Dissertation Progress Report

The satisfactory progress of doctoral students is assessed annually on the basis of academic performance, including the timely completion of all language examinations and all certifying and comprehensive examinations and thesis requirements, grades, and performance in any required teaching or research apprenticeship.

In addition, each year post-MPhil students and students in their fourth year of registration who are required to complete the MPhil by the end of that semester must submit the Dissertation Progress Report through SSOL. Both students and their advisors complete sections of this online report that detail progress, quality of work, and schedule for dissertation and degree completion.

The dissertation sponsor reviews the student’s report, determines whether the student is making satisfactory progress, and reports this evaluation of progress to GSAS via SSOL in the spring semester. Students have access to the online report from mid-January through mid-March, and sponsors have access until the end of the semester; specific deadlines can be found on SSOL.