Chapter Meetings

Beginning in the semester following the defense of their prospectus, students will meet once each semester with their sponsor and at least one other faculty member to review and discuss the chapter they have been working on since their previous meeting. Students should consult with their sponsor or DGS after the prospectus defense to identify the other faculty who will constitute, along with the sponsor, a committee that will meet regularly with them to provide feedback on their work. The reader(s) other than the sponsor may be from within the department or from another department, as recommended by the dissertation topic. Chapter meetings should be scheduled each semester until the semester before the distribution of the defense to the larger thesis defense committee. These semester meetings will replace the annual Dissertation Progress Reports previously required of students and their sponsors.

At least four weeks before the scheduled meeting, students should distribute to the faculty with whom they will meet a completed draft of the chapter on which they are then working, so that faculty may provide constructive feedback at the meeting. Students or faculty who are not physically on campus in a given semester should use their preferred video conferencing platform to participate in the review.

**Note: Terms such as “committee” and “chapter” as employed above are meant to encompass practices and varieties of academic work across many and diverse departments. Students and faculty are encouraged to interpret those categories within their individual departmental culture. For many students, the three-person faculty committee for the prospectus defense becomes the core of their dissertation defense committee. If that structure is not customary in a department, the sponsor or DGSs should help students to identify any additional readers for this exercise, whether other members of the department or a relevant outsider. Likewise, the category of “chapter” may not be entirely applicable to every discipline, or to all components of dissertation work.