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Please find below a list of pages frequently viewed by current GSAS students. You may also refer to the Student Guide and Graduate Life sections.

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Policy Handbook

All master's and doctoral students should familiarize themselves with and follow the regulations of the university, the Graduate School, and their individual programs of study.

Student Life & Well-Being

See a list of campus resources intended to enhance your life as a student and support your well-being.


View upcoming workshops, information sessions, social outings, and more.

Office of Academic Diversity

At GSAS, diversity is an academic value, one that is marker of institutional excellence as well as a benchmark of innovation for our research, programming, and student environment.

Graduate Student Center

This space brings together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty from across schools.

Professional Development

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is committed to preparing PhD and MA students for a variety of careers after graduation.


The experience of teaching as a graduate student is a foundational element of doctoral education, and one of the most significant and vital parts of your professional apprenticeship.


These pages are a comprehensive resource for graduates, guests, and faculty who will be attending the two principal graduation events for GSAS degree candidates