GSAS Alumni Association Board of Directors

The board is the governing body of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association. The mission of the board is twofold: to develop the GSAS alumni network across the professions, working with GSAS leadership to promote career development of current MA and PhD students by connecting them with professional opportunities created or advanced by GSAS alumni; and to enhance development efforts among GSAS alumni, as well as with foundations and other institutions, in support of fellowships and academic and professional initiatives created by GSAS to enhance graduate student success.

Allison Turza Bajger ’07CC ’12 ’13 ’14GSAS               
Warren Bass ’93JRN, ’96, ’98, ’02GSAS
Jiayi Chen ’06GSAS
James Chonko ’02, ’05, ’06GSAS
Ana Corbacho ’98, ’99, ’01GSAS
Anita Demkiv ’04GSAS
Larry Friedman ’75, ’77, ’79GSAS
Takis Georgakopoulos ’99GSAS
Judith Glass ’73SIPA, ’75, ’85GSAS  
Johanna Goetzel ’13GSAS
Tamara Gruzbarg ’97GSAS, ’06BU
George Khouri ’69GSAS, ’72LAW
Lindsay Leard-Coolidge ’87, ’92GSAS, President
Megan McCarthy ’04CC, ’09, ’10, ’15GSAS
Devon Philip ’08GSAS
Erin Thompson ’02BC, ’03, ’05, ’10GSAS, ’10LAW
Limin Wang ’94GSAS
Hua Eleanor Yu ’83, ’85, ’86 ’89GSAS