Summer Stipends

The Graduate School provides students in Arts and Sciences programs annual summer research stipends or research salaries as part of the multi-year funding package for doctoral students. Students must be in good standing and making satisfactory academic progress in order to receive this funding. In addition, students should contact their DGSs to determine what documentation their department requires. Students in doctoral programs outside of the Arts and Sciences should consult with their DGSs regarding the availability of summer support.

Students who have banked an academic year of their multi-year GSAS fellowship funding may not use a banked summer of GSAS support beyond the summer of their seventh year.

Beginning in summer 2014, GSAS will no longer impose a cap on external summer funding. Students who receive an external fellowship that is awarded explicitly for the months of June, July, and August will also receive their GSAS summer stipend.

Students who hold external need-based awards may receive a GSAS summer stipend as long as the additional funding does not reduce their academic year awards.