Diversity Project Grants Program

The Diversity Project Grants program provides funding for students (or faculty and administrators working together with and on behalf of students) to support events, projects, or programming that augments efforts in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to promote academic diversity, inclusion, and equity.


The maximum award is $1,000.

Individual students as well as student groups are eligible to apply for funding; students must be actively enrolled in a graduate degree program in the Arts and Sciences, and groups must be organizations recognized by the Arts and Sciences Graduate Council (ASGC). Student groups must designate at least one individual as the primary contact and project lead on the application.

Faculty and administrators applying for funding must designate an eligible student as an officially recognized partner on the project.

Proposals for personal research or tied to a departmental program of study will not be considered. Sample grant activities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Social event or mixer
  • Hosting a guest speaker
  • Student panel discussion
  • Travel to a cultural event
  • Diversity/equity/inclusion training

This list is not exhaustive; we strongly encourage applicants to think expansively about what programs and events will further the mission of the GSAS Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion as well as enrich student experience and scholarship at Columbia. Please feel free to write to gsas-diversity [at] columbia.edu with questions or to request feedback on a proposal idea.

All proposals will be reviewed by GSAS Associate Dean for Academic Diversity and Inclusion and the Finance Manager as they are received, on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event date or project start date.


Click here to download the proposal materials.