium: Bengali Comics from 1873 to the Present. [February conferral]

Oral History

Nairy AbdElShafy. Fuerza: On finding inner strength to build our new normal.

Bradford Bailey. Gwen Carr and the Mother's Project.

Valerie Fendt . Comparative Classrooms: Teaching to Transgress.

Tomoko Hiramoto. Restoring Testimonies: Rediscovering the Individual & Unfolding Memory in Hibakusha Narratives.

Eunice Kim. Healing: A Bridge with a View - Sexual Violence and Trauma Survivors' Stories from Oral History Interviews.

Heesup Kimm. Welcome to the Korean American church!

Edward Kliment. Lomaxland: Song Collecting and the Development of Oral American History.

Rebecca McGilveray . I Belong to Glasgow: An Exploration of the Intersectionalities Between The Loss of a Place and the Loss of a Person.

Kyna Patel. The New Normal: Generational Understandings of the Aftermath of September 11, 2001 and to Today.

Kim-Hee Wong. He Lei Wāhine: Oral History through a Hawaiian Lens.

Yameng Xia. Fate of women sent-down youths during the Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside Movement.

Yiyi Zhang. This I Wonder - Spiritual Journey of a Wondering Heart.

Dian Zi. Dear Baobao: An Oral History of Myself.

Carlin Zia. Uncertain Journeys.

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

Hayley Aronson. Mental health attitudes in the United States: Deconstructing the Stigma in Different Populations.

Hea Jun An. Is South Korea's Rapid Increase in Minimum Wage Beneficial for People with Low Economic Status?

Guohao Chen. Influence of Human Factors on Audience Emotion Arousal: In Immersive Virtual Reality 360-Degree Video Setting.

Kyle Davis. Risk Aversion Behavior in Higher Education: A Bayesian Approach to Linking Background Risk.

Xiyuan Dong. The Education Status of Left-behind Children in Rural China: A Quantitative Research.

Jessica Eisemann. Altruism in the Digital Age? Sentiment Analysis of Corporate Twitter Hashtags.

Yasmin Gao. Examining Education and Income: Inequality’s Effects on Life Expectancy A Cross Comparison of Males and Females in Developed and Developing Countries.

Derek Jian Yuan Goh. Is Change Always For The Better? The Effects of Alternative Fare Structures on Subway Systems in the United States.

Aixin Allison Jiang. Exploring the Effects Educational Attainment on Support Towards Increasing Educational Spending in the U.S.

Shaun Khoo. Intermodality in the City: Investigating the Impact of Bicycle-Sharing on Subway Ridership in New York City.

Eun Young Lee. Determinants and Barriers of Financial Inclusion in BRICS Countries.

Ken Chun Lee. Feeling (Weighed) Down?

Yeasle Lee. The Spread of Civic Engagement: A Social Network Analysis of Muslim American Adolescents.

Mattathias Lerner. The Impacts of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend on High School Status Completion Rates.

Chien Cheng (Sean) Liew. How are Town-Level Characteristics Related to HDB Flat Prices in Singapore?

Ashley Litwin. What Your Employer Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt You?: Salary History Bans, Asymmetric Information, and the Gender Wage Gap.

Na Liu. The Distribution of Global City Sizes: An Application of Satellite Imagery.

Andrew Ying Han Loh. Immigration Opinion and Topic Exposure in the Mass Media in the 2016 Election.

Kendall Loh. Predicting Client Length of Stay at Columbus House Shelter in New Haven, CT. 

Darrel Long. Stop and Search: An Analysis of its Effectiveness in Producing Safer London Boroughs.

Zu Cheng Mark Ong. Predicting Takeover Targets from Management Discussion and Analysis Section of Form 10-K Filings.

Shayleen Reynolds. How Do Increases in Student Debt Affect Aggregate Consumption Growth in the U.S?

Adam Schless-Meier. Trust in the Military and Democratic Constraint on the Use of Force.

Xuyang (Jessica) Shen. Does U.S. Trade War News Affect the U.S. Stock Market? A Sentiment Analysis on WSJ News Articles and the Sentiment Impact on the Stock Returns.

Geok Shan Sing. Single in Singapore How attitudes of Single Singaporeans Predict Proclivity Towards Marriage.

