Professional Development

Professional Development

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is committed to preparing PhD and MA students for a variety of careers after graduation. GSAS and other campus programs provide students with professional experiences that complement their academic training and help them prosper in their many career choices.

Professional Development Toolkit

Center for Career Education

The CCE offers several services and resources specifically for graduate students, in order to help them explore professional paths and achieve their career goals.

Funding to Attend Conferences

This fund helps GSAS students to present at conferences, and DMA candidates to attend first performances of original musical compositions.

Individual Development Plan

An IDP consists of a self-assessment of skills, interests, and values that guides the development of short- and long-term plans to achieve career goals.

GSAS Teaching Scholars Program

This program affords advanced doctoral students the opportunity to design and teach a course in their area of expertise.

Alumni Network

Our alumni are members of a worldwide network of more than 40,000 individuals.