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GSAS Writing Studio

Writing Studio

The GSAS Writing Studio is a new space on campus dedicated to supporting doctoral students who are in the process of writing their dissertation. Located on the third floor of Lehman Library, the GSAS Writing Studio is available for dissertation writing groups, writing workshops and boot camps, and long stretches of concentrated individual writing. The facilities include the GSAS Writing Studio mezzanine space (319 Lehman Library) and the GSAS Writing Studio Seminar Room (321 Lehman Library).

Students who want help finding or forming a dissertation group may fill out this form.

GSAS Writing Studio Mezzanine Space

The GSAS Writing Studio mezzanine space in 319 Lehman Library works in tandem with the seminar room, and is furnished with individual work stations and with four dissertation-writing meeting rooms that accommodate between four and eight students each.

GSAS Writing Studio Seminar Room

The GSAS Writing Studio Seminar Room (321 Lehman Library) is used for the Studio’s programming, and may be reserved for larger group activities as well. The room seats sixteen students, and is equipped with whiteboards and a media screen.

Reserving Space

Please click here to submit an online reservation request for the GSAS Writing Studio Seminar Room or here for one of the four dissertation-writing meeting rooms.


The GSAS Writing Studio Seminar Room may be reserved during Lehman Library’s normal operating hours, until thirty minutes before closing time.


  • GSAS Writing Studio spaces are available only to Arts and Sciences doctoral students who are in the dissertation-writing phase of their degree.
  • Students must reserve space at least twenty-four hours in advance.
  • Students may reserve space for one to four hours at a time, in hour-long blocks.
  • Writing groups may reserve space for no more than four hours per day, and no more than ten hours per week.
  • Students will be notified promptly by email of the status of their reservation request.
  • GSAS Writing Studio spaces may be used for dissertation writing only. They may not be used as classrooms, recitation rooms, lecture rooms, or TA grading rooms; for office hours; or as venues for social gatherings or student organization meetings.

GSAS Writing Studio Consultants

We are hiring Arts and Sciences doctoral students to serve as consultants who will support the dissertation-writing work of their fellow graduate students in several ways: by facilitating peer groups; leading workshops; and meeting with writers in one-on-one draft conferences. Consultants will be paid $25 per hour, and typically will work five to ten hours per week. Learn more here.


Please write to Kate Daloz, Director of the GSAS Writing Studio, with any questions or suggestions at gsas-writingstudio [at]