Evan Smith. Variations Over Time in Political and Regional Opinions on the United States Armed Forces.

Eun Ji Son. Education Level and Personal Income in South Korea: Why are Young People Calling Themselves the “Giveup” Generation?

Kalyani Subbiah. Predicting the Popularity of News Articles on Facebook with Neural Network Modelling.

Brendan Sullivan. Regional Climate Change Opinion Differences in the US and Consumer Flood Risk Tolerance.

Marita Wright. Coping With the Growing Cost of College: What Debt and Repayment Rates Tell Us About the Financial Health of Recent Graduates.

Qinyao Xia. Chinese Urban and Rural Household Finance Using Machine Learning.

Qinyue (Cherie) Yu. Factors Shaping One’s Opinion towards Maternal Employment.

Zitong Zeng. Government Ownership and Firm Performance: Analysis of an Institutional Setting from China.

Angie Zhang. Does Beauty Really “Pay”? A Comparative Analysis of the Relationships among Physical attractiveness, Confidence, Social Interaction and Income in U.S.’ vs. China’s Labor Market.

Catrina Zhang. Who We Are and How We Write: A Predictive Analysis of Personality and Written Text.

Dolly Setton. The Art of Discretion: Regional Disparities in Federal Sentencing and Charging Decisions.

Joo Kim. Does Gentrification Improve Academic Outcomes and Experiences of Low-income Public School Students?


Andria Avila. Performing Legitimacy: The Regulation of Cross-National Marriages.

Courtney LaVonne Castleman. Invisible Disability: Negotiating Disclosure at an Elite University.

Monica Clodius. The Role of Online/Mobile Banking Platforms in Increasing Financial Inclusion Amongst Hispanic Immigrant Households.

Tessa Constantine. Perceptions of Identity in an Indigenous Language Revitalization Program.

Kaitlyn Cunningham. The Art of Dissent: A Look at Small-Group Dynamics and Decision-Making in the US Supreme Court Between 1994 and 2005.

Anna Dowling. From Manhattan to Monterey: Female-Led Television Reception: Gendered Critiques & Selective Silences.

Ana Jimena Gonzalez. Perceptions of Merit in New York City’s Specialized High Schools.

Alice Gu. Emotional Struggle in the Making of Human Rights Activists for China.

Claudia Hernandez. “A Great Day for Lash Equality:” Ambiguous Appeal in Male-Centered Cosmetics Campaigns.

Eva Jahan. Spit Your Truth! How Slam Poetry Venues Combat Intergenerational Trauma.

Jaewon Kim. Diversity Among Asian Americans: Experiences of Microaggressions and Perceived Race Among East and South Asians.

Alibek Kissybay. The Social Structure of the Artificial Intelligence Field: The Network of Scientists and Laboratories.

Louison La Marle. The Power of Privilege in Students’ Hands: Elite Education and School Culture - The case of BENY’s Hidden Curriculum.

Priscillia Lau. The Use and Governance of Privately Owned Public Spaces in New York City.

Pengfei Liu. Diaspora and State: Chinese Activists and Political Space Abroad.

Hanna Love. Constructing Lives in the Courtroom: How “Court Talk” Produces and Punishes Disadvantage in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings.

Addison E. Malone. Troubling Access: Technologies for Public Use at the New York Public Library (NYPL), 1997-2017.

Sadia Reza. American Identity as Cognitive Dissonance: Inclusivity, Exclusivity, & Modernity.

Isik Sarikamis. Neighborhood Mobilization and Community Pulse: Urban Renewal in Istanbul.

Christine Sim. Faking the Flex: Counterfeit Apparel and the Construction of Authenticity in the Hypebeast Community.

Rachel Tjahjadi. Serving the People at Their Palaces: Librarians’ Cultural Mediation Role in an Unequal City.

Qingshi Wang. Lonely Generation: An Interview Study on Loneliness of the Urban Chinese 1990s-Born Singletons.


Adrian Guo-Silver. Graffiti and Law: The Performative Force of Aerosol Art.

Andy Jo. Fertility Sans Paternity: Queer Indulgence in The Handmaiden.

Eduardo Pavez. To Meditate with Anger: The (Almost) Forgotten Theatre Plays of Juan Rivano